Coffee Talk 10.14.18

Good morning! It’s funny, sometimes I hop on here on a Sunday morning with so much to tell you, and other weeks I can’t think of a thing you might want to know.

I mean, it’s not like nothing has happened this week, but overall nothing seems particularly noteworthy. Maybe it’s just because I’m not feeling very well this morning, and I just want to pour another cup of coffee and hunker down on the couch and binge watch House Hunters.

This week, our weather went from summer to winter with one day of fall in between! It’s been kind of odd, but I’ll take it. I’m so ready for sweater weather, although a few more days of open windows and mild temperatures would have been nice.

I woke up this morning with an allergy hangover from being in a house with cats last night, and that paired with this sudden cold weather makes me feel more like I’m sick than a temporary allergy situation. I can only hope the one doesn’t lead to the other, as that can happen.

I’m supposed to run four miles this morning, and I didn’t get out yesterday due to the rain, so I’m hoping I can get myself together and get out there before I have to get ready for church. I know if I do that, I’ll feel so much better.

The biggest event of our week was my daughter’s 13th birthday. She didn’t want a party, which took me by surprise, but so be it. We had a small celebration here at home on Wednesday night with her favorite dinner and ice cream cake and presents.

We tucked her “big gift” — Sixers tickets — into a box with Pantene shampoo and conditioner. She was every bit as excited as we were hoping she would be.

You can see a glimpse of my new family room ottoman in that picture. It’s quite large and sort of overwhelms the couch. I was hoping it was going to pull the space together, but as it turns out, I think we’re going to need to work a bit to get it all to look cohesive, but we’ll get there. I trust my designer. She’s coming out this week with some accessories and things to tie everything together, and I’m excited to see what she has up her sleeve.

In other news, I was feeling like the benefits of the FASTer Way To Fat Loss program were beginning to kick in, but then I had a minor setback this weekend with hormones and other lovely female issues. I’m hoping to feel back on track soon. At any rate, I’ve completed week 4, and I’m told that you can start to see results around week 4, but it really does take the full 6 weeks for the program to start working for you the way it is designed to. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it, so I’m excited to see how I feel in another week or two.

I’m trying to decide if I want to sign up for another round, or if I just want to try to keep going on my own. I feel like I probably need another round since it took me so long to get acclimated to it, and I’m still not really eating the foods they want me to be eating to make the most of it. You get a discount when you sign up for a second round, so at least there’s that!

If you’re interested in trying it, my coach is starting her next round on October 29th, and she is awesome. Laura found success with the program, so she became a coach because she’s passionate about helping women discover a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. She’s really helped me along when I was feeling frustrated, and she’s great about keeping us motivated in the Facebook group.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not being sponsored in any way by FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and I paid for my own program, but I do earn a referral commission if you sign up through my link.

So anyway, that’s about it for me! I’m already getting a late start for my run, so I better cut this off and get ready. Enjoy this gorgeous Sunday!

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24 thoughts on “Coffee Talk 10.14.18

  1. I do hope you get to feeling better!  The top of the ottoman looks very pretty.  We have been enjoying lows in the 50’s, lower humidity, and highs in the upper 70’s. Today thru Tuesday, the high will be back in the 80’s, so we may be forced to close the windows and turn the air back on 😟.  Then the Fall temps return and I think they will be here to stay.  On Friday Larry had an appointment at the ER clinic and we learned he has acute bronchitis.  I ended up having to take him back there last night because he had a reaction to one of the meds.  The doctor changed the antibiotic since he thinks that’s it, so we have to take a drive today to get the script filled.  We had to miss the neighborhood bonfire last night, which we were disappointed about, but we did what we had to do.  Have a blessed day!

  2. I am going to do 2nd round of FWTFL as I too have not been as strict as I could be with foods. Definitely feel like plan is sustainable. I like that I am back doing strength training & eating carbs!

  3. Sorry to hear that you are feeling under the weather. I’m struggling with fall allergies as well. Nasal irrigation and Allegra have really helped me out. A quiet afternoon on the sofa watching HGTV with a cup of hot tea ain’t bad either! 😜
    Sometimes we need down time. Take care and feel better!!

  4. It’s funny that even though you felt you didn’t have a lot to say, I felt like I related to most of it. I too woke up with bad allergies and not my energetic morning self. We have a cat but I think it’s just the Texas weather we are having, which you are also experiencing….hot one day, cooler and rainy the next and lots of very humid bad hair days! I am also glad you are being so honest and real about your FWTWL experience. Some people make it sound so easy. I would love for my 22 yr old daughter to try it but she’s majoring in Nutrition in college and thinks she knows it all but yet has always struggled with her weight. She eats healthy most of the time and works at a cycling studio and works out regularly but the scale never moves? I just need to figure out how to approach it with her, other than saying I would pay for it?
    Wish me luck. 

