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Hey guys! I hope this week is treating you well so far. Today I thought I’d share my five favorite lipsticks. I know that not everyone can wear the same colors as I do, but even if the exact colors don’t work, perhaps you’ll find some new lipstick brands to try.

Before I apply lipstick, I always line my lips and fill them in with MAC lip liner in Spice, and I almost always use MAC tinted lipglass in Cultured on top.

MAC Lip Pencil in Spice + MAC Lipglass in Cultured

I find that applying lip liner first helps my lip color stay on so much better, and putting a gloss on top helps my lips look fuller and keeps them moist.

My 5 Favorite Lipsticks

#1. NARS Rosecliff // This is my go-to everyday color that I wear with the MAC lip liner in Spice and then top with the MAC tinted lipglass. This creates a nice, neutral everyday lip. The lipstick itself is moist and goes on easily and stays on well for hours.

#2. Bobbi Brown Lip Color in Pink Mauve // This picture looks nothing like the real lipstick color. It’s much darker than this. I like this for a darker everyday color, but I definitely have to lighten it with the pink lipglass or it’s too bold for my tastes. This is another creamy, semi-matte lipstick that is moisturizing and long lasting.

#3. Sonia Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color SPF 16 in Roseberry // For a drugstore lipstick, this is my favorite brand. It goes on smoothly and feels moist and hydrating. I also have this lipstick in a lighter pink that I wear sometimes, but the Roseberry color is a nice everyday brownish-pink shade.

#4. Armani Rouge Ecstasy in Daybreak // I like this for a natural pink lipstick that goes on fairly sheer and moist. This is the only lip color I wear without a gloss on top. I actually keep this in my purse and use it to layer on when my lipstick wears off during the day. I wouldn’t necessarily buy this again because it’s so expensive (it was an impulse buy; I usually stay under $30) but it’s a wonderful velvety-soft formula designed to coat your lips.

#5. GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper in Lust Red // This is what I wear when I want a red lip. I like this because I can blot some of it off and it’s not so bold. It’s also supposed to plump your lips as you wear it, but I dunno about all that. It definitely tingles so it feels like it’s doing something.


I’m not one to change things up very often so I’ve used all of these for at least a year. I’m getting ready to replace my Nars Rosecliff because it’s by far and away my favorite daily lip color. I don’t really change much when the seasons change, but I’ve been wanting to find a really cool darker brownish burgundy for fall. Any suggestions?

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  1. Nice post – I have never tried the Sonia Kashuk line – I think I will give it a go! I like your “5 favorites” posts!

  2. Nice post. I not a lipstick kind of person but I like that you share what works- just in case. ????  

    Love the way you’re wearing your hair in the picture above the post.  Is that a new style or have I just missed it before?  

    Have a great day! 

    1. Thanks, that’s from last year. I used to pull it back a lot but for some reason, it doesn’t look so good when I try to that now. I think it got a little too long and it just looks straggly.

  3. Every time I try and do a regular lipstick I end up hating it lol. I just have to stick with the stains so I use Cover Girl outlast and Maybelline 24 hour. They both work great in my opinion. I’m assuming there are some name brand lip stains out there but I’ve never really looked for them. Do you ever use lip stains?

      1. After I posted that I thought oh duh….that probably doesn’t work for you since you said you had trouble with dry lips. I keep my topcoat stuff in my purse and reapply several times during the day, but I definitely know what you’re saying! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the little tips on what you do first etc… you are very specific about details and I like that need that. (Like you put your mac liner on first). Love reading your posts. 

  5. I never know what color looks best on me. I hate not having an eye for that. But I love the Roseberry shade! I never used lip liner before, even when I wore makeup as a younger person.

  6. Again – many thanks for doing all the “legwork” for us! I can’t say enough how much I appreciate the variety that you show/share. Will def purchase the spice lip liner.

  7. Great post. I have several lip liners but don’t use them because they seem to dry out my lips but I will definitely try out the Mac liner. Because of my very dry lips, I think I have tried almost every brand of lip stick out there and I just started using a tinted lip balm instead by Neutrogena. But I will definitely try the Sonia Kasuck and I think it’s sold at Target ????

