Winter Scarf Trends

I’ve had several people ask me if scarves are still in style this fall, and the answer is unequivocally, YES! But scarf trends do evolve, and I’ve definitely noticed them evolving this year.

winter scarf trends

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I’m not seeing the bulky square blanket scarves tied kerchief style much at all this year. (Hallelujah!)

True confessions, I hated that trend. I tried wearing mine that way a couple of times in my daily life, and I felt ridiculous.

This year I’m seeing more of the traditional look with oblong scarves looped around with the ends dangling in the front — basically, how we’ve always worn scarves.

Sole Society Oversize Plaid Wool Scarf

Speaking of scarf trends, I’m also not seeing a ton of infinity scarves around this year. Personally I like the infinity scarves because they’re so easy to style so I will keep wearing mine, but I’m totally fine with ditching the big square blanket scarves.

Now don’t get mad at me if you invested in a bunch of those square blanket scarves last year. As with most matters of fashion, if you like it, you should wear it. I don’t think it looks out of style necessarily; it just isn’t all the rage as it was for the last couple of years.

In addition to the traditional plaid, solid scarves with long fringe are definitely trending.

Free People Kolby Brushed Scarf

If you’re looking for a fairly inexpensive way to update your wardrobe, a scarf is a great way to do it! Plus, they’re practical because they keep you warm.

Here are a bunch of my scarf outfits from over the years, and I’ve rounded up a bunch of gorgeous scarves that are currently in stock for your shopping convenience!

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42 Responses

  1. I always feel like I’m wearing a bib when I wear a scarf! Why do they look so good on other people!? Last night our school in Colorado had ‘Senior night under the lights’ for their last home game. My daughter is on the high school football team but not a senior yet and I felt a big lump in my throat watching the moms as they saw their child play their last high school game. So bittersweet! Hopefully your team won….ours got CRUSHED! LOL!!

    1. Blue – you are my fellow football mom! My daughter just ended her 8th grade football season – she is the only girl and a lineman.

      1. That is so AWESOME! My Hannah has been playing since 3rd grade and a freshman Q.B. now. She has all the knowledge, talent, respect and passion for the game but its scary to see the size of those boys as they get older! Its a little scary! Tell your daughter to keep going….our girls can be anything they want! What school does she play for?

    2. We won! At least, we were winning at halftime, lol. We didn’t stay to the end. Scarves are tricky if you’re busty – that may be the issue? I agree, they add extra bulk.

  2. Bless your heart!  This tooth thing is going on much longer than you anticipated or expected, I’m sure.  I pray that after Tuesday, you will be back up to full speed ahead.  And I am so happy that Paul made it home for last night!  With the airline travel, you never know.  I love adding a scarf to my outfit, but no matter how cold it is, my neck sweats like crazy.  I prefer styled in a way that they don’t add bulkiness to the mid section and don’t end up in your food that’s on the table.  I am buying one for our DIL’s January birthday, so I am looking into the various options you provided.  Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love scarves on everyone but me…I can’t stand anything around my neck-turtle necks, most necklaces and scarves…I’m one of those that likes everything away from my face, lower necklines, coats with collars turned away from my neck or turned under…always been like that…weird I know????

    1. Yeah, I hear ya there. I have gotten used to them in recent years but honestly only wear them when it gets cold. I do like to style them with blog outfits tho b/c they make such a cute accessory. 😉

  4. GM!  First I want to say thanks for always getting your post out early. I love having my coffee with a bit of fashion on the side ???? And so glad your hubby made it to the game on time. I still remember my daughters senior year like it was yesterday and she’s now in her third year of college. I definitely think it’s one of those mile stones that is harder on the parent than the kids.  So many mixed emotions but the one to hang on to the most…..is pride. You got him safely though all the things that the school years demand of kids now a days and pretty soon he will be quoting some of the “mom saying” he heard you say along the way and you’ll know, in that moment that you did something right. But, if this helps….they do still need you in college lol
    Loving the post on the scarves and my plan was to shop for new scarves today, so the timing was perfect. I must have gotten rid of a lot of my scarves last year because I can’t seem to find them. It’s definitely a way to update your fall outfits without spending too much. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Jo-Lynne – I’m so sorry that you are having so much trouble with that tooth! I have to say though that you’ve handled it well with your trademark humor. I hope you are “cured” by your next appointment! I love scarves but also felt silly wearing those blanket scarves around my neck! They were so huge and bulky I could barely turn my head left or right much less look down. And did you ever try driving with those things on? It was like driving with my dog wrapped around my neck! With that said, I am not getting rid of them. I’ve been taking them to my son’s football games and using them as blankets. They are large enough to cover me and my husband! They also make great fall and winter tablecloths! Have a great weekend!

