Top Ten in July

I like to share my Top Ten posts and products each month, so today I’m sharing my top ten posts and products from the month of July!

Of course, this one will probably be quite #NSale heavy, but that’s to be expected. By the way, this is your last week to shop the sale, so if you’ve been hemming and hawing on anything, or hoping for restocks, this is your last chance! The sale ends Sunday, August 5th, and I do find that they tend to restock a lot of returns this week, so definitely keep an eye on your favorites.

Without further ado… here’s my Top 10 in July!


These are listed in typical Top Ten order, with the month’s most popular post last.

#10. 5 Favorites: Summer Sandals // I’m glad a summer post actually made this list! It seems like everything else is #NSale and fall trends. This was a post from last summer that I updated and republished, and it seemed to resonate with a lot of you. I love to hear that some of my favorites are some of yours as well!

#9. How to Make the Most of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // So the reign of the #NSale posts begins. They account for about half the posts in this list, and for good reason. I think I buy half of my fall/winter wardrobe during this sale each year.

#8. Guest Room Reveal // I love that this post ranked! I wasn’t sure how the home posts would resonate with you all, and I’m not a designer by any stretch, but I know what I like, and fortunately I found a designer to work with me and help me pull it all together.

#7. Top 10 from the #NSale // A top 10 list within a top 10 list…ha! These were the top 10 most popular products from the #NSale among the JLS community as of July 14th. (The sale opened to card holders on the 13th.) It’s interesting to look below, at the top 10 products from the entire month, and see how the lists overlap but are not identical by any stretch.

#6. Favorite Fall Basics // This was a fun style collab with some of my favorite fashion bloggers, and I’m glad to see it ranked in the top ten because we’re probably going to team up again for something in August.

#5. New House Tour // I don’t know why I didn’t move that black cup… or the Target bag in the corner. Anyway! It was fun to see this post rank as well. If you enjoyed this, don’t miss my updated home tour post from yesterday.

#4. The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // It’s not a surprise to see this post in this list! This is the one where I rounded up my top recommendations from the #NSale across all categories including men’s, home, beauty, best buys under $50, and best buys under $100.

#3. How to Pair Shoes and Handbags // This was an odd post. While it’s in the #3 spot on this list, the day I published it, my blog traffic skyrocketed, and most of it appears to have gone to this post. I have no idea where it came from. The two posts below got a lot of repeat traffic throughout the month, so they were more popular overall, but I still have no idea what caused this post to get so many views the day I posted it. After that, it kind of tanked.

#2. Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Preview // Yep, the #NSale posts continue to rank! This is where I gave some tips for shopping the sale and how to prepare, as well as a preview of some of the styles we would see when the sale opened.

#1. Your Guide to the 2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // I’m sure it surprises no one that this post was #1. This is where I shared all my mirror selfies from my try-on sesh the day I got to preview the sale. It’s still a great resource if you plan to shop this last week of the sale!

Okay, moving on to popular products…


Based on clicks, these were the 10 most popular products across my blog and social channels during the month of July.

Caslon Dolman Sleeve Sweater

10. Caslon Dolman Sleeve Sweater // I love this pullover and can’t wait to wear it when it gets cooler outside. It comes in 4 colors, and there are a few sizes still in stock. It’s super soft and true to size.

The sale price is $39.90, and after the sale it will go up to $59.

Sam Edelman Maurine Bootie
#9. Sam Edelman Maurine Bootie // These booties also come in grey and black, but I love this caramel color for fall. They’re true to size, good quality, and a comfortable fit.

The sale price is $99.90, and they’ll go up to $169.95 on August 6th. See how I styled them here.

Mistana Hillsby Gray/Beige Area Rug

#8. Hillsby Gray/Beige Area Rug // Fun! A home piece made my top 10. I get a lot of comments on my home posts, but I didn’t know if they truly resonated for design ideas or not. I’m glad to see people clicking through! This carpet was a slam dunk for my dining room, although it looks more blue than grey in the space. It’s not a problem, though, since my walls are navy blue.

#7. Caslon(R) Hooded Cardigan // I love this cardigan. I almost missed it when I was shopping, and I noticed it when I made a final sweep through the store. It’s super soft, very flattering, and it comes in several colors.

It’s true to size, and on sale for $52.90. After the sale, it will be $79. See how I styled it here.

7 For All Mankind(R) b(air) High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans

#6. 7 For All Mankind(R) b(air) High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans // I think these are one of the most underrated jeans in the #NSale. I didn’t see many people talking about them, but the second I tried them on, I knew they were coming home with me. They’re lightweight, stretchy and soft, but they don’t bag out.

