Coffee Talk 10.29.17

Good morning, friends! I hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend so far. I am happy to report that my husband made it home on Friday night just in time to grab a bite to eat and head out to Senior Parents Night at the high school. I was so relieved when I heard his flights were all on time, and fortunately there were no other mishaps between here and the Philly airport, even though it was during rush hour on a Friday night when he landed.

We left my 12-year-old in the bleachers with a camera when we went down on the field for the halftime presentation and hoped for the best. She took about 100 shots, but she did get one good one when we were smiling for the professional photographer on the field. (I’m hoping we get copies of those photos too, but I haven’t heard how that works.) We zoomed waaaaaay in to get this so the quality is pretty craptastic, but it’s still something!

Yesterday morning I ran over to the Apple store when it opened so I could pick up my new iPhone 8 Plus. I had ordered it online, but I like to go in and get it and have them set me up and transfer everything over. Plus, I didn’t want to wait a week for shipping. I know, I’m such a product of the instant gratification generation.

My husband went with me to keep me company, and we walked around the mall for a bit afterwards. They were having some trick-or-treat event where participating stores were giving out candy so there were kids (and adults, for that matter) walking around in costume. It was quite comical.

When we got back home, a friend and I took our girls over to a fall family festival nearby where there were all the traditional activities like face painting, pumpkin carving, pony rides, and even canoeing. It was an absolute perfect day for it. So gorgeous. They had a blast, and it was just nice to be outside.

Then last night we drove out to Lancaster County to see my son perform at his last cavalcade of bands. It was bittersweet knowing it was his last one, at least for high school. I have no idea if college marching bands do those or not. The band is really good this year, and I think this probably my favorite of all the shows they’ve done over the years. The drumline has a really cool part in the finale, and it’s been the perfect way to end his high school marching band career.

So after a week of gorgeous fall weather, we are getting some rain today. I wouldn’t mind it too much, but it means we had to cancel our family photo shoot this afternoon, and our neighborhood Halloween parade that was scheduled for tonight has been moved to next Sunday. That will be rather anticlimactic, but it is what it is. At least Tuesday looks nice for trick or treating. Our neighborhood gets a lot of kids coming through, and it’s always a fun night.

I’m off to church in a bit so I’ll sign off here. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. I have a senior too and her last cross country meet was bittersweet for me too. So many lasts this year. Has your son decided where to go to college yet? Mine changes her mind every week! Has one acceptance and still writing apps for others.

    1. Oh, thanks! Let’s see, that jacket was at Nordstrom last year. Here’s this year’s version: https://rstyle.me/n/ctqnkjgthw

      He actually wore that in a blog post: https://jolynneshane.com/fall-mens-fashion-from-the-nordstrom-anniversary-sale.html

      And then funny thing, the plaid shirt he’s wearing was in a blog post a few weeks ago: https://jolynneshane.com/fall-menswear-look-with-nordstrom.html. He rarely makes an appearance on the blog, but those are both go-to wardrobe pieces for him.

      Here’s the shirt: https://rstyle.me/iA-n/ctayevgthw_

      His jeans are probably 7FAM. That’s mostly what he wears: https://rstyle.me/n/bvnrwegthw

      And these are his shoes: https://amzn.to/2z4xLt0

      He has those Cole Haan shoes in brown too. He loves them.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, up until the rain.  The rain hit here after 4 yesterday, was on and off overnight.  It is VERY windy this morning, and our high will be in the mid 50’s.  We had the mid 70’s yesterday.  I wish the very best to all of the parents of high school seniors and to the students.  It goes by so fast, there are numerous last’s, and there are so many decisions to make.  As a grandparent, it’s also hard for us to absorb how quickly the grands grow up.  Seeing how happy our only grandchild is with her new college life brings me so much happiness.  We ate excited to see all that the future has in store for her.  Have a blessed day!

  3. Our oldest granddaughter is a senior in high school as well and it’s been such an exciting time watching her going through the college application process. She’s already received two acceptances so we’re so proud of her!  It will be interesting to see which college she ends up choosing! 
    We get lots of Trick or Treaters in our neighborhood as well-actually people carpool in to let their kids Trick or Treat in our neighborhood which some neighbors don’t like but I don’t mind.  I love seeing all the costumes! Enjoy your rainy Sunday, it’s rainy here as well!

