Coffee Talk 10.15.17

Greetings, friends! So we’ve had a pretty exciting week! Let’s start with our biggest news — although it’s not really mine. My son got two college acceptance letters in the mail this week.

The first came on Tuesday from University of Pittsburgh, and the second came yesterday from West Chester University. WCU is a state college situated on the outskirts of a small, vibrant downtown area not too far from where we live (he would live on campus) and Pitt is of course over on the other side of the state in more of an urban setting.

So far these are the only two colleges he has applied to, and he says he’s done. We had hoped that he’d apply to my husband’s alma mater, Grove City College out in western PA, about 45 miles north of Pittsburgh, but he doesn’t seem interested at this time. At one point, Pitt was his first choice, but now he’s waffling. He has friends at WCU, and he recently saw the marching band perform and was impressed. (He’s a drummer, and marching band and indoor drumline have been a huge part of his life all through high school, so he’s hoping to continue that in college.) Of course cost is also a consideration. All that to say, he hasn’t made a decision yet. We’re pretty adamant that he visits both schools again — and maybe even Grove City again (he visited all 3 last spring) before he makes up his mind.

If you’ve been through this before and have any advice for us as far as what to do on a second visit, I’d love to hear from you. We’re not sure what to do when we visit since we’ve already done the tours at each, but we don’t want to just walk around. We’d like to have a plan and a purpose to make sure we’re really getting the most out of the second visit.

It’s crazy because college is such a big decision and will have a huge impact on the rest of his life, but we really have no idea how; I guess we just have to make the best decision we can and trust the Lord to direct his path and wait to see where it all leads!

That’s by far the biggest news around here this week, but we’ve also been trying to figure out a few other situations so it’s been kind of hectic. My mind is tired. LOL!

I mentioned a few days ago in my daily email that I’ll be getting my last two wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. To say I’m dreading it is a huge understatement. I’ve been putting this off for over a year. No exaggeration — maybe two. They aren’t causing me any pain, but they’re basically falling apart, and they need to come out before I do have a problem. I think the dreading of it is the worst part. At this point, I just want it over with.

There’s not much else to share, I guess. Yesterday was pretty quiet around here, with a shopping excursion to Target and Famous Footwear being the highlight of our day… such a glamorous life I lead. Ha! But really, I did have a good time with my two daughters.

I need to get myself out the door to church here in a few minutes, so that’s it for me. I hope you all have a lovely, restful Sunday!

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  1. He needs to schedule time to talk with the department in his major of choice at both schools he is considering. He should also schedule a time to talk with the marching band directors at the schools. We just completed the college search this past year (my son is now a Freshman!)- he is also in marching band and that was a huge consideration for him. We met with the department of his first and second choice colleges and they were able to talk about how they could work with him, opportunities. He also talked with the marching band. He ultimately choose, Shippensburg University- another PASSHE school in central PA and loves it and the marching band! It has a wonderful political science department with alumni that work in DC, Harrisburg- all over and the alums offer excellent shadowing opportunities for students also through the career center. great university!

  2. I’m from your general area in Bucks County and both my sons did marching band while majoring in engineering. One went closer to home to the University of Delaware. A great school, close by and a fabulous band and director. Apply soon if interested! My nephew goes to Pitt and loves it, too. 

  3. I know I’m posting this late– I’m out of the country! I just wanted to say that after sending 4 children off to college, my experience has been that your son’s decision isn’t as monumental as it seems. He can always transfer if he decides his choice wasn’t the best– and that can be for a variety of reasons– he could change his mind about what he wants, the school could not be what it seemed . . . and the list goes on. My 4th, the most independent and decisive of my darlings, was absolutely positive of her choice and after a year she was miserable. And she transferred, graduated on time, and is convinced that her journey, even with the transfer, was the path meant for her. Hugs for you, Jo-Lynne. I think it’s more difficult to be the parent of a young adult than a child. In the end, you should be confident you raised your son well, he’s an amazing human being, and all will be well at the end of the day.

  4. You might not see this since it is a couple of months after you posted-and not sure if others recommended this-but I would highly recommend an overnight visit to help your son decide. I know that Pitt does this for accepted students. My son was accepted there and really enjoyed the overnight visit. Although he ended up attending (and graduating from) Dickinson College in Carlisle, he always thought that Pitt would have been a great alternative based on the overnight stay. Not sure if the other 2 schools offer this-but it is worth checking out.

    1. Hey Beth, I see all my comments so always feel free to comment on an older post. 🙂 Thanks for the input. I have tried to convince him to do an overnight but he’s not interested. He doesn’t even want to visit again. I think he will probably end up at WCU – it’s just easier (and cheaper, although I don’t want that to be a factor.) I’d like to see him spread his wings, but he’s not one to take the harder road, and with friends at WCU, and the close proximity, I have a feeling he will end up there. He also was extremely impressed with the marching band (he saw them perform and has good friends in it) and since he doesn’t know what he wants to major in, the band is one of the biggest factors in his decision. I keep saying that playing in the PITT band would have to be an amazing experience, but for some reason he thinks WCU’s is better???? Sigh… whatever. He will do fine at either place, I’m sure.

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