Burgundy Tunic + Grey Jeans Outfit

Hey guys, happy Monday! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Thanks for all the comments on my whiny post yesterday. You guys are amazing. I feel like I’m turning the corner (yay!) and starting to feel more like myself.

A few of you asked for some different ways to wear grey jeans so this is the first of several grey jeans outfits I’m going to style over the next few weeks.

Grey Jeans Outfit with Burgundy Tunic and Rag & Bone Margot Booties

This tunic is nice because it can be dressy or casual. It would pair well with black ponte pants and loafers for work wear, but it’s also fun with jeans and booties for a weekend look.

Burgundy and grey compliment each other beautifully so you can pretty much recreate this look with any burgundy top, grey jeans, and black booties.

(And yes, this sweater is burgundy. For some reason it photographed plum. I have no clue why. I couldn’t change it Lightroom, which makes me cranky, but it is what it is. That being said, plum and grey are beautiful together as well, so either works!)

As far as this tunic is concerned, if you’re in the market for one, this is really nice quality. It’s a very soft, fine-gauge knit, and the side slits are a nice touch. Plus I’m always a sucker for a good cowl neck top.

For size reference, this sweater runs large; I have the small and it’s plenty big on me. It also comes in 5 or 6 colors, but the burgundy is my favorite. It’s just such a rich, gorgeous color for fall and winter. In fact, I have to be careful or I will buy too much of this color.

I’ve had questions about skinny jeans and ankle boots and when to cuff and when not to cuff, etc. This outfit is a good example of when I prefer NOT to cuff my jeans. They’re an ankle length style (the inseam is 28″) and the boots have a lower shaft so they work together without needing a cuff.

Cuffing them shortens the line of the leg, and the longer length of the tunic has already created a shorter leg line so I didn’t want to do that. Plus with these particular jeans, cuffing creates the appearance of a wider leg opening, which isn’t flattering either. When I just let them fall into the top of the bootie, they actually make my ankles look slimmer than if I cuffed them to show some skin.

There are no real “rules” when it comes to when to cuff and when not to cuff; you really have to look at each outfit and see what works best because there are so many factors to consider and every pair of jeans and ankle boots work together differently. Just realize that when you do cuff, you will shorten the line of the leg to some extent, so be careful to keep your overall proportions in balance with other aspects of the outfit.

I’m definitely seeing less cuffing these days and more girls letting the jeans just fall into the top of the bootie.

I thought these earrings were fun with this top, but they’re long gone so I don’t have a link. I also love the black tortoise sunnies with the grey and burgundy color scheme.

I ordered this wrap bracelet at a Stella & Dot party I attended a few weeks ago, and it just came in this weekend. This wrap style is always fun and the combination of leather straps and beaded chains is modern and just a little bit edgy.

My black satchel is the perfect compliment to this casual outfit. I like how the silver hardware coordinates with my bracelet and the grey jeans.

You don’t have to match your bag and your shoes, but in this case it works nicely with the rest of the outfit. I didn’t want to introduce another shade of grey, and I suppose a pop of color could be fun, but I’m pretty plain Jane so I kept it simple with a black bag and black booties.

My only issue with this outfit is that the proportions are a little off. Wearing grey jeans and black booties with the long tunic chop up my leg and make them look a little stumpy. A shorter burgundy (or plum) sweater would work better, or wearing black jeans with the black booties and this tunic would be another option. This is fine the way it is, but it could probably be better with one of those two options.

Also, these jeans are old and I can’t find anything quite like them. I’d actually like to get a pair of grey jeans without distressing, but I haven’t made that a priority since I have these.

Okay well I’ve certainly rambled on long enough! We took so many pictures of this outfit, I had a hard time narrowing them down. I may have gone a little overboard!

tunic // grey jeans // booties (I got mine on a major sale; less expensive option here) // bag // bracelet

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