Wear Now & Later: Olive Cargo Skirt Outfit

Greetings and cheers to the weekend! Today is MOVING DAY!!! Yes, I’m a little excited. We’ve been living between our two houses for the past two weeks, and it feels like a month. I cannot WAIT to get settled into our new home.

So we broke the Nordstrom website yet again this year! I was so busy packing yesterday, I didn’t have much time to worry about it, but I know some of you were frustrated. I feel like I should apologize even though I know it is totally not my fault. You would think, after last year, they’d figure out a way to prevent this; but I have no idea how all that techy stuff works, and I’m sure they did their best. It only hurts their brand when things go berserk like that.

ANYWHO. Today I’ve got an outfit I created mostly from the #NSale, and it’s one you can wear now AND later.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Caslon twill utility skirt two ways -- for now and later!

I almost missed this skirt. After I’d tried on everything my sales associate pulled for me, I went around the store to see if there was anything else I might like. Next year, I think I’ll ask to do that first, but anyway. Live and learn!

I spotted this skirt in the Point Of View department — that’s where they carry all the Caslon, Halogen, Gibson, etc. I’ve always loved a cargo pencil skirt for casual wear, and I had one similar to this that I wore for years and finally had to retire because it was so faded. I’ve looked for one several times since with no luck — I guess they just weren’t trending — so imagine my delight when I found this gem in the #NSale racks on Wednesday!!!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Caslon twill utility skirt two ways -- for now and later!

I love the side slit (it’s only on the one side) and the rear flap pockets, and it’s a nice thick weight with just a hint of stretch for comfort and ease of movement. It also comes in grey and camo, and I love them all. This skirt runs true to size; I have the 6.

I just paired it with my go-to white v-neck tee and black sandals for an easy, casual summer look. It’s a great alternative to jeans.

I’m also carrying a bag I picked up at the #NSale — this kate spade new york corin pebbled leather crossbody is a classic that’s perfect for dressier occasions when you want a smaller bag but also casual enough to carry for everyday use. I typically prefer a tote or satchel for daily use, but I liked how this coordinates with the shoes so I decided to feature it in this post.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing the Caslon twill utility skirt two ways -- for now and later!

These sandals were also part of the #NSale, and I think they’re super cute. They’re a little big on me, so if you have thicker feet or high arches, I think you’ll really like these. I’ve already worn them once, and they’re a nice change from my beloved Miller sandals. I really like the matte gold buckle.

I chose black for something different, but they also come in ivory and tan. I actually wish I’d seen the ivory; I could use a pair of white or ivory sandals, but I’ve also been wanting to get some black ones, so here we are! I’d say they run true to size; I’m wearing my usual 8.

Pardon my crazy nail polish. I was thinking it was fun for summer, but it doesn’t go so well with olive green.

Tory Burch Marsden Flat Thong Sandals

And to show you how versatile this skirt is, I also threw on this ribbed cocoon cardigan from the #NSale for a wear-later look. I can also swap out the sandals for booties this fall. In fact, I shot this look with booties and a different cardigan for a post at a later date.

This is the super popular Leith shawl cocoon sweater that they’ve brought back for the 3rd year in a row — this time updated with a thinner ribbed knit, which I LOVE. This is seriously their best one yet.

Also, I sized down to an XS. I learned in years past that this piece runs huge, and when a cardigan is too voluminous, it can add visual weight and look frumpy, so I advise sizing down when at all in doubt.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a transitional olive cargo skirt outfit two ways -- for now and later! Also featuring the popular Leith ribbed shawl cocoon sweater from the #NSale.

I apologize that my necklace isn’t for sale — it’s part of a Stella & Dot layered necklace that has been discontinued. I actually purchased a necklace from the #NSale to wear with this outfit, but my jewelry didn’t make it into my bags, and I didn’t realize until I got to the shoot. I had to go back later and pick it up, which is too bad because this layered necklace would have been PERFECT with this outfit.

So I’d love to hear from you if you shopped the Anniversary Sale — what caught your eye, and what did you get??? Inquiring minds wanna know…

Also, I am moving today, so I won’t be as responsive to comments as I like to be, but I do get them all on my phone, so I can reply via email if you have any specific questions. I just won’t be able to answer in the comments for all to see because I won’t be on a computer at all today after I get my newsletter out here in a bit.

