This Morning, I Ran Two Miles Straight.

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming with this important announcement.

This morning, I ran two miles. Straight. No walking.


That probably seems like no great feat to most of you, and trust me, two years ago I would have scoffed at such a lame announcement. But anyone who’s been reading my blog for any length of time knows what an incredible milestone this is for me. I really thought I’d never run again.

For a while there, every time I thought I was overcoming one injury, another one would crop up. I wasn’t even running when I tore my peroneal tendon last winter. But, finally, it seems like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel.

I started out walking 4 minutes and running 2, alternating until I reached 24 minutes. That was back in July. I’ve been following a program and trying to be consistent so I have the best possible chance of a full recovery. When I finally got to the point that I was running more than I was walking, I felt like there might be hope. Then today, I finally ran 2 miles straight without any walking breaks.

I’ve actually run farther than that, but with some walking intervals. Yesterday I ran 3 sets of 10 minutes with 2-minute walks in between, and I’ve done that a few times, so I’m actually getting back to a respectable exercise program. Between that and my strength training workouts, I finally feel like myself again.

My feet still hurt from time to time, but I haven’t had any major setbacks in several months.

I’m still in PT, and I saw my podiatrist last week. He is taking an active role in my recovery, which is awesome. We’re continuing to work on my ankle flexibility and mobility as well as hip strength and all that jazz. I don’t know when I’ll be completely done with therapy, but I want to be sure I’m ready this time so I don’t have anymore setbacks.

That is all. I just wanted to share my good news!! I’ve been flying high all day. 🙂

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35 thoughts on “This Morning, I Ran Two Miles Straight.

  1. Congratulations Jo-Lynne! God is amazing! It’s great news that you are feeling better and slowly getting back to doing what you love.

    Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day!

  2. This is fantastic news! Every mile counts, and I know how long you’ve been dealing with feet issues. So glad you got two miles in – onto the third! 😉

    1. Yes, I was about to sign up for a 5K and then I thought, Slooow down, lady. That’s probably what got me injured in the first place – too much too soon after taking time off to heal my PF. So yeah. I can’t wait to do 3 miles straight. That seems like the day I will know I’ve arrived, ya know?

  3. Such great news, Jo-Lynne!!!

    My hips have always been weak, and as such I have not been a great runner. They often really hurt when I run I wonder if I worked on strengthening them if that would help me run. Because cardiovascularly I really do enjoy/tolerate running. Not terribly far. But enough to exercise for 20-40 min.

    At any rate, thrilled for your hard won/run progress!!! ????????????????

  4. That’s great news! Well worth the interruption to the blog…LOL! You deserve to be thrilled about this accomplishment. Keep it up, girl!!!

    1. Thanks, Charlotte. I really never thought I’d get back to this point. And even now, I am so afraid of another weird injury cropping up since we don’t really know what caused the others, but I’ll enjoy it while I can. 🙂

  5. Yay! Congrats! I don’t mind walking but running and I don’t get along. I don’t know that I’ve ever run 1 mile in my life much less two. I’m glad to hear you’re able to do it again, I know you really missed it!

  6. Yay! This is such great news! I admire you for getting back into it. I’m not a runner at all, and even a mile would be very hard. Good for you!

  7. Congratulations on your success and I’m glad you’re feeling better! My daughter is running her first half marathon this weekend and I’m so proud of her. I’m not a runner myself but I do a lot of cardio walking. Personal goals when met are so rewarding, no matter how big or small!

  8. That is so awesome. You inspire me to get out there and get going! Thanks for sharing your struggles- keeping it real.
    Struggling want to be runner

  9. Congratulations! That is fantastic. Most people don’t realize how hard it can be to overcome an injury (s) that disrupts your lifestyle. All your hard work and special efforts have paid off. How exciting for you!

  10. Congratulations!!! There is no way my arthritis would allow me to run – It kind of controls my body. But, I have great respect for folks who have the determination & discipline to do it! 🙂 And BTW, I love the little monsters on your comment section. It is so much fun to see what my little monster will look like! LOL (I know – I’m easily entertained)

    1. LOL. This made me laugh. I’m glad you find them amusing. If you want your photo to show up – you can make an account for yourself on gravatar.com. Use the email address you use when you comment on blogs, and your chosen image will show. Although it sounds like you’re enjoying the monsters as is. 😉

  11. Jo-Lynne! I am SO happy for you! I’ve been dealing with tendonitis and hip issues myself, so I can definitely appreciate how happy you are to be back to running again. (And why is it, I wonder, that it feels like less of an accomplishment to do a walk + run workout, versus straight running?) Two miles is AWESOME! Here’s to many miles of pain-free running in your future!

    1. I know! I’ve done the run/walk/run/walk thing for 35 minutes, but this seems so much bigger! 🙂 it’s more relaxing too, b/c I’m not watching my watch and waiting for the next walk. I just set out, knowing I was going to run, and I found myself enjoying it more, and pacing myself better too.

  12. Have been following your posts for a while, this is the first time I am commenting . It’s absolutely wonderful that you made it 2 miles straight. Now I was wondering if you could do a post on your routine/schedule/program?


    1. Hi BJ. I did start out with a plan my PT gave me, but I lost it. D’oh. A lot of people have asked about it, so maybe I can get him to print it out again. At this point, I am following the guidance of my personal trainer. We do strength training, but she is a lifelong runner and a track coach so she has been coaching me through and telling me what to do each week to increase gradually. She’s a great resource to have because she knows when I should back off and when I should keep going. I could definitely elaborate in post! Great idea!

  13. You’ve come a loooong way, baby! When I first found your blog and “met” you, I think you were fashioning an orthopedic boot. So glad you have almost returned to normal. Meeting a running goal is so exhilarating for me. So glad to read this post. Congratulations!

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