9 Ways to Wear Leopard Print This Fall

Hello, friends! I hope this Monday is treating you well so far. Leopard print is a classic and never really goes out of style, but it’s also one of the hottest trends this season, so I thought I’d round up 9 ways to wear leopard print for your fall fashion inspiration!

9 Ways to Wear Leopard Print

#1. Leopard Ballet Flats // I’ve had leopard ballet flats in my wardrobe for years, and they’re in constant rotation all year-round, but never so much as they are in the fall. There’s just something about leopard flats in the fall that seems to make sense!

These days leopard print can pretty much operate as a neutral, and I love pairing it with stripes. Pattern mixing can be daunting, but leopard and stripes is almost always a great combination.

my leopard ballet flats (more options) // puffer vest (35% off with code HURRY) // stripe tee (35% off with code HURRY) // AG legging ankle jeans (budget option)

#2. Leopard Scarf // A leopard scarf is a fun accessory, and there are so many styling options. This look below is like 5 years old, but it’s one of my all-time most popular outfits. Here are more ways I’ve worn a leopard scarf over the years.

leopard scarf options // similar yellow cardigan // white tee // my favorite bootcut jeans (50% off!) // similar brown booties

#3. Leopard Pumps // Leopard pumps are another classic shoe I always have in my wardrobe, but I’ve never seen so many leopard pump options as I have this year. I’m loving the chunkier heels for a change.

my leopard pumps at BloomiesNordstrom or Zappo’s (more options) // cowl neck top // black jeans (budget option) // similar leather jacket // circle handle tote

#4. Leopard Clutch // If wearing leopard in shoes or a scarf is intimidating to you, try a leopard clutch. It’s a great way to pop a neutral outfit! I splurged on this Claire V. foldover clutch a few years ago, and the quality is outstanding, but there are some really good options for less if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly.

my leopard clutch (under $100 options) // ribbed turtleneck (so good!!!) // DL1961 dark wash skinnies // burgundy wedge booties // necklace (old)

#5. Leopard Booties // This year I finally took the plunge and purchased leopard booties, and they’re so much fun. I personally find the lower shaft easier to style, but there are all sorts of leopard bootie options available.

my leopard booties (more options) // ribbed pullover // straight cropped jeans // tote // necklace // earrings

#6. Leopard Loafers // Adding a pair of leopard loafers to a casual outfit really takes it up a notch. Don’t be afraid of leopard shoes, my friends! They pretty much go with anything, and they just add a little extra something-something to an everyday outfit.

my leopard loafers (more options) // rust cardigan // white tee // straight leg jeans // earrings

#7. Leopard Cami // I picked up this leopard cami at White House Black Market last winter, and I wore it a few times under a blazer or leather jacket for date nights. The picture below was taken when we were on our way to a concert. It can feel a little bold to wear a leopard print top, so I like it best with a jacket on top so you just see a glimpse of the print.

leopard cami options // AG legging ankle jeans (budget option) // similar leather jacket // black booties

#8. Leopard Sweater // This is a slightly more modest take on the leopard print top, and one you may like better. Again, you can layer this under a vest or jacket to break up the print so it doesn’t feel like such a bold statement.

leopard sweater (35% off with code HURRY) // AG black jeans (budget option) // similar black pumps // ring handle bag // similar earrings

#9. Leopard Mules // Similar to the loafers, leopard mules are a fun and modern way to take your casual outfit to the next level.

leopard mules // roll neck sweater // raw hem skinnies // tortoiseshell handle tote // initial pendant // earrings

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  1. Lol, I’m wearing that same leopard print sweater from J Crew Factory today! I wish it was a smidge longer. I actually think it’s in my sweet spot range #adoreyourwardrobe, but I’m just more comfortable with a slightly longer top. I’m wearing mine with my olive green skinny cargos, my Splendid thermal cardigan (swan – love!), and a pair of brown Sorel lace-up boots. Thanks for all the great ideas! I did recently purchase a leopard print scarf, but haven’t worn it yet. 🙂

    1. That is a cute way to wear it! I didn’t think about wearing it with my thermal cardi. I agree, it is also in my SSR but it would look better with the leather jacket if it were an inch longer. I still have the medium, so I may try that and see if it fits better, but since I already wore the small, I can’t return it. I suppose I could try to sell it if I decide the medium is better.

  2. I love that it’s so big again this season. I just bought some leopard booties, and I’m sure they will be getting a ton of love. The other piece is my leopard coat that I got secondhand last year. I’ve already worn it once this season, because we had snow yesterday!!

  3. As I was reading this post I was thinking about how I have grown to only like leopard print in accessories and then I saw the leopard sweater and I think I just fell in love… it’s so fabulous!

