The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018

Hello and happy Thursday!!! In the wee hours of tomorrow morning, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public, and I can’t wait to see what (if anything) gets restocked.

Even if they don’t get fully restocked, popular items continue to come in and out in random sizes as customers make returns, so check back regularly on your favorites. I scored my Stuart Weitzman OTK boots last year during the last week of the sale when a few sizes got returned.

This is the post I wanted to write last week, and I’m finally just getting around to it, so I apologize I didn’t have this resource for you sooner, but if you’ve been waiting until tomorrow to shop, this should help you do your homework tonight! And for those of you who are card holders, I would recommend grabbing anything you’re still debating about now, because once the sale opens to the public, all bets are off!

I’m trying to make this post as comprehensive as possible by covering all the different categories, while also keeping it highly curated and only sharing my absolute favorite items in each category.

I’ve seen and tried on a lot of these products, but some I’m including based on recommendations I’ve seen on other blogs and my general knowledge of the brands. Let’s get started!

FYI, I can’t choose the color of the items shown in the shopping widgets below, so I’m not always showing my favorite. Click through to see more color options. Also, the prices and descriptions are UNDER the products. Also, I tried to keep each widget to one page, but if you’re on your phone or tablet, you will have to use the arrow to the right to scroll.

The Best Denim from the #NSale

Nordstrom killed it with the denim this year. I have soooo many favorites I want to share with you, and I didn’t even hit them all here. There are some great colored denim options too. I wish I’d tried more styles so I have more sizing notes, but I’ll do my best with what I know of the brands. If in doubt, order two sizes and return the ones that don’t fit. I do find that #NSale products are sized a little differently sometimes.

The Best Shoes & Boots from the #NSale

I’m also loving the shoes and boots this year. Mules and ankle boots are definitely trending, and I feel like OTK boots are taking a backseat to the knee-high boots this year. I’ll be curious to see how that plays out this fall and winter.

The Best Tops & Sweaters from the #NSale

Okay, I’ll say it. I don’t love the tops this year, but I did find some good ones amidst all the meh. Unfortunately, my favorites are the super expensive ones. #figures

The Best Jackets & Outerwear from the #NSale

True confessions: I didn’t try on any coats or jackets. I just didn’t get that far, and I never went back to finish up. These picks are the ones that caught my eye online and some I saw other bloggers feature. I’m obsessed with this one but I can’t get it to add to my widget. Here are the rest:

The Best of Handbags #NSale

The Best Accessories from the #NSale

The Best in Men’s Apparel (Paul’s Picks) #NSale

Best of Men’s Shoes & Accessories

The Best in Home from the #NSale

So many great gift ideas in here!

The Best in Beauty #NSale

I don’t usually go crazy with the Beauty buys during the #NSale, but there are some good ones this year, including my favorite hair dryer and flat iron.

The Best of #NSale Under $50

There’s a 2nd page to this widget, so even if you’re on a computer, you will want to use the arrow to scroll to see more.

The Best of #NSale Under $100

What I Bought

Don’t judge — consider it blog research. Ha! No, seriously, I would not buy all of this if it weren’t for the blog, and some will get returned… I’m just not sure what yet.

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