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17 Outfits for 2017

I was thinking the other day that I should recreate some of my fall outfits from last year because they’re still perfectly relevant and in style, and I have a lot of those clothing items still hanging in my closet. Then I realized it made no sense to reinvent the wheel, so I just gathered a bunch of my favorite outfits from last fall here in one post, and voila! 17 “new” fall outfits to copy or adapt with what you have in your closet!

17 fall outfits to copy right now with product links

You can probably shop your closet to recreate many of these outfits, but I’ve also provided links to what I can or at least to some general product categories to give you a place to start.

#1. Stripe Turtleneck, Black Quilted Vest, Black Jeans, Fashion Sneakers

There are so many possible variations on this outfit, but I kind of like the black and white for a more sophisticated take on the quilted jacket. The burgundy bag is the perfect rich fall color to compliment the look.

striped turtleneck (exact) // similar quilted vest // black jeans // Adidas Superstars // similar burgundy backpack

#2. Black Moto Jacket, Burgundy Skinnies, Black OTK Boots, Grey Scarf

This is one of my all time favorite outfits.

black moto jacket // burgundy skinnies // black OTK boots // grey scarves // black tee // black bag options // faux pearl studs

#3. Green Quilted Vest, Stripe Tee, Blue Jeans, Leopard Flats

I love this green vest, but you could wear navy or red or even pink and this outfit would still work. It’s the leopard flats that really make it pop.

quilted vest (exact) // striped tee (exact) // skinny jeans (mine are AG) // leopard flats // bag options // necklace size 3XL; 16″ // sunnies

#4. Yellow Cardigan, Leopard Scarf, White Tee, Blue Jeans, Brown Ankle Boots

Any style of blue jeans works for this look, but bootcut jeans are making a comeback for 2018!

Fall Outfit Inspo: Mustard Cardigan with Leopard Scarf

yellow cardigan (more here) // leopard scarf // white tee // bootcut jeans (my favorite bootcuts) // brown ankle boots

#5. Burgundy Skinnies, Grey (or Black) Rain Boots, Black Moto Jacket, Grey Tee & Grey Leopard Scarf

This post is a couple years old, but I still love this outfit. My moto jacket is coated cotton, but I don’t think I’d wear leather in the rain. Of course you can wear leather or suede boots instead of rain boots.


burgundy skinnies //Hunter boots (exact) // black moto jacket // black bag options // grey tee // leopard scarf options

#6. Plaid Flannel, White Tee, Blue Jeans, Converse

Any plaid button down shirt will work for this outfit formula. If it’s warm enough, you can take it off and tie it around your waist.

plaid shirt // white tee // blue jeans // Converse Shoreline sneakers // initial pendant // bar necklace // similar sunnies // Alex and Ani bangles

#7. Burgundy Jeans, Black Tee, Denim Jacket, Black Loafers

Any color denim would work with this look, and you can definitely sub straight leg jeans or bootcut if you prefer.

burgundy jeans // black tee (option) // denim jacket // black loafers // satchel // layer necklace // similar sunnies

#8. Black Jeans, Grey Tee, Black Moto Jacket & Leopard Flats

This outfit is really simple, but the leopard flats pop it.

black and grey with leopard

black moto jacket // black jeans // grey tee // leopard flats // black bag options

#9. Black Leggings, Colored Tunic, Tall Brown Boots

This tunic comes in a bunch of colors, and it’s only $27. It also looks good front-tucked with skinny jeans.

 black leggings // tunic // brown tall boots // layer necklace

#10. White Jeans, Pink Tee, Grey Cardigan, Grey Ankle Boots

Pastels aren’t just for summertime!

pink tee // grey cardigan // white jeans // grey booties // grey satchel // layer necklace

#11. Striped Tee, Olive Cargo Skinnies, Denim Jacket & Leopard Flats

How old is this picture!?! LOL! It still works, tho.

stripes and olive with leopard

denim jacket // olive skinnies // striped tee // leopard flats  // burgundy crossbody

#12. Camel Sweater, Black Quilted Vest, Blue Jeans, Burgundy Flats, Plaid Scarf

This is another one of my all-time favorite looks. I knotted this long scarf to look more like an infinity scarf.

 camel cashmere sweater (exact) // black quilted vest // blue jeans  // burgundy flats // plaid scarf options // bag options // faux pearl earrings

#13. Orange Pullover, Light Wash Jeans, Leopard Booties, Yellow Tote

This combination of colors just screams fall!

ribbed pullover // straight cropped jeans // leopard booties // tote // necklace // earrings

#14. Leopard Scarf, Beige Tee, Black Jeans, Taupe Ankle Boots

Wearing a short sleeve tee with a scarf is kind of silly if you think about it, but this scarf is perfect because you can wrap up in it if you get cold indoors.

leopard scarf  // beige tee // black jeans (exact) // taupe ankle boots // black shoulder bag

#15. Camel Sweater, White Skinny Jeans, Tall Brown Boots, Plaid Scarf

This camel sweater is a workhorse in my fall and winter wardrobe. It’s such a great layering piece. See more of this look in the original post.

camel cashmere sweater (exact) // white jeans // tall brown boots // plaid scarf // faux pearl earrings

#16. Swing Dress with OTK Boots

I love OTK boots paired with a shift or swing dress, and Loft has a couple of cute swing sweater dresses out this fall that would be perfect for this look.

sweater dress options  // similar OTK boots // similar crossbody

#17. Red Vest, Cream Turtleneck, Blue Jeans, Hunter Boots, Plaid Scarf

This popular scarf was brought back this year, so I had to share this outfit again.

red vest options // off-white turtleneck // blue jeans // Hunter boots (exact) // plaid scarf // pom pom beanie options

I hope that was helpful! It was for me. I totally forgot about some of those outfits until I started going through my archives, and I can’t wait to start recreating some of these now that the weather feels like fall.

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