Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: PLAID

Welcome back to our 26 Days of Fall Outfits series! Today’s outfit is perfect for a casual weekday at home, or it makes a great Saturday outfit for those who work in a professional environment. The weather here is still warm, so I’m not actually wearing this today, but it will be ideal for those crisp fall days that are just around the corner.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

Plaid is a huge trend right now, but it’s one that I thought I might sit out until Stitch Fix sent me this top in my last box. Something about plaid feels decidedly unfeminine to me, even though I see other women pulling it off beautifully.

This top isn’t just a regular plaid button-down, though. Take a closer look at the details — the contrasting plaid lining, button-up 3/4-length sleeves, and the covered buttons all help to keep it from looking too lumberjack. Ha!

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

I tried wearing it a few different ways, and I ended up layering it over a white tank top, buttoning it halfway up, and leaving it untucked. It has enough structure to leave it out, but if it were a fuller style, I might have tied it at the waist. Another option would be to leave it completely unbuttoned, more like a jacket.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

Here’s a look from the back.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

For accessories, I wore the Rectangle Pedant from my Element Necklace and Goddess Teardrop Earrings. I added a gold cuff bracelet on one arm, and I wore my gold FitBit Bracelet and Runway Twist Watch on my other. The accessories also help keep the look feminine. The cuff bracelet is no longer available, but this Becker Cuff is similar.

Full disclosure: I’m a Stella & Dot stylist, and these links are to my boutique. If you make a purchase, I do get a commission. Let me know if you ever have any questions! I’d love to help.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

I considered styling the outfit with my tan jeans, but I ended up going with these dark wash skinny jeans. Either would work. It could also be cute with white jeans! My Paige Skyline Skinny Jeans are a few years old, but they still look like new. They have a fabulous fit, and they have held up so well, I can recommend them with confidence if you’re looking to invest in a pair of classic, dark wash skinny jeans. If want a more budget-friendly pair, LOFT has these Modern Skinny Jeans in a nice dark rinse wash for $69.50.

For shoes, I first went the safe route with brown ballet flats. These are from the Payless DexFlex comfort line, and they are cute and comfy AND budget-friendly. I have them in cognac and blush. This outfit totally works for running errands on a Saturday, a weekday playdate with the kids, volunteering at your child’s school, or working from home.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

For fun, I decided to try the outfit with these Olson Pointy Toe Studded T-Strap Flats. I picked them up on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale last month, and I’ve been dying to style them! These studded flats elevate the outfit and make modern. I’d wear this outfit if I were meeting a friend for lunch or going to a casual evening event.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

It’s a bit unconventional to pair these shoes with plaid, but I like the juxtaposition of the dressy with the casual, and I’m trying to step out of  my comfort zone (see what I did there?) and try some new things. Plus, they’re super fun to wear.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Studded Pointed Flats

I chose to carry this light brown crossbody because it goes perfectly with the brown in the straps of the shoes. It also works fine with the ballet flats. Of course, you might want something bigger for running errands with the kids, but it’s perfect if you’re just going out to eat and don’t want to lug the entire kitchen sink.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Day 3 | Fall 2015 Fashion Trend: Plaid | Dark Skinny Jeans | Fall Fashion for Women Over 40

What do you think about the plaid trend? Are you a fan, or no? And would you wear plaid with those red shoes? Let me know what you think!


If you’re looking to do some shopping this Labor Day weekend, LOFT has a fantastic sale! Get 30% off new fall arrivals!!! PLUS, take an EXTRA 50% off summer sale styles. They have some cute plaid shirts, if you’re in the market for one.

Before you go, don’t forget to visit Cyndi to see what cute fall outfit she’s styling today! And if you want to be notified when my next outfit is posted, sign up to receive my daily emails and you’ll never miss a thing.

Have a lovely day!!

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  1. I haven’t jumped on the plaid trend (or gingham per Cyndi’s post today) yet. I have had a hard time styling both without looking older or “mom style”. However, you both have styled these looks today spot on. Love those red shoes and I would totally wear them with the plaid!

    1. Ya never know!! I think as long as it’s fitted thru the waist, like this one. And rolling the sleeves helps keep it feminine too. You could tie at the waist so it’s not so long? So many options! 🙂

  2. That’s a very pretty shirt, and the red shoes are darling!

    I’m not a big shirt person, but I do love a lightweight cotton plaid shirt (that can be rolled up) for fall. At Penneys, I bought their St. John’s Bay plaid shirt in Patina (shades of blue) and I love it.