    1. We get people dropping kids off too, but I don’t mind either. It adds to the fun, in my opinion! If I lived in a house without a walkable neighborhood, I might do that too. 🙂

  4. Jo-Lynne! Love the band photo, your daughter got a good shot!! My daughter was also in the Marching Band in South Jersey, and the Band was excellent, winning many awards. I really missed being a band parent when she graduated (back in 1997!) We were at Longwood Gardens yesterday enjoying the absolutely perfect weather (us along with a bazillion other people!!!). But, we still had fun with the grands. You didn’t mention your tooth, so I’m assuming you’re finally on the mend and pain-free? Hope so! Enjoy your rainy Sunday.

    1. Hey Sue. Saturday would have been a PERFECT day for LG! Unfortunately my tooth is being really slow to heal, and it’s still packed and sort of painful at times. I am seeing the oral surgeon again tomorrow and I’m hoping it doesn’t hurt so much when he removes the packing and cleans it out. I am so ready for this to be over.

  5. I heard your son’s high school band this year when our two schools played football against each other. They really sounded great – was very impressed with their whole show! Enjoy his senior year!

  6. Hi Jolynne, what a great picture! It is a bittersweet feeling. I’ve gone through though it 3 times and now that the kids are all in college, I miss those Friday night games so much. Our kids were also in band, indoor percussion, and 2 out of the 3 participated in DCA and DCI. And yes, many colleges participate in the Collegiate Band Festival held at J Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown. The event is usually in late September-early October. It’s a day- long event and the kids see their old friends who are also participating. Hmmnn….could potentially be a future blog idea—what to wear to a band festival/competition?!  🙂
    I hope you are feeling better and healing smoothly. Take care and thank you for sharing that beautiful photo! It brought back so many happy memories for me! Take care!

  7. I just thought of a new post suggestion. How about doing one on sneakers. I’d love some cool sneaker ideas. I’m in the market for a cool looking black pair that I can wear about town. I think the shorelines are cute but they kind of look warm weatherish to me. Thank you for your posts, I admire your style! A suggesttion on running shoes would be great (I’m in the market for those as well), but I do realize that is very individualized.

  8. Marching band mom here too… college bands will often perform at high school competitions as an exhibition band while the judges tally scores. Otherwise the band kids who want to keep on with the bigger productions march DCI or DCA (and those shows are incredible!)

  9. We just checked out Savannah College of Art and Design for our daughter. On our way back to Virginia today. I enjoyed looking at your previous posts on your trip to Savannah. Yes it’s going to be an emotional year.

  10. We are having family pictures this week as well. I have been so busy with sports and school I haven’t had a chance to plan out what we will wear. Any suggestions?  I also have a family of five. My kids have all grown so much in the last year I will need to order everyone new clothes????  Hopefully I can pull it off by Saturday!  Thank for any advice!  I really enjoy following your blog!

    1. It’s so stressful, isn’t it!?! I usually pull from our closets mostly but often have to buy something for my son since all he wears is sweatshirts. I’ve read all the tutorials — pick a couple key colors, work everyone’s outfits around one key piece that you love, layers add interest, etc. I usually end up with everyone in some combination of denim, grey, navy or black, and a jewel tone like purple, magenta, red, or burgundy because that’s what we mostly wear.

  11. Love the boots you wore In Friday night’s picture at Parent Night. Can you list the brand please?  Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead. 

  12. I’ve been looking for a top to wear with skinny black dress pants for New years eve. I looked back to your post for last year, and saw the top you had blogged about. This was just the type of top I was looking for. Maybe you could do a post on those type of tops for the holidays. Pretty, sparkly maybe a little sexy, but not trashy!

  13. Jo-Lynne, I love your quilted jacket in this photo! Can you please provide a link and what size you’re wearing? Thanks!

      1. Thanks so much. You’re right, it’s a major splurge so I will take another look at your Fall Jacket Guide for some other options. You look beautiful in that outfit!

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