Fall Outfit Ideas: Game Day Style

Can you believe that today is Day 23 of our 26 Days of Fall Outfits series!?! My husband and I met the other day at the historic Valley Forge National Park to take these pictures. This is how he spent his lunch break, bless his heart. It was so much fun. Or, rather, I really love the pictures we got. Ha! I’ve got a feeling we will be shooting more outfit photos on location this fall.

For today’s post, Cyndi and I are teaming up with the lovely ladies of MomTrends and BonBon Rose Girls for a Game Day Style collab. I’m not much of a football fan, but I’m all for a game day par-tay. Of course I want to look festive and chic, so here’s my take on game day style.

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

Our home team is the Philadelphia Eagles, and our fans are known for being some of the most diehard and loyal in the NFL. They’re pretty hardcore. The Eagles are a huge part of the culture here in Philly, second only to cheesesteaks and Italian water ice. It’s hard to be immune to feeling passion for the team, even if you don’t follow football. 

eagles football

Our team colors are midnight green, black, white, and silver, so I tried to incorporate all of those colors into my game day outfit. My utility vest is about as close as I have to midnight green, so I decided to wear that over a black and white striped tee.

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

I wore ankle-length skinnies and my Superga kicks to keep a casual vibe, and I carried a black handbag. If you’re actually going to the game, you would probably want a smallish crossbody, but if you’re going to a party at a friend’s house, any size is fine. I like how my R Minkoff Moto Hobo works into the outfit.

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

We went a little overboard with the photography. Here are some of my favorites.

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

Game Day Style

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

Game Day Style

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

Game Day Style

Game Day Style

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

Game Day Style for Women Over 40

Outfit Details: black and white striped top (LOFT; similar) | olive green utility vest (similar here) | DL1961 Emma | Superga kicks (similar) | R Minkoff Moto Hobo | pendant necklace (old) |Oval Link Bracelet (budget option) | sunnies

* * *

For more Game Day Style, check out BonBon Rose Girls, Grace + Beauty, and MomTrends! I’m also sharing this post with Sincerely Jenna Marie and More Pieces of Me for their Hello Monday Linkup.

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28 thoughts on “Fall Outfit Ideas: Game Day Style

  1. I enjoy you, JoLynne! I’m a little older than you, so our style is somewhat different, however…I LOVE your shopping tips! You keep me on point! Thank you!

  2. I love the outfit and the photos! We are big football fans, especially college. GO JACKETS and GO DAWGS! And of course, GO FALCONS! We normally watch the games at home so that we can actually hear the game, but we have fun just the same. It’s great that your husband took pics for you! Have a blessed weekend!

  3. Cute, Cute! Love how the vest hangs lower in the back. It’s neat with the stripped top. Love the necklace!!! Thoroughly enjoying all the work the two of you have put in to this and am so glad you plan to continue. I look forward to it each day! I’m a good bit older than you but I still wear the casual outfits like you two have been styling. You have certainly opened my eyes to a lot of different possibilities and I am enjoying it so much! Thank you!!!

  4. Your hubby is quite the photographer, course you are very photogenic 🙂
    I too am “much” older than you & Cyndi, but love casual style & I can wear most of what you ladies style. The great thing is the ideas you give & we can can pick & choose! Have a blessed weekend!

  5. I like that longer back on the vest, too. It’s not the Nordstrom Rack one, is it? I HAD to buy it when you showed it, but it’s still in the 90s here in north Texas. Surely wish fall would show up!

      1. Girl, you probably had something to do with them selling out! BTW, Forever 21 has several affordable utility jackets if anyone is looking to pick one up.

    1. I’m pretty sure I just bought the same vest at Sams club today. It’s longer in the back and has the same cut out. It was only $12.81, marked down. Might be worth checking out if there’s a Sams near you.

  6. You are making me laugh. On my recent trip to Europe, you could tell the bloggers in a wink, because their poor boyfriends and husbands were taking multiple shots of poses at every intersection and museum. Poor guys. They deserve a mention here, for sure. Yours is a keeper. And of course you look polished, as always.

    1. LOL. Too funny. Fortunately for me, Paul is really into photography. He enjoys the photo shoots WAY more than I do. It’s definitely important to find a balance when we are on vacation. I want to REMEMBER the trip, not just see it through pictures.

  7. I just bought a vest that looks almost identical to yours at Sam’s Club for $20.00, I loved it so much I went back and bought another one in a different color.

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