July 24, 2020

5 Favorites: Summer Sandals {2020 Edition}

I've updated another 5 Favorites post, and today we're talking summer sandals! I've actually purchased QUITE a few new pairs of sandals this summer... ahem. Way more than I typically do in one season, and I'm not even sure why. But there are definitely a few that I find myself reaching for the most.
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July 13, 2020

5 Favorites: White Shorts

It's been a while since I've done a 5 Favorites post, and I’ve had some requests for a white shorts roundup. I'm wearing white shorts more than ever right now, due to Covid and most of our dining and entertaining being outside, and these are my favorites...
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February 17, 2020

5 Favorites: Denim Edition

It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 Favorites post, and I’ve had some requests for my favorite jeans, so I’m updating this post today with my 5 favorite pairs of jeans -- actually 10, as I did lists for both premium denim and denim under $100. 
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July 15, 2019

5 Favorites {Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition}

Today I'm sharing my 5 favorite items across 9 major categories from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Now that I've had a chance to fully peruse the website, watch other people's coverage, place a few online orders, and try on a lot more styles from the #NSale, I decided to round up what I feel are the best of the best.
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October 17, 2018

5 Favorites: Jewelry Edition

Hello and happy 🐫 day! I've got another 5 Favorites post today, and this is the jewelry edition. I get a lot of requests for more information on jewelry, how to style it, how to layer it, what to wear it with, etc. so I hope this is helpful. I'm sharing my 5 favorite pieces (or types) of jewelry, and I'm also touching on jewelry organization. 
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July 24, 2018

5 Favorites: Summer Sandals

My 5 Favorites series was popular last year, so I thought I'd update and republish some of those posts as we finish out the summer and transition towards fall. Today I'm sharing my 5 favorite pairs of summer sandals.
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October 24, 2017

5 Favorites: Lipstick

Hey guys! I hope this week is treating you well so far. Today I thought I'd share my five favorite lipsticks. I know that not everyone can wear the same colors as I do, but even if the exact colors don't work, perhaps you'll find some new lipstick brands to try.
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Fall/Winter Fashion
October 9, 2017

5 Favorites: Fall Cardigans

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today I'm returning to my 5 Favorites series, and I'm talking about my 5 favorite cardigans.
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August 9, 2017

5 Favorites: Dresses

I wanted to do another 5 favorites post this week, but I wasn't sure where to go next. It seems a little too early to touch on sweaters, we've talked a lot about shoes and boots lately, and I don't wear many blouses or pants... so let's talk dresses. For this one, I'm going to speak to general styles of dresses rather than exact items, but I do have some pictures and links of samples in my closet.
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July 18, 2017

5 Favorites: T-Shirts

Thanks to a reader suggestion on yesterday's post, I'm going to start a new series called 5 Favorites. Over the next few weeks, I'll share my 5 favorite clothing items from various categories. I thought I'd start with t-shirts because that's a wardrobe basic that you need all year round, and it's hard to find good t-shirts. It seems like they tend to be too long, too thin, or too something, but I do have a few favorites that I go back to again and again.
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