Fall Outfit: Sleeveless Coatigan + Metallic Loafers

Hello, friends! Welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Fashion. In today’s post, I’m killing two birds with one stone . . . or two trends, rather. I’m styling a sleeveless coatigan and a pair of metallic mules.

First I feel the need to say up front that I don’t love this outfit. While I like the individual pieces, altogether it’s not quite working for me. I was really tempted to ditch these pictures and try again, but I decided the outfit isn’t THAT bad, and I’m curious to hear your feedback!

So about this coatigan. I’ve been wanting to try a long sleeveless duster, and this is pretty much the same thing. It’s a fun piece, but the way the “sleeves” extend over the shoulders has a way of making me look even broader on top than I already am. Also, since it is such a light color, it draws the eye up and out to those wide shoulders.

Also, there’s something about that shawl lapel that I’m not loving. All that to say, this cut probably isn’t the most flattering for me personally, but maybe I’d like it better over a lighter colored top. Or perhaps I’d prefer the coatigan in one of the other colors. It also comes in charcoal grey and burgundy.

Here’s a look at the back. You can tie it in the front, but I chose to tie it in the back and let it hang open in the front. I’d also like to try it tied the way the model has the burgundy one styled on the website — still open down the front, but with it tied in front to accentuate the waist.

As far as this sweater goes, I’m wearing the medium because they didn’t have a small in the store, and I actually think the medium works fine. There’s not a lot of extra fabric, but maybe I’d like the way a small fits better. I won’t know unless I try it, I guess! I might head back to the mall today since their 40% off sale has been extended.

SALE ALERT >> Get 40% off your LOFT order thru midnight tonight! No code needed.

I thought I was really going to like the oatmeal colored coatigan over the green top and blue jeans, but I’m not sure I love the contrast of the light sweater against the darker base of the rest of the outfit. I wish I’d tried it with lighter blue jeans, at least.

This cinched sleeve tee is also from Loft. I purchased it with plans to wear it with this coatigan because I thought it was a great way to showcase the fun sleeves.

I sized up to a medium in the tee because it was tight across the chest in the small, but I think I like the way the small fit better. It was definitely shorter, for one thing, and it was more flattering through the midsection. I was able to leave it out with the small, but the medium definitely needs a front tuck. To see the difference, you can see me wearing the small without the sweater on top in this post.

So these shoes. The loafer mule is a big trend right now, and metallic shoes are also a trend, and these shoes combine both. You’ll either love ’em or hate ’em. There is rarely a middle ground on this style of shoe. I’m learning that people are very eager to voice their opinions pro or con before I even ask. Ha!

These are by Sam Edelman, which is always a safe brand for me. I found them at Bloomingdale’s, and bonus, they’re on sale! I sized down a half size, and they are unexpectedly comfortable and easy to walk in.

I like the styling with the strap across the vamp, and I think I like the comfort and fit as much as the R Minkoff pair I shared last week, although I do really like the black suede better. The quality seems fairly comparable.

I think I’d like this outfit MUCH better with my taupe ankle boots and lighter jeans, but I wanted to style these loafers and I thought it was going to work better than it does. I think it’s the color more than the style that I’m not liking. If they were taupe suede, they’d be great with this, but the metallic sort of jumps out at me.

I’ll try these shoes again with lighter jeans and a blush sweater, or maybe with black jeans and a lighter top, but they’re not doing that much for this outfit in my opinion.

That said, it was worth a try, and nothing about this outfit is a huge faux pas. I just think I could do better.

In addition to these shoes being on sale, Bloomingdale’s is doing buy more, save more again for 3 days only.

SALE ALERT >> Take $25 off $150-$249.99, take $50 off $250-$399.99, take $100 off $400-$699.99, or take $200 off $700+ at Bloomingdale’s on a great selection of items. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Offer valid online only, September 25-27, 2017. 

These AG Farrah high rise skinnies that I’m wearing are also at Bloomingdale’s and included in the sale. These jeans have a comfortable 9.75″ rise and a 31″ inseam. I had mine hemmed up about 2 inches, but if you’re tall and have trouble finding jeans that are long enough, you will love these! They have a nice, classic dark wash that you can dress up or down.

