Pine Green Turtleneck + OTK Boots

Hello, friends. Welcome back to 25 Days of Winter Fashion! I hope your week is going well.

Today I’ve got another casual winter outfit with a mockneck sweater and jeans, but I’ve turned it up a notch with over-the-knee boots.

I’m kind of obsessed with turtlenecks and mockneck sweaters right now. I realized this morning that I’ve already photographed three outfits with a variation of this outfit. #ooops

Can I be honest with you? Not that I’m ever dishonest with you, but true confessions here: I try (I really do) to make sure I have a variety of outfits when I do these style series. But in reality, I’m a plain Jane. I live in pullovers and skinny jeans and boots (or ballet flats) and even when I think I’m doing something different, my day-to-day outfits still tend to look rather similar.

For me, the color of this sweater is unusual and the boots are a stretch. Ha! (No pun intended!) I’ve been wearing over-the-knee boots for a few years, but I finally decided to get a pair of the stretchy suede style. So while this outfit still looks pretty typical for me, it’s not as “safe” as what I normally wear on a daily basis.

But yeah, it is still basically a pullover sweater, skinny jeans, and some type of boot/bootie. I guess I’m okay with that. (But I am planning a work wear outfit for tomorrow… so don’t lose hope on me. Okay!?!)

I found this sweater at Madewell. See there? It’s not Nordstrom or LOFT. I am branching out! It’s a really good quality, tightly woven knit, and the ribbed details and angled side seams add interest.

For those who don’t know, Madewell is owned by J.Crew, and I’ve always been really pleased with their quality. As an added bonus, if you join the Madewell Insiders program (it’s free), you get free shipping and free returns on all orders.

I would definitely say this sweater runs big. For size reference, I’m wearing a small. I almost tried the XS but decided there’s no way I’m an XS in anything, and it’s supposed to be chunky, so I stuck with the small.

It also comes in pink, ivory, charcoal grey, golden harvest (great fall color!) and black. I chose this hthr cactus since I don’t have any tops this color, and I also think it will look festive at Christmastime. Oh, and this same style comes in a gorgeous neutral they call donegal snow.

This sweater also has that high/low style that is trending this season. Like I said yesterday, it’s nice because it covers your backside if you’re wearing low-rise jeans, but it gives you the nice proportion of a shorter top in front.

I wore it with dark super skinny jeans and chocolate brown OTK boots. I got these boots during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and they sold out, but I’m linking to some similar styles below.

The key to wearing the stretchy suede OTK boots, I’m learning, is to wear leggings or super skinny jeans with them. These jeans are cropped, which is even better, so there’s less material in the ankle area. They do slide down a bit as you wear them, but I find them pretty comfortable and very warm, which is nice as it’s been quite chilly here lately!

I like this outfit for casual occasions when I want to look a little nicer than normal. Best of all, it’s super warm and comfortable while still being fashion forward.

Madewell Northfield Mockneck Sweater (wearing hthr cactus; also love golden harvest for Thanksgiving) // Paige Verdugo Crop Skinny Jeans (similar for less) // similar boots here, here, and here // necklace // earrings

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the winter outfit she’s styling today.

I also wanted to let y’all know that I’m planning to do my first ever Facebook Live Q&A tomorrow around 11AM EST on my Facebook Page so make sure you’ve liked and followed it. I will admit, the idea of this makes me all sweaty and nervous. I hate anything live because there are no re-dos, and if I stick my foot in my mouth, there’s no way to back out of it. But I also find these really fun when other bloggers do them, and I think it could be fun if I can get over my nerves so we’re going to try it and see how it goes.

You can basically ask me anything about fashion, blogging, family, whatever! If it goes well and I decide to do them regularly, we may get more organized and have topical Lives but for tomorrow it’s a free-for-all. So be thinking about your questions!

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61 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this, and it’s exactly the type of outfit I look forward to seeing (and duplicating). I know that not everyone shares my opinion and you like to have some variety for all your readers, but I wouldn’t mind these types everyday 😉 .
    I can’t even tell you how gorgeous those boots are…just stunning! You look fantastic!
    I’ll definitely be tuning in tomorrow!

  2. Ok. Wow. I am loving just everything about this post; the color combo of the boots/jeans/ sweater/ bag…lovely; the green, distressed door as a backdrop…so cool; the funny, honest commentary…. So encouraging. You really bring it in these series!
    Also, I am very excited for your Facebook Live video. I already have my questions ready!

