5 Favorites: Summer Sandals

My 5 Favorites series was popular last year, so I thought I’d update and republish some of those posts as we finish out the summer and transition towards fall. Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite pairs of summer sandals. This post was an easy one because it hasn’t changed much since last summer.

My 5 Favorite Summer Sandals: I highly recommend any of these if you're looking to add a pair to your closet.

My 5 Favorite Summer Sandals

By way of disclaimer, I don’t mind spending a little more on good shoes, and since this is a list of my favorites, there are no budget buys in this list. What’s the saying? Invest in your shoes and your sheets because if you’re not in one, you’re in the other… or something like that! Ha!

Everyone’s list of favorites will vary by their budget and lifestyle. I like to have a mix of mid-price sandals that are comfortable and durable for everyday wear and a few higher end splurges for fun. My lifestyle is quite casual so I wear my flat sandals way more than my heels, but I still like to have a few pairs of wedges and block heel sandals for dressier occasions.

#1. Tory Burch Miller Flip Flops // I’m sure it will surprise no one that these sandals top my list. I wear them probably 5 days out of 7 during the summertime, I keep them in my closet year round for anytime I’m traveling to a warm destination, and I always throw them in my tote to wear home from pedicure appointments.

I love these because they’re comfortable and the medallion is such a pretty detail. One of the most common questions I get is which color I recommend. I have them in several colors, but the Sand Patent is by far the best bang for your buck because you cannot destroy these things. I’ve had mine for going on three years, and I wear them in the rain, to the pool, and even to the beach, and they still look almost new. The Makeup color is beautiful, but the footbeds of mine already have dirt stains — not that you can see that when my feet are in them, but it’s something to be aware of. The patent styles hold up much better.

For size reference, I have these in the 8, which is the size I typically take in a sandal, so I always say they run true to size, but some women say they need to size up. I think it depends on if your feet have a high arch or not.

#2. Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals // Again, this will surprise no one who reads my blog on a regular basis, but if I’m not wearing my Miller sandals, I’m usually wearing these gold thong sandals. I also have them in pink, but I particularly love a metallic shoe because it’s a tad dressier than other neutral colors, and this classic minimalistic design is versatile and goes well with everything from shorts to jeans to dresses.

These sandals come in a TON of colors from neutrals to brights to pastels, and they’re very comfortable for a flat sandal. The ankle strap is adjustable for a customized fit. I recommend sizing up a half size in these; I have the 8 1/2.

#3. Sam Edelman Yaro Ankle Strap Sandals // This style is super popular right now and several brands have similar sandals, but these are my favorite. They quality is evident in the look and feel, and they hold up well to several hours of wear. The 4″ heels are high, but with the ankle strap, they offer enough stability to keep my feet happy.

I have the oatmeal suede, and I love it — it’s the perfect neutral that compliments the cool tones I tend to wear, but they also come in a lot of other colors. These run true to size; I have the 8.

If you like this style but don’t want to spend the Sam Edelman price, there are lots of other options including this pair from Target. Also, the Steve Madden Irenee is a nice lower heeled option.

#4. Michael Kors Jill Espadrille Wedge Sandals // These are a new wardrobe addition this year, and I’ve found myself wearing them a lot. I kind of like having a black sandal option. They’re very good quality and comfortable, and they also come in gold. I’ve worn them with dresses, pants, and even shorts. They run true to size; I have the 8.

All of my other favorite wedge sandals are no longer for sale, so I didn’t want to include them in this post, but I have several other pairs I wear a lot. Also, a notable mention should be these Treasure & Bond wedges. They’re not quite the quality of the popular Marc Fisher ones, but for the price, they’re a good value, and I like that the platform isn’t as high.

#5. Stuart Weitzman NearlyNude Ankle Strap Sandals // Speaking of black sandals, I’ve been loving this pair this summer. The quality is amazing, and I like the 3.25″ heel and the slight platform.

These are a splurge, for sure, but they’re worth it if they work with your budget and lifestyle. I was able to get mine during a Bloomingdale’s promo last spring, so they do go on sale from time to time. Of course there are a lot of good options at lower price points, but I’m a sucker for Stuart Weitzman comfort and quality.

These shoes look equally good with pants and dresses, and they come in many other colors including some gorgeous neutrals.


