What I Wore This Week

I almost held off on this post and saved these for next week, when hopefully I can incorporate more variety into my outfits, but whatever… it is what it is! My life has been quite casual as of late, and our unseasonably warm and humid weather hasn’t inspired much creativity.

When I walk into my closet in the mornings, I find myself reaching for the same pair of jeans, and then I turn to my rack of short-sleeve tees, and I’m tired of all of them. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually thrilled the weather just turned cold.

Granted, I’d love to have a happy medium, but I think I’d rather be cold than hot right now. At least I can break out the sweaters I’ve been collecting for the past few months!

So anyway, this is what I’ve got. Hopefully I’ll have more real life inspiration next weekend, because this fall/winter weather is supposed to be here to stay this time.

What I Wore This Week

I actually pilfered this first outfit from last week, but I don’t think I shared it on the blog, at any rate. This is me trying to wear something besides ripped jeans and a t-shirt, ha!

I got a snarky comment about the price of this top on my Facebook page, but this was an #NSale purchase so I got it for 40% off. I can’t say I’d pay full price, but also, this is not an ordinary plaid shirt either. The Rails brand is best known for their super soft plaids, and I’m here to tell you, they are unlike any other plaid shirt you’ve tried. It may be cliché, but this is definitely a case of you get what you pay for.

You can sometimes score a Rails plaid at a discount on Nordstrom Rack and similar discount retailers, and they do go on sale at Nordstrom and other department stores from time to time.

plaid shirt (size up; wearing a medium) // similar Paige Hoxton high rise skinnies (size up; wearing 29) // Converse // necklace

I wore this around doing errands and working at home on one of the hotter days this week. I guess it was Tuesday because it’s what I wear wearing during my Facebook Live. I threw my thermal cardigan on top when I went to my MRI later that day because I knew it would be cold in there.

cowl neck top (wearing small) // AG legging ankle jeans (budget option) // leopard flats // similar tote // earrings // necklace // D Yurman link bracelet (budget option)

I wore this old outfit around the house and doing errands on Wednesday, and I snapped this picture when this bag arrived in the mail (hat tip to Brooklyn Blonde!) I thought it was really fun and different, and I’ve been wanting to change up the black bag I always carry, so I ordered one. Mine was empty in this picture, but I can see that Helena’s looks more broken-in from putting stuff inside and not so square on the bottom, so I’m eager to start carrying it.

Fashionably Latte tee (old) // AG legging ankle jeans (budget option) // bucket bag // similar espadrilles

This is what I wore to my nail appointment on Thursday. I always have to wear jeans I can pull up for my pedicure, so I usually wear these boyfriend jeans.

It was another hot day, but I’m always cold in the salon so I like to have a cardigan along with me even in the summertime. Usually I bring the thermal cardigan, but I switched it up and wore this rust cocoon cardigan this week. This was another #NSale purchase so I didn’t pay full price for it, but I probably would. It’s really a good sweater! I also have it in the tan.

cardigan (size down; wearing XS) // tee // boyfriend jeans // sandals // bucket bag // necklace // similar earrings

I wore this yesterday. The weather has taken a sudden turn for fall, and I was perfectly comfortable in this cozy sweater all day long. Yahoo!!! You can see I’m also wearing my smoking slippers from yesterday’s post with dark was jeans. I just love this combo!

Also, I ordered this bag to have another lower priced bag to share with you, but it sold out already. BOO. It’s really good. I’m loving Topshop bags for budget-friendly options.

v-neck sweater (wearing small) // similar Paige Hoxton high rise skinnies (wearing 29) // J.Crew smoking slippers (size up half!) // necklace // similar earrings

Finally, I wore this to go out to dinner with friends last night. This sweater arrived in the mail this week, and I love the print. I almost dressed down a bit with black loafers, but I decided at the last minute to go all out and wear my suede pumps. Why not, right??? I was possibly a tad over-dressed, but I don’t get many opportunities to gussy up so I have to take them when I can get them!

leopard Teddie sweater (wearing small, but it just fits; maybe size up?) // AG black jeans – wearing 28 (similar AG on salebudget option) // similar black pumps // ring handle bag // similar earrings // similar leather jacket

And that’s a wrap! I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  1. Just a heads up, your email this morning linked to your splurge, spend, save shoe post, not here. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I love the outfit you wore last night, very classy and looks great on you. I also defend your view on the Rails plaid shirt – it is amazingly soft, not bulky, completely worth the price if you value the quality. Some people do not, I find as I get older I’d rather have fewer, higher quality items than lot of clothes I seldom wear. That being said, I love the Topshop bag options, great for airplane travel when you have to put your bag on the floor and don’t know what will end up getting spilled on it (cranberry juice on my light gray nubuck bag = disaster). I appreciate all you hard work putting these posts together!.