If you like the high rise but prefer a lighter wash with an ankle length raw hem, these Farrah raw hem skinnies might work for you and they’re also included in the sale.

I finished off the outfit with a grey handbag and a long silver coin pendant necklace. My bag is sold out, but I’m linking to a similar Tory in the same color that is also part of the Bloomingdale’s buy more, save more sale.

Alrighty! Well I’ve certainly said enough about this outfit. I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts.

top (40% off) // coatigan (40% off) // jeans (on sale!) // shoes (on sale!) // similar bag (on sale!) // necklace // earrings // bracelet (option) // sunnies c/o

Be sure to visit Cyndi and see the fall outfit she’s styling today.

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78 thoughts on “Fall Outfit: Sleeveless Coatigan + Metallic Loafers

  1. I totally know the feeling when you put together an outfit, and then don’t love the photos of it. But I have to say, Jo-Lynne, that I think sometimes we are too critical of ourselves too—ha ha!
    I would never look at this outfit and think it’s not good. I understand we tend to break it down as we are talking about it, and such. But I love this coatigan and think it adds such interest to your outfit!
    If anything, maybe the cinched sleeves with it, detracts from it? But that’s being a little too picky too!!!
    I think it’s fabulous that you are trying new styles and outfits is exactly what we should all do!!!!
    Happy Monday

  2. Good morning, Jo-Lynne! I have to say I really like the individual pieces but as you said, not loving them together. I am in love with the cinched sleeve t — I ordered it from loft in the black and grey flecked color and it is so cute! I am passing on the mule trend this season… just isn’t me! I really like how your hair is styled here… did you do a tutorial on this that I missed?!

  3. I tend to be cold all the time so if I need a cardigan, I like to have sleeves (same with peep-toe booties–a sort of strange in-between). Anyways, I love the jeans and like the shape and detail of your mules, although maybe metallic is not as versatile. Looking for a black leather pair.

    1. In person, they are kind of bright. My husband asked if I got them at K-Mart. HAHA!!! They’re very much on trend, though, so I wanted to try them. I like my black suede ones much better, and I’m REEEALLY tempted to get those in the taupe too. I wish they’d go on sale.

  4. Youre right! I had to comment. Shoes are terrible. You won’t see anyone wearing those in Roanoke Va. Haha! Maybe somewhere else. I’m not sure about the coatigan. I’m tall so maybe I could wear it but it’s a little long. You styled a vest from lucky recently that seemed more wearable. Thanks for the post. I enjoy checking them out 🙂

  5. First – thank you for posting an outfit you do not love.  I really liked reading your critique of it. I often put together outfits and just don’t feel confident in them because I don’t think they go together properly.  It’s good to know that fashion bloggers do the same!    Second, I think this is an OK outfit.  Nothing stands out as a real “don’t” for me, but I agree, it could be tweaked and become something fantastic.  I like all the pieces, a lot!   As for my thoughts – I think a darker coatigan, dark grey or black, might work better.  Or, loose the coatigan and I think everything else would work together.  Maybe a handbag with a tad more shimmer to balance with the shoes? But the one you have chosen is a great bag, and more shimmer might be overkill.   I also am curious with your idea- leave it all and try the lighter taupe booties instead of the loafers.  So many thoughts . . . You could probably create another post with tweaks on this outfit! LOL.  Anyway, I ordered that top yesterday and intend to try it with my light grey utility vest.  After seeing your outfit, I am less certain that it will work!  My vest hits me at the hip, so maybe the light color in a shorter length will pull together better than the light color in the length of the coatigan.  Will shall see . . .  

      1. I wanted to update you on my Loft Flecked Cinched Sleeve T – I ordered the green and it looks fantastic with my grey utility vest!  I like the way the sleeves make the vest look a little bit feminine.  I also wanted to let you know, your Shop With Me post at Loft really helped me with ordering the correct size!  I had to size up for this top, but I sized down on a few sweaters I ordered.  This oversized look they have isn’t for me, but at least I can go smaller to compensate!  I also agree with you – the website at Loft isn’t the easiest to search, and I don’t like the way they pose the models either.     But the have a good product and great sales!  Thanks for keeping me updated on that!  🙂

