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It may seem early to start talking about the holidays, but we’re almost at the end of October, folks! Christmas is less than two months away! #dontshootthemessenger

One of my very favorite holiday traditions is sending (and receiving) Christmas cards. Even though Facebook and Instagram allow us to keep up to date with friends and family near and far, I still love getting good old-fashioned snail mail at Christmastime. (And I love sending it.)

We usually do the typical holiday photo cards because I love receiving family pictures from friends and loved ones, so I assume they enjoy getting them as well. It’s also a great way to discipline myself to get at least one good picture of our family each year. For some reason, it’s easy to let the time get away from us, especially with the ages of my kids. When they were little, I feel like we took so many more pictures of them.

Some years I’m scrambling at the last minute to find pictures and get our cards together, but this year I’m on the ball. We have an appointment this weekend for a family photo mini session with Alison Cornell. She did the amazing photography on my L.K.Bennett post and I can’t wait to see what she comes back with.

I still don’t know what we’re all wearing (yikes!) but I will definitely do a post on that when we get it all figured out.

Meanwhile, I’ve been perusing this year’s holiday photo card designs at Minted because I’m hoping to take advantage of their current 15% off and free shipping offer.

SALE ALERT >> Enjoy 15% off + free shipping on holiday cards $175+; 10% off + free shipping $125+ at Minted with code HOLCARDS. Expires Monday, 10/30.

Minted is my favorite place to order my holiday photo cards because they always have an amazing selection of modern, stylish designs, and their quality is fabulous. I’m such a sucker for a nice, thick cardstock.

I also love how they have matching stamps and return address labels, or you can opt to have your return address printed on the envelopes. Plus you can upload your address book into their system and have the envelopes arrive all addressed and ready to go. That, my friends, is a glorious thing!

Here are some of my favorite designs from this year. Of course I have to wait and see how the pictures turn out before deciding on the ones I want, but it’s fun to window shop and get ideas.

I always love the hand lettered cards like this one.

Minted Holiday Photo Cards

And this one is simple and elegant.

Minted Holiday Photo Cards

Collages are fun too. I like how all of these pictures are from the same photo session. It keeps the design cohesive.

Minted Holiday Photo Cards

They have a nice selection of religious Christmas designs as well.

There are usually several different layout and color options per card so you can customize them to your family’s preferences.

If you’re on the ball and already have family photos ready to go, you can take advantage of Minted’s 15% off sale and get your holiday cards squared away right now! If not, they usually run another sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday so stay tuned for that.

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  1. I still love to send and receive Christmas Cards each year too! But I agree that it’s harder and harder to find a good photo to use. I have to be very intentional about it throughout the year. Normally on our vacation I try to capture a few to choose from.

    1. Yeah, that is usually my goal too, but this year we didn’t get any good ones. My son wasn’t even with us in Maine, and we got one picture at the beach on the last day at high noon, lol. It’s my FB cover photo but I am excited to get professional ones done for the Christmas cards this year.

  2. The cards are beautiful, but Christmas?? No! Don’t say it! I am in Halloween mode with the grandchildren this week. We go to a family friend’s for a meal around a fire pit in her front yard, with neighbors stopping by to join us for a glass of wine or just to say hello. Then we take the little ones for treats to a couple of houses where everyone knows us. Next week I’ll think about Christmas.

  3. I love holiday cards!! I’m starting to be in a predicament though. My husband and I have a blended family. His oldest is married with 2 kids, one is in college, one lives on her own and two live part time with us and are still in high school. The year we got married, we used the photo from our wedding with everyone so that worked out great. Last year I did a collage, but now this year I’m wondering what to do. It seems weird including his oldest and his family because they do their own thing and including my oldest who is out on her own seems weird too. But then to just include 3 kids seems strange too!!! Anybody else have this problem and what did you do?? Keep doing the collage style and just get photos of everyone and try to make something work?

    1. I think doing the collage would still be great. I’d have the adult children give you a photo of themselves if single and with their family if married to be included. Good luck.

  4. We took our family photo for our Christmas card last Sunday afternoon. Besides our kiddos, both of our Moms are in it. We haven’t done a family portrait in 6 years since our oldest son’s wedding. Our family is like yours, lots of photos while the boys were small but not so many now. I can’t wait to see our pics.  We were trying to coordinate clothing and did until the last minute so no one would clash. Hopefully we got some good pics. Good luck and have fun with yours.

  5. we do this every year. 🙂 we decorate our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and then take a pic in front of it. 🙂 love getting cards in the mail, nothing beats it. 🙂
    happy weekend to you!

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