7 Ways to Wear White Pumps

One of the big shoe trends this season is white pumps. I suppose they’ve been trending for a few seasons now, but I’m starting to see them more as a classic closet staple than a passing trend.

Isn’t it funny how fashions go? For a while there, white pumps looked totally outdated to me, and now suddenly they are popping up everywhere.

I’ve been jonesing for a pair for a while, so I finally bit the bullet, so to speak. Because my feet are so hard to fit, I ordered a tried and true style that I already have in two other colors so I know I can walk in them. The Sam Edelman Hazel is about as good as pumps get. They even have padding in the footbed. They aren’t cheap, but they aren’t crazy expensive either, and they come in a gazillion amazing colors. I would have every one if I had a closet (and a budget) big enough.

Here are some other white pump options. I included a few splurge-worthy pairs for the fun of it (hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?). All the options pictured below are available in white.

I set out to create 5 different outfits with white pumps, but I ended up with 7 (actually 8, but only 7 made it to my graphic, lol.) They really are incredibly versatile, and I think they’re fresh and fun for spring and summer.

7 Ways to Wear White Pumps

OUTFIT #1. White Blazer // Pink Blouse (similar) // Black Jeans (similar) // White Pumps

I’m really not sure where I’d wear this, although if you swap out the black jeans for black pants it might be nice for work wear. Not that I go to work, but if you do, here’s an idea for you. Well, I do work, I just don’t GO to work. You get the idea. Any-WHO.

I think the trick to wearing white pumps with black jeans (or pants) is to echo the white in the pumps with the white blazer. That makes the whole outfit look intention and not like a mistake. This look would also be cute with a printed top that has some white in it.

OUTFIT #2. White Blouse (Similar)  // Bootcut Jeans // White Pumps

This outfit needs some major accessories or something, but I saw a lot of blue jeans with white pumps and white tops on Pinterest, so it works as long as you have enough accessories, or maybe a top with more texture. I can see white tassel earrings and a big statement bracelet, maybe something with some color like this one. I didn’t really think about accessorizing when I took these pictures. I was more just trying to figure out what articles of clothing worked together. (I also clearly wasn’t thinking about an iron…)

OUTFIT #3. Print Blouse (Similar to chose from here) // Pink Jeans (Similar) // White Pumps

White pumps also look great with pink jeans, and this top has some light colors in the print, which ties into the white pumps as well.

OUTFIT #4. Polka Dot Dress (similar) // White Pumps

These shoes look like they were made for this dress. It is from last year, but I linked a similar style by the same designer above. I love and adore Eliza J dresses. They’re well made, flattering, and not terribly expensive. They also tend to go on sale a lot. I will definitely wear this to church as soon as I get the shoes in my proper size.

OUTFIT #5. Print Tank (Similar) // Light Wash Bluejeans // White Pumps

Light wash bluejeans are the newest denim trend I’m hearing about, and these frayed crop jeans from LOFT are a great way to try the trend without breaking the bank. I will tell you, I am seriously impressed by how flattering these are. They could be a little  narrower at the ankle, but otherwise they look great, even from the rear. For the price point, you can’t beat ’em. I really like white pumps with light wash bluejeans, and this printed tank is a fun way to top off the outfit.

I can also see wearing this top with black jeans to pull out the black trim, maybe with light pink pumps? Now I need light pink pumps… ha!

OUTFIT #6. Red Lace Top (Similar) // Distressed White Skinnies // White Pumps

I love wearing red and white together in the warmer months, and this lace shell is a great color. I do wish it were a little shorter and a little more fitted. I think I’m going to wash it and dry it and see if it takes up some and fits better. For size reference, it is a small. Because the shirt is on the longer side, this outfit would be more balanced with longer white jeans. My regular non-distressed white ankle skinnies were in the wash the day I took these pictures, or I would have worn them instead because they’re an inch or two longer than this cropped pair.

OUTFIT #7. Moto Jacket // White Tee* // Distressed Skinnies (Similar or less expensive version here)// White Pumps

I saved my favorite for last. It will surprise NO ONE that this is my favorite. I just wish I’d taken time to add a long necklace and bolder earrings so can get the full effect. This outfit is edgy and modern, but the pumps keep it classy. I will be wearing this to lunch or on a date night sometime soon! I think I’ll carry a red bag to add a pop of color.

Okay, so there is actually one more. This is a bonus outfit because I somehow forgot to upload these pictures before I created the graphic for this post, and I found them this morning. Unfortunately my coral denim jacket has sold out, but I figured I’d throw the outfit in here anyway, so now we actually have 8 ways to wear white jeans!

#8. Coral Denim Jacket (light pink option) // Striped Tee (similar) // Blue Jeans // White Pumps

I like the striped tee with the coral jacket. Plain white would work of course, but the pattern makes it a little more fun. The white stripes repeat the white from the shoes, and keep the outfit cohesive. Bootcut jeans would also be cute with this.

And that’s a wrap!