Also, they’re almost 50% off and under $100!!! The sale price is $99.90, and after the sale they’ll go up to $199.

Sizing note: if in between, size down in these. I tried 28 and 29 and ended up with the 28.

Brahmin Nadia Croc Embossed Leather Satchel

#5. Brahmin Nadia Croc Embossed Leather Satchel // Some of you are probably tired of hearing me sing the praises of this bag, but if you’re just tuning in, this is one of my personal 5 favorite #NSale purchases.

Oooooh, that could be a 5 Favorites post… or are y’all totally sick of #NSale coverage? I don’t blame you if you are. I did way more this year than I intended, mainly because it’s all I had to work with. I just didn’t have time to check out other stores or think about summer styles. Next year I’ll try to maintain a better balance.

Anyway, this bag. I never cared for the Brahmin brand or paid much attention to it, but this bag was placed in my dressing room by my sales associate when I went to shop the preview day, and as I tried on clothes, my eyes kept coming back to it. It seemed to go with just about everything, and the pattern and texture elevates even the most basic of outfits.

The next thing I knew, it was coming home with me, and I’ve been carrying it almost non-stop ever since. It’s a great size too, plus the shoulder strap is the perfect length, and the outside pocket is convenient for slipping my phone into.

ANYWAY. It is still available in all 3 colors, it’s on sale for 230.90, and after the sale it will be $345, so if you’ve been hemming and hawing, I recommend grabbing it while you can get it for under $250.

#4. BP. Stitch Curve Hem Cardigan // This is my favorite budget buy from the #NSale, it looks and feels nicer than the price indicates, and the color choices are fabulous. It’s selling out, but if you like it, watch for restocks.

It’s currently marked down to $31.90, and it will be $49 after the sale. See how I styled it here.

Leith Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater

#3. Leith Ribbed Shawl Cocoon Sweater // The iconic Leith cocoon cardigan is better than ever this year, but I recommend sizing down a full size from your regular. I bought this in an XS and it’s perfect for me. I almost always wear a Small and sometimes even a Medium. It’s very soft and lightweight, and I love the ribbed texture.

The sale price is $45.90, and after sale it will be $69. See how I styled it here.

#2. UGG Milana II Moc Toe Flat // You guys, THESE SHOES. Definitely one of my top 5. I actually bought 2 colors, and I rarely do that… although I have been known to make the exception to my no duplicates rule when it comes to shoes. For the price, you absolutely cannot beat these. They are sooo comfortable, and the styling is perfectly on point. Plus the color choices are fab. I ended up with the red and the chestnut.

The sale price is $64.90, and after the sale they will be $99.95, and I would have no problem paying full price for these. I think they’re worth every penny of $99. Size-wise, I have my usual 8, but I do recommend sizing up half if you can. They stretch some with wear, but they seem to run just a little short, and those who have sized up half are happy they did.

And in first place… Duh duh duhhhhhh…..

#1. Jeffrey Campbell Vanhook Bootie // These booties are fabulous. This is the 2nd year in a row a taupe Jeffrey Campbell bootie has been my most popular #NSale product. I wore the ones I got last year nearly to death, and these are just as good — slightly higher heel, slightly darker shade of taupe, but so so so fabulous.

Once again, the price is fantastic. They’re on sale for $92.90, and they’ll go up to $139.95 after the sale, but I’d pay that for these shoes. They’re true to size; I have my usual 8.

Well, I hope that was fun! I am quite shocked, though, that there is only one pair of jeans in this list. I expected the AG ripped ankle skinnies and the Rag & Bone black jeans to rank, but then I guess there isn’t anything on this list I would remove either. And actually, the Rag & Bone jeans should probably tie for the #10 spot; the dolman sleeve sweater only got one more click.

I have to create this list based on clicks because I can’t see what products are actually purchased. I’d be so curious to know that, though.

If you don’t mind sharing, I’d love to hear which pieces on this list you bought and if you’re keeping them or not.

I hope y’all have a good Tuesday!

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54 thoughts on “Top Ten in July

  1. I’m so thankful you suggested to keep checking back for returns during the #NSale! I would have never thought to do that, and the one thing I was on the fence about buying (Halogen leopard mules) sold out by the time I came off the fence and wanted them. I checked every day, and eventually they came back on! I love them and definitely learned many things from your blog about this event. Thanks!

