Fall Trend Watch: Blouson Sleeves

For those of you who don’t want to think about fall yet, this should be my last fall outfit post for a while. I’m not really in the mood to be posting fall fashion yet…but with the #NSale and the timing falling right around my move and subsequent vacation, I haven’t had the bandwidth to focus on much else.

Now that I’m home for the rest of the summer and feeling more settled, and with the #NSale wrapping up at the end of the week, I’ll be getting back to more seasonally appropriate topics!

Meanwhile, today I’m talking about one of the biggest fall trends I’m noticing — blouson sleeves.

Fall Trend Watch: Blouson Sleeves // Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Halogen ruffle neck sweater, Rag & Bone raw hem ankle skinny jeans, and Vince Alora Mules. #nsale #falltrends #fallfashion #falloutfit #momfashion

When I looked through the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale catalog, it’s all I saw. Fortunately when I shopped in the store, I found a good variety of other types of sleeves, but I was actually surprised by how much I liked the blouson sleeves I tried on.

This ruffle neck pullover is one of my favorite purchases (I know, I know, I say this about all of my #NSale purchases! But I guess it’s good that I love them all, right??)

Fall Trend Watch: Blouson Sleeves // Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Halogen ruffle neck sweater, Rag & Bone raw hem ankle skinny jeans, and Vince Alora Mules. #nsale #falltrends #fallfashion #falloutfit #momfashion

With the ribbed knit, the ruffle detail on the mock neck, and the blouson sleeves, there are a lot of fun details that somehow don’t overwhelm it. This sweater is super soft and on sale for just under $50, so it’s a nice value. I love this shade of pink, but it also comes in light grey, royal blue, and emerald green.

Fit Tip: I sized down to an XS. I actually never tried the Small, but when I got home, I realized I had an XS, and I like the fit, so there you go! I do have it lightly front-tucked, so it’s not as short as it may appear. It’s actually a really nice length at 24 1/2″.

Fall Trend Watch: Blouson Sleeves // Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Halogen ruffle neck sweater from the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. #nsale #falltrends #fallfashion #falloutfit #momfashion

Happily, these jeans just got restocked!!! If you’ve had your eye on them, grab your size while you can. If in between, size up; I have the 29, for reference.

These were another item I noticed in the #NSale catalog, and I was thrilled with the fit when I tried them on. I showed them last week tucked into knee-high boots, and I promised I’d show you another look where you can see the raw hem and how they fit the ankle.

My past experience with Rag & Bone skinny jeans wasn’t so great — I loved the fit overall, but I find the sewn hem always flares out in a funny way, but the raw hem doesn’t do that. Still, it doesn’t fit close to the ankle either; the sales associate helping me in the store was saying she liked how they almost read as a straight leg jean. I wouldn’t go that far, but I do like how they fit the leg.

Fall Trend Watch: Blouson Sleeves // Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Halogen ruffle neck sweater, Rag & Bone raw hem ankle skinny jeans, and Vince Alora Mules. #nsale #falltrends #fallfashion #falloutfit #momfashion

Finally, these mules… sorry that they’re sold out. They didn’t last long! I didn’t really intend to keep these, but I bought them just in case because my SA told me they’d sell out, and she was right!

I’m such a sucker for Vince sweaters and shoes — the quality is so good, and the styles are classic but fashion-forward. These shoes will elevate so many outfits this fall and winter, and I love that I can start wearing them now. They make even the most basic skinnies-and-pullover outfit look modern and sophisticated. (I also love these.)

I have a hard time finding slides and mules that fit my feet and are walkable, but I can walk fine in these, despite the high heel, and they stay on my feet. I sized down to a 7 1/2, for reference — in case they get any restocks.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Rag & Bone raw hem ankle skinny jeans and Vince Alora Mules. #nsale #falltrends #fallfashion #falloutfit #momfashion

My necklace was another #NSale purchase, and it’s a nice lightweight piece that packs a punch.

If you’re looking to update your accessories wardrobe for fall, I’m a huge fan of these earrings and also these. I’ve been wearing the Kendra Scott ones a lot, and the Gorjana ones just arrived over the weekend; I can’t wait to start wearing them.

Finally, this bag is old, but it’s still available through Amazon. I tend to carry it when I’m wearing silver jewelry, and I like how it lends an edgy vibe to a classic outfit.

Fall Trend Watch: Blouson Sleeves // Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Halogen ruffle neck sweater, Rag & Bone raw hem ankle skinny jeans, and Vince Alora Mules. #nsale #falltrends #fallfashion #falloutfit #momfashion

sweater // jeans // shoes // bag // necklace

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16 Responses

  1. Love it all,,,
    The pink sweater will brighten up
    Snowy day in Chicago!
    Sorry don’t want to mention the S
    So happy for your son…such fun times.
    Thank you for all ideas during sale picked
    Up few gold items for new house.The gold 
    Serving cart is just perfect  and the glasses!

  2. I love pink and black together!  And I love how the mules take this look up a notch. Well … I just love this whole look!  Lol.  

    Congratulations to your son (and you) that he made his college drum line!  🥁 Hooray for him!  👏🏻

  3. CONGRATULATIONS TO DAVID!  I have always loved drums and watching people play them.  A lot of schools in GA start this week or next.  I totally get how happy you were to be back home.  We are so happy in our smaller house in the country, that we can’t wait to get home from being away.  Oh, I love how your dog made herself at home on the guest bed.  So sweet!  I am still waiting on the arrival of the jeans I ordered from the N sale.  Yesterday, I spent an extended amount of time on the Nordstrom Rack site and placed a hefty order because they had an additional 25% off and most of the items were already marked down 50-75%.  I ordered a few more things for our granddaughters Christmas, a pair of shoes for Larry, and a couple of things for myself.  And I’m about to order a pair of Vionic mules from Nordstrom.  They aren’t on sale, but I know if I wait too long, they will be sold out.  Have a great day!

  4. Jo-Lynne, for some reason I’m not receiving your emails anymore. I tried to resubscribe but it said that I am already subscribed. Can you help with this? Thanks! 

  5. Congrats to your son. That’s wonderful. Not a fan of those puffie sleeves. But I may change my mind by fall.

  6. I love everything about the sweater. It’s soft and feminine and looks do cozy. Your black jeans and mules are the perfect accompaniment to the sweater. This is one of my favourite fall looks. 
    So pleased to hear your son made the college band. It seems it has been a big part of his life in high school and now he can carry that onto college. What will David be studying?

  7. I absolutely love this outfit. My favorite jeans are denim jeans like these from Rag and Bone. Glad you had a great vacation.

  8. Love the sweater:) I’m definitely looking into this style for fall. Congrats to your son how exciting. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Congratulations to your son! A very interesting necklace. In some pictures it looks black…in fact I thought at first you had chosen to style two different ones. I always like how you take a simple outfit and make it noteworthy…thanks!

  10. So glad your son made the cut in his college marching band! I’m responding to the A&A question about how to store long, heavy cardigans. I heard about these on Angie Cox’s You Look Fabulous blog: “Bumps-Be-Gone Hangers” which I ordered from Amazon. I’ve used them for about a year with great results!

  11. I like this sweater on you! I liked the slight blouson sleeves on the pink/ivory striped boatneck sweater from LOFT that we got earlier this year. I was hesitant because it was so different, but liked the bit of air that it gave inside the sleeve! Great for us over-45-and-starting-to-have-hot-flashes girls!! 😉 Some of the ones on the #NSale, though, were getting a bit ridiculous in my opinion, lol! (Or just more for the younguns!) Anyway- glad you are starting to feel more settled in your new home and feeling like you’re getting caught up! Blessings to you!!!

    1. Thanks, Joni. Yeah, it’s a fine line when wearing those styles that were in when we were younger. I try to pick more modest versions and let the young ‘uns have the dramatic styles! 🙂

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