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Well, I think Dorothy said it best: There’s no place like home! As much as I enjoy traveling, I’m always happy to be home after being away, but I don’t think I’ve been quite THIS happy to be home in a long time.

We got in around lunchtime yesterday after a rather harrowing drive down the Garden State Parkway and through Philly. I guess everyone else who had rented a house at the beach for the week was heading home as well because traffic was heavy most of the way, but thankfully we made it safe and sound.

Since we only lived in our new house for a week before we left for the beach, the feeling yesterday afternoon was a strange mixture of homecoming and getting reacquainted. I spent a few minutes walking around, taking it in all over again. (And getting excited all over again!)

The new family room couch arrived while we were gone, so it was fun to have that waiting for us when we got here. This is the first time I’ve ever bought a couch sight unseen, so we were very eager not only to see it in place, but especially to sit on it! It looks great in the room, and it’s comfortable enough — a little stiff, but I’m sure it will soften up with use. The back isn’t as high as I expected, so that will take some getting used to, but nobody seems to mind.

The best part is, the kitchen rug makes more sense now; and between the navy walls in the dining room, the navy and ivory kitchen rug, and now my navy couch, I feel my house is starting to come together. Of course, that only makes me more eager to add throw pillows, curtains, and accessories. I definitely need some more color/pattern/texture in here.

In other news, I found a piece for over the guest room bed! I just happened upon an Instagram ad for Smallwoods — a small company out of Texas that makes wood-framed signs. It was the sentiment that caught my eye, and the black type works in perfectly with the black accents in my guest room. I ordered it on the spot, and it arrived while we were gone.

Paul hung it for me yesterday, and I think it’s such a nice finishing touch! The wood frame is a little more rustic/farmhouse than I was going for, but I think it works okay.

And how funny is my dog… she was so happy to be “home” yesterday that she followed us everywhere we went, but she was also exhausted from being with the dog-sitter and other dogs for a week, so she would promptly plop down and fall asleep in whatever room we were in.

I also ordered a luggage rack, thanks to all of your suggestions on my guest room reveal, and I still want to get a cart for the towels. I’m still debating the wicker one at Macy’s, and there’s also this one. I need to decide today because their sale is ending. Anyone got thoughts on those? You guys are a wealth of information when it comes to home decorating!

I had also considered a big basket for throw pillows, as some of you suggested — and I still may do that. But there’s definitely not room in there for a chair, and I don’t think even for a bench at the end of the bed. I expect the luggage rack and towel cart will take up any extra space I have, and I think that will finish out the room nicely.

In other house-related news, my husband got fed up with the state of the garage yesterday and started cleaning it out and trying to organize his stuff. #hallelujah!

As he was cleaning things out, he brought in boxes for my dining room china cabinet and living room curio. I wasn’t planning to do any more unpacking yesterday, but once he brought the boxes in, I couldn’t help but get to work. Now that I have a buffet and a china cabinet, I was able to unpack my grandmother’s china that was stored in the attic of our former house for 12 years.

I know, it’s criminal that it was packed away for so long. I had it on display it in the house we had before that, but when we moved out here 12 years ago, I displayed my own china and figured I would switch them out ever so often… but I never did.

In this house, we inherited the previous owner’s china cabinet and sideboard, so I have extra space! I spent a while yesterday trying to set up the china cabinet, but I’m not loving how it looks right now…

I got a lot of good advice on my Insta Story, so I’m going to play with it more this afternoon. I think I’m going to bring some of my grandmother’s china up and combine the two sets, and maybe only do 2 sets of plates on each shelf rather than the 3. It seems a little crowded. Anyway, I’m open to ideas!

I was thinking of doing a post on my house projects and August to-do list later this week. Would that interest any of you? Or is it better if I just stick to fashion?

Well, that’s about it! We’re heading out to church here shortly so I better get a move on. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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38 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home #CoffeeTalk

  1. How exciting to come home to your new house and experience it all over again! I think the blue couch looks great. I prefer a low back so that it doesn’t block the views out the window as much. But my husband moans that he doesn’t have a way to lay his head back (when he is falling asleep watching TV! LOL).

    I prefer the white cart for the towels. The black metal will look nice with the other black finishes in the room. Also, the wicker one looks much more like a bar cart to me (I think it’s because of the handle being only on one side) and a bit more like it’s made for a deck or patio. I’m sure it’ll look nice either way you go though. And the art over the bed is absolutely perfect! Good find!

    1. Yes, that is the issue with the low back couch. It looks better, especially considering the placement in front of the window. But yeah, no place to lay your head. I’m shocked no one has really complained. The kids usually sprawl out and lay on it, and Paul likes the leather chair, which does allow him to put his head back.

    2. Oh, and I agree with your assessment about the white cart, but I didn’t jump on it nad the sale ended. Boo. Oh, well… guess it wasn’t meant to be. I’m going to keep an eye on it tho. Meanwhile, the wicker cart might work for the deck. 🙂

  2. I can understand why you are so happy to be home. It is lovely. I like the wicker cart. Your guest room won’t be used all the time so you could use it from time to time by the pool or on your deck. If you accessorize it for a guest room with towels and such it will fit in . I like the idea of using it double duty. (The wicker one is cheaper as well). Both are great though, you can’t go wrong. I would love to hear what you are planning to do with your home in August! Sending positive thoughts regarding your son.

  3. I have a Smallwood sign that I love!  They are really great to send out emails with big discounts to their returning customers,  so I will definitely buy again!  

