New Home Tour & Design Plans

Home Tour & Design Plans: I'm basically walking you through the house and sharing my overall plans and ideas, both long-term and short term.

Greetings, friends! I’ll tell ya what, I’m having a hard time focusing on work — or on much of anything these days. There’s so much I want to do here at the house, and I keep jumping around from one project to another, one home blog to another, one retail website to another… I get distracted as I’m searching for a piece for one room and start thinking about a piece I need for another space… it’s a vicious cycle.

And then I got up this morning and realized I had no blog post prepared for today. I’ve been up for almost three hours, I’ve had two cups of coffee, and I’ve accomplished nothing except for a few emails and endless rounds of blogs and websites.

You all seemed to like the idea of a house project to-do list post, so I’m going to try to tackle that today, but I really should have allowed more time to take pictures and get them together, so I’ll be happy if I get this post published by noon. Still, I figured since the house stuff is what’s on my mind, I’m better off writing about that than trying to focus on some random fashion topic.

I shared my new house tour a few weeks ago, and I posted the pictures that I took the day we closed on the house when it was empty. Today I went around and took pictures again, but I’m warning you, I didn’t clean up much. This is how we’re living right now!

Originally I thought I would focus this post on a few projects I’m trying to complete at the moment, but I’m kind of all over the place with that, so instead I’m basically walking you through the house and sharing my overall plans and ideas, both long-term and short term.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m working with a designer on some of this, and I can’t tell you how amazingly helpful that’s been. I know what I like, but I have a hard time pulling it together, and she’s been amazingly patient with me as we tackle this project together.

So, let’s get started.

Welcome to my new home!

I sort of miss my front porch at the old house, as I liked the option to sit out front every once in a while, but with the backyard we have here, I can’t really complain about that, I guess! And I do like this little portico; it’s nice for a change.

Eventually I’d like to change the color of my front door and shutters — maybe to black, but that’s not really a priority at the moment.

I also want to change my lockset, as this one is kind of worn, and they did some funky thing installing a plain doorknob on top of that old handle. I’m trying to decide what color metal I want there, so I haven’t done anything with that yet.

Our front entryway is still plain. I am waiting for the designer I’m working with to give me ideas for a rug and new chandelier.

paint: BM Edgecomb Gray (walls) + BM White Dove (trim)

And that bare wall over there will be a nice spot for a console table with a mirror over top and maybe a lamp and some pretty accessories, but I’m not there yet.

Below, the hallway leads to the powder room, and the double doors on the left are a coat closet.

That brass light fixture on the ceiling is repeated throughout my house, and I hope to change those out at some point for something a little more modern, but the longer I live here, the less I notice them, so we’ll see… I’m doing some antique brass and matte gold finishes throughout the house, so I may decide those aren’t so bothersome after all.

paint: BM Edgecomb Gray (walls) + BM White Dove (trim)

Powder Room

I have plans to wallpaper the powder room for something fun and different, but since I don’t know when I’ll get to that, we had the painters go ahead and paint the walls and trim to match the rest of the house.

I got this toilet tissue holder at Target because there’s no storage in that room for extra toilet paper.

When we do wall paper, I will probably spring for a nicer mirror and some new fixtures, and maybe even a new vanity with some storage. If not that, then a larger pedestal sink… I’ve always loved the big square ones… something like this one. Then I could put a cabinet over the toilet for TP storage.

toilet paper holder // hand towels // diffuser (on sale!)

Living Room

The living room is right off the foyer, but there’s also a doorway in the back that leads to the hallway with the powder room. This picture was taken from that angle, so you can see the front of the room and the windows we have to work with.

And this is the view from the foyer and front entryway. That curio cabinet was Paul’s grandmother’s, and I have some of my treasures displayed in there. Some were gifts, and many were inherited from our parents and grandparents.

I hope to replace the couch someday, but in the meantime, I definitely need some more pillows with some pattern and color. I’m also working on finding something to hang on the wall over the couch, and I want to get a coffee table sooner rather than later. I do use this room often to visit with friends, and we could really use a spot to put our hors d’oeuvres.

lamps // end tables // pillows

Our piano fits perfectly in this corner, and I’m thinking of hanging my children’s 5-year-old portraits on that wall. The open doorway you see on the right leads to the hallway with powder room, and my office is behind that.

Here are all the pictures and wall art I still have to find a spot for…

marble round nesting tables // recliner

Dining Room

The dining room is on the left when you walk in my front door. This is the only room we’ve painted a color, and I love the navy blue above the chair rail. Our painters installed the molding below the chair rail to resemble wainscoting, which I think turned out beautifully.

I’ve already ordered a chandelier to replace this one. It should arrive on Friday!!!

I have curtains ready to hang, I’m just waiting to catch Paul when he’s in a good mood with an extra hour on his hands… haha!

I’m planning to order the same curtains for the living room (we went with white) but there are four windows in that room, and that adds up! I have other places I’d like to allocate that portion of the budget right now, so we’re waiting a while for those.

This big, bare wall needs something… some day. I’m not sure what or when. The nesting tables in the corner are just there because I don’t know what else to do with them. They may end up on Facebook Marketplace, lol!

I futzed around with styling my china cabinet again yesterday, and I came up with this, but I’m not sure I love it yet. #workinprogress

This sideboard (along with the china cabinet) came with the house. While they’re not what I would have picked, they actually work pretty well with our antique dining room table and chairs, so I’m keeping them for now.

