My New Favorite Neutral: Navy Blue

Well, the weather turned overnight, and it feels like fall again. I wonder how long it will last this time… ha! Meanwhile, it’s a good opportunity to share this cozy outfit.

I styled this sweater once before, and today I’m wearing it for more of a casual look. It was an #NSale purchase, so I was thrilled to find it still fully stocked!

Some of you weren’t sure you loved the blouson sleeves when I shared this the first time, and goodness knows I don’t need any extra volume on top, but for some reason I really like this sweater.

It’s all about the details… the ribbed knit with the extra detailing around the arms, the puffy blouson sleeves, and the feminine ruffle mock neck. For size reference, I have this in an XS, so if you order one, definitely size down.

I wore it with my favorite AG legging ankle jeans and accessorized with this double circle pendant from Kohl’s and my D Yurman silver link bracelet.

I love the way the hammered silver in the necklace pops against the pink sweater, and the bracelet is a versatile piece that I wear with many of my casual outfits.

Accessorizing Tip: I have a few higher end designer pieces that I wear often and will have for years — most of them gifts from my husband. Then each season I like to add a few pieces of inexpensive fashion jewelry that are more trendy. When you mix it up, it’s often hard to tell the difference, and blending high and low fashions like this is a modern way to accessorize.

All that said, the purpose of this outfit was actually to talk about these navy suede loafers!

These smoking slippers are from J.Crew, and they’re up to 40% off right now with code SAVEMORE. They broke in easily and never bothered my feet, and I think they’re really flattering.

I’m calling navy my new favorite neutral because these have replaced my usual taupe or nude shoes as my go-to neutral with blue jeans for casual outfits. I love the way they almost match the denim, extending the line of the leg and creating an effortlessly classy look.

The pink creates a nice contrast, but I could throw on any casual sweater or t-shirt with the rest of this outfit, and it would totally work. In fact, I’m planning to wear it today with this ivory v-neck sweater that came in the mail earlier this week.

ruffle neck sweater (wearing XS) // AG legging ankle jeans (budget option) // J.Crew smoking slippers // hammered pendant // link bracelet // R Minkoff shoulder bag

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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  1. I love navy and pink together and think that navy is a great neutral that works well with so many colors!! I am skipping the blouson sleeve look this season as I don’t see the look sticking around and I am trying to stick with styles that I think might last me more than a season! Trying to be a smarter shopper this season!

  2. Love the color combination of this outfit and i’m A fan of the smoking slipper, (although I don’t smoke)), ha!  I styled a pair on the blog today.

  3. Love the shoes and the sweater. I tried to get that sweater at the Nsale, but they were out of my size. Isn’t navy a great shoe color. I wear my navy shoes more than any of the other colors… probably because I’m in jeans all the time.

  4. This is such a timely post for me! Love this outfit.  I have been eyeing navy flats and booties but was wondering what they would go with. I’ve been on a bit of a shoe binge since Saturday’s boot post lol! 

  5. Very cute. I absolutely love navy and for clothing it’s a go-to color for me; I like it better on me than black. I have tons of navy tops and sweaters and dresses, a navy trench coat, a navy vest, and a navy Coach quilted chain-strap bag. But no navy shoes! How is that possible? Maybe I should check these out. Have a great day!

  6. Very nice and casual outfit!  It was 50 when I got up this morning, so I’m a happy girl.  I love the navy shoes!  Since I’m having trouble finding leopard flats that meet all of my feet specifications, what color would you suggest for shoes that will add some sass to many outfits, but will also be a neutral?  Have a fabulous day!

  7. I’m with you on the shoes. I bought a pair of blue suede penny loafers and love them with jeans (and other outfits). I also love navy in the fall as I find it is not as harsh as black with a lot of fall colors like olive and burgundy.

  8. I can’t imagine live without navy. Navy and leopard print together is my favorite combination lately. It’s somehow fresh but not too crazy. I love those shoes. I had a similar pair a few years ago but they hurt my feet and never broke in all the way so maybe I should check yours out.

  9. I love the navy shoes with the pink sweater and jeans!  I have a couple of pairs of navy slip on sneakers and our Fall has been mild with less rain than usual, so I’ve been wearing them a lot instead of boots.  And now you’ve inspired me to find a pink sweater to go with my jeans and navy shoes.  😊  Enjoy your cooler weather!

  10. I think you have the XL David Yurman bracelet, isn’t that right? Just for anyone who wants to see how it looks, the large is what’s linked. I got one last year after admiring yours for so long, and I love it. I wear it any time I’m not wearing gold exclusively.

    1. Mine is the oval large – I’m pretty sure I linked the right one. 🙂 I’m so glad you love yours!!! It’s my all-time favorite piece of jewelry after my wedding rings. 🙂

      1. The DY bracelet is stunning, but I do think yours is more a match to the current DY offering in XL oval link which has around 14 -16 links in total, depending on the length. The large size has around 20-22 links. I purchased the XL piece a couple of months ago (had to do a bit of investigation in various stores re: the sizing, as I got so confused) and wear it almost everyday. I love it so much, until it comes time for cleaning. Thanks for the tip to keep it in the pouch to reduce the tarnish.

  11. I love navy & especially the blue swede shoes. Thank you very much. 🙂 savannah had a gorgeous day & cooler. It does lift your mood.

  12. Age old question…
    Today you styled a beautiful pink sweater. A few weeks ago you showed us a gorgeous pumpkin colored sweater. Do you change lipstick shades with these different looks? Or just stick with what looks good with your skin color?

  13. I love navy suede shoes. I have two pair! One loafer style (similar to a penny loafer) that I’ve had for over a decade (yes, that’s right) and the other, my favorite, is a pair of Tommy H. chukkas-style that I got for less than $30 at Belk a couple years ago. What a find. I wear them ALL the time!

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