  2. Nothing I bought made the top 10 list.  Although it would have if I hadn’t given myself such a tight budget.  I was surprised the olive skirt didn’t make the list. You styled it twice and I loved both ways. It will be in high rotation in my work wardrobe this fall.  I am lucky to get to wear business casual everyday!

      1. Hope I don’t look frumpy.  My 20 year old daughter approved and she is brutally honest about my fashion choices. 

      2. Hi, what you accomplished in July was amazing! I am enjoying the posts about your new home. With regard to the olive skirt, I liked it and seemed a really practical choice, but to me it seemed a tiny bit long, not quite the typical proportion for you. Also, I keep thinking I will get used to the current shoe styles, don’t find many of the mules and loafers to be flattering. Love the Fall booties though!

  3. Happy Anniversary – early!  Congratulations on 23 years and I wish you many many more!  💐🎂❤️

    I didn’t have much luck with the NSale this year. Almost everything I bought was either too big overall or the sleeves were waaayyyy too long (I always seem to have that issue).  And lots of the cardigans didn’t come in petite where I usually have better luck with the sleeve length.  Boo!  

    But … I took that as a sign I don’t really need anything right now so I’m actually ok with it.  #tryingtominimize

  4. I LOVE the Ugg moccasins! I ordered two sizes…(when they had them in stock) I got the black and my daughter fell in love with them as well and the smaller of the 2 that didn’t work for me, worked for her so I got a little Christmas shopping done! AND I used a $20 note on both pairs (don’t know how I had 2 $20 notes…guess I shopped more than I thought lol) so they were basically half price!!

  5. Thanks for all your work rounding up & wrapping up the NSale! I got the UGG flats in black & they are great. I haven’t worn them long yet, so hopefully will be comfortable for all day wear.
    I struggled with finding a cardigan in my size so still keeping an eye out for those!!

  6. What a fun post!  And I’m thrilled that I am not the only one enjoying your posts on your home projects.  While I didn’t buy any of the items that made the top 10 from the N Anniversary Sale, I did buy the Thread & Supply fleece jacket and the makeup brush cleaning pad.  I have also bought a good bit at Nordstrom Rack.  I like that I get rewards from that site as well.

      1. I suspect that some of the ladies may be like I was, in that they don’t know that Nordstrom Rack has pretty much the same return policies, etc., as the regular store.  And it is a great way to save some money.

  7. I’m all for a 5 Favorites post – I like lists LOL!

    From this list, I have the Uggs and the Sam Edelman booties and they are both keepers. I have the Leith cardigan on order in two colors.

    I love this sale but won’t be sad when it’s finally over.

  8. Hi Jo Lynn. Thank you so much for keeping us all up to date on both fashion and home. I look forward to your emails every day. I purchased the Sam Edelman Maurine Boots and the Ugg Milana II in both red and gray. I plan on keeping both and look forward to seeing how you style these throughout the fall season. Happy Anniversary to you and Paul!

  9. Hi Jo-Lynne! Okay you asked for it…I bought the cute Caslon sweater but returned it because it was too boxy for me.  Purchased the Sam Edelman bootie but they canceled my order because my size wasn’t available.  Took your advice and clicked on it just now and reordered in my size 6!  Hope it actually gets to me this time.  I felt the SAME WAY about Brahmin bags…they didn’t do anything for me, but this one is gorgeous.  I love a nice leather bag but don’t love paying steep prices for plain-looking ones.  SO, under the tree this Christmas will be the lovely dusk-colored Brahmin bag from my hubby 😉  

  10. I also purchased 2 pairs of those Uggs (Black and Chestnut). I love them! I also bought the Barefoot Dreams sweater in the black, the black,chestnut white color black sweater and an adjustable Kendra Scott necklace. That quite enough. there were a few splurges in there for me. i am quite happy with m haul. That handbag is dreamy tho’……..

  11. I bought the Uggs loafers in black, but had to send them back.  The stitching rubbed my big toe (it is a problem area for me).  I loved them though and could tell they would be so comfortable, otherwise.

  12. I have been trying to catch the Caslon dolman sleeve sweater in the plum color almost every day since the beginning of the sale to no avail.  Always use your website so all those clicks are probably me -Rag & Bone jeans likely deserve 10th place😄

  13. There are always so many things to love about your blog posts! It’s fun to read top ten lists and be reminded of stuff I liked and posts I want to read again. I never get bored of N Sale info either. And the way you personalize your blog is heartwarming. I teared up a little when I read the part about your family ( yeah… I know…I am a little pathetic 🤣)
    Have a fabulous day!