    1. Just a thought–has your daughter ever had her thyroid checked? Sometimes low thyroid (hypothyroidism) is the reason a person can’t lose weight when they otherwise have a healthy lifestyle and diet.

    2. Yeah, I knew this change of weather would throw me for a loop, but I also spent a few hours at a friend’s house, and she has a cat, and I always feel sick for about 24 hours after that. Ugh. I took Allegra before I went, but it can only do so much. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s struggles with her weight. I’m sure it’s a touchy subject, especially when it sounds like she is well informed and working hard to be healthy.

  5. I’ve never seen anyone so excited over Pantene shampoo. She must be easy to please. 
    I hope it’s just your allergies and not a cold. Your far too busy for that. On the other hand, it might force you to take a time out.

  6. I hope you feel better real soon.  Mid to late 40’s were a tough time for me (speaking of hormone and lovely female issues).  You have my complete sympathy, empathy, and support.  That is such a cute picture of your daughter with the shampoo.  Your girls are too cute!  From what I can see, I agree with your worries about the ottoman.  I’ll bet the designer has just the items to pull it all together.  I love the navy couch and all the other things she’s suggested…trusting is difficult, huh?  

  7. I am hoping that you get the results you want with the FWTWL program.  I just completed the Whole 30 as I had stomach/bloating issues and migraines (due to hormone issues) and, I have to be honest, it was amazing.  Not for everyone, but I realized that I do have a gluten sensitivity and anytime I eat it I get extremely bloated with a pounding headache.  I am continuing it after the 30 days because it has made an incredible difference to me.  I actually didn’t lose any weight (as I ate pretty well beforehand) and that wasn’t my goal, but I realized that choices in food is everything.  Stay healthy, I love your blog. 

    1. I had success with Whole30 too. I felt like I needed something different this time, mainly b/c once I do a program once, I have a hard time getting motivated to do it again, lol! I don’t know why. I already ate gluten free and fairly low carb, but getting rid of the sugar really helped me, and I do think it changed my taste buds. I don’t eat nearly as many sweets as I used to, and I’m satisfied with small portions of them when I do.

  8. Jo-Lynne, always enjoy your Sunday posts (as well as others) and hope you are feeling better after your run and church services.  It’s so encouraging to meet with others and praise the Lord together.  And usually, exercise either makes or breaks us when we are fighting illness.  Have a good day! 

    And I agree with others, your daughters’ expressions are so fun!

    1. Thanks, Diane, and I did feel so much better. I ran 3.5 (didn’t quite get to 4, but I ran pretty hard and I figured that was good enough, lol) and then showered and went to church, and felt much more like myself. Also spent some time on the couch after our church picnic and got my HGTV fix. 😉

  9. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your girls and the facial expression on the birthday girl is priceless. Her expression and appreciation for her special gift makes gift giving far better than gift receiving. Does that makes sense? I like the ottoman and I love the pumpkin pillow on the couch. Where is it from? I hope you are feeling better.

    1. Yes, she is very animated and always gets super excited, and that is fun. It’s nice to be appreciated. I have so many pictures over the years of that same expression. Cracks me up!

      The pillow is from Tuesday Morning. 🙂

  10. Boy….how do you do it?  If I was feeling sick, had church to get off too, I couldn’t even think about going out to run.  Especially if the weather wasn’t that great.  Thanks for the family update.  Really looks like your daughter was excited about her tickets. I had to laugh at the expression of your other daughter.  I have so many pictures like that, of the “other” kid watching on while one opens presents.  For some reason they always look like they were dragged to the party. 🙂 LOL  Have a good evening. Hope you are feeling okay.

    1. Ha, yeah, her sister barely tolerates her on a good day. Although I have a really fun picture of her sister fist pumping in the background when she found she does NOT have to go to the game. 🙂 So there are some cute ones of both of them.

      The weather was actually perfect for running, and it felt amazing!!! I’m so glad I drug my butt out there. 😉

  11. I had/have a very similar situation with a custom made ottoman! It’s even striped like yours!…and looks to be about the same size. Thank goodness we got a new sectional that helped with scale, but I still feel it’s quite large. I put a round wooden tray with decorative items on it on the ottoman (also a good place to set a coffee cup), which helps break up the “large-ness.” I’ve seen throws draped across them, too, which helps break up the size and pattern. I’m sure your designer will have some great ideas. 🙂

  12. Is your referral link just the link above? I have a lot of questions and I can’t seem to find anywhere on that page to click through to ask them.

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