  4. Happy Monday!  Leopard and camo are two prints I really like.  Since I have not found leopard shoes, of any style, to fit my specifications, I have decided to look for and order a leopard handbag.  I hope you will let us know what, if anything, the MRI revealed about your problem foot.  Early voting begins today, so that is the first thing we will be doing.  Have a blessed day!

  5. Oh I Love leopard print… I have loafers that I’ve had for years and when I first started wearing them I felt like I stuck out but Not anymore.. I just got a new leopard print scarf from sole Society and can’t wait to wear it also just bought a leopard print blouse… it looks great with olive green pants.. jeans and black jeans you can do so much with this pattern it’s fun!! And if you feel a little bold add a denim jacket or leather jacket or cardigan… 
    love your ideas:)
    Good luck with your MRI results hope it’s good news. Our daughter is waiting to have one it’s a long wait here.

  6. Leopard is definitely one of the trends I can get behind these days. I can’t believe how much I’m seeing of it right now. I even saw it on Hunter boots! I’m picking up my second attempt at a leopard print cardigan today and would love to add a pair of slip ons if I can find the right pair, but I’m otherwise set in this department, lol. I’m so glad you included the pic with the vest. I’d totally forgotten about it and it was one of my all time favs from you!
    Question though…I know it’s been around awhile, but with it being all the rage right now, do you think with so much more exposure, people will just get over it and it completely fizzle out and actually become dated?? Does that even make sense?!

  7. Would there ever be a time to wear 2 leopard items, say — scarf and shoes; bracelet and belt; etc or is it just one and done.


  8. Hi Jo-Lynne! I can’t believe we both posted about Leopard Print today. That’s wild! (get it!) I absolutely love your leopard print sweater! That’s the one thing missing from my post. I got through writing it and then the very next morning I noticed my leopard print blouse in my closet. I had posted every other article of clothing imaginable…but no top! Ha! Anyhow, you look striking in that sweater!

  9. That leopard scarf and gold cardigan is the first outfit I remember after finding your blog. I think I still have the gold sweater that I bought because I loved it so much. It’s a great look!! Time flies, for sure!! 

      1. Oh ok … my daughter works for an orthotic and podiatry clinic and tells me I should wear them even on my walks and treadmill( and when flying) …she said I’ll thank her when I’m older… lol 

  10. I took the plunge last year and got a leopard scarf (baby steps). I have been on the hunt for some mules/kitten heels this year. 🙂

  11. Animal print is out of my comfort zone but thanks for nudging me along. The clutch purse may be a safe choice for me. 😜

    Good luck with your MRI! Hope everything goes well and you get answers. Make sure to get noise cancellation headphones/ ear plugs. Have fun at the game tonight.

  12. I am really into the leopard print this year. Today I am styling mules, earrings and a necklace. I hope it is not too much together! I also purchased some booties and a cami and a purse! Wow I just realized how much stuff that is! Have a great day!

  13. Hi Jolynne! LOVE this post. I recently found a leopard print vest and scarf from a thrift shop and am thrilled with them. The vest is from Coldwater Creek so it’s a nice one. Anyhoo this post gave me so much inspiration. I hope the results from your MRI are good. Thanks for all you share with us about your personal life and all the hard work you put into your blog. It’s very much appreciated!

  14. One of my favorite posts. I have most of these Seperates/shoes in one form or another so able to create a bunch of outfits. Love that😀👌

  15. This weather that we are having in Pa and De is crazy. I would love to not have a rain jacket just one morning. Although the alternative I dont like either sn-w.  Any who I love all of your ways to style leopard. I also love that Kay from dress for your day has the same thing going on. Love it im going to hop over to her blog and see what she came up with ciao 

  16. Animal print is my favorite print! I have the cami you have…love it. I actually wore it last week with a skirt. It was cute but didn’t quite feel like my style! I’m dying for some leopard and/or snake shoes, but I’m very picky about them. Do you find the pony hair wears off? Mine never last all that long (sadly).

  17. Your outfits look so effortless! 🙂 I bought some leopard print mules from Express and think they’re really cute. I’ve worn them once with olive colored skinnies, a black top (front tucked) and jean jacket. But… I felt like the shoes “stuck out” and all that everyone was looking at! 🙁 Am I trying too hard? I do think there is an “art” to adding the leopard print – or maybe there isn’t and I’m overthinking?? Maybe there needs to be another element of interest in the outfit so the shoes aren’t the only thing that is “interesting” (like a color or texture) if that makes sense?? I don’t want my cute mules to just sit in the closet, but I foresee that unless I figure this out…

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