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Hello, friends. Hope your Saturday is going well. I just got back from a local carnival with some friends and it was a fun way to spend this pretty day outside! I’m back this afternoon with a Shop With Me post from Loft.

Loft is having a 40% off sale right now, and I picked up a few cute things to style for the blog. I won’t be able to get those outfits up till next week, so I wanted to share the mirror selfies I took with you guys before the sale ends tomorrow (Sunday) night.

For some reason, the pictures on the Loft website are really off-base for most of these pieces. You will see they look totally different on me. I don’t know what size the models are wearing, but everything looks super oversized to me.

Let’s get this party started!

One of my favorite tops I tried on was this tie back double v sweater. It also comes in a speckled grey and a burgundy, although I didn’t see those when I was in the store. I might have chosen the speckled grey instead of this teal because I always struggle with what color bottoms to pair with teal.

I think the tie back is a really cute detail, and the v-neckline in the front is flattering yet modest. It has split sides and is slightly longer in the back than in the front. It’s super soft and comfortable too. For size reference, this is a small.

I thought this textured blouson sleeve sweater was really cute. I like the variation in the knit and of course those dramatic sleeves. They look more dramatic on the model, and maybe mine would do that if I sized up to a medium, but this sweater fits properly through the shoulders and the body so I’m wearing the small. I just wish it had a wider/deeper neckline.

This sleeveless coatigan is a fun alternative to a cardigan or vest. It has a tie so I tied it in the back an left the front open. It also comes in charcoal grey and burgundy, but they only had this oatmeal color in the store. I tried it on over a few different tops. This floral tee is not my favorite.

I think this flecked cinch sleeve tee is too cute for words. I’m wearing a small in this picture, but it’s tight through the chest so I sized up to a medium when I bought it. I think it will be fun under that coatigan when it gets cooler.

This off-the-shoulder sweater is so cute and cozy for a casual fall date night look, isn’t it? I didn’t buy it, but I’m tempted to order it before the sale is over. For size reference, this is a small. It is soooo soft too.

This orange blouse is pretty, but I didn’t like how long it was. This is a small and I can’t imagine I would need an XS, but maybe I should have tried it.

These pants fit really nice, too, but I’m not sure which ones they are. (I didn’t buy them so I don’t have them here to compare to the website.) I think they’re the sateen leggings in the autumn sage.

I gave up on finding a link for this blouse. It always takes me ages to find what I’m looking for on the Loft website. Anyone else?? People often ask why bloggers feature so much Nordstrom, and this is one reason. Their site is so easy to navigate and search, and let’s face it, that is a large part of my job. But that is probably more than you wanted to know.

Moving right along!

This striped boyfriend sweater isn’t my favorite but it might be cute on someone smaller up top.

This mockneck short sleeve sweater is another piece I passed up. I feel like it just draws attention to my chest, and not in a good way. I tried it on first with the pants from above.

Then for kicks and giggles, I tried it on with this skirt. I’m not a fan — tucked or untucked.

This sweater is probably too bulky for this skirt. I suppose I could have tried a few more tops with it, but I was getting tired and I never have much luck with skirts. I like it in theory, though.

Finally, I really like this cuffed ribbed sweater. It seems more slimming and flattering than the coral sweater above, although they have similar styling. I didn’t feel the light silvery grey was the best color for me so I got it in the navy, but now I’m second guessing myself because I think you can see probably the pretty knit details on the raglan sleeves better on the lighter color. Either one is really pretty.

So that’s a wrap! I got a box from Trunk Club yesterday and a big box from Nordstrom with various tops and things I want to try on, but I didn’t have time to get pictures of those before I needed to publish this post so I’ll save those for another time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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49 thoughts on “Shop With Me: LOFT 40% Off Sale

  1. I love your try on posts!

    FWIW, I think the skirt and sweater look great on you 🙂

    Love the coral sweater, tried it on several weeks ago and my husband hated it lol. Maybe a smaller size would look like I wasn’t drowning in it LOL!!