  6. Good Morning Jolynne, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this outfit. As you said, all the items are nice statement pieces but maybe too much when combined? Agreed that the small top would be better with the coatigan and it will give you the extra coverage in the chest area if it’s a litttle tighter there but what I think is throwing it off for me, is the cap sleeve on the coatigan. Because it comes over the shoulder a bit, maybe it should be worn with a long sleeve top and not three quarters sleeve …might help balance the look at bit?  I’m loving the mules and picked up a pair this weekend but I went with an inexpensive pair just to try them out and see if I can walk in them all day. Lol 

  7. I agree, I like the individual pieces but not together. I think maybe long sleeves would be better with the coatigan. And like you said a different color shoe. I’m not fond of the cold silver metallic with the warm cream in the sweater. But the shoes & Tee work well together. My feet are always cold and fall out of mules so those are probably not going to make their way into my closet any time soon! I didn’t wear them the first time they were in style in my adult life. LOL! Have a great day!

    1. Yep, the cold and warm tones are really mismatched.

      It’s been so warm here lately that it didn’t even occur to me that my feet will ever be cold in mules. 😉 But that’s a good point. No sense investing in a bunch of them here in my area of the country. I don’t even like wearing ballet flats outside once it gets cold. I hate cold feet.

  8. Don’t care for the metallic miles. For some reason metallic shoes reminds me of what older women wear. I guess because I see a lot of older women wearing them with their polyester outfits. 

  9. I like the individual pieces, but put together, not a big fan. Favorite piece is the top with the cinched sleeves. Love your site. Great inspiration. Keep up the good work

  10. I love that you try! I really wanted to love the coatigan but am built much like you and feel broad every time I put one on! I think I just don’t like metallic shoes in general.  I am in the anti mule camp but admit the black suedes are calling me to try them, so who knows! Maybe the mules with a lighter wash and just a plain sweater or tee!!!??? But thank you for the post!

  11. Agree… not one of your best. Not loving the sleeves and the ties on the sleeves PLUS the tie in the the back.. too much. Sorry, but you did ask! lol 🙂

  12. What about your moss Rebecca Minkoff bag you have from the Nordstrom sale? I agree that the silver is too cool for the warm colors in the outfit as Julie mentioned. I think it could work with a change in footwear in a warm tone and maybe a scarf that could tie everything together and give some color to the outfit as well. I applaud you for trying something out of your normal wheelhouse. I love that shirt!!

  13. I agree with the others that I learn so much when you “talk through” an outfit, whether it works or not. My random thoughts about this one: I found myself wanting a top in a print that brought in all the colors of the outfit; I like the shoes but felt they were so close to the color of the sweater that it looked like you might have tried matching and missed, and, finally, I love the coatigan and the top but feel they fight each other (too much detail or bulk or both too close together) in this outfit. THANKS for putting it out there for us! 

  14. I agree Jo-Lynne, I love the top (great sleeves) and jeans together but may have passed on the coat sweater. I’m also 5’3 so may be too over bearing for my height. I am a lover of metallic shoes but we do have to be careful that they don’t appear cheap looking which can happen:) I like yours but maybe with a lighter jean and casual sweater. I think a taupe suede shoe or bootie or even a leopard print would work better for the top and jeans. However even when an outfit doesn’t work out the way we want it too, it helps keep the wheels turning for other options. I know I’ve gone out and passed a mirror and thought ” What was I thinking when I left the house today?”
    Have a good one:)

    1. Ha, see, yeah, that’s part of the problem. I didn’t put this on at home. I threw the pieces together, hoping they would work, and brought them with me to change in the car. If I’d put it on at home, I’m pretty sure I would have grabbed those taupe booties. I really need to plan ahead better, but then we wouldn’t have fun discussions like this one, would we? 😉

  15. Oops me again, Just thinking maybe that nice olive green purse you have would be a better option, and maybe switch out the silver mule for a gold??

