Top 10 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Good morning, friends! I am writing from my new house this morning, and not only that, but we are moved IN! It was so much fun to wake up here. Yesterday was a looooooong day, and I’m feeling sore and tired this morning, but happy to be getting settled in.

I had wanted to do my big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post today, with all of my recommendations across all departments, but that just isn’t going to happen. Instead, I thought I’d share the 10 most popular products from the #NSale among JLS readers.

Even if you’re not shopping the sale, I hope you find it interesting. I always think it’s fun to see what others are buying and enjoy it when other bloggers do these types of posts.

Top 10 from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

These are the 10 most clicked on links from my #NSale coverage so far.

Did you snag any of these goodies? What are your favorites from the #NSale so far?


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  1. Good morning to you in your new home!  I’m so excited for you as well!  That house is truly awesome, and the kitchen that is open to that AH-MAZING family room, I’m soooo jealous, but happy for you!  Re the move, I’ve never moved, so guess what? 44 years of crap…..oh, we purge from time to time, but never in the right ratio of when something new comes in, something old has to go.  #wearehoarders. Re the N-sale.  I don’t shop it, but I really do find it interesting.  I like seeing what colors/styles are coming in for fall.  I’m sure that those shopping the sale, have really gotten use out of all your extensive research/advice. I’ve added a few cardigans in different styles  to my wardrobe this year, thanks to your advice!  Enjoy your weekend! 

    1. LOL, Gina! 44 years… I can’t EVEN imagine. HA! When Paul’s parents moved to a retirement community after like 50 years in their house, they spent over a year getting rid of stuff. Of course, they were trying to find a home for each piece. I am like, BOX IT UP and take it to the DUMP! Ha!

  2. Hey, so glad y’all got moved into the new house!  It feels great, doesn’t it?  
    My husband and I thought the same thing as y’all- that we had kept things cleaned out , but when we started pulling stuff out of the attic, oh my goodness!  Why did we keep so much stuff?  A lot of it is my grown kids- stuff that they left when they moved out…  anyways, it felt good to go through all of that stuff and get rid of a lot of it…  saved a lot for my grandkids, tho 😀.  

    Enjoy your new house!  

  3. Your first morning in your new home. How exciting. No need to apologize ever. You’ve done an amazing job with the Nordstrom sale AND moving. When all is said and done, you may need a day or two to just sit and enjoy that pool.  I so look forward to seeing what your hubby might select for from the #Nsale. Yet, totally understand how it just may not happen with everything else going on. Enjoy this journey in all it’s craziness. 

  4. Hi there,
    Congrats on the new house. I just wanted to know where I can see pics? I am not on Facebook or twitter. 

  5. So glad you have the move behind you! Now, good luck with the unpacking!  Looking forward to seeing pictures and decorating ideas! 
    As far as the sale, my closet is full! Just adding some jewelry!

  6. WELCOME HOME 🏡 to you and your family!  I laughed reading about finding out there’s still a lot of purging you can do because I’ve had that same realization several times.  I appreciate you posting anything today after the big move yesterday!  You and Paul may need a good massage to relax all of those muscles.  Enjoy the process of getting more unpacking done!

    1. Thank you, Ginger. And I DO need a massage. My feet are the worst. I packed everything but my Miller sandals, which are typically very comfortable, but they were not intended for standing in for two 15 hour days. Last night I finally dug out a pair of supportive sandals from The Walking Co. I wish I’d thought to wear those during the move!

      1. I’m glad you drug out a pair of sandals with more support, and I beat your feet were so happy!  I wish I had thought to suggest that too you.  With my finicky feet, I know better.

  7. Congrats on the move! I cannot believe you even posted after a move! Appreciate all you do for fashion info. Hope getting settled goes well. 

  8. My red loafers will be here today! Hoping they fit. Despite all the website issues, I am super impressed with the shipping department. I didn’t pay extra shipping and received a pair of jeans yesterday, the shoes today and a few boxes are showing up on Monday.

    I sadly had to pass on a ton of cardigans this time. They are long on you so they would be down to my knees lol. #shortgirlproblems

    I hope you still do your product recs from each department before the sale is over. I would love to see your choices from the home and beauty sections. #notsickofsalecoverage 

  9. I can’t believe you were able to post something this morning! Moving is a lot of work! Someone told me after a move you should just throw away boxes of stuff without looking in them, if you haven’t opened them after two years. So, maybe give yourself two years.

  10. Don’t worry about talking to much about the Nordstrom sale. I am truly impressed that you are accomplishing anything beyond moving. I don’t live anywhere near a Nordstrom but enjoy thinking about my fall wardrobe. A nice thought during an ongoing heatwave. I find your advice helpful whether shopping at Nordstrom or  not. 

  11. No need to apologize. Just get settled and show us pics when you can. It’s so hot here I don’t care what I have on if it’s just cool. I walked to mailbox and I’m sweating. Savannah! Need I say more.

    1. Haha. Yeah, I was down there in October one year and couldn’t believe how hot and humid it was. Beautiful, tho. It’s been nice here this week. Mid-80s and sunny and low humidity. It’s getting worse this weekend, but still not dreadfully hot. After such a cold spring, I’m reminded why I like living up here. Summers and fall! 🙂

  12. I ordered 6 of the items above plus the Rag and Bone jeans.  Your new house is beautiful congratulations! Thanks again for the great Nordstrom try on and reviews.  You put so much work and time into it.  It helps people like me when we don’t have a Nordstrom close by.  

    Thanks again,

  13. So. I’m only seeing 2 pictures/links. Caslon sweater and Sam Edelman grey booties. Anyone else having trouble with this post? 

  14. So happy for you.  How fun to wake up in the new house.  I remember that day, but it was 27 years ago. 🙂  My husband and I have been saying for years we need to purge more, especially the attic, so we did do two different days and got rid of a lot up in the attic, but some of it is still stuff my kids left and I’ve been empty nested for 5 years now.  So, I took some picture and made them make a decision and some things we ended up saving for grandkids we don’t have yet. 🙂 LOL  Oh my.  Hard to let it go sometimes.  Don’t ever apologize for the blog content.  You have done so great to cover the NSALE, while moving and you even did a LIVE chat.  I don’t really know how you did it all.  I think you should relax and take a few days off from it all.  Sit by your pool.  Blessings.  

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I went for a swim last night and it was really nice. I wanted to vacuum – still have all those leftover carpet fibers all over the house. But I decided to go take a dip in the pool instead. I was proud of myself. Haha! Blogging is the fun part – that’s when I actually get to sit. Otherwise I’m on my feet constantly doing stuff, breaking down boxes, unpacking, cleaning, etc. So in a way, the blog is a break. 🙂 But yes, I DO want to sit by the pool more. I need to because it will be too cold to before I know it.

    1. Hey Kathy! The fun coffee shirt is from Old Navy. 

      Jo-Lynne- Your N Sale posts are so helpful! This is my first year shopping the sale. Thank you for posting during such a busy time. 

  15. Yay for the move finally being behind you! I imagine that is such a huge relief after the crazy couple weeks you’ve had. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

  16. Wow, no need to apologize for great posts in the middle of a move, haha.  A top 10 among my “peers” is actually pretty helpful.  It’s neat to use your numbers to see what’s resonating from the many things you’ve already shown us.   I’m excited about my new red Ugg loafers, btw.  Thanks!

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