I hope you found this post fun for a change. It was a good exercise for me. In fact, I’m thinking this is probably a good exercise to conduct any time you want to add a new item to your wardrobe. If you can wear it with at least five different outfits, it’s a keeper!

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30 Responses

  1. Well, I was just saying to my husband that I needed to go shoe shopping since I’d only gotten one new pair this year! Maybe I’ll look for white shoes??
    I have started seeing them on other women, but I haven’t had a pair in years!!
    And you really made them look great in every outfit, Jo-Lynne!!

  2. I think you look great in all these outfits. Especially like the polka dot dress with white pumps. Have to say I would never wear white pumps in my day to day life. Too fancy for the grocery store or work!

  3. Thanks Jo-Lynne for your hard work in showing how to put outfits together with white pumps.
    Love them all. My favorite is the black moto jacket and blue jeans. You look fabulous in it.
    You look great in all the other outfits too. Thanks again. Time to go shopping for some
    white pumps.

  4. Wow! When I first saw your post title, I thought, “No way!”

    This will take some convincing for me BUT they do look great each way you styled them,

    Love the shape you selected!

  5. The first thing I thought of when I saw this post was the last time I wore white pumps was at my wedding! LOL! All of these outfits look great. I don’t know if I would get white pumps, but I like your idea about the pink ones. 🙂 Also, thanks for including a lower heeled option.

  6. I’ve always been iffy about white pumps but this post has changed my mind! My faves are the boot cut jeans with the white top and the polka dot dress. Thanks again for the inspiration!

  7. Whether or not thus trend continues will depend upon how many gravitate and start actually wearing them. Havent seen any here and live in a warm year around climate. Also, heels are not prevalent here either. Everyone goes for comfort it seens.

  8. white pumps – hmmm..need to get used to the idea. My fave was with the pink jeans and also super cute with the edgy black jacket. Good job bringing a trend to life.

  9. Thank you for putting together this post! I know it was very time consuming, but it definitely gives us lots of options all in one place. Wearing shoes with any white on them is very challenging for me because our yard has way too much sand in it, and I hate dirty shoes. I’m sort of OCD when it comes to the white staying white.

    I hope you are feeling better!

  10. Thanks for all the work you do for us. I really relate more to your casual style. I don’t really see me wearing them much except maybe with a dress. I do like them with the flare jeans and white top though. My husband hates high heels with skinny jeans or pants! Not that I always listen to him!! LOL

  11. So my first thought was “No way” as I conjured up images of 1983.

    Which means I will probably end up embracing the trend in a few months. Never say never after all. 😉

    Way to be out ahead of the curve on this trend. I truly have not seen anyone wearing white pumps but given how great you styled all these outfits I’m guessing there will be more willing to try it!

  12. I love your outfit #2 the most! You look your best and I like the longer jeans covering up a lot of the shoe just showing the toe. I also like the polka dot dress idea and moto jacket! I read your email everyday and get inspired. Thank you Jo-Lynne for all your hard work.

  13. I always like to see one item styled multiple ways. Thanks for all the work you put into this! I would have thought of white pumps as boring, but they are anything but!

  14. Inspiration galore here! I don’t own white pumps, but I love all the outfit ideas and can definitely sub with something I do have.
    By the way, I love posts like this -showing one item multiple ways. It’s such a good way to show versatility.

  15. You look so pretty in each outfit and the pumps are cute! I will never ( I am saying never) wearing a white shoe! After having been a nurse for 20 years I have an aversion to white shoes and white jackets! I think a lot of nurses feel that way especially those of us who wore the “lovely” white uniforms! HA

    However!! As usual I got good info on outfit ideas here and will order some jeans on your link. I love Loft jeans (curvy fit) and have even found them at Loft outlets. Like Ann Taylor curvy fit. I went down a size in the Loft skinny jeans. I have hourglass shape and find curvy works for me too.

    Thanks for your research!!! Julie L

  16. Thanks for taking the time to style all these outfits. As others have said, I particularly enjoy your posts show one item styled multiple ways. You look great in them all, with 7 and 8 being my favorites.

  17. Total awesome post (TAP) like always! Would it work to have a white pointy-toe leather flat? Or shorter “kitten” heel? I look pretty silly walking in high heels (my stride is sooo off). Have a blessed day doing what you do! 🙂

    1. I think white pointy toe flats totally achieve the same look. Valentino has a pair right now that I see on fashion bloggers a lot. https://bit.ly/2q6BLVp

      Okay, well, they are ivory. But still.

      Like, these are okay: https://bit.ly/2q6Bv96 or these https://bit.ly/2q9G7cy

      Admittedly, I don’t love either of those. I don’t see a lot that I love (except the Valentino, haha!) But I would definitely keep an eye out if you prefer the flat. I think it achieves the same look.

  18. White pumps or flats?? Sorry, one style trend I can’t revisit. I did it in the 80’s, but can’t go there again. Hopefully it will pass quickly ????. Love the outfit though.

  19. Love all the outfits but don’t care for the white pumps at all. Just me. I’m not into white shoes. I like a nude instead. Thanks for taking the time for this post. It was fun.

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