Shop With Me: At-Home Try-On Sesh

Hey guys! Today I’m posting another Shop With Me post — or really, it’s more of a try-on session since I’m sharing things I ordered and tried on at home. I didn’t keep most of these, but I thought you might be interested in seeing them.

Shop With Me: At-Home Try-On Sesh

First up, I ordered a bunch of casual tops from Nordstrom — a lot of these are things I’ve seen on other bloggers and liked, but they didn’t all work out so well for me.

BP. V Neck Sweater $45 // This sweater is really cute on, and it comes in five colors. It’s not super soft, but it doesn’t itch or anything. I like the details in the knit, and the neckline is flattering, but I wish it didn’t have the drop shoulders. Sometimes they can make me look broad on top, but this one doesn’t seem to do that, perhaps because of the deep v-neckline.

Since I already have a similar style sweater in this color that I love, I sent this one back. I’m not sure it’s worth $45, but if it goes on sale, I may grab one in a different color. For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

also wearing: AG jeans // TB flats

Rip Curl Kross Over Pullover $59.50 // This sweater is fun becasue it’s reversible. The material, again, isn’t really soft, but it’s not scratchy like wool. I’m wearing the small. I’m undecided on whether or not to keep this one. Unfortunately this is sold out, but here are more styles from this brand. I’m really drawn to this striped sweater but I don’t know that I’d like it on me. I’m also wondering about these pants, but the junior’s sizing gives me pause.

also wearing: AG jeans // Converse Shoreline

BP. V-Neck Pullover $39 // I’ve seen this sweater a few times on other bloggers who love it, and I always passed on it because it looked like it would be too long and low-cut for me, but it’s also supposed to be super soft and cozy so I finally broke down and ordered it. Well, guess what? It’s too long and too low-cut. I guess I’m learning!

There’s a lot that I do like about this top, but at the end of the day, I think it misses the mark — for me, anyway; some people love it. I ordered the grey in a size small and the black in a size medium. In the small, the arms are rather tight, but as you can see, the sleeves are plenty long. I like the ribbed cuffs and the ribbed detail on the neckline, and it is soooooo soft and cozy, but only on the outside. On the inside, it’s okay, but I wish it were the same softness inside too.

I tried it both untucked (above) and front-tucked (below), and neither looks that great. At $39, I really wanted to love it, but I ended up sending it back.

also wearing: AG jeans // Converse Shoreline

In the size medium, it’s more comfortable in the arms, and the front-tuck looks better because there’s more material to drape. That said, it’s even more low-cut and I don’t want to have to wear a layer under it so I sent this one back too, but I would still recommend trying this if you think you’d like it. For the price, it seems like good quality, and it might not be too low-cut on someone smaller up top. It also might be a good buy for you taller ladies.

Here’s how it looks front-tucked. I like it best this way. I just wish it weren’t so low-cut. It may look okay in pictures, but when I bend over, it falls open and isn’t at all appropriate.

also wearing: AG jeans // TB flats

Hinge Blouson Sleeve Sweatshirt $59 // I like the idea of an elevated sweatshirt, and this one is really cute with the blouson sleeves and lace detail. Plus, blush! Unfortunately the neckline is a little too high and round for me; I prefer something wider or deeper.

I’m wearing the small, but I recommend sizing up on this one if you’re in between. I think it would look better on me in a medium. It’s another one that is soft on the outside but not so much on the inside, which was kind of disappointing for the price. It went back.

also wearing: AG jeans // Converse Shoreline

Caslon High-Low V-neck Sweater $58 // Now this top, I love. This isn’t the most flattering silhouette for me, but you can feel that it’s really nice quality. The material is on the thinner side, but in a good way, and it is really soft all the way through. It feels the same on the inside as it does on the outside. This top comes in a few other color combos as well. For size reference, I’m wearing the small, which is true to size for the Caslon brand. I definitely recommend sizing down if you’re in between.

also wearing: AG jeans // Converse Shoreline

Gibson Tie Sleeve Cozy Fleece Top $54 // This top comes in a slew of pretty colors, and the fleece is sooo soft. It’s another one of those tops that is softer on the outside than on the inside, but it’s still comfortable on the inside too. I like the tie sleeve detail and the way it sits on the waist. This one is a keeper! I’m wearing a small, for reference.

Sam Edelman Paris Tassel Mules // I ordered these pink suede loafer mules when Shopbop was having their 25% off sale. They have a really comfortable padded footbed, and they’re pretty easy to walk in, but not as easy and comfortable as my Rebecca Minkoff ones. I can run up and down the stairs in those and not worry about losing a shoe; but these, not so much. That said, these are better than a lot of the ones I’ve tried, and I’m keeping them.

If you like the loafer mule trend, I recommend giving these a try. They come in a TON of colors, and they’re on sale right now at

Charles Henry Tiered Ruffle Sleeve Dress $98 // Is this not the quintessential holiday party dress??? I’m thinking of wearing it for my husband’s office party this year. It’s a great price for a party dress, although it’s not the best quality. I wish it had a zipper so it could be more fitted through the waist area.

