Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Outfit

Greetings, friends! Happy hump day! Today I’m sharing an off-the-shoulder sweater outfit that’s perfect for a fall dinner out with your honey or a casual holiday party later this winter.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual fall off-the-shoulder sweater outfit with a navy flecked off-the-shoulder sweater, AG Farrah skinny jeans, and black suede pumps. #falloutfit #offtheshouldertrend

I first discovered this flecked foldover off-the-shoulder sweater in a LOFT store, but didn’t buy it that day. When I shared a dressing room selfie in a Shop With Me post, a bunch of you told me I was crazy and I should go back and buy it, so I did.

Now I just need to get my husband to take me out to dinner somewhere that I can wear it! It definitely makes for a fun fall/winter date night look.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual fall date night outfit with a navy flecked off-the-shoulder sweater and AG Farrah skinny jeans. #falloutfit #datenightoutfit

Not only is this sweater super pretty, it’s incredibly soft and feels great on. I love the speckled pattern in the knit; it sort of reminds me of a starry night. While I’m dubbing this a fall date night look (it’s only October, after all) I think it will be really pretty in the wintertime and for casual holiday events. It just has such a festive, wintery look to it.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual fall off-the-shoulder sweater outfit with a navy flecked off-the-shoulder sweater, AG Farrah skinny jeans, and black suede pumps. #falloutfit #offtheshouldertrend

For size reference, I have this sweater in a small, and it’s perfect. Another option is this relaxed turtleneck in the same material — that eliminates the off-the-shoulder issue for those who aren’t sure about that.

If you need a strapless bra recommendation, this Wacoal underwire strapless bra is AMAZING. So many of you have bought it and come back to thank me. It’s also on sale in the white gardenia color at Macy’s.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual fall date night outfit with LOFT flecked off-the-shoulder sweater and AG Farrah skinny jeans.

I can see this sweater with white jeans and silver or pewter heels for the holidays, but I decided to go with a safer option and I paired it with these high rise blue jeans. Since I already feel a little conspicuous in an off-the-shoulder style top, I’ll likely keep the rest of the outfit fairly subdued.

These jeans are on sale at Bloomingdale’s — 25% off with code FRIENDS. I chose them for this outfit because of the dark indigo wash with subtle fading.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual fall off-the-shoulder sweater outfit with a navy flecked off-the-shoulder sweater, AG Farrah skinny jeans, and black suede pumps. #falloutfit #offtheshouldertrend

They’re dressier than my faded distressed jeans, but they’re still a lighter shade of blue than the sweater. When pairing navy blue and denim, I try to have some contrast between the shades of blue.

This metallic beaded wrap bracelet from Stella & Dot is a fun piece to add to your dressier looks.

metallic clutch #stellaanddot

My metallic clutch is also Stella & Dot, but it’s old. I like this silver sequin foldover clutch and this pewter pouch a lot too.

Also, Bloomingdale’s has a gorgeous crushed velvet R Minkoff clutch included in their sale that would also be amazing with this outfit. I’m looking at the grey/gunmetal color, but the blush color or dark cherry could be cool with it too — maybe I should have brought a pop of color into this outfit. Anyway, if you’re looking for a nice versatile clutch to update your date night wardrobe this winter, this one would go with almost anything.

Finally, these mixed metal chandeliers are eye-catching and work well with the bracelet as well as the rest of the outfit.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing Stella & Dot Etoile Chandeliers #stelladotstyle

I wore black suede pumps that have a slightly rounded toe and a chunkier heel. They’re not as dramatic as stilettos but they still help elevate the look. Mine are old, but this pair is similar, and here’s a similar budget-friendly option. I think a metallic shoe would be really fun with this outfit too, as long as it works with the bag.

I can see wearing this look out to dinner with friends or my husband, and I think it will be really fun for casual holiday events. It would be sassy with a black leather jacket over it, or I’ll wear it with a black wool dress coat.

Jo-Lynne Shane wearing a casual fall off-the-shoulder sweater outfit with a navy flecked off-the-shoulder sweater, AG Farrah skinny jeans, and black suede pumps. #falloutfit #offtheshouldertrend

sweater // jeans (option) // similar shoes (option) // similar bag here and here // earrings // bracelet

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54 thoughts on “Off-the-Shoulder Sweater Outfit

  1. I love this outfit and how you wore the sweater. Would have passed seeing it on the model, but I like how yours is not too off the shoulder and a little scrunchy.

  2. I will admit that I usually pass on the off the shoulder shirts now that it’s colder, but this one seems the exception. And it’d be perfect with a cape or scarf over it if it’s chilly!!
    What a great buy, Jo-Lynne!

  3. Jo-Lynne, you always look so much cuter than the Loft model!  I adore Loft, but why do they style their models with such over-sized clothing?!  I heart this look today!

  4. This is SO cute, and I really would never have given it a second glance in the store or on the website. I love how you styled it and I can totally see it working for the holidays. But my FAVORITE part of the blogpost today is that we all convinced you to go back and buy the sweater. You do that to us ALL THE TIME 🙂 😉 😉

  5. This sweater is so soft! And fits so nice too! You could wear it up and not off your shoulders as well. I bought it a week ago. Great sweater! 