    1. P.S. I will be praying for you tomorrow. Your blog is like having a coffee date with a real friend and I am positive all that’s going to come through in a live chat too.

  3. In addition to your great outfit, your photos are wow!  ????To your  photographer!  I’m loving that sweater!  The whole look is eye catching!  Even with jeans and a sweater, you always make your outfits look fresh and stylish.  You’re got the knack girlfriend!  Like you, I’m a jeans and some kind of nice top kinda gal, or should I say Grammy?  I look for comfort, and a stylish top (now that I’ve been following your blog)!   However, on the days that I have the little one (22 months old now) I often forego the nice top.  I’ve had too many incidents of baby throw up & runny nose stuff on my better tops!  Lesson learned.  And I always look at the washing instructions!  It’s gotta be easy to launder, I’m not a big dry cleaning fan!

  4. Beautiful!  Love the green sweater; those gorgeous hues of green are always so pretty. And the boots are stunning! Love all these vibrant colors together and your bag just tops it off!  Perfect style. 

  5. Really cute outfit – love the sweater! I also tend to wear the same outfits in different variations, really identical to your style. It used to bother me, but now I just accept that it’s my personal style! (Although I do appreciate you and Cyndi getting me out of my comfort zone occasionally!)
    I’m so glad you are going to try Facebook Live! I hope to join you . Please don’t sweat it – you’ll do a fantastic job!

  6. What size is your Neverfull? I received a monetary award at work (in the form of a visa gift card) and I’m thinking of treating myself to one but I’m not sure what size…

    1. It’s the MM. Last year when I started jonesing for one, I went to the mall and looked at both the MM and the GM and the GM is HUUUUUUGE. Even when I travel, I think it would be too big for me. I love this size b/c it’s fine as a purse and also makes a great travel tote.

  7. What a great casual outfit, taken up a notch.  The detail on the sweater is very nice.  The secenery in these pictures is fabulous.  Great job to Paul or whomever was behind the camera.  Since we don’t have any appointments tomorrow, I really hope I don’t forget to participate in the Facebook live.  Look, we are just one big family, with a lot of common interests, sitting down to catch up, finally.  So relax and enjoy!  I don’t think anyone is going to judge you or critique you.  I think of it as a Thursday Coffee Talk, like you do on Sunday’s.  Have a blessed day!

  8. I so enjoy your blog because your style is very much what I try to envision for myself, and I generally dress with that same “formula” as you do–jeans, cute top, cute shoes, try to throw in a good accessory or two. Casual, but up a notch. I would totally wear today’s outfit. And it looks just stunning on you. Great photography, too!

  9. These photos are stunning and you look beautiful in this green! I love your OTK boots, especially the close fit and the color. And I sure don’t mind seeing you in your regular styles; you always make everything you wear look fabulous! Going to try to catch the FB live tomorrow. I agree with everyone – you will do great! We are all your friends here!

    Cathy V.

  10. I love the casual outfits you style. I work in a very casual office and I’m always trying to step-it-up a bit. I usually wear sweaters, jeans and boots in the fall and winter and this outfit is perfect!

  11. Jo-Lynne, you never need to apologize for your style. Most of us have our go to looks and the fact that you post as often as you do means there will be a little bit of overlap. Every outfit you put out there is different – different tops, different bottoms, different shoes or bags and sometimes, it’s more about hearing about you and what is going on, than whether you’ve got a totally unique outfit on. Don’t worry about it. I love your style and this outfit is no exception. Those boots are amazing. Do you know if they make those otk suede boots for those of us whose legs are a bit bigger? Most of the ones I look at are too narrow. I’d love any suggestions. Thanks. – Amy

  12. Well I have to say that your “uniform” sounds an awful lot like mine. hahaha. I had no idea Madewell was owned by J Crew, so I learned something new today. I’d love to try the OTK boots, but my legs are so stinkin’ short I’m afraid they’d be “below the crotch” boots instead. LOL???? It’s comforting to know that even though these looks are darling on you, sometimes you still feel like it’s a stretch. It’s really hard to branch out, but watching you, you’d never guess that. Happy Wednesday!

  13. Don’t apologize for styling outfits that may be similar. They reflect your lifestyle and the lifestyle of many of us out here following you! I want to know how to style my (mostly) casual wardrobe to still look on-trend and age-appropriate. Keep doing what you’re doing: helping us fight the frump! xo

  14. Hi Jolynne! I love this outfit and I’m so glad to see you style OTK boots that are that much above your knee. I’m with Lisa who also commented about being short. I purchased some really cute gray suede OTK boots but have been reluctant to wear them because I thought they were too high. They looked really nice with a sweater dress that I have so thanks for bringing them out of the box!!

  15. Jo-Lynne, we all have our go to outfits that fit our daily lives, so you don’t need to make any excuse. And, this way you are showing us how to change up those outfits with different accessories and color combos. 
    I like the chunky sweater. Add a vest and it’ll take you through the chilly mornings or not add the extra bulk while In the mall Christmas shopping. 
    Have fun on your Facebook discussion and update us on the blog with anything new, please. 

  16. Love, love, love this outfit. Are the boots Stuart Weitzman? I have the lowlands in gray and am always looking for ways to style them. I do like them with skinny jeans and chunky sweater. Your colors are simply gorgeous together. Would you mind styling these boots with a skirt or dress too? Looking for ways to branch out this winter!

    1. They are, they’re the ones from the #NSale. I would like to wear them with a dress or skirt, they look so cute on others who do that, but I’m not sure I can wear a dress short enough to fit right with them. I’m going to try to find something, tho.

  17. Those boots, my goodness, so dang cute! They have a similar one that is fuax at Target right now. I bought the black ones, but after seeing the brown ones on you, I might have to get the brown pair too if they fit! Fingers crossed. Love the way turtle neck sweaters look, but I just can’t wear them, even thinking about wearing one makes me start choking haha! Love the location you took these pictures too.

  18. I stay at home so this exactly my kind of outfit too! I just bought a sweater that color, now I am excited to wear it with jeans and my similar colored boots in addition to the jeggings I bought it to wear with. Thanks!

  19. Love this outfit. I have been eyeing this sweater but keep hoping Madewell has a sale soon.
    Question. The over the knee boots would not work for me. Do you think riding boots are still in? Read somewhere that they might be going out of style which surprised me because I consider them a classic.

    1. Hey Melissa. I still wear my riding boots but I do think they are less popular than they were a couple years ago. I would like to say I don’t think they’ll ever be totally out of style, but I do remember a time when we really didn’t wear them. It was back in the early 90s, before we were tucking our jeans into our boots — I remember a girl at church wearing them with a skirt, and I thought she looked dated. So I think that while they’re technically a classic, we will probably see them cycle out of the mainstream — it seems like everything does. That said, I would not tell you to stop wearing them right now. They’re still in stores and I still see people wearing them (and I wear mine.)

  20. I had never considered OTK boots, but now after seeing you style them, I am going to try some. 

    You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. Try to relax and be yourself, and the rest will fall into place.  Your blog is my favorite because of who you are and I’m confident you’ll shine as brightly tomorrow on Facebook as you do in written form. 

  21. YAY for a FB Live!!!!! Boo I’ll be at work!!!!! Those things do not have to be perfect anyway, that’s the beauty of a “Live” event!! Just be yourself, it’ll be GREAT! We all already love you anyway! 🙂

    Like most of the ladies here, this is my kind of outfit too! I do work full time, but thankfully I don’t have to dress VERY professional, business casual works for me. Some of the outfits you and Cyndi put together I can do with black slacks (LOFT skinny (marissa) trousers.) Plus, my beautiful boss is on our Fashion for over 40 FB page and loves to find new combos too!! 😀

    Have fun tomorrow!!

  22. Yay , so glad you are doing a Facebook live even though I will probably have to watch it later . I really like the color of the sweater and those boots are great . I really like the outfits that you style , I think you do an awesome job . 
    Have a great evening !!!

  23. Great styling job.  I think what  you are wearing we all love wearing and feel most comfortable in. I find if I try to go too much outside the box….my box….then I feel funny going out in it for casual and end up leaving nice things hanging in my closet and wearing the same few things. I am home and don’t really have to dress up that much.  

  24. I am loving all of your different location photos and poses! This is a great outfit that I can easily replicate, love when that happens 🙂

  25. Things have been crazy at my house so I’m getting caught up on your posts while my husband drives us to church.   ????

    This outfit looks really good on you!  Well … you always look good in your outfits so I don’t know if it’s the color combination or what but this one really is a good look for you.  

    Question:  is this sweater scratchy?  I love the way it looks but it has the texture (based on pictures) of a scratchy sweater.  

    I wasn’t able to catch your FB live session but am going to watch it this afternoon.  

    Have a blessed day. 

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