That said, it does have some shape through the waist, and I love the v-neck and those tiered ruffle sleeves. The longest layer is a blouson style so it doesn’t dangle and get in the way when you want to eat. For size reference, I have the medium. Definitely size up if you tend to run between sizes.

I couldn’t decide on shoes.  I also tried black suede pumps, nude leather pumps, and nude strappy sandals, but I think I like these leopard pumps best with this. (I got them on a 25% off sale, but I think they’re worth paying full price if you have enough occasions to wear them. They’re gorgeous and very comfortable for pumps.)

My only concern with the pumps and this dress is having two competing focal points. I like how the leopard shoes compliment the red, but I feel like the sleeves should be the focal point. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

also wearing: Sam Edelman leopard pumps (LOVE!!)

I also got a small Trunk Club box in the mail this week. My stylist hasn’t given up on getting me into a velvet blazer or velvet booties.

1.STATE Velvet Tuxedo Blazer $149 // I love this one, but I wish it were under $100. Size-wise, it’s pretty true. I’m wearing a size 6 and it doesn’t QUITE button comfortably, but I still think it’s the right size because I probably wouldn’t button it anyway. I think an 8 would be too big in the shoulders.

I would wear this with black jeans instead of these blue jeans, and I thought I’d like the lace cami with it, but I think I might prefer a plain silk cami. This blush would be pretty under the burgundy jacket.

also wearing: AG jeans // Stuart Weitzman pumps (old; similar look here)

Halogen Tie Sleeve Velvet Blazer $99 // This is a fun twist on a classic look, but I don’t love the fit or the tie sleeves. Also it’s also more of a crushed velvet, and I much prefer the velvet on the one above. For size reference, this is a small.

also wearing: AG jeans // Stuart Weitzman pumps (old; similar look here) // lace cami

Halogen Anita Bootie $119 // How fun are these!?! Velvet booties are a huge trend this year and I love the styling on these, but they aren’t very comfortable. They cut into my leg at the top of the boot shaft. I guess wearing socks could help that. Other than that, they look great and I like that the heel isn’t super high.

Old Navy Long Moto Jacket $69 + 30% off (plus size option) // I also placed an Old Navy order earlier this month. This coat caught my eye, and I wanted to see it in person. For the price, it’s a nice buy, and when it goes on sale, even better! (I got it for 30% off.) For size reference, I’m wearing the small. It also comes in blush, red, and charcoal in regular sizes. In plus sizes, it only comes in blush, but it’s a gorgeous shade of pink!

SALE ALERT >> 30% off at Old Navy today; online only. No code needed.

I forgot I ordered this (occupational hazards!) and ended up ordering the similar Andrew Marc moto style coat with the fur hood for like $85 when I was putting together my Coat Guide, so I’m sending this Old Navy one back, but I really like it and highly recommend it for anyone looking for this type of jacket that is budget-friendly.

also wearing: similar jeans // Rebecca Minkoff mules

Lace-Up Textured Sweater $34 + 30% off (plus size option) // This is a nice little casual sweater at a great price. I like the lace-up style, but it can be revealing. I’m happy to report that this one isn’t too bad. I can wear it without a cami, but if you’re extra modest, you might feel better wearing one. It’s also a really comfortable soft cotton knit. For size reference, I have the small, and it also comes in ivory and navy.

also wearing: AG jeans // TB flats

Finally, after some more requests for work wear, I ordered two pairs of pants from Banana Republic to try. I posted these on my Facebook page over the weekend, and I got quite a few comments about the dry clean only situation. These pants are both fully lined and 95% wool, and personally I’m willing to pay a bit extra and go to the trouble of dry cleaning to preserve clothes of this quality, but if that’s a deal breaker for you, then you’ll want to pass; however, if you’re looking for a pair of good quality classic dress pants that you can wear for years, I highly recommend these. (How’s that for a run-on sentence?? LOL!)

SALE ALERT >> 40% off at Banana Republic today; no code needed.

BR Logan Fit Lightweight Wool Pants $110 + 40% off // I think I like this style best. It’s slimming and gives you legs for days. That said, it’s important that they’re the right length — about 1/2 inch off the ground — and that may require tailoring, plus you can only wear them with one heel height. For that reason, the Ryan fit (below) is probably more versatile. These are just a tad too long for me with my favorite pumps. For size reference, I’m wearing the 6. They’re a little snug in the waist, but the 8 looked too big in the thighs and crotch areas (sorry, I hate that word.)

also wearing: SE pumps // BR sweater in raspberry

Ryan Fit Lightweight Wool Pants $110 + 40% off // These pants have a straight fit, and they’re nice in that you can wear them with flats or heels or something in between. Again, this is the size 6. I kept these, and I returned the ones above.

also wearing: SE pumps // BR sweater in raspberry

Whew! That was a lot!!! I hope it was helpful.

Even though I sent a lot of these things back, I think most are good choices depending on your body type and what your wardrobe needs are right now. I’m liking the way styles are changing. I appreciate that most of the tops aren’t as long and voluminous as they were last season, and while they’re not super practical, I love a good statement sleeve and the velvet trend is really fun.

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