      1. Jo-Lynne….did you know your lips can get addicted to lip balm and then your lips don’t learn to make their own moisture?  Sure sounds like it is what has happened to you.  I have a friend who did this her whole life she is still is putting on lip balm, as she can’t stand her lips feel without it.  I bet if you pushed through and laid off of lip balm awhile, your own moisture in your lips would kick in.  I have a question on the lip glass?  Is it sticky gloss?  I don’t like it when it is.  Thanks for the good ideas.  I never use a lipliner but hear it helps. I guess I just feel too dressy with lined lips. 🙂  Did you ever check into Nordstroms recycle program?  Remember I told you I get my lipstick free, because I recycle 6 Nordstrom make up containers and then you get a free lipstick.  I get MAC lipstick.  I like it.  I get the color syrup.  

        1. I did know that about getting addicted to lip balm. Is it all lip balms? I thought it was a certain ingredient in the cheaper ones. All that to say, I have to put something on them. If I let them go, it only gets worse. Although I don’t think anything really helps much. I always have spots I can peel off (I try not to.) I don’t apply obsessively all day long, but I do put it on at night, hoping to moisturize thru the night.

          I don’t think this gloss is that sticky at all. It’s more just moist.

          I don’t think lined lips are dressy. (LOL!!) You can’t see the liner. It just helps them look more defined, and yeah, because I’m old, I’m hoping it helps against the bleeding outside of the lip area. 🙂

          I did NOT check into the recycle program. I forgot all about that!

  8. I wear RMS lip2cheek in Illusive, kind of a plum-my mauve color–at least that’s how I start my day. I’ve worn Estee Lauder’s all day lipstick in Sugar Maple since the early 90’s, it’s a Rosey-brown color. I love it, it goes with whatever I’m wearing and stays. (I had my makeup done at the EL counter for my wedding back in ’92 and I just loved the lipstick! Also, I’m a serious creature of habit!) I’m very interested in the lip liner pencil you featured, that looks really nice.

  9. I’ve been a forever fan of Loreal too–hands down the best.  My travel buddies all live in different states, but when we get together and pull out lipstick 4 out 5 of us have Loreal!!
    But I usually have a Sonia Kashuk or Bobbi Brown in my arsenal to add color or mute color as needed.  All 3 are winners IMHO.  Gonna try that MAC lipglass 🙂

  10. I toohave very dry lips Jo-Lynne, so I’m forever applying lip balm.  I have had luck with the Burt’s Bees brand.  The colors are nice and they last.  I too like your hair pulled back like that!  I hope you get a good report from the oral surgeon today!

    1. Oh, I also absolutely love Burt’s Bees lip products! The packaging is not glamorous, but they’re inexpensive, moisturizing, and all the colors I’ve tried have seemed to work for me. I especially love the Lip Shimmer with the minty flavor thing it has going on. They really are just wonderful.

  11. Great post Jolynne!  Thank you!

    I’ve tried to post for several days but for whatever reason it didn’t work.  I finally resubmitted my information so hopefully this one takes!

  12. I also have dry lips so anything that says “longwearing” means I can’t use it. I have been wearing more glosses or lipstick crayons and then a gloss. Thanks for this post! I’ll have to try lipstick again!

  13. I LOVE lipstick and am definitely going to try that NARS shade. Gorgeous. My favorite Bobbi Brown shade is “brown” but will check out the Pink Mauve.

    Do you have any eyeshadow tutorials? Yours always looks so pretty.

  14. Does liner help prevent “lip stick bleed”? I just started having this problem, probably due to age and drying skin. It so embarrassing to have lipstick look more like a clown smile!

  15. Hi, Jolynne!  You asked about a darker shade for fall/winter.  You might want to try Clinique Black Honey.  I think it comes in regular lipstick and a sheer formula.  The color in the tube is very dark – not representative of how the color actually looks on your lips once applied.  Very popular shade for those wanted a richer, darker look.  Good luck!  🙂

  16. I, too, have very dry lips. The ONLY lip balm that gives me relief is Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip moisturizer SPF 15. I have only found it at Walgreens. It’s long-lasting and unscented which is a must. 

  17. Nice post, thank you Jo-Lynne! What is the rule for lip liner? It should be the same shade as your lips? Thank you so much 🙂

    1. It should be pretty close, to your lips or the lip color you’re using. The spice I use is definitely darker than my lips, but it’s a nice neutral that seems to work well under any of the pinkish shades I tend to use.

  18. A great review of lipsticks etc. I do hope you are about back to normal. Such a pain – no pun intended to go through that ordeal.

  19. Have you tried Lipsense? I have found that I LOVE it! Long Lasting and hydrating with the use of gloss. The gloss can even be used as simply hydrater at night. Let me kjniw if you’d like to try it!
    FB page KD’s Luxurious Lips

    1. I really wanted to like Lipsense and invested in several shades. I stuck to it for more than a month,with constant advice from the nice lady who sold it to me. It was just too drying and I had to go back to my Sugar Lip brand. Love it in Honey. Very moisturizing,

  20. A much needed post. I have been trying to find a lipstick that would stay on. Thank you. I would also appreciate hair products for fine hair. Mine weighs down easily but I need help because the dryness ages my look.

  21. I love Covergirl Outlast Cinnamon Stick 661. I have similar colouring to you and random people compliment me on this colour. Extra bonus…last 24 hours….you’ll need Vaseline in the morning to get it off.

  22. Thank you for this update! Love all these color choices!! I’m hoping to add a few new colors to my repertoire and these are definitely ones I’m going to go test out on my skin tone. Thank you again!!

  23. This pic of you reminded me of the coated jeans you wore last year. Are they a thing for this year? I’d love to find some as they take a holiday event up a notch.
    Today I’m breaking out the leopard/mustard/bootcut combo!! Feelin good!:)

  24. ???? I did not know that one could become addicted to lip products!!!  I’m sure that I am, because I MUST have chap stick or gloss on at all times.  I drink lots of water, so I should be super hydrated. I think I’ll try to lessen the times I use lip products during the day.  Great post as always.  I’m going to check out the lip liner and NARS lipstick (just not obsessively…lol).  Thanks for keeping us cute!  ????

  25. Loved this post! I have been looking for a nice neural lip color. Ordered it yesterday and can’t wait to try it! 

  26. Okay too funny, I hopped on to say the EXACT thing as Gina above (I’m not into lipstick but love your hair in this pic Jo-Lynne!) and I can’t believe how many people commented on a post about lipstick, guess I’m sort of NOT “with it”, as always!  I can chat about food though, LOL.  And I see a bunch of people commented on your hair too!


      1. We are great here, I miss chatting with you!  Any chance you’ll be at the WAPF conference in Minnesota next month or the ShiftCon one in California in February???  I’m guessing no since you’re more into fashion stuff these days vs. food, but I’d love to catch up with you!


        1. I know, I miss you too. No, not planning on either of those conferences. If WAPF ever came back to Philly, I’d consider going, but I can’t really afford to travel to a conference that doesn’t serve the blog. I’m with you in spirit! 🙂

          I definitely feel like I’ve fallen off the real food bandwagon since the kids have gotten older. I know yours are older too, I don’t know how you do it. I feel like I can’t control what they eat or even what comes into the house very much now. It’s annoying. My son has gotten way picker too, now that he eats so much fast food on the go. 🙁 I still buy my local organic meats and veggies for our meals, and we love our local eggs for breakfast, but our grocery cart is comical when the kids come to the store with me – all my organics mingling with the their junkfood. LOL!

  27. Yes, it’s definitely trickier once they’re older!  Partly I’m blessed because they’ve heard me rant for so many years about the junk in the food supply, that they don’t go to drive-thrus themselves.  (Our oldest is 25 and on his own and at least I don’t THINK he does, but that’s out of my hands now!  Plus he’s a foodie himself, not really for health reasons but for taste.)  Also I think it’s that they’re cheap and don’t want to pay for their own food, lol.   They’ve been with their friends for fast food, but only once or twice and I call that a win!  The way I sort of get around some issues is I let them pick *organic* junk food when they’re with me at the store now and then, so they’re getting what they see as a cheat, and I’m compromising too, because of course there is very little nutrition in that stuff but at least it doesn’t have the REALLY bad crap in there.  It’s just a constant dance, giving a little here and there so it doesn’t seem TOO rigid, but overall trying to keep feeding them good meals, which you are doing.  You’re probably doing much better than you give yourself credit for!

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