  3. Yay it’s finally cooled off here too! I’m with u I’m ready to pull out the sweaters. Love the leopard print one u showed. What size did u get? Have a great weekend!

  4. Love the leopard teddy sweater.  I was wondering what size you got…I think you usually get smalls, but I’ve noticed JCrew can sometimes run a little small for me.  

  5. Do you have a light weight? I dropped a hand weight into a new purchase and hung it for a couple of days. It relaxes it a bit for a more natural look, not a just out of the store stiff look. Love your new bucket bag! 
    Have a great weekend! 

  6. We are thrilled to finally have some fall temps, but unfortunately, we are about to have 80’s again, for a few days.  Like you, I’m tired of wearing my warm weather clothes.  I hate that we’ve gotten to the point where so many people think they have the right to say what they are thinking, no matter how mean or disrespectful their comment might be.  I noticed that you wore dark blue and black together last night, and it works!  I think you have the confidence it takes to wear things together, and it look good, which is what I’m missing.  Enjoy your day!

    1. I’ve noticed that people will say things on my Facebook Page that they never say on my blog or even on Instagram. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t follow my blog so they don’t feel like they know me, or what, but it’s pretty funny sometimes.

  7. Just a heads up…I was in a JCrew store yesterday and picked up a rollneck sweater at 30 % off. I think it was an in store only discount. Got the papaya!

  8. Hey Jo-Lynne, if you’re looking for some new inspiration I sure wouldn’t mind seeing your garage work clothes when helping Paul and your gardening outfit when pulling weeds! So many favorites this week…Rails plaid shirt, the cocoon sweater, the smoking slippers and that bucket bag! Your out to dinner ensemble is so sleek and sharp, you look beautiful!

    1. Ha! Usually that is workout clothes, if I even bother to change. If I’m doing work in the garage, I will wear whatever I’m wearing – my usual jeans and tee or sweater. I rarely do yard work, but if I do, it’s often when I get back from a run and notice the weeds and start pulling. I actually want to hire someone to weed regularly. My old yard wasn’t very big and we did it or had the kids do it, but this one is overwhelming.

  9. Jolynne!! I just want to give you a virtual hug for letting us know about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this summer. I bought a few things (both clothes and shoes!) and with the cooler weather that’s suddenly upon us in my neck of the woods, I’m going into my closet and I’ve got great clothes to wear that I love (!!!!) rather than digging through last years’ things and thinking that I need to do some shopping (Whoo Hoo!!!). I am an official convert of the Nordstrom Anniversary forever!! I know it’s got to take an awful lot of time and hard work to put all of that together – Thank you so much!!!!

  10. I love all these outfits in the recap:) you make everyone of them look so effortless and comfy. Have you seen the T shirt at Old Navy that says” Doing my Thing”? It’s a charcoal  grey with white stiching and super comfy. It’s become one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Off to the bridal showcase with my daughter tomorrow 🤗.

  11. Sometimes I’m browsing/shopping online and see a blouse or top I like, or some really cute shoes, and I’d like to buy it, but my next thought is “what would I wear it with?” “What shoes would go with this top and jeans”? That is what attracted me to your blog. You show me what shoes go with! Lol. I wonder if you could have a segment where people attach a pic and say what shoes would you wear with this? Or how would you style this pair of shoes? Just a thought. 😊

  12. Question Jo-Lynn…Your ring handle bag looks like a much darker blue than it does on the Nirdstrum website. Can you tell me which picture if your picture is closer to the true color? By the way, I prefer a darker color, I.e. the way it appears in your picture. Thank you!

  13. Sorry you got a snarky comment… If she doesn’t want to pay that much, it’s not like someone is making her! Goodness people, keep your negativity to yourselves!

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