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  1. Those mini candles are adorable! I’m going to dash off to Nordstrom today and pick some up! It’s yet another rainy day in Michigan, so what else should a girl do!? Enjoy the vacation and kick back and relax a bit!!!

  2. Ouch!  I bet your daughter is in pain and feeling pretty yucky!  I hope that the sunburn settles down quickly.  I am definitely going to check out the loungewear that’s part of the Nordstrom sale.  Our granddaughter is the main one I need to Christmas shop for now, so I may look for things for her.  I hope that y’all enjoy your day.  I’m glad the walking seems to be helping your back!  

  3. Your poor daughter, but good thing it was cloudy or it could have been worse. My 21 yr old daughter has very fair and sensitive skin so I am constantly on her about the sunscreen. She recently spent a week at the Texas Coast with her boyfriends family and I was so sure she would come home burnt to a crisp without me there. But maturity prevailed and she took care of herself but said she could hear my voice in her head the whole time lol
    I also have the TB Miller sandals in sand and your right they go with everything and have held up pretty well. The only issue is how flat they are. I definitely don’t do a lot of walking in them. 

  4. So sorry about your daughter … I know it’s wrong but I LOVE the sun !!! So when I over indulge I rely on coconut oil  …. it is wonderful for the burn and will save you from peeling !!  It is a miracle!! I love your posts and following along on your life’s journey !!! I too have the Miller’s in makeup and the Miler’s in the square toe in black …. they are an investment but I love them both !!  Have a wonderful time at the beach and being with your family ! Thanks for keeping us fashion savy !!! 

  5. Hope your daughter is not in too much pain. The best relief would be to mix water & vinegar & apply with wash cloth to burned areas. The smell is awful but it really works & relieves the pain. Also, she will have a pretty tan tomorrow! 

  6. Sorry to hear of your daughter’s sunburn. I used Noxzema on a recent sunburn and it really helped. Foam menthol shaving cream is another home remedy to try. Good luck!

  7. Your poor daughter. I hate to say it, but she should stay out of the sun for a few days. My mom is 93 and still yells at me to put sunscreen on. She’s a pistol at 93, and we still go to the beach quite often here on Long Island NY. Always have umbrellas too. I think the vinegar and Noxema are a good bet. Enjoy the rest of the week. 

  8. Thanks to you, I have the Tory Burch, Stuart Weitzman, and different version on Marc Fischer wedges. Love them! Can you do a post on tunic length tops for leggings? I got some at Nordstrom anniversary sale, including the faux leather, but need ideas on appropriate tops.

    1. I can try. I’m not big on tunics. Ponchos (if they’re long enough) are fun to pair with faux leather leggings. I’ll try to do a roundup! 🙂 Maybe in my Asked & Answered column in my emails, if not here on the blog.

  9. I so appreciate your feedback on the patent vs. other Millers! I’ve been wanting them forever and think that’s a good use of my Anniversary Sale Nordstrom notes. I was having trouble choosing a color so this article was very timely. Thanks! 

  10. Hi Jolynne,  Thank you so much for this post!  I splurged Last year after reading this post 😁and got #1 and #2 in black -non patent style. Both are super comfortable, look brand new, and go with everything! I moved to Texas in 2017 and the warm weather here extends from mid April to October so I needed nice sandals. I got the Target version of #3 but in a lower heel also in black!  I’m going to work on in trying at least different neutrals as I seem to always get black.. Lol! Thanks so much again! I’m dressing a lot better since I started reading your blog in 2016! Congrats on your new home! It looks beautiful!  Regina Hurley 

  11. Ouch….your poor daughter! I highly recommend vinegar as it takes the pain and stiffness out of a sunburn. It smells terrible but worth it.

  12. Good Morning! I own 3 of these 5 sandals! (Sam Edelman, Miller, MK Jill) So in love!
    My question is regarding the MK Jill Espadrille… I haven’t had the opportunity to wear them much yet and am hoping to make them work into September. I am a teacher (“on special assignment”) so my daily style ranges from casual to business casual. Thanks so much! Jody

          1. Thanks! I just wanted to thank you for keeping us all in the know. Since I started following your blog, I’ve learned to use what I already own and how to strategically update my wardrobe. I receive many compliments on my outfits and always credit and recommend your blog! 🙂

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