2 Ways to Wear Oxblood Pumps

If you’re a Kate Middleton fan as I am, you may have already heard of L.K.Bennett — Kate’s go-to brand for classic pumps. Already a popular luxury high street brand in the U.K., they’ve been slowly gaining ground here in the U.S. and just launched on Zappos this year.

I’ve had my eye on their pumps for a while, but I hadn’t tried them yet so I was thrilled when Zappos invited me to sample a pair and partner with them to help spread the word about one of their newest luxury brands.

It took me days to choose a pair to feature because they’re all so gorgeous. I debated about a pair of classic nude stilettos or even a pair of casual ankle boots, but I finally settled on these suede pumps in a luscious shade of oxblood. I wanted to choose a shoe I knew I would get a lot of wear out of, and these are perfect for dressing up or down as I will show you in this post!

I have to say, these may very well be the world’s most perfect pumps. I’m obsessed. They have an almond shaped toe that is super flattering, and the 2 1/2″ wrapped block heel is the perfect height for giving you a little lift while allowing you to walk comfortably all day.

The materials and workmanship are the quality you would expect from a luxury brand that is frequently worn by the duchess of Cambridge. The suede is soft and supple, they have a leather insole with a padded footbed, and the rubber outsole allows you to walk with confidence and not worry about slipping.

I wore these shoes all day Sunday and found them to be extremely comfortable. They were a little stiff at first, but they softened up as time went on. I wore them again the day of this photo shoot, and I didn’t want to take them off when we were done. I even wore them around the house for a while when I got back. Ha!

These pumps do run a little bit small so I recommend sizing up a half-size.

The great thing about a pair of pumps is that you can dress them up or down, and with the 2 1/2″ block heel, these are practical for everything from work to dinner to church to a trip to the mall with girlfriends if you’re feeling sassy!

I styled one of my typical dressed-up casual looks and paired these shoes with raw hem skinny jeans. Then I topped it off with a camel sweater and a black leather jacket.

I love wearing oxblood with camel in the fall. It’s such a classy combination, and then the leather jacket gives off that edgy vibe that I love.

I kept my accessories simple and wore a long pendant necklace. Another option would be a plaid scarf that integrates the colors of the outfit.

The leopard clutch adds pattern and texture and brings the camel and black together, while the pearl earrings are classy and understated, and I love how the oxblood suede adds a luxurious pop of fall color to this otherwise neutral outfit.

When I wear these shoes, I can almost picture myself having afternoon tea in a quaint London cafe with my bestie, Kate Middleton. I’m pretty sure we’d be besties if we had the chance, don’t you?

camel sweater // raw hem skinny jeans // black leather jacket // L.K. Bennett Sersha pumps in Oxblood // pearl earrings // leopard clutch

photo credit: Allison Cornell Photography

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64 thoughts on “2 Ways to Wear Oxblood Pumps

  1. Those are incredible shoes, Jo-Lynne!! My mom (the 70+ model on my blog) always says that pumps are classics and that’s why she has so many pairs!! But it’s true, they work for the office, fancy events and I love how you even showed them with jeans!!

  2. You really out did yourself on this one.  Great color combinations and I loved that you showed us a totally new brand and color as an option for fall. You made them look fabulous with jeans and slacks and as always…you look amazing, like royalty! ????

  3. Love Kate Middleton’s style!! And love those shoes! I like that they aren’t the super pointy toe. But the price – ouch! Maybe I can convince my husband to buy me a pair for my birthday coming up or Christmas. LOL.

    I’m glad they fixed your dry socket – or made it to where the pain is manageable. I hate it when the doctors office convinces you to wait even when you know you need to go. But on the reverse side – I’ve also had them tell me to come in because you want to be sure and then it turned out to be nothing. :-/ Oh well … ha.

    1. Yeah, exactly, and I didn’t want to be That Girl. But now I wish I had. I really hate taking more pain meds than necessary. Oh well.