This is where the previous owners had the sideboard placed, but I’m thinking it’s kind of small for this wall. I might move it to the other wall (the bare wall shown above) and the find something longer for here… I’m not sure yet. I also want to do more with styling it; I just threw a few things on top for now.

rug // curtain rod // curtains // paint: BM Hale Navy (walls) + BM White Dove (trim)


The kitchen and family room are in the back of the house, and the door you see on the right of the picture below leads to the mudroom, a back door, a door to the attached garage, and a back staircase. I didn’t take a picture of that area, but I have high hopes of installing a bench and storage unit eventually — something like this.

I may replace the pendant lights over the island, but they work okay for now. Someone said I can just change the globes, and that might be a good enough fix for now.

I really like having my sink in the island, but I’m used to a larger bowl and I find this double sink frustrating at times. I’m also not in love with this granite, so maybe next year we can switch out the counters for something less busy and get an undermount sink.

I like the cabinets, although they’re not in the best condition, and I’ve always dreamed of a white kitchen. We may gut and re-do the whole thing someday, but that’s the 10-15 year plan!

I have plans to replace the light fixture over my table eventually… as well as the table and chairs, for that matter, but that’s all down the road a bit.

lattice rug // dish towels // bar stools

Family Room

For some reason, I didn’t get many pictures of the family room. Ooops! The fake ficus tree has to go, but I do think I need something green in that corner. Ideas??? I’m not opposed to a live plant either… as long as it doesn’t require much care.

The print over the fireplace is like 20 years old, and while it works, my designer suggested this mirror, and I really like it. Paul really likes the print there, though, so… I don’t know. We’ll see. He doesn’t have a lot of opinions on decorating, but he placed it there and was happy we have a better spot for it in this house.

The new couch arrived last week, and I’ve got curtains on order. We’re working on finding some decorative pillows to jazz up the couch, and we’re also looking at a big square upholstered ottoman for the middle of the room.

The kids would love for me to get rid of that glass coffee table so they have something more comfortable to put their feet on when they’re watching TV, and I think it would be a nice way to add another fabric/pattern to the room — maybe some stripes.

We’re planning to put the white chair in my bedroom and the leather chair in the corner by the entertainment center (not shown), and then get a new chair for beside the couch, but again, budget restrictions and all… I’m trying to pace myself and choose my priorities wisely.

All of the above – curtains, ottoman, pillows, and the couch, are coming straight from my designer, so I don’t have links.

My Office

My office is still a mess — I have wood floors coming in next week, so I haven’t unpacked much. I ordered this rug, and some day I’d like to update my desk, but not right away.

I saw this one in the Ballard Designs store at the mall a few weeks ago, and I think it would be so pretty in here, but then I’d need to find something else to hold the printer, and a way to make up for the lost space I have in all of those drawers.

I’m also bummed that the ladder shelf is too small for this room — it was perfect for my old office. I may give it to one of my daughters and get a larger one for in here.

I’m not sure I’m keeping this bookcase in here, or at least not in that spot, but I’ll see how it comes together once the wood floors are installed and the rug is in place.

Master Bedroom

Okay, I’m trying to wrap this up! I plan to paint the master bedroom the same color as the rest of the downstairs, and I’ll probably get new pillows for my bed, but I’m happy with my lamps and bedding for now — they’re not that old.

I need to find something new for the wall over the bed, though, since I’m using the piece that used to be there for my guest room.

My dresser doesn’t look great in this spot, so I think I’ll move it over to the other area of the bedroom, where I’m hoping to create a blogging area with my hanging rack and full length mirror.

You can see my makeshift full-length mirror propped up there on a shoebox, oh and yes, there’s the Windex I use to clean it regularly. I guess I should find a better spot for that! #yougottadowhatchagottado

Here’s the area I referred to that I plan to make into an area for my blogging/mirror selfies/facebook live broadcasts, etc. I may also set up a full length mirror in my office for a change of scenery. Like I said, I didn’t really clean up for these pictures… ha!

We have his and hers walk-in closets #hooray but they don’t have any organization, so we ordered a custom system from Closets By Design. They’re getting installed in a few weeks — that’s why I haven’t bothered to unpack those boxes in my bedroom. I’m just going to have to move it all out in when they install my closet system.

And here’s a quick shot of my master bath. We have separate vanities too. It’s fine for now, and the space is such a luxury, but we’d  love to paint and get nicer vanities and fixtures eventually.

I thought I was really going to miss not having drawers in my vanity, but we each have our own closets, so that gives me plenty of space for all my stuff. It’s not organized very well, I know… but I have enough room that it doesn’t really matter.

In case you’re wondering, we store our bath towels in Paul’s closet because he uses up less shelf space than I do, and also, his is right beside the shower.

And on that note, I’m going to abruptly end this post! I was joking when I wrote that i was hoping to finish this post by noon, but it’s 11:25, and I haven’t even read through it yet, so I guess that wasn’t such an exaggeration after all!

I wanted to share my plans for the laundry room as well as the kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms, but that will have to wait for another post. We have plans to paint all those rooms, so I’ll share before and after pictures when I share those room makeover posts.

Also, my backyard outdoor living space is another area I want to update and add to… all in due time!

With everything I want to change, I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m ungrateful or complaining — it’s not that at all. I love the house as-is, but it’s fun to dream about all the ways we can update it and make it more our own. This is what happens when you binge watch every season of House Hunters Renovations, ha!

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