    I really like the last sweater! I saw it on the site and didn’t think much of it. It has some nice detail in it!

    I’m going to Loft tomorrow to return some online purchases. I believe I may have to shop after that!

      1. Several tops, skirts, a pair of pants – went to a Loft about 40 minutes from me and they had the best Petite section! Then I ordered a couple sweaters and another skirt lol. I really liked the grey sweater in this post, tried it on in navy and convinced myself I didn’t need it. I changed my mind by the time I got home and ordered both colors lol! A lot of my sweaters were old and out of shape, so yay for upgrading!

  2. Love this try on post and all the others too. Would love to see what you received from Trunk Club. Don’t blame you for linking to Nordstrom for picks. Their site is so user friendly. Others stores need to take a tip.from them. Thanks again for sharing your hard work with us. Sharon

  3. Loftt should have used your pics on their website!  I look at you pics and think – what a cute piece, then follow the link and look at the model and it looks so big and drape like!  You showed off some really great pieces in this post.  Now for me to decide what to order?! LOL.  Love shopping with you!

    1. Aww, thanks. Yeah, I don’t know what is up with their imagery. I hate how they pose their models too. Yet another reason why the Nordstrom website is better, not to beat a dead horse, lol.

  4. You MUST buy the off shoulder sweater!  Looks soooo great on you…color and style.  Love the detail on top.  Am new here and love your blog!  I need help and you are helpful!  Ha

  5. Really love the orange blouse! I was thinking of stopping by Loft today to see what they have. I wasn’t really think sweater, but having seen the ones you picked, I think I’ll start with those.

    I really like the skirt, but I have a hard time with them. Loft had a green suede skirt that I had to downsize for the right fit. Even then, my daughter told me to pull it up off my hips because she liked it better above my knees. Dresses are so much easier!

  6. I love the off the shoulder sweater but don’t love wearing off the shoulder tops (did that make sense?).  Since you tried it on do you think it could be worn as not off the shoulder without falling down?  That color and pattern are just gorgeous.  

    1. Totally makes sense, which is why I left it there originally. I did try it as a cowl neck top and it doesn’t seem to work very well that way. That’s how I figured out it was supposed to be worn off the shoulder, lol. Some can go either way, but I don’t think I’d say that for this one.

  7. Oh yeah …. the flecked cinched sleeve is real cute too.  And I love the coral sweater!  

    Have a blessed day! 

  8. What a fun post!  I too love it when you share the fitting room experiences with us.  Your comment about the short sleeve sweater emphasizing the girls took me back to my moms days during WWII,  before she and daddy married.  Mom was gifted, and the style back then was wearing tight sweaters to show them off, a nice fitting skirt, high heels, and a flower in your hair.  From what mom and dad told me, mom got lots of looks and whistles.  I’m like you, I don’t like drawing attention to my chest because of my Southern Baptist upbringing.  The weight gain from the Cushing’s Disease made my boobs larger than I’ve ever been, so this is still uncharted territory for me.  I really like several of the tops you styled!  I am looking forward to seeing how you style your purchases with accessories, etc.

  9. Loft clothes look so much better on you than on their models! I wouldn’t look twice at these sweaters bc of the way the models show them, but they are adorable on you! I especially  the off the shoulder!

  10. Love that off the shoulder sweater on you! It almost looks like stars on a dark night. It is so pretty and romantic. Hope you get it and style it! I’m going for the “coral” sweater and the bell sleeve sweater, in the silvery grey (that’s my idea of a winter date night or a hang out with friends outfit, think lots of silver jewelry and black velvet jeans). Thank you for posting!