      These would make a spectacular gift! My mom often gifts me with shoes I might not buy myself for birthdays and Christmas.

  4. I have two pair of LK Bennett pumps and I wear one or the other to work almost every day. Oh my word!  I am a believer. They are wonderful. Worth the money!  So excited Zappos is carrying them now and I love these ox blood pumps!

      1. I have nude patent stilettos and black patent stiettos and I definitely have my eye on the black leather pumps! I wear them all day at work (even standing at a standing desk) and they are soooo comfy.

  5. Love both looks! Trying to figure out how I can get both the shoes and a new blush sweater in the budget! Haahaa!

  6. I am so sorry about the dry socket, but thankful you are now feeling better.  I always say that some of the best lessons we learn are the ones we learn the hard way.  I guess you are the same way, Ha!
    Those pumps are fabulous!  If I were a pump wearing woman, I would have a pair that color in my closet.  I really like both of the ways you styled them.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. Hi! Thank you so much for your blog….it is truly inspiring! I’m in need of socks for the short boots…tried to search where kind you recommended (should have written it down) but can’t find info. Please advise – THANKS! Hope you have a blessed day!

  8. Hey there, Jo-Lynne – I’m a relatively new follower from NYC but I have family in Phoenixville, Pa. 

    Thanks for the styling – love the color of the shoes. Beautiful! Out of my budget but great outfit options with oxblood shoes. Where did you get that amazing clutch?

  9. Gorgeous shoes!! I’m at the point in my life that I can only buy shoes that are comfortable due to Morton’s neuroma on both feet :(( I’m certainly going to give this brand a go. Great post!!! Thanks!

  10. Love the looks. I thought you’d wear your black and white plaid? Herringbone? trousers with it. I think I’d like the added texture. The shoes are gorgeous!

  11. The shoes are gorgeous! I love how you styled them with the tan sweater and jeans, I wouldn’t have thought to do that.

    Glad you are feeling better! Advocating for yourself if harder than advocating for you children.

  12. You knocked it out of the park with this one.  Absolutely gorgeous!  And honestly, I expected the pumps to be more expensive.  I bet they’d last for many years.  

  13. Hi JoLynne! Beautiful outfits today, you outdid yourself again!. Love the casual look with those gorgeous pumps and jeans (love the clutch too). The workwear outfit is perfect for me and I love the combo you have chosen with the blush. Question…where is the top from? You didn’t source it at the end like you usually do. I think I need that top! Shoes are absolutely drop dead to die for!! Oh, if I had unlimited funds lol! Thanks for the great post!

  14. love these looks! The shoes are gorgeous – I hadn’t thought of pairing camel and pink with this colour thanks for the tips! I have a nude pair of heels from LK Bennett and they are soo comfortable! I hope you get some stores opening in the US the staff are really friendly and down to earth in all the branches I have been to here in the UK and offer great advice ! Hope you are feeling better

  15. I got a chuckle when I saw the price of the shoes. It said “ships free”! I guess they would ha ha!! but in all honesty, thought they would be pricier. They’re beautiful.

  16. Oh shoot…. you poor thing on the dental work. That’s why I told you from start to go back in. I worked for a dentist for years. :). Glad it’s taken care of now. Yes…. always trust yourself and push to get what you think should happen.  I had my girls teeth out in high school but our insurance we had when my son hit that age won’t take them out unless problems. :(. I don’t want him to end up an older adult doing it. But his are impacted way up and risk of digging for them isn’t good either. He’s 23 yrs now. Glad you are all done. 🙂 

  17. Oh my goodness you are beautiful in these pictures. You truely could be related to Kate Middleton. I commented already on your dental ordeal then read blog and just had to tell you how great you look. I love the pumps and the leather jacket. Great outfits. 

  18. Gorgeous shoes and love your outfits.  What brand is the black satchel?  I tried to zoom in on the name but I couldn’t make it out.

  19. Ugh! So frustrating your dentist didn’t see you when you initially called them. So sorry you had to wait so long to get some relief.

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