    I like to tie my shirt at the waist – as Audrey Hepburn did.

  3. I have resisted the plaid trend for a while, but I finally jumped on board and purchased 3 plaid shirts and 3 plaid shirt dresses! To keep the shirts feeling more feminine, I opted for plaids in pinks, purples, and turquoises. It hasn’t been cool enough to wear any of them yet except an adorable red, white, and blue sleeveless shirt dress that I have layered over a tank and boyfriend jeans. Btw, I think your shirt looks fantastic with the skinny jeans and both pairs if shoes! And it would look equally cute tied at the waist with boyfriend jeans and some Chuck Yalors (a sort of tomboy feminine look)! Now we just the fall weather to set in!!

  4. I can deal with plaid that isn’t flannel. But plaid flannel has a distinctively lumberjack feel to me. Oh, and I wore it in the 80s when versions of plaid were popular and I just can’t get past that. I’m going to try to get *something* plaid for this winter, though. Gotta stay a little bit current. 🙂 I do love your StitchFix shirt. The contrasting plaids really elevate it to something nicer!

  5. I love the plaid shirt! I wish that Stitch Fix had a website where you could order individual pieces. I realize that would take away from “the items being chosen just for me” but I follow several bloggers who subscribe to Stitch Fix and many times, I would love to purchase their exact item!! Looking forward to the rest of the fall series!!

  6. I love the red plaid on you!! And the red shoes are too cute!! I like plaid, but I only have scarves in plaid. Have a great day 🙂

  7. I think you sold a lot of plaid today! Like many others who have posted, I’m not a fan. Having said that, I love what you’ve done and it will get me out of that comfort zone, too! ????

  8. i have been eyeing up those shoes for what seems like forever! My problem is I can never decide on the color that I want. I like the leopard print, but then again, I think a plain color is more versatile. I should just buy them, right??!!

  9. Red is your color! I really like the plaid top as it isn’t boxy looking, very feminine. The shoes are cute on you, but not my style at all. I’m enjoying you and Cyndi, sharing all the cute fall clothes. You both have great blogs…Thanks for sharing & God Bless 🙂

  10. Where did you get the gold fit bit bracelet? Love it! I wear mine all the time, but get tired of the black & red plastic band, especially when I’m dressed up

  11. I love the plaid you are wearing today. I never would have guessed a woman thought gingham or plaid was not feminine. I have always love them. You look very good.

  12. I’ve really come to embrace the gingham trend, and am slowly warming up to plaid. Lovin’ those shoes Jo-Lynne. Those are spectacular!!!

    1. Thinking about what you said about the plaid lumberjack thing. Try adding pearl statement neclace in the neckline or a cami with lace trim. The red shoes are to die for, but then my family call me Mrs. Marcos!

  13. I have always enjoyed plaid, guess it’s a “Texas thang”! I really like the contrasting plaid lining. Will post this to my Stitch Fix board and “hope” they ship me a similar one. The red shoes are too cute with the outfit!!! Love the color. I’m just sorry I missed out on the sale.

  14. LOVE the plaid. I really hope I can find a shirt for this fall as my new “trend” piece. And those red shoes………………….

  15. I’ve always loved plaid, but I haven’t worn it in a few years. The details on this one were the first thing that caught my eye. I like the casual but feminine look.

  16. Ive seen both plaid and gingham under a lightweight pullover sweater paired with a chunky pearl necklace. I love the look. Very feminine in my book.

  17. I’ve been dying for Nordstrom to restock the red studded shoes…finally they did!! I’m jumping in on them…please style them alot so I’ll have plenty of ideas!!!! Love your blog!

  18. Like your outfit!! I am having trouble finding the right place to shop; being in my mid 50’s. I see some of your clothes come from Stitch Fix. Is this a good place to shop and find out what to wear?

    1. Hi Debbie. Stitch Fix is a box service. They send you clothes to try and you decide which ones you want to keep and which ones to return. You fill out a profile with info on sizing and the types of clothes you want and the styles you like, and they try to send you things you’ll like. It’s been a bit hit or miss for me, but I have received a few nice pieces from them that I continue to wear. I hope that helps!

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