Fall Menswear Look with Nordstrom

Greetings, friends! Today my husband and I are swapping sides of the camera to share a fall menswear look. I get a lot of requests for more men’s fashion, so when Nordstrom reached out about partnering on post featuring their men’s apparel, we were happy to oblige!

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Nordstrom featuring Mizzen + Main Performance Sport Shirts and Bonobos Straight Fit Washed Chinos

We actually had fun shopping together. We met at Nordstrom on his lunch break and ate in their cafe before going downstairs to pick out clothes for this post. At one point we were trying to decide which shirt we should feature, and I told him to get both and we would decide later. He turned to me and quipped, “This is fun. I like working for a fashion blogger!” That’s certainly one of those things I never thought I’d hear my husband say. Ha!

So this is a business casual outfit that is typical of what Paul wears to work on any given day. He’s an I.T. director and security specialist at an actuarial firm so he doesn’t need to dress to the nines, but he does like to look neat and professional. In recent years, he’s become more interested in fashion and actually enjoys shopping and putting his outfits together. Wait until you see his socks . . .

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Nordstrom

These performance sport shirts by Mizzen + Main are a new brand to us. We were intending to feature brands we already know and trust, but when we discovered these, we knew he needed to try one. They’re made of a stretchy, moisture-wicking and wrinkle-resistant material that feels amazing, and they come in regular and tall sizes.

We picked out this blue madras plaid shirt, and we layered it over this navy crewneck t-shirt. The price is a little steep for a t-shirt, but the quality is great, and it can be worn alone or as a layering piece. Paul is the type of guy to wear his clothes forever so we try to buy pieces that will last.

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Mizzen+Main performance sport shirts

Just like with women’s fashion, layering adds a fun element of interest, and it also provides some flexibility if the temperatures in the workplace are inconsistent.

Style-wise, he could probably leave another button undone on the plaid shirt to show more of the t-shirt underneath, but I didn’t notice that until we were editing pictures. We left his shirt untucked for a modern casual vibe, but that’s personal preference. You can certainly tuck it in and wear a belt if that’s more appropriate for your workplace.

These chinos are Bonobos, which is currently Paul’s favorite brand for pants. He likes the straight fit, but they also come in slim fit and tailored fit. These pants wash and wear well, and they look really nice on. I think he has 5 pairs in different colors.

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Nordstrom

I should mention, he’s wearing these pants a little too long for modern men’s fashions. They don’t come in the exact length he needs, and he hasn’t had them hemmed yet.

The nice thing about purchasing these pants at Nordstrom is, you get reimbursed in Notes for alternations if you’re a Nordstrom Rewards cardholder. If you often buy jeans or pants that need to be altered, it is well worth getting a card for that perk alone, but there are other benefits too — early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Personal Triple Points Day(s), and 2 points per dollar earned back in Notes when you shop at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook, and Trunk Club. It adds up!

Typically you want men’s pants to just hit the top of the shoe. They look neater that way, and that length also allows you to see their socks when they move around, which is the perfect segue…

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Bonobos Straight Fit Washed Chinos

Bold printed socks are a trend right now in menswear, and it’s a fun way to inject a little personality to a conservative outfit. Paul has quite a collection already. He picked out these Bugatchi big dot and stripe socks when we were shopping last week.

I admit, it has taken me a while to hop on this bandwagon, but now I think it’s really fun. You may be thinking that they don’t exactly match the shirt, but in the words of Clinton and Stacy, They don’t have to match, they have to go. 

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Nordstrom; Navy Bucks

Paul’s Derby shoes are a brand called 1901. We ordered them sight unseen during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because they caught his eye, and he’s been really happy with the purchase. The navy is a nice change from your typical brown or black wingtip, but they’re still classic. I like how it compliments the blue in the shirts and contrasts against the khaki pants.

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Nordstrom

According to Paul, these shoes are extremely comfortable, and I love the look of the tricolor stacked sole against the navy blue. They have a padded footbed and the leather is super soft. They’re a nice value for the price.

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Bonobos Straight Fit Washed Chinos and Bugatchi Big Dot and Stripe Sock

This is a classic fall menswear outfit that incorporates a few of the current trends — namely the bold printed socks and the relaxed, untucked button-down shirt layered over a crewneck t-shirt. The shoes add a fun element of interest as well. This outfit is appropriate for many office settings, and it’s also a nice look for going out to dinner or for more casual church environments.

If you’re shopping for the men in your life, we highly recommend all of the brands Paul is wearing in this outfit, and of course we love the ease of ordering from Nordstrom with their generous return policy and the wide range of colors and styles to choose from.

Fall Men's Workwear Look with Nordstrom

plaid shirt // t-shirt // pants // shoes // socks

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  1. What a fun post!  I love it!  Paul looks very dapper and comfortable.  Larry wears his clothes forever as well.  With all he’s going thru right now, it’s hard for me to get him to wear anything but knit or elastic waist pants.  Of course, for PT, that is what’s most appropriate.  Of course, he hates spending money on his clothes or shoes, but I sneak some higher quality items in every now and then without his knowledge, since I pay the bills.  Ha!  It would be fun to see more men’s fashion, or Paul in front of the camera lense, from time to time.  I have been saying mini prayers for you, Jo-Lynne!  ????????☀️

  2. Love this post! My husband HATES to shop, so I do all the shopping for him. Sometimes it’s hard to know what works for men and what they like, especially when he isn’t with me. Thank you for this post! I hope you continue to do more!!! Thanks to Paul for being a good sport:)

  3. Praying all is going well with the wisdom teeth extraction and for a super quick no issue recovery!  In Jesus name!  Amen.  

    I love that y’all switched roles.  He looks very nice.  Love those socks and shoes!  :-). 

  4. Best of luck to you with your wisdom teeth! I will be thinking of you 🙂

    I love this post. I always have a difficult time styling my husband….and he has no interest in fashion and would wear jeans and a sweatshirt everyday if I let him. This post is quite helpful and your hubby looks great!

    Again, good luck.


    1. Thanks, Barb. And my husband used to be like that too. In fact, when were newly married, I remember he got so excited when he realized I would do his shopping for him. 🙂 Since then, he’s developed more of an interest and stays up on men’s styles better than I do, but he still values my opinion. So there’s hope! 🙂

  5. Fun post!  Could totally see my husband wearing all of these things. Especially love the shoes. Hope today goes well for you. 

  6. First of all, praying for your wisdom teeth extraction to be painless & over quick!  Great post on men’s wear!  May I ask how tall Paul is? My husband is 5’10” but I swear after his hip replacement he is 2″ shorter….the reason I ask is that hubby like to wear his shirts untucked now. But I feel the tails are too long. The shirt Paul is wearing & where it hits looks good. I get my hubby’s chinos from LL Bean. Last time we were in Freeport, he got measured for hem length & by the time we got home they were in a package on the porch!  Love the total look Paul has going in!! 

    1. He’s 6’1″ and long waisted, so sometimes shirts are actually too short for him. He’s not quite tall enough to buy the tall sizes, though. So yeah, this shirt is nice in that it has some extra length.

  7. Love the socks! Fun article! Prayers that things go well and you have a quick recovery and no dry sockets! I had one a long time ago and I still remember how horribly painful it was!

  8. Great post this morning! Your husband is a trooper and I love how he got excited ‘working’ for a fashion blogger ????. At 61, my husband has been obsessed with the AG Graduate pant but I’m going to check out the Bonobos(?) brand as I hadn’t seen them in our local store.  I did crack up about socks because under Pat’s suit pants over the weekend were a checkered pair that he got more compliments on… 

  9. I like those shoes!  Fun socks are a way to add some fun to their work clothes, especially for men who wear suits every day. 
    Wishing you a quick recovery, Jo-Lynne.

  10. So nice your husband will step in and do a photo shoot for you.  He looks great and love the blue shoes.  I don’t know how you got him in those socks.  They are great.  My husband would fuss if I told him he had to wear those.  Does your husband pick out his own clothes or do you buy for him and bring home?  I’ll be thinking of you during your wisdom teeth surgery. I use to work for a dentist and did many of those surgeries and all will go just fine.  🙂  

    1. Hey picks out most of his own clothes, but my mo. and I pick them out when we’re buying his gifts because he likes to get clothes as gifts. He started getting into the fun socks before I even knew they were a thing. He has another friend who is pretty into his clothes, and I think that has influenced him somewhat. It’s nice, because I used to do all of his clothes shopping and it’s fun that he takes more of an interest in it now.

  11. PS  Oops…..I guess I should read your segment before commenting. I usually do, but got ahead of myself. I think you already answered my question above. 🙂  Looks like he picks out and dresses himself, all the way down to his great looking socks. 🙂  Good for him.  I always tell my husband he’s going to have to learn to dress himself if something happens to me.  Heave for bid. 🙂 I tell my kids…….please dress your dad the day I leave this earth.  Ha Ha.  He too keeps his clothes around forever and wears them over and over, so I like to buy quality if I can.  Do you know if chunky shoes, like your husband has on or the more narrow are in for guys or both.  I see both and I just got my husband some shoe boots that have more of a narrow look to them at Nord. Rack.  Reg. $100 marked down and then again and I got them for $36.  I like both looks but just wondering. I don’t want the narrow toe bed going out if I just got them for him.  He doesn’t know, so he’ll wear them no matter what.  🙂  I keep debating on them, as they look more dressy I guess.  But not shiny leather. 

  12. Boy…..you are quick responding. So nice he takes ownership of his dressing and styles. 🙂  And that he likes clothes for gifts. Great post.  

  13. My husband wears tall sizes, so this is good information. The Bonobos pants look way better on your husband than they do on Nordstrom’s site, and they come in a 36″ inseam. I’ll make my husband take a look at these when he gets in. He’ll tell me no, he doesn’t want them, they’re too expensive, etc., and then I’ll almost certainly buy them anyway. It’s like a little game we play–haha! I win every time because once we get past the actual purchase part, and he gets something nice like that in his closet, he’s always excited and will wear it to death. Someday I have the happy fantasy that he’ll give in and take a real interest in clothes, but I think he’s really just given up because it’s been so hard to find things that fit for his whole life. I do love the internet. Prayers for you today, girl. I know you’ll be just fine!

  14. When I’ve been shopping recently, I’ve noticed blue shoes for men but had never seen them styled before. I love the entire look, particularly the socks!

    Praying your recovery is fast and trouble-free. 

  15. I love this post!! Always looking for soft subtle ideas to up my husbands wardrobe game and this hits on all of those!! Some great gift ideas for the holidays and brands that I am not familiar with!
    Thank you!!

  16. Jo-Lynne , I hope all went well getting your wisdom teeth out and I hope you are not in too much pain . Paul is a natural .
    Have a great night !!!!

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