  6. Do you find yourself pulling at the top? I seem to always be doing that with off the shoulder tops.
    I could see this top with plum jeans too or event leather leggings! Thanks for the inspiration! Also, rest up and feel better. Wisdom teeth extraction is no joke!

    1. It didn’t seem to want to slide back up onto my shoulders like some do. I felt like it stayed put pretty well, but I’m sure if I’d had it on longer, I’d find myself fussing with it a bit. That just seems to be the way it is with off-the-shoulder tops.

  7. Awesome outfit and you totally nailed the look with the silver accessories. I might have to break down and check this out online! Would be perfect with a black pencil skirt for my Christmas party.

  8. Beautiful. I am not a fan of off the shoulder tops but this one is beautiful on you and very suttle. Not sure that is spelled right. ? Glad you are doing good. Just follow Dr’s orders. Take the medicine and rest.

  9. Being 50+ I would never think I could wear off the shoulder looks , but this one is very nice and appropriate . ????

  10. This sweater is tempting. Any way to also wear it a little more on the shoulders and slouched like a cowl neck? (I’m struggling with the I’m nearly 50 and the off-the-shoulder look seems geared for the younger ladies. Just a bit outside my comfort zone but not necessarily a bad thing.)

    1. Diana – you can see my comment on this.  I bought the sweater to do just that.  It looked just ok but you could tell I was trying to make an off the shoulder top into a cowl neck so it just didn’t look right.  I might have still kept it but my husband said it just didn’t look good.  And that’s too bad too I really loved the color etc.  ???? But you know what … go try it for yourself.  Maybe you’ll have better luck.  ????

  11. I LOVE that top but don’t love off the shoulder on me.  I even bought it thinking I could use it as kind of a cowl neck.  I thought it looked ok but my husband said no way that it “looked” like I was trying to do that.  So … it went back …, boo hoo.  ???? But this is an awesome look! 

    Glad you’re doing ok.  Just continue to take it easy – don’t push yourself.  I know.  I was recovering from something a while back and the minute I felt a little better I tried to do a lot and then wow it knocked me on my rear and ended up taking me twice as long to recover. ????  

  12. Happy to hear pain Meds have kicked in!  You are smart to rest and even nap as your body feels the need. Love the outfit!  Telling us if it feels soft is as important to me as the look. Funny how as I age, that becomes more important!  

  13. Beautiful sweater, you look fabulous! One Reader mentioned the sweater can be worn up instead of off the shoulder. Does it make it a cowl neckline then? I’m so glad your surgery is over. I spent the whole day yesterday at dental & doctor appointments. Never enjoyable but feeling good sure makes life run more smoothly. Rest up! ????

  14. So pretty. I love your comment about the math…my DH always says… “look at all the money we just saved!” LOL and eye roll! Hope you’re feeling better!

  15. Love this out fit and like the idea of putting it with white jeans, You always look so pulled together and pretty.

  16. This seems like the perfect outfit for my husband’s Christmas party.
    Hope you feel completely whole and strong again soon.

  17. Hi JoLynne! Beautiful look today, thanks for the inspiration! I just ordered the sweater, I can see wearing it to so many fun events over the holidays and I love navy blue. I agree with other readers that Loft models don’t wear their clothes so well all the time. I would have never even looked at this sweater if it weren’t for you. The model looks like she’s wearing an extra large!! Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest….glad that event is over for you. Love your daily posts, keep it up!!

  18. Oh my! I LOVE that sweater! I am going to have to show it to hubby so I can put it away for the holiday season. I have the perfect pearl and silver necklace to go with it!

  19. You look stunning in everything you style; however, this look just jumps out at me.  It’s a perfect 10!  From the top, the shoes & your poses, you look Mahvelous!!  Praying for quick healing from your dental surgery as well.  

  20. JoLynne, this is one of the prettiest outfits I’ve ever seen you in! The top, the style of denim, the shoes, and the accessories …. and you ???? are all beautiful! 

    So glad to hear your surgery went well. Good luck with the healing and resting this week!

  21. Lookin’ good, girl!  I was one of the ones who loved that sweater on you and you are gorgeous in it!  The whole outfit is just perfect.   Glad you got it.????

  22. This is of the prettiest outfits and one of my favorites. I think the sweater works (for fall and winter) because it’s not pulled too low off the shoulders. And the texture and flecked threads in the sweater make it special.
    Loft should hire you as their model; you’re making their clothes look terrific!

  23. I forgot to add, it’s nice that this sweater also comes in Petite. Loft does a good job of providing for petites, though more of the petites are online than in stores.

  24. I’m so glad you bought that sweater!  It’s gorgeous on you!  I have to say, I agree with Summer 100%.  Loft clothes look so much better on you than the models.  You are slender but have curves, and the clothes look so much nicer on you than the models who seem to be drowning in the clothes.  The current trend of posing models pulling weirdly on the hems and angled to the side where you can’t see how an item hangs is especially annoying to me as I do 95% of my shopping online.  I can’t believe this, but the models are too thin to show off the clothes to best advantage!  I love Lucky tops, but online they look like hippy dishrags.  In person, they are amazingly cute and flattering, but it’s so hard to tell how it will look on someone with breasts and curves.

    Anyway, enough side rant.  You look so pretty in the sweater, and the navy in particular is very flattering next to your face.  Cute, cute, cute!  Get hubby to take you out STAT!  LOL.

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