  16. I actually think this is cute on you.  Something cozy about the capped sleeves.  And as far as mules go, I really want to like them on me, they’re so cute on others – but when I try them on, I feel like I’m back in my grandma’s generation.  The next time they come back into fashion, I bet I’ll love them – I’ll be about her age! lol 

  17. So….I am super glad you tried this, as I have been wanting one sooo bad! I currently have a sweater coast in oatmeal with sleeves and love the look with exactly what you are wearing. I think the coatagan might look better with the long sleeve striped tee you have styled in the past and then the shoes would have looked great. I’m not a big fan of mules, as they remind me too much of flip flops! LOL! Thanks for trying stuff outside your comfort zone – we appreciate it. I do agree that it would be super fun to see a post with the ways you would have worn this, or with reader suggestions. 🙂

  18. I love the outfit but not with the shoes. I agree with you, and I think it would look better with taupe mules or booties. But overall I think you look great as well as the outfit on you! Thanks for a wonderful blog post!

  19. Hi, one of your devoted “old lady” followers here. If you hadn’t brought it to my attention, would nave saw another lovely outfit on JoLynne today. I don’t see anything wrong with the coatigan, but do now understand how it would look with a lighter top under it. I bought the grey speckled top and absolutely love it. I’m so excited that the sale is extended. I really liked a few more things and didn’t pick them up, including the coatigan. Thanks for teaching me how to dress ???? again. You’re the best!

  20. Okay….Here is what I think for what its worth.  I like the cardigan vest on you and this is what I’d change.  I’d get the small.  Just not a good look from the back…..too much fabric.  Then I’d try a long sleeve tee without all that going on with the sleeve.  I think it would slim down the cap sleeve of the cardigan you weren’t liking.  I think the oatmeal and dark green together looks good.  Then I’d do a taupe suede bootie.  I don’t think the silver metallic goes at all.  Silver is a cool color and you are wearing warm tones.  Just my thought. I think if you were to do metallic it needs to be warm tone.  Mules are cute though. I think you are more self conscious of your bust and shoulders than you need to be.  You have a good figure and you look good in this outfit, just a few tweaks will help. 🙂  Go back today and get the size small.  🙂  

    1. Hm, you’re making me wonder about trying a small. I’m stopping into a different Loft tomorrow to pick up that off the shoulder sweater so I’ll see if they have a small to try.

  21. The shoes made me start singing…. Domo arrigato Mr. Roboto. Great, now I’ll be singing that allllllll day loooong. LOL! But I agree with most everyone else, I like the individual pieces but the metallic is not my personal taste. I do appreciate that you styled them though.

  22. OK, because you asked, I’ll give you my two cents :). First, I love your styling and look forward to your emails daily! You do a great job with your outfit posts, and what may be something you’re NOT loving could be something I or other readers WILL love. Second, this outfit looks lovely on you. I think what isn’t working is there are too many focal points here (trendy sleeves, coatigan, metallic). If you had worn a shirt the same light color tone as the sweater, it would put the focus on the shoes and jewelry. If you want to highlight the shirt sleeves, I would wear a sweater/vest the same darker color tone as the shirt. Third, I love mules and always have! I’m so excited they’re back in style. I’ve already ordered a pair in leopard (per Cyndi). Disclaimer: I’m not a fashion expert or a blogger but I am an interior stylist. I think about focal points for rooms and for my outfits 🙂 Thank you again for great content, Jo-Lynne!

  23. I think you are too hard on yourself! If you had been standing next to me somewhere, I wouldn’t have thought anything negative about this outfit at all! But here are a few thoughts. Like many of your readers, I do like the pieces individually. I actually really like a long coatigan and think it’s a great layering piece. I’ve seen similar pieces styled with all black underneath – long black tee and black leggings or black skinny jeans. You could either leave it open or tie it to define your waist. This is definitely a look that I would try. The top is cute, but might look nicer on its own with the jeans (which also look great on you). And I like the silver mules, but like many others said, I think a beige pair would work well with this outfit. The silver ones would look great with black jeans and a white top, or white or pink skinny jeans. With all that said, thank you so much for being so honest and for showing us something that you’re not crazy about. I love your blog because of your honesty and how down to earth you are and those are qualities that make you look good no matter what you are wearing!

    Cathy V.

  24. I’m so glad to see you style a coatigan today! I bought a black one made of a heavy knit and now I’m not sure how to style it. Mine has narrower shoulder and a pointed lapel. I really like this outfit and would probably love it even more with your taupe booties. I’d love to see you style a darker colored coatigan, hint, hint!

  25. I’ll be brutally honