5 Ways to Wear Grey Jeans

Happy Friday, friends! I’m back with another 5 Ways to Wear post, and today I’m sharing 5 ways to wear grey jeans.

Today I'm rounding up 5 ways to wear grey jeans for women over 40 from outfits I've shared over the past few years. Jo-Lynne Shane

I’ve been loving grey jeans this year as an alternative to my usual black or blue jeans, but I had to kiss a few frogs before I found my prince.

Last fall, I finally found a pair I love. These AG legging ankle jeans in Shadow Fog are so comfortable and look so good on, and they do go on sale from time to time; I got mine during Bloomies Denim Days last fall. Frame has a similar pair, and for a lower-priced pair that looks good, this Wit & Wisdom pair jumped out at me because their Ab-solution stretch skinnies are very flattering, and this grey wash looks a lot like mine. This BlankNYC pair looks like a good option as well.

So let’s move on to the outfits!

5 Ways to Wear Grey Jeans

Today I’m rounding up 5 ways to wear grey jeans from outfits I’ve shared over the past few years. Hopefully you can shop your closet to recreate the looks you like, but of course I’ll provide links where I can. Some of the exact pieces are sold out, but this is really more or less about the color combinations.

#1. Grey Jeans + Pink

 open cardigan (50% off!) // smoking slippers (pewter) // shoulder bag (20% off) // similar necklace

v-neck sweater // smoking slippers (pewter) // star necklace

similar pink turtleneck // snakeskin booties// leather jacket // silver pendant // similar tote

Pink is one of my favorite colors to pair with grey jeans all year-round, so I shared 3 examples of this color combo just to show you how versatile pink and grey can be.

#2. Grey Jeans + Plum or Burgundy

similar tunic // similar booties // satchel // bracelet

Burgundy and plum are probably next in line for my favorite colors to pair with grey jeans. My exact tunic has sold out, but I found one that’s very similar. I usually wear black boots or shoes with this color combo to anchor the look.

burgundy sweater (similar here and here) // snake print booties

#3. Grey Jeans + Black Sweater with Burgundy Vest

similar black turtleneck // burgundy puffer vest (only$22.25!!!) // similar booties

This is a similar color combo to the one above, but the addition of the black sweater creates a nice extra layer of interest, plus a puffer vest over a cashmere turtleneck is super warm. I wore this outfit to a ball game on a frigid night last fall with no coat, and I was surprised how comfortable I was walking from the parking lot to the stadium in those temperatures.

FYI, this puffer vest is one of my favorite purchases all year — and it’s now marked down to $22.25!

#4. Grey Jeans + Light Grey Sweater

similar donegal grey sweater // similar booties // snakeskin bucket bag

This is such an easy look, but one I might not have considered if I hadn’t happened to see these two pieces sitting near each other in my closet… and that is actually how a lot of my outfits are born. The key here is to make sure there is some contrast between the grey tone of the jeans and the grey tone of the sweater.

The black booties and a black bag anchor the look and keep it monochromatic, but you could always add a pop of color in the bag or shoes. Think blush or burgundy or plum! Even teal would be pretty.

#5. Grey Jeans + White 

white sweatshirt // white sneakers

I took these picture yesterday to show a more casual look with grey jeans — pair them with a white sweater or sweatshirt, and then add white trainers for a chic, laidback vibe. Again, you can totally do this with a color — either in the top or the shoes, but I kind of like the simplicity of the white and grey.

SEPT 2019 UPDATE: I’m also wearing these grey jeans a lot with floral tops to carry them into fall. Here are a few examples.

floral tee // blush ballet flats

floral shell // jean jacket // shield sandals

I also really like them paired with rust.

thermal tunic // snake print booties

Do you have grey jeans? I hope this post gives you some new ways to wear them!

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  1. I was apart of the majority that voted for this post. Grey jeans (and black shoes) are the hardest for me to wear. I’m not sure why, but something always just feels off when I look down at them. I can’t seem to wear them in any way other than with sneakers. I won’t get rid of them either because I always love them on others. Maybe it’s the wash or cut of mine giving me that super casual vibe? I don’t know, but thank you for this post. I will try them with some of your ideas.

  2. How did I not buy a pair of gray jeans (since you have styled them several ways over the season, and I have loved the looks)?! Ordering the Wit and Wisdom ones (which also has great reviews). I can definitely shop my closet for tops. (I have been noticing that so many people are wearing dark colors (on top) for winter. I have been wearing many light color tops (from your styling 🙂 and I am wondering why so few people seem to be wearing lighter color tops. Do you think lighter tops accentuate (not in a good way) my larger “girls”?

  3. I’m glad you shared this because grey jeans are my most difficult to pair with shoes! I’m with Holli who said something always feels not right. I do like them with pumps, but not as much with any of my booties. I wonder if the scoop in front of your black booties is what makes them work better than a standard cut around the ankle? Hm. Thanks for the ideas!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  4. Hi it must be a day for gray jeans , when I opened your post this morning guess what I am wearing gray jeans with a purple top. And went out went out side to take my God Daughter to school I had on my Moto Jacket, anyway have a safe trip and a lovely visit.

  5. I bought the gray AG jeans last fall, and it’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! Now I want the puffer vest to go with them! What size are you wearing and how does it run?

    1. Yay! I’m so glad! I have the vest in a small. Definitely one of my favorite purchases of last year. 

  6. A few years ago I started wearing grey jeans in winter, and now I’m all in! Grey goes well with many shades of pink and blue (my favorite colors). I love mint green with grey. Also lavender, teal, raspberry, yellow. Sage green is pretty with grey. I’m at the point where I think, what doesn’t go with grey?!

  7. I hope that you have a great visit with your mom and grandfather!  I do have a pair of grey W&W jeans, and like you, I love grey and pink together.  Earlier in the week you shared that structured handbags are in for spring.  That makes me do a happy dance because structured handbags are my thing.  Along with liking an organized home, I need things in my handbag to be organized to the point that I can reach into it without looking and put my fingers on whatever I need, without feeling around.  👜👖👚

  8. Love my grey! Just pulled them out this morning. I love all of your suggestions and wear them your 5 ways too, I style mine with navy/green plaid and also a cute red plaid from Old Navy. Saw some cute outfits on Pinterest with with black, grey and brown boots – that’s next to try. Have a great weekend!

  9. I have been looking for dark grey jeans for a long time & just ordered the Wit & Wisdom pair. 10 minutes later, checked back & their sold out in lots of sizes! I also have that exact burgundy tunic, so excited to wear these together! I love your style! 

  10. Love all these looks!  My grey jeans are fading, I’ve had them so long it’s time for an update. I like wearing them with a yellow sweater grey booties

  11. YAY! I voted for this post.😉 I have a pair of gray jeans that I never wear (maybe because they don’t fit well). Nordstrom has the W&W gray pair on sale, but my size is gone. womp-womp. Maybe I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for the inspo, and have a great weekend!!! XO

  12. Sadly, my grey jeans don’t fit now. I gained just enough to make them too tight. Seeing this post reminded me to either lose ten pounds ASAP or buy a new pair. Hmmmm
    Have a safe and fun trip to Maine. Mom time is the best! 

  13. Thank you for this post! I purchased a pair of grey jeans that are more like jeggings a little bit ago, but really wanted a pair of regular grey jeans.  I just ordered the Wit & Wisdom from your link.  No petite sizes, but I can have these hemmed, if they fit.  I’m very excited to shop my closet now and recreate some outfits from your post. I’m stuck in my blue denim rut and I need to branch out!  Have a wonderful time in Maine!

  14. Loving all these outfits, especially those with the pink sweater and cardigan. I pretty much always wear blue jeans, but think I have a gray pair still in my closet. Not sure why it’s so hard for me to wear anything but blue jeans! Thanks for doing this post!

    1. I know what you mean. My black and grey jeans are now both AG legging ankle jeans — my favorite style and I still find myself wanting to wear the blue instead. I don’t know why.🤷🏻‍♀️

  15. Thanks for giving me some more ideas for colors to wear with my gray jeans. Being from Ohio, my favorite color to put with them is scarlet! LOL I hope you have an amazing weekend with your family! You are so fortunate to still have your grandfather! I hope you and he have a great visit!

  16. Oh my I’ve wanted that puffy vest and now with that price…..crazy.  Just don’t know size to order.  I’m usually size 4 pant and 27 jean and XS from Loft.  I’m 5’3″ usually 128 but down weight right now but trying to gain it back.  What size did you get in the puffer vest?  I’ve never ordered from that store, so hate to order the wrong size.  Also what size did you get in the Loft pink cardigan?  I’d like that too with 50% off.  I’m assuming I’d do XS but didn’t know if it was fitted or not.  At least I could return that at the Loft store  

  17. Got some reason I’m not getting your posts anymore.  The last one I got was 1/7/2019.

    Thank you,

    1. Hey Sandy, I checked your profile in my MailChimp account, and it seems like you are still getting sent emails, and you’re still signed up. Check your gmail Promotions folder and Spam and see if you find it in either one of those places. Then make sure to move it to Primary so your gmail knows that’s where you want to get it. Hope that helps!

  18. I really love the brighter pink and plum with the grey jeans. My favorite combo is the grey sweater and grey jeans from your winter series. I still need to try that one, my light grey sweaters still have the tags on them.

    I hope you have a great weekend in Maine!

  19. Just wanted to say I totally understand how you might feel exhausted and ready to take a break from decorating for a bit.  You have done so much in your new home in a very short amount of time!  So now perhaps it’s time to relax and enjoy what you’ve done.  It’s often takes more time to live in your home and get to know your home before more decorating and making decisions can occur. Thank you so much for sharing all the things you have done, it’s been so fun for us to see all the progress you’ve made!  Enjoy your weekend 😊

  20. I always struggle with shoe for gray jeans or pants.  I don’t just love black with them.  Also, I tried to follow the link for the puffer vest.  It just goes to a generic Lord & Taylor webpage.  What brand is the vest?  

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