Speaking of which, be sure you’re signed up for my emails because I’ll be sharing more #NSale picks over the next few weeks, the most popular products from JLS readers, along with other non-Nordstrom content. Yes, believe it or not, there is shopping outside of Nordstrom. Ha!

Have a great weekend!

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a transitional olive cargo skirt outfit two ways -- for now and later! Also featuring the popular Leith ribbed shawl cocoon sweater from the #NSale.

utility skirt // v-neck tee (sale option) // cocoon cardigan // thong sandals // ksny crossbody

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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48 thoughts on “Wear Now & Later: Olive Cargo Skirt Outfit

  1. Happy Moving Day, Jo-Lynne! I pray everything goes smoothly for you. But most of all, just enjoy. This is such a sweet blessing for you and your family.

    I did get that sweater you’re showing today, so it was good to see it on you. I’m looking forward to my shipment arriving, but I’ll be out of town on vacation when it does. (I had everything shipped to a friend’s house.) Imagine that…I failed to schedule my vacation around the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Oh, well! At least I will get a chance to actually visit a Nordstrom when I’m in Portland, OR. I didn’t get to the one in Phoenix this week, so that will be fun. I’ll hit it about the time the sale opens to everyone. Mayhem? Ha, ha!

    Well have a great day, friend!

    1. Kay! There’s no sales tax in OR, so bring a big suitcase! And the Washington Square Nord is the best one in the metro area for sure.  Just sharing tips, one JLS reader to another!

      1. Oh! I had forgotten that! Thanks for the reminder. And I am really excited about going to the Nordstrom there at Washington Square! Yay!!🤗

  2. I like the two for one post and I would have never thought to put pink with olive. Happy moving day here’s to a smooth day

  3. I got up early and ordered several items, one of them being the Leith cardigan you are styling today. However, I must have been half asleep and neglected to size down! I know it runs big because I purchased last year’s version on your recommendation. I then spent a good part of the day trying to verify my purchase of the smaller size in a new order. I checked my email last evening and finally have 2 confirmations in my inbox. What an absolute debacle! Per the facebook comments, it appears yesterday was not a good day to be employed in customer service at Nordstrom!

  4. Happy moving day!
    I love my new home and I wish 
    Gods blessings on yours!
    Was working yesterday and missed the sale but
    Love olive cargo for fall!
    Just remember as I have to you don’t hv to
    do everything the first week!

  5. I love this outfit. Not, cool, casual and practical all wrapped into one! Good luck on your move. Will you be living close to your old neighborhood?

  6. I have been loving this shade of green this year and it’a a nice alternative once in a while to all the brighter summer colors. I almost bought those Tory Burch thongs yesterday at the Nordstrom sale, but I have so many shoes already. I really like that they are a different look from the ones with the big round emblem that everyone has. These are more unique.

  7. I love this outfit! The skirt is SO cute and something I missed yesterday. I am totally thinking of getting the camo lol! I really like the sandals too. I didn’t think much of them in website pics but they are really cute on you.

    Happy Moving Day! I hope it goes as smooth as possible.

  8. Happy move day!  I hope it goes smoothly for you all.  I was one of the people up when the sale started.  I had my plan – bought items in stages and made 5 separate orders – 3 of which will be here today or tomorrow!  I ended up focusing on shoes and tops getting the Born riding boots, Ugg waterproof booties, Ugg Pasqual booties, LB booties, Ugg moccasins, Barefoot Dreams and Leith cardigans, Zella leggings, AG prima jeans, undies, a Northface parka, and several tops/sweaters with the puff sleeves (loving that look).  I purchased most everything in multiple sizes and will decide what I want to keep to fit my budget (I can’t keep it all!), but wanted the ability to try everything on and make decisions at home versus the store (which doesn’t carry all of my selections).  Given the website issues yesterday, I’m glad I got up early and purchased two sizes in the items!  Thanks for your coverage yesterday.  It was super helpful!

  9. Sending nothing but POSITIVE vibes to you and your family on this big moving day!  I’m so excited for y’all and know there will be so many great memories made in your new home.  You look so awesome in this outfit!  I was very happy to be able to purchase the fleece jacket from Nordstrom, for our granddaughter and myself, after I got up at 7 yesterday.  While it’s bad that they had technical issues again this year, I think it’s very nice that cardholders are being given $10 rewards as an apology.  I don’t know too many retailers that would do that.  Have fun!