    I think you’re right that the China cabinet is a little overcrowded.  Also I think one reason you’re not quite satisfied with it is that it’s so uniform.  Maybe for visual interest try alternating stacked dishes with standing ones?  And do the two rows a little different?   That cabinet is really pretty!  That was a great hand me down!  Isn’t it great when they leave furniture behind? 

    Also if your guest room is a little tight, maybe you could put the luggage rack in the closet?  Or if you bought a small slipper chair,  you could use it instead of a luggage rack (guests could leave their suitcase on it if they wanted) but it would be add more decor.  

    1. Yeah, I figured I would put the luggage rack in the closet when it’s not in use.

      I’m going to work on the china cabinet more today with all of these great suggestions.

  4. What a perfect picture for over the bed.. I love it:)  Did you consider a blanket rack for displaying your guest towels… or a nice towel bar on the back of the bedroom door?.. then do a basket for the pillows or extra blankets. Just a thought. The china may look nice  grouped together and less busy… also the idea of not displaying all of it may work too. Love the navy… no wonder you’re  so excited to be home. How nice to work with a blank slate. Glad you had a nice trip. Our heat and humidity continues… Fun on the hair lol

    1. Yeah, it’s humid here too. I’ll take it over a cold summer, tho! 🙂 The kids and even adults have been enjoying the pool. I didn’t think about a towel rack. That might work. I do like the idea of the basket for pillows.

  5. There’s a neat way of stacking your cups and saucers ( my mom taught me) I still do it with my China today. Place Four saucers on top of each other. Then take four cups and place them on top by laying them on their sides with the handle going into the cup next to it.  So one handle goes into cup than so on… then your left with a nice little single stack… hope it makes sense.

        1. I do that with my cups & saucers. The big plates & dessert plates I stack, with a couple of big ones on display in the back. The serving dishes break up the display nicely. Just have fun and play around until it looks perfect to your eyes. 
          I love the pieces that the previous home owners so generously left behind. 

  6. House projects post are always interesting! !Looking forward to my kids going back to school in a week or so. Will tackle some organizing projects and do some purging. My garage is a combo of my husband’s stuff, my parents who are temporary my living with us and my mother in law stuff (she lives with us permanently! It is a mess!! Going to try to get hubby to build shelves so our stuff can be organized at least!

  7. Wow, Smallwoods is actually in the town next to me, like 6 miles from here!  I have one of their signs with the lyrics to Forever Young hanging in my kitchen!  

  8. The new house is looking great, JoLynne!  A suggestion for the china cabinet:  You need some “weight” on that bottom shelf.  I agree that you might like to have only two sets standing on each shelf, or maybe the visual weight (stacks) on the bottom, three sets on the middle shelf, and only two sets on the top??  It will come together as you play with it.  I vote “yes” for sharing more of your home posts as you proceed!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the sign over the guest bed!  The wicker wheeled cart seems to have a softer look to it, lending it to fitting in nicely in any room in the house.  The metal one makes me think of a serving cart in a restaurant.  Your navy sofa looks fabulous.  I can’t believe you ordered one, site unseen.  Larry has to lay down on them to ensure they will work for a nap, but we only have one sofa in our home, so it has to be just right.  When I had a china cabinet in our former home, I too had several sets of china.  So, I stacked all of the plates, but one of each size, and would stand it up to showcase the pattern.  Oh, I hope you will continue sharing your home projects and decorating!!  I know you were so happy when Paul began tackling the garage.  Larry knows that I will let something like that go for X time, then I tackle it, meaning things my not get put away in a way that suits him.  Oh well!

  10. Would love  to get to keep up with your decorating, Fighting the frump doesn’t just apply to getting dressed each day. We’ve lived in our home over 25 years and  I like  staying  current 

  11. I’m really enjoying your posts about decorating your new home. It’s so fun to see what other people do and learn new things!

  12. I just love that framed sign you found for the guest bedroom! So perfect! And yes, I’d love more posts on your house projects along with fashion.  You do an awesome job of both!  Looking forward to the curtains I ordered from Macy’s.  Hoping they look as good as they do in your guest room!

  13. Definitely House projects, etc.  Love your fashion posts, but variety is fun too.  And, we do feel like a community of girlfriends, so it’s fun to see what you’re up to with your new house! 😉

  14. I love that we are sharing your home with you. So many ideas coming from all across the country – so much fun to follow! I love the hanging over the bed – very welcoming. I also think the luggage rack is a must. It is all looking like a home…

  15. Welcome home! I absolutely love the sign that you bought for over the guest bed. It’s perfect for the room. Your dog flaked out on the bed is so cute. Yes please to more house decorating projects! As to your china cabinet: definitely try to go with two place settings on the shelf as it does look crowded and doesn’t highlight your gorgeous dishes like they need to be. Could you add some interest or colour to the shelves? Perhaps a navy blue vase or candle or a unique piece of china to break up the uniformity of the display.

    1. Most of what I have is neutral and light colored. All my vases and bowls are crystal. I googled how to style a china cabinet last night and played around with it. My biggest issue is it’s so small. I think I like it better — I stacked some dishes and things. I still might mess with it some more tho.

  16. I would love to see you do blogs on home projects. That would be fun. Esp since you are in that groove now. Kind of a between season thing.

  17. Would love a post about your house projects. My first level also has some navy walls so I’d love to see how you continue to decorate that floor. (our other walls are a beige, and I’ve added some green accent pieces.)

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