  14. Great post! I love Brahmin! I held back for years because of the expense. Then my husband gave me the pecan color for Christmas one year! The quality is incredible. You will not regret your purchase. I actually have 2 totes and a small crossover. 

  15. Happy Anniversary! I remember my parents 25th the same way you remember your parents 18th. I thru them a little party and had a scrapbook I made.  I was 23 and getting married myself in 3 months. Fast forward to my 25th and my kids were 15 and 17 and no where near marrying age 😂 

    I have bought a few of your top 10 from the sale, the BP (green) and Leith (oatmeal) cardigans, the 7’s jeans (LOVE THEM!), the Jeffery Campbell booties in the snake skin (so excited for these!)  and the Ugg’s are on order in Black. Thanks for all your work!

  16. Hope you have a happy birthday 🎂🎁🎊 and happy Anniversary. My husband and I just celebrated 29 years on the 29th…. where does the time go??? Lol

  17. Oh, Happy Anniversary! And Happy Belated Birthday! Perhaps you need to demand a little pomp–afterall, it is your birthday month! Glad for this post; I missed a couple that look super juicy! 

  18. Hey! I enjoyed the post you did on how to wear straight leg crops a few weeks back That was very helpful! I know you did a post a year or so ago but with Back to School coming up soon, how about a post with outfit ideas for what to wear to the football game/ soccer match, etc. when you don’t need to be dressed up but you want to wear something a little nicer than a team t-shirt and jeans! Thanks!!

  19. I am amazed at all you got accomplished in July!  I was tired for you, haha!  I agree with you about the 7 For All Mankind b(air) denim, they are awesome, and deserved more hype for the price.  Perfect simple high waisted skinny jean- so comfortable.  

  20. That was a fun recap. Happy Anniversary! 🍹

    Nordstrom rack is more in my budget so I would enjoy any posts featuring Nordstrom Rack. I have champagne taste on a beer budget! 😂

    1. I buy a lot of my designer pieces there. I just search the brands I like — like Vince and Joie. I’ve gotten some good sweaters and things. 🙂 I’ll try to include them more.

  21. Oops, hit send too quickly. I agree with the comments about featuring a post on ” back to school” events, football, tailgating.

  22. I just realized we’re celebrating 39 years in September! How did that happen? God is faithful and it keeps getting better!

  23. Thanks to you, JoLynne, I got the Ugg moccasins in chestnut and the Leith cocoon sweater in cream and I love them both!! I may have gotten several other things as well. 🤦‍♀️😳 Now I’m looking at those 7famk jeans, again – thanks to you!! Haha! 

  24. My #1 item is hands down the Leith cardigan. I LOVE it!  When I went back to order more they were all sold out in my size. 😭
    I have really enjoyed you mixing up the posts to include your new home. I’m over the sale too. I love looking at the new fall items, but in my part of Florida we don’t have a Fall season. We have three more months of summer. I have to sip pumpkin spice with the air conditioning cranked and just pretend. 

    1. I think that would be hard.  I LOVE FALL, so not having true Fall weather and get to transition to sweaters, jeans and scarves would be hard. 🙂  But…..when Spring comes around here, I’d love to have your Florida weather.  Our NW Oregon weather can be pretty rainy come Spring time and I just want Summer weather to hurry and come.  

  25. Happy 23rd….that is wonderful.  Its okay to have a quiet, simple Anniversary as whats most important is being together.  Hope you get your Friday night together before company.  Your July was so packed and you got so much done, I’m tired.  🙂  Thanks for all you did to inform us on the NSALE and all other post.  You did great and your poss always have soooo much content.  I love all the top 10, but I have similar from last year that is still good for this year, so didn’t bother to do the NSALE.  But, I may check a few things out for size now, just curious and may get. 🙂 LOL   Enjoying your house post.  My house needs updating and I just don’t know where to start.  I did just do a start on a guest bedroom….was my sons.  So far so good.  

  26. Help!   I am going to see Journey/Def Leopard on August 18th at Busch stadium.  Any outdoor rock concert outfits ideas for a 50 something?  😊

  27. I finally ordered the UGG mocs and am excited to get them. I ordered the red which is a little out of my comfort zone, but they were just so cute and I didn’t need black. Those were the only 2 in my size.

  28. I’m pretty exciting. My total purchases for the NSale were the leith cardigan, a pair of Wit and Wisdom jeans, and a pair of panties.
    That said, I love the jeans and the sweater. I tried on a bunch of things that just didn’t work out. I do have some shapewear coming, so perhaps that will work out!

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