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Well, look at me, writing a Coffee Talk post before the sun even comes up! I’m generally an early riser, but lately I’ve found myself sleeping in later (that means 6:30 or 7:00, ha!) It’s amazing how much I can accomplish between 5:30 and 6:30 AM (and how much I can’t fit in if I don’t get up by 5:30) so I’ve been trying to get myself back onto that earlier wakeup schedule.

I liked it better when it was light out at this time of day, but even if the weather hasn’t gotten the memo that fall is here, the sun is following seasonal patterns and it’s dark now until almost 7:00. I for one cannot wait for daylight savings time to end. But anyway. For now, I’ll be getting up for the day in the dark. Thank goodness for coffee!

Speaking of coffee, since I managed to haul myself out of bed at 5:30, I have time to write a Coffee Talk post before heading out for a run and getting ready for church. I’d love to shoot an outfit too, but we’ll see how that goes. I’m helping with the preschool Sunday School this morning so I have to be there early. I decided not to teach Sunday School this year, but I offered to help out when they need an assistant. I like having a purpose during that hour, and I’ve always enjoyed that age group.

Preschool was my favorite stage of parenting too. They’re still cute and unjaded, but they’re big enough to talk to you and tell you what they need, and I love hearing their thoughts on life and their descriptions of things as their language skills are developing. I was so sad when I didn’t have any kids in preschool anymore. But I digress.

We’ve had a nice, relaxing weekend so far. We ordered sushi takeout with friends on Friday night and hung out outside, soaking up the summery weather. I know most people are done with this heat, but as anxious as I am to start wearing my sweaters, I’m really enjoying the extra few weeks of summer we’ve been having. Now that it’s officially fall, I wouldn’t mind a little reprieve, but cold weather will be here soon enough.

Yesterday morning, we shot 3 outfits (yay!) and afterwards, R and I went to a local carnival where a couple of our friends’ kids were in a dance performance. The kids rode some rides and got rootbeer floats before we headed back home. It was a nice way to break up the day, and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect — warm and sunny with a gentle breeze to keep it from being too hot.

Then Paul and I went out to dinner last night at a restaurant we like to frequent. The kids all had their own plans so we got a spontaneous date night out of it. Because the weather was so nice, we sat outside in the courtyard, and it was fun to sit back and relax and enjoy food and wine and uninterrupted conversation.

So on a lighter note, we’re wrapping up 26 Days of Fall Fashion this week. It’s hard to believe another one of our style series almost in the books! I’m looking forward to creating different types of content again, but of course there are plenty more fall outfits to come. In fact, I just got a few more orders in this weekend. My office is beginning to look like a UPS dropoff point. #ooops

I need to go through everything this afternoon or tomorrow and decide what makes the cut and what doesn’t. If I have time, I’ll take pictures or do an Insta Story. Speaking of which, don’t miss my Shop With Me post from yesterday. The Loft 40% off sale ends tonight!

Meanwhile, the sun is starting to come up so I better get a move on! I hope you have a restful and blessed Sunday.

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  1. I am a preschool teacher, I love this age. To take a small mind that is ready for learning and be able to teach, then later on you are attending that small mind’s college graduation, knowing that their education all started with you. Have a Blessed Sunday

    1. Oh bless you! I don’t think I could teach that age. 🙂 I used to work in the “extended day” classroom at a preschool, though – it was basically babysitting – and I loved that. I taught 3rd grade for a few years and that’s more my speed. Funny that as a parent I prefer preschool, but as a teacher, I liked them a little bit older. I also enjoyed the subject matter in 3rd and 4th grades.

  2. Sounds like y’all have had a very nice weekend!  We have blackout shades and curtains in our bedrooms so that the light does not interfere with anyone’s sleep.  In our little town we have very few restaurant choices, but we have our favorite that we have been going too ever since it opened.  The man, Jim, that owns it is a widower (in his late 50’s) and named the place after his disabled son, Justin, who is always there with his dad.  Justin loves to give hugs and make people smile.  We’ve become friends of Jim’s.  He’s a good Christian man, and one night he walked out with us to chat because it wasn’t busy.  Then he asked if he could pray with us!  Larry & I were definitely moved.  We went there Friday night, and they were packed, so it took a while for us to get our food.  I go up to get each of us a slice of homemade cake to take home and pay the bill.  Jim told me that someone in the restaurant said our bill was covered, and to say, Thank you Jesus!  Of course, I did say that, and we know it was him that paid our bill.
    Today I plan on getting 5 outfits put together for the upcoming week, since we have appointments every day.
    Be blessed!

  3. I love coffee talk. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and schedule. It makes me love your blog even more. To add to your love of preschoolers, I too have a love for preschoolers. You put into words exactly why, which I had never sat to think about so thank you! In college I used to work in the church nursery with a friend and we loved the 2 year old room best. My now husband, used to come up to say hello to me and would end up staying to play with the toddlers on the playground. He was there so much that the director asked if she could put him on the payroll.  I remember thinking he would be a fantastic father one day watching how easily he related with a two year old. Fast forward 20 plus years, my middle daughter and I volunteer in the 2 year old room at church and we both love doing that together. It is fun to pass down that tradition and see how easily she loves giving them love as a 12 year old. Have a wonderful and blessed day!

  4. Love to hear all about your life and family in your coffee talk. I also like to help out with the preschool Sunday school and also help out with our church toddler group on a Monday morning. We have had a nice weekend here in Scotland but think it’s definitely going to get cooler and weather for sweaters now!

  5. Awww…I loved that age too…like you said, still so innocent but their personalities are developing…mine are teenagers, but I still watch them get on the bus every morning…is that weird?? Just been doing it forever, can’t break the habit or don’t want to!! I even sometimes watch the little girl next door get on the bus, she just started kindergarten …I don’t know, those mom habits are hard to break????

  6. I’m with you on the early mornings.  And as you said, the sun is so late in coming up. I feel “off” on getting my morning started.  Now if I want to sit on my front porch with my coffee, as was the norm for me, I’d be sitting out in the dark!  I’m missing that routine already!  Great tip on the Loft Sale.  I was able to nab a chenille cardigan at the 40% off.  Your weekend sounded perfect.  A nice pace of life, not the crazy kind of weekend you sometimes get with kids going all directions!  I’m enjoying this warm weather, but hate to admit I’m ready for “sweater” weather!  

  7. I know what you mean about enjoying the last of the nice weather but I am ready for cooler Fall days.  I wish I liked mornings. I don’t like before 7a.m. but I go to bed at 11:15p.m so would be hard to get up at 5:30p.m.  I told my husband the other day I was allergic to mornings. 🙂 LOL   I don’t like getting up in the dark.  Just depressing to me.  Do you go to bed early?  Sounds like you had a very nice weekend and I too like the little ones at church.  I am taking a year off with children’s ministries too, but hope to fill in too.  Hard….. but right decision for me at this time.  

  8. My favorite age group to teach is 4-6 years old. I always say that at that age, the children are like sponges as they are so eager to learn and just soak up any learning opportunity. To see children go from not knowing any words (and sometimes not knowing any sounds) to reading fluently is such a gift. Watching that “light switch” come on is ah-mazing! I love your coffee talks.

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