Greetings from OCNJ #CoffeeTalk

Good morning from Ocean City, New Jersey! After driving through a nor’easter yesterday and unloading the car in a downpour, we arrived at our beach rental. Of all the years we’ve packed up the car and come to the beach, I don’t recall a rainy day ever, so I guess we were due.

Fortunately we went to Costco yesterday morning and picked up appetizers and dinner fixin’s, so we hung out here, snacked and played games, ate chicken Caesar salad, and then watched some TV.

It wasn’t until I was getting ready to go up to bed that I realized our towels hadn’t made it. I had two laundry baskets full of beach towels, bath towels, dish towels, wash cloths, and bathroom hand towels. I guess because they were in laundry baskets, no one realized they were supposed to go in the car?

So no one would get confused (ha!), I was careful to put everything to go in the car together, away from all the other boxes and bins I have yet to unpack in my bedroom — the suitcases, sheets, pillows, quilts AND THE TOWELS were all grouped together by the door of my room. Paul did a final walk-through to check on lights and things, so I never bothered to go back upstairs to double check.

You’d think I would have learned my lesson 5 years ago, when we came to the beach for a blogging event and unpacked the car only to discover that my entire suitcase hadn’t made it (including my toiletries and makeup.) That time, Paul actually drove home and retrieved it — 2 1/2 hours each way in Friday night rush hour traffic. #heisakeeper

Last night, he asked if I wanted him to go back for the towels, bless his heart. I laughed and said of course not. Surely we can find towels here somewhere.

It’s just so frustrating — all the lists, the time spent doing laundry, counting out 5 of everything, rifling through boxes in the garage, packing bins and baskets with linens for an entire household. I had even set certain things aside before we moved, knowing it may be hard to find stuff in the new house. I actually had a bin I packed when we staged the house with all the sheets we would need for this week, and it’s been sitting in the hall closet of the new house since before moving day. I thought I was so prepared.

I can only be mad at myself. It seems so obvious to me those stupid towels were meant to go in the car, but they can’t read my mind, and a simple walk-through on my part would have revealed the oversight. It didn’t even occur to me to double check, as I stood in the kitchen crossing everything off my packing list. #theirony

At least, as Paul pointed out, it was the towels that got left behind, not our bedding. Now THAT would have been a real bummer.

And then as if the towel debacle wasn’t enough, I woke up this morning to find that my gmail inbox had been deleted. I don’t know how that could have happened — it’s certainly a first.

They’re all in my “trash” folder, so I can retrieve them, but I use this account for everything — business and personal, and  I use my Inbox as a to-do list. I archive everything that I’m done with but want to keep so it’s easily searchable, and I delete all the junk religiously. I get A TON of junk email and promotional emails. My point is, to go through my trash to find the important emails that I need is a huge task. Some of them are gift cards that haven’t been redeemed, work emails I need to respond to, contracts, and things like that — so I definitely need to go through and try to find as much as I can!

I’m baffled as to how this happened. I wonder if I did it accidentally on my phone — batch-checked all the emails in the inbox and clicked the trash icon? I know sometimes I accidentally delete individual emails so I guess that could be what happened. It’s a mystery!

In more positive news, our beach rental is gorgeous — much nicer than last year’s house although not quite as large. We used Airbnb once again, and since I have a bad habit of waiting until late in the season to start looking, we didn’t have a lot of choices in our price range and the location we like. We really lucked out with this one. The owner even left a bottle of J.Lohr cabernet and a handwritten note on the counter to welcome us.

Hopefully the weather this week proves to be more inviting than the current forecast predicts, but at least we have a pleasant place to hang out inside if necessary.

This morning is actually quite nice, although very windy as the nor’easter moves out. It started out cloudy, but now the sun is out and the wind is dying down.

I went for a solo walk on the beach, and then we went out in search of towels. We found some, but let’s just say it was an expensive mistake. Ahhh, well…. such is life. What can you do?

I hope your weekend is off to a better start than mine, haha! Have a blessed Sunday!