      1. Thank you!  So am I!  I think our granddaughter will love wearing it on campus, up in the GA mountains.

  10. You must be soooo excited today is the day you’ve been waiting for!!! what a week your move and Nd sale all in one:) hope your day goes really well and can’t wait to see you style your other purchases. I’m waiting for the public sale and hopefully here in Canada it won’t be as big a deal and I’ll have choices. LOL Cute outfit by the way… I’m really liking that sweater.

  11. Eek!! Such an exciting day to wrap up what must be an insanely busy week for you! We can’t thank you enough for still devoting so much attention to us all despite your chaotic schedule!
    I grabbed that cardigan in the spice color along with some mules in a similar color. I also ordered a Madewell top that had been on my list since I saw the leaked lookbook, but just got word that it was cancelled. It would’ve went so perfectly with both. I guess it should’ve been in my first order before all the craziness started!

      1. I did! It was the central cactus floral top. I’ve yet to see any more trickle back in, but I still keep checking, lol

  12. Love this cute outfit!  I would think also cute with converse!  Best of luck with your move. I hope it goes well. I’ve enjoyed seeing your move updates and love the NSale updates. I don’t have a Nordstrom card so can’t shop now but I’ve put a bunch of stuff in my wish list and we’ll see what’s available later. There’s nothing I absolutely must have and I thought this was a good way to not spend too much. 

  13. Shopped the site – it crashed and I didn’t get back on until last night. Excited to get the red Ugg flats. I also got an Adidas work out shirt and Nike workout bra top. I wanted these cute one size lounge pants, but they were sold out. Love that olive skirt, but trying to get over to the mall on Saturday to check out a few more things. Def going to head over to Point of View to try on the skirt. Thank you for your post on the sale – your try on session was fun to see!

  14. Good luck with your move! Love that cardigan. I’m making a list for when the public can shop. Just trying to decide whether to take the day off work or take a chance for the Saturday.

  15. Good luck with the move! Hope it goes smoothly.😀

    Remember to pace yourself and not do everything in one day. All the best!! Sending you strength from afar.

  16. I’m curious about the Tory Burch black sandals. I had them in my cart in the tan color, but hesitated because of the wide strap with the buckle looking a little stiff. Are they comfortable? Are you loving them? 
    I ended up shopping completely online yesterday with no website difficulty! 🌟 I bought the Vince Camuto Pevista tan suede booties, the BP circle cardigan in that pink coral color, 3 different colors of long sleeve layering tees, that BP textured sweater (that you showed in your insta stories) in the charcoal color, 2 Kendra Scott necklaces (I plan to use one as a birthday present for a friend), a blue floral wrap midi skirt, a cute pair of black short pajamas, and a pair of pink Nike running shoes. 😊 Now the wait for their  to arrival!! 
    Good luck with your moving day! You sounded so happy in your insta-story yesterday showing the painting success. 🌺

  17. Happy moving day!! How exciting! Lots of exciting new beginnings for your family. I don’t know how you are doing it all.  I shopped early and then later in the day, so I was fortunate to miss the chaos in between.  Kudos to Nordstrom for at least giving some extra points and crediting triple
    Point days for the messups. I ordered the red Ugg loafers early.  I was going to hold off on a bag, but I fell in love with a red TB that is and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger after dinner.  I guess I will be wearing more red this fall!  An adorable pair of Jessica Simpson sandals with flower embellishment finished me off for now.   I didn’t really “need” any basics right now so I was able to pick up some fun pieces.  😁 
    I hope you have a fabulous weekend settling in! 

  18. Hi Jo-Lynne – Just wanted to mention that Nordstrom announced they are giving everyone 10 bonus points for every dollar spent yesterday and they are also giving back any personal triple point days as well.  (someone else may have mentioned it below too, hopefully I’m not repeating what y’all already know, but just thought I’d share in case others didn’t know).  I broke down and bought the Jeffrey Campbell booties and the Rails plaid shirt.  Personally I wasn’t impressed by the Tory Burch things this year.  I’m still looking, so I may purchase more, but that’s it for now.  Happy moving day!

  19. Such a great classic, comfortable, casual outfit, Jo-Lynne!  I am laughing that the Nordstrom website broke again!  You would think they would figure out how to prevent that…although maybe they did, then the traffic was even heavier than anticipated and broke the “fixed website”!  Have a great weekend.  I hope you are settling nicely into the new home!


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