Fall Outfit Ideas: Denim + Red + Khaki

Today is Day 24 of 26 Days of Fall Outfits! You guys! I think I did it! I have pictures for my last two posts, so I feel like I’m home free. People have asked me how on earth I am coming up with 26 different outfits. I did buy some things, but many times I shopped my closet.

Case in point: the pieces in this outfit are all from past seasons. I’ve had the handbag and the jean jacket for a blue forever. The beige jeans are a couple of years old, as is the red long-sleeve tee. The boots were my 2014 investment piece. Classic pieces like these last many years and are great for mixing and matching.

Fall Fashion for Women Over 40: Denim, Red & Khaki

I love these beige moto-style skinnies. I always get compliments when I wear them. Unfortunately they are no longer available, and I’m not even finding anything like them to link to. These are close in color, but they don’t have the moto detailing. And these aren’t skinnies, but they’re super cute! Hey, I do what I can.

The boots, as I said above, were a major wardrobe investment last year. If you’ve been eyeing these and haven’t pulled the trigger yet, right now they are ON SALE for 20% OFF, which like to NEVER happens with Frye boots. I’ve never seen these on sale before, and I don’t know when I’ll see them on sale again. If you’ve been thinking of getting a pair, it’s now or never. 

I plan to wear these to my grave. They shouldn’t ever go out of style, and the quality is just sublime. Plus I love how they fit and shape my calves.

Fall Fashion for Women Over 40: Denim, Red & Khaki

This jean jacket is from CAbi, many moons ago. I love the cropped style and the zipper. I accessorized with gold and carried a navy and brown tote.

Fall Fashion for Women Over 40: Denim, Red & Khaki

Here’s a shot of the back. I am trying to get better with my hair. I used bobby pins to secure the sides and top back behind my head.

Fall Fashion for Women Over 40: Denim, Red & Khaki

Red and denim is a classic combination, especially for fall. This outfit makes me think of apple picking and hayrides. Not that I’d be wearing Frye boots to tromp around an apple orchard, but wouldn’t that make for cute photos? I wish I’d thought of that… LOL!!

Fall Fashion for Women Over 40: Denim, Red & Khaki

Outfit Details: red long-sleeve tee (similar and here) | denim jacket c/o CAbi (old; option) | khaki pants (similar) | Frye Phillip Harness Tall riding boots in Whiskey ON SALE!!!!! | tote (similar) | Silpada chevron plunge necklace | gold link bracelet | gold hoop earrings

* * *
For more fall outfit ideas, visit Cyndi to see what she’s styling today!

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  1. Whenever I mix khaki and red I feel that I should head off to work at Target! Love how the denim mixes that vibe up for me! Lol! Looks great! Hoping to find khaki skinnies I like soon. 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what I was about to comment! I went to Target in khaki and red one time and someone thought I was an employee. I do like the combo and the denim jacket keeps it from the Target employee look. 🙂

  2. Just love all your outfits!!!! I sadly end up in my hoodies most of the time, at least seeing your outfits I know what I should be wearing. Thanks!!

    1. Honestly, I do not dress like this every day. 🙂 I have a few favorite tops/sweatshirts that I wear with jeans. I jazz it up with a few accessories, and I’m good to go. I would put this on to meet a friend for lunch or something of that nature, but it’s not my around-the-house look. 🙂

  3. Thanks for using clothes already in your closet. What you are styling today, I have similar in my closet! It’s nice to see an updated outfit using clothes one or two seasons old…now that just makes fashion sense!

  4. Thanks for qualifying when you wear this, I’ve been making myself a little crazy getting dressed for grocery shopping or housework days. Lol

    1. Amen! If I have on something to wear around the house and it makes me feel fluffy (fat) I simply put my pearls on and immediately feel like a southern belle!

  5. Super cute. So grateful for the tips from this month of outfits! Your hair is cute & just right on you no matter how you wear it.

    1. Thanks, girl. I’m always self conscious about my hair b/c it is so thin, especially in the front. Pulling it back helps disguise that, which is nice. Plus, I don’t have to wash it on those days. HA! 🙂

  6. I like the way you repurpose your clothing, because that’s real life and it gives me ideas for doing the same. No one gets to wear entirely new outfits every day, except women on TV shows – and they aren’t paying for the clothes lol.

    I also believe in the importance of investment pieces. You have some lovely ones.

    1. Thank you. It’s Silpada! My friend hosted a show last winter, and this was a MUST-HAVE. httpss://mysilpada.com/shop/product/chevron-plunge-necklace-KRN0042/?rep=marg.ford&localeCode=en_US

  7. I’ve always enjoyed wearing red and tan/khaki and it became one of my main work outfits when I still worked…retired 5 years now. Never had a jean jacket to wear with it but it is on my to-get list from this event! I wouldn’t have thought of Target either but now it’s set in my mind. Simply love the boots but now that I’m not working, I’ll just drool over yours! LOL

  8. Yippee for serendipity! Thank you for saving me $70! I bought the Frye boots exactly 10 days ago at Nordstrom. After reading your post, I went back today with my receipt and they issued me a $70 refund for the price match. I never would have known about the sale price if I didn’t read your blog. Thank you!!! And also thanks for being honest that you don’t dress like this every day. I am always inspired by your outfits but many days just end up in jeans and a favorite top. Hey, at least I’m not in my activewear all day, every day!

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne
    I have loved all 25 of your outfits for Fall !! But if I’m going to be very honest, this one is a little too busy(and bright) for me. You look stunning in it though!! 🙂 I love the jeans and boots, and as I scroll down and leave only them in the pic, then I can see the quiet beauty that just a simple sweater of solid color would change this outfit to WoW ! and IF you want a bit of color, just add a multi-colored scarf. You’re adorable in this outfit, I’m just not a fan of busy outfits.
    🙂 Have a blessed day!!

      1. Hi Jo-Lynne,

        I just bought the Phillips Frye boots yesterday at Nordy’s and I’m in lust with them!!! LOL! Problem is, they’re a bit tight with no socks on, and the sales associate swore they’d stretch out to accommodate socks. I’m wanting to try a half size bigger, but had to order them as they didn’t stock the larger size. Any feedback?!

        ps-your outfit was NOT busy. Very classic colors together.

        1. Hey Cyndi. As I recall, I went back and forth between two sizes when I tried mine on. I would definitely wait till they come in and try both with the socks you think you will wear. At that price, you want them to be PERFECT. I THINK I went up a half size. I also was coming off that stress fracture when I got mine, and I bought Superfeet inserts to wear in them to give me some extra support. So that’s another reason I wanted to make sure I had enough room. Hope that helps!

  10. Thanks! I’m excited to get the 2nd pair which is a bit bigger. As you age, the feet can get larger (my arch has dropped) plus I have a bunion, so inserts are in my future.

    I have so enjoyed yours and Cyndi’s 26 days of Fashion!! Plus your links to Grace and her over 50 fashion advice. She tells it like it is and I love that. I’ve really learned so much from you all, and especially the importance of “investment pieces”.

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