    Cathy V.

  6. I hope your mouth feels better … geez! I’m always hot with scarves and they always seem to get in the way of my hair ???? But I do wear them when it’s super cold … and the big blanket scarves I have I cut in half so they’re  not as bulky.  I gave the other halves to my niece and she loves them! Win! 

  7. Last year I bought a blanket scarf, and I couldn’t figure out how people could wear that much fabric, especially around the back of the neck. So I went online and found a video where a girl explained that she just cut hers diagonally into two triangles. This makes, in effect, two large kercheif (sp?) type scarves. Wear one half and share the other with a friend! This worked great–to me it looked the same, but it was actually comfortable.

  8. Living in Houston doesn’t give you many opportunities to wear scarfs. It is just too hot 🙁 But thank you sharing the winter jacket which will be perfect for my Dec Colorado trip!

  9. I love plaid and love scarfs but too much bulk near face looks, uh , bulky on me. Needless to say, I was planning on cutting my blanket scarf in half, but may try to cut into strips and make a long one. OH well, I love the plaid from Nordstrom so may go for that and use my blanket as a car blanket. Ha! Still praying for your tooth to  heal. Thanks for all you do!❤️

  10. I’m sorry you’re still battling that tooth. I pray it heals quickly so you can be pain free.
    I didn’t buy any blanket scarfs because they were too much material and looked silly on me. So…win/win for me. Lol  I love scarfs and am always buying another one. I figure it’s an inexpensive way to change up what’s already in my closet. I’m not sure the extremely long fringe is going to make it into my closet though. That one will always be in the way. I like fuss free dressing. 

  11. Ditto, Ginger. Everything you said. I struggle with scarves also but love them on others. But I have a ton of them. Go figure. So this post from Jolynne inspired me to wear them more. So thanks for that, Jolynne. I had to chuckle about the blanket scarf. I love that you said that. The traditional way is easier to wear also. Great post. Glad you are better and glad your husband made it home in time.

  12. This was a timely post! It’s just getting chilly enough that I am thinking about wearing scarves. I have quite a few,thanks to my sweet, generous sister, but I was a bit uncertain about the latest trend. I am relieved to know that I don’t have to keep struggling with the blanket scarf, kerchief style. I hate that look on me!
    Can’t wait to see how you style the scarf with fringe! It’s gorgeous.

  13. You are right about those big blanket scarves. I have some, but they are so overwhelming on and hard to do anything that involves movement. lol I’m so behind and out of the loop on your dental issues. I saw your story and you were talking about it. Sorry you’re having such a rough go. Hope it all gets resolved soon! Happy Saturday!

  14. Blanket scarves can be worn as a wrap. They look great that way. I love scarves and have way too many. They’re such an easy way to change up or add zip to an outfit. 

  15. 100% agree that hated the kerchief style as well. Hahaha. I love to wrap a good sacrf around to add a little pop to my trench or winter coat as well as my casual outfits. Love the suggestions and updates here.


  16. Jolynne, love your blog!  I, too, am an early riser and enjoy the fashion and coffee.  Your early posts are much appreciated.

    Could you maybe do something about styling winter hats?  I live in MA and have no idea what style/shape to look for with my hair/face/neckline on coats?  Depending on what site I look, I’m either an oval, long, or pear-shaped face.  I have no clue.

    1. Hm. I can try. I don’t wear a lot of hats. The beanies with the pom poms are still popular, and they’re the most practical in my opinion. I’m not really sure who they flatter, though. 🙂

  17. I made my own plaid flannel blanket scarves, really can only stand that much fabric when I am outside for extended periods, like recess duty.  I made mine smaller too.  For that reason, I’ll probably keep wearing them to be extra warm during recess.  I bury my face in them.  Since I didn’t pay a lot for the fabric, I won’t be too sad if the trend dies.  I have a real thing for crocheted or knit scarves, again, I made them.  Still too hot for work, but great for recess and coming and going.  I hate cold wind!  Who doesn’t!  

  18. Love scarves and especially the infinity ones. That’s too bad that they’re not as popular this year. I love wearing them for a little extra warmth. Long scarves tend to hang and get in my way. 

  19. I can’t say I’ll cry about the declining popularity of blanket scarves.  I like them in theory, but it seems that it takes a lot of wrangling to get them to look right and even then I end up feeling I’m being swallowed. ???? And, honestly, we just don’t get enough freezing cold days that require a scarf that covers half your body.  I’m not the most creative at scarf tying, so I’m definitely going to keep my infinity scarves in the mix though!  Thanks for the info!

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