    1. Oooh, I love how you describe it. You’re right. It really is pretty. I did it. Ordered! I can pick up at my local store later today. 🙂

      And I like your idea of pairing the silvery grey sweater with black velvet jeans. I got the navy, though, so I’ll probably style it more casually with cognac boots. 🙂

  11. Fun post Jolynne!  I always enjoy your “shop with me” posts!  They’re one of my favorite types to read!   I’m glad you did this one at loft,  I don’t have a loft nearby so seeing the items on you gives me a little comparison for ordering online.  I love that floral top btw!  As to the teal sweater, I always have the same dilemma!  It just never looks right with denim!  Maybe it would be ok with a light wash?  In fall and winter (only seasons I really wear a deep shade of teal), I like to pair teal with black pants.  Then add some light accessories to keep it from being too dark of an outfit.  Maybe a gray or tan scarf?  Would be especially cute with a faux fur one!  

    1. I usually do more Loft than I’ve done this fall. It definitely seems to resonate with everyone so I’ll try to do more there.

      I think the teal would be better with a light wash, but I normally pair it with black or grey or tan instead. It could also be pretty with white but I’d want to make sure my shoes look like fall.

  12. I love the orange blouse! I purchase it in an XS and although I agree that it is a tad too long, I know I will be wearing it with a front tuck and a long cardigan so I made peace with the length! Lol. I also picked up those autumn sage sateen leggings – they are so comfy!!!!! Great post and I appreciate the shop along with you posts!! 

  13. Is your bracelet from Loft? Love it!

    I tried on the long cardigan and just wasn’t sure. But it looks so cute on you. I’m thinking I might go back. ????

    1. Okay, y’all convinced me. LOFT extended their sale so I got up this morning and ordered it. 🙂 I did store pickup so I get it right away. Now if the weather will just cool down some…

  14. I love LOFT, but never go by the models on what to buy. I think they never look good in the clothing.  Cyndi styles a lot from Loft, so I usually go try her picks.  LOFT is also really good about putting items really quick in the sale section and then you really get good deals.  I never buy LOFT clothing regular price. 🙂   I like the items on you and I think if you put on some heels or cute bootie with the skirt and top it would have changed the whole look.  I think flats make skirts look dumpy and just never looks good.  So, don’t give up on skirts.  But, skirts are hard, so I rarely wear them either.  I think the off the shoulder sweater looked the best on you, so you should buy it. 🙂  

    1. Yeah, I definitely could have worked more with that skirt. I just happened to have on those shoes. I wouldn’t wear them with it. I dunno, they just seem too complicated to be worth it. I’d rather wear a dress (and you know how I feel about dresses… ha!)

  15. You look great in the off-the-shoulder sweater, but after seeing the Loft link, I’m not sure I like it. I guess I would have to try it for myself. Anyway, you look cute in just about everything you try on….Thanks for “taking” us shopping with you. 🙂

    Have a good week.

  16. Jo-Lynne,
      This is a perfect example of why Loft ( and many other stores) should hire you as a model! ????  I looked at all of those tops  earlier in the week and passed right on by them because they looked way too baggy for me.
    Thank you for showing us what they really look like!! 
    Have a great day!

  17. I love Loft and always love when they have a good sale. I stopped in this weekend and they had so many good items I had a hard time just picking a few items. My favorite that you picked out is the off the shoulder sweater. It just looks so comfortable and perfect for the fall.

    @stylingsofstacey | http://staceylyynn.wixsite.com/stylingsofstacey

  18. I love a few sweaters in this post! Funny, when I look at the website to order, the sweaters aren’t nearly as attractive. lol Thanks to you showcasing their clothes I’ll be buying. 🙂


      1. Ok, it is official!!! You are by far my favorite blog now! You are so sweet, kind, in tune with your readers and just fun!!! The different things you do on your blog like (Coffee Talk, Shop with me….and so on is GREAT)! YOU hit the nail on the head when you told your readers to think of you as your personal shopper! I am still quite a bit behind on reading your posts, but I am almost at the point where I can follow you daily and benefit from the tremendous amount of useful information about styles, who is having which sale and everything else you do. Thank you for all of the hard work you put into your blog, Facebook and Instagram. It is greatly appreciated!

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