What I Wore This Week 07.21.18

So another Saturday rolls around, and this one holds a 2 or 3 hour car ride “down the shore.” (If you live in Philly long enough, you will eventually start saying “down the shore” without thinking about how affected it sounds. Haha!)

This week’s edition of What I Wore (actually it’s another two-fer; it’s what I’ve worn over the past two weeks) is an odd one because it starts in my old house and ends up in the new one.

There aren’t a ton of looks here because I didn’t capture a lot of the outfits I’ve worn over the past few weeks — they’re either very repetitive or simply not worth looking at, but here’s what I’ve got!

What I Wore This Week 07.21.18

Here’s what I wrote to caption this picture two Saturdays ago: Today’s goals: painting, packing, packing, and more packing. I’m earning that 5:00 glass of 🍷. #saturdayvibes #ootd

That about sums it up! Everything I’m wearing is old, but I linked up similar HERE.

I wore this to church the next day — and it’s the last outfit picture we took in my old front yard! I love this outfit; it’s simple but I feel like the proportions are flattering. You can find all the details HERE.

I think this was Monday — it’s the day I came over to the new house to meet the painters, and then I ran some errands. Clearly I’ve been in a pink mood lately. You can find these outfit details HERE.

I wore pretty much that same outfit two days later to shop the #NSale — proof that I do re-wear clothes! I just swapped out the ballet flats for espadrilles and changed up my accessories. These outfit details are HERE.

The day after we moved, we had a memorial service to attend. I knew it was on the horizon, so I saved out this dress and pumps when I was packing. I love this bag with my LBD and black pumps — not that my outfit was the focus of the occasion, of course. But I couldn’t help but notice that this bag works as well with a dressy outfit as it does with my more casual ones. You can find these outfit details HERE.

This was later on that day, after I’d come back from the service and changed. My son had arrived home from summer camp while we were out, and I remember feeling so. very. tired. but also very grateful. Not for our new home — although I’m grateful for that too, of course, but I’d trade it in a heartbeat for good health and a family that is happy and together. Going to a service like the one I did that day has a way of putting things into perspective. You can find these outfit details HERE.

The next day was Sunday, and it rained cats and dogs. We snapped this picture in my new backyard right before it started to downpour. Something about my pose is really awkward and unflattering, and my shirt is yanked up on the right side (your left) for some reason, but I think the outfit works in person. The shirt has sold out, but you can find the rest of my outfit details HERE.

The next day was Monday, of course, and it was settlement day for our old house. I wore this to the real estate office to sign paperwork and meet the new owners! They are absolutely lovely, and I’m so happy for them. These jeans, shoes, bag, and earrings are all part of the #NSale. Get the details HERE.

I realized when I was adding this picture to my ShopStyle looks that I wore some variation of this outfit 3 or 4 times over the past two weeks. I guess I know what I like! Actually, I wore something cute (and a little different) on Thursday, and I kept meaning all day to get a picture of it, but I never took the time. Anyway, you can find these outfit details HERE.

And that’s a wrap! I know it’s nothing very inspiring, but I’ve been in survival mode for the past two weeks.

Now that we’re moved in, I’m not unpacking my whole closet because we’re having a custom organizational system installed in a few weeks, and it doesn’t make sense to load it up just to take everything out again. That said, living out of boxes is getting old. I’m looking forward to packing a capsule wardrobe for the beach and putting everything I need in a closet and dresser drawers.

Speaking of the beach, that’s where we’re headed today! I haven’t even started packing, but I did manage to get a grocery order onto Instacart. The time slots for this afternoon were filled up (I guess people are better planners than I am! It wouldn’t have occurred to me to order any sooner) so I had to settle for tomorrow.

There is only one grocery store in town, and it’s small and old with narrow aisles. Saturday afternoons are utter madness because everyone is getting into town for their weekly rentals. I went ahead and braved the crowds last year, but I thought I’d be smart this year and order grocery delivery. I guess I wasn’t that smart after all — next year I’ll have to remember to order a few days ahead.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend!

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16 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week 07.21.18

  1. Congrats on house! Love these summaries. Glad to see you wearing shorts often. We are in the south – shorts are a must wear most of the time (of course not for all occasions). Just don’t see how people around here are able to wear pants/slacks/jeans unless they are inside the majority of the day.

  2. Yay for pool pics! And the sun streaming through the window behind you in one of the photos! 
    Yep, cute jeans, flattering shirt, and accessories is definitely your go-to outfit-mine too. Easy and so versatile.
    In Delaware we say ‘the beach’ but when headed to NJ, we say ‘down the shore’ -hubby is a South Philly boy 😉. We go to Margate (family) and Avalon (friends there), which shore is your spot?

  3. My husband is from Philly and also says “down the shore.” I am from Baltimore, and we say “down the ocean.” Have a great vacation!

  4. JoLynn, Love all of the these outfits. Thanks for your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts. I have ordered and am keeping the Rails shirt in navy merlot, BP Cardigan in Pink Cedar, Leith Cardigan in Brown Spice, Halogen Cashmere Button Sweater in Burgundy Stem (love the color), Madewell Tee, and the Rag % Bone Raw Hem Ankle Skinny (love!). The Blank Suede Jacket in Ruby (wanted the other color but sold out) and the Vince navy/maroon striped sweater are on their way/

  5. Another good round up!  Have a wonderful vacation.  It’s good you’re still taking it even though you just moved.  Safe travels!

  6. At your suggestion, I ordered the AG Legging Raw Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans. Have never had a raw hem jean and now question….Do they ravel when washed???

  7. I hope everything about this family beach trip will be perfect!  Like a lot of areas across the country, we are having severe thunderstorms today, but tornadoes are not expected, thank goodness.  I’m so glad we came home from the NC mountains yesterday.  I like seeing what you really wear.  I need to learn how to front tuck my coffee ☕️ tee so it looks nice from every angle.  It’s great that your new handbag has the protective feet on the bottom!  I LOVE the fleece jacket from Nordstrom, and I think our granddaughter will be happy with hers.  The sleeves are a tad long, but it is a very nice fit in every other way.  Safe travels to the beach 🏖!

  8. Have fun at the beach. It’s a well deserved break from all the stress of moving. I hope your back has recovered from your incident and is not an ongoing thing. I had back problems for a few years and had to quit work. By the time I drove home, I couldn’t get out of my car. It improved with the help of a chiropractor and regular back exercises. I never did go back to working though. Lazy me!  Anyhow, drive safe. 

  9. Another fun post!  Thanks!  I finally decided to order the Uggs loafers from the sale after seeing them in several of your posts.  I’ve been looking for some for awhile and these are so cute.  I love the red, but know I won’t wear them as much as black, so went with the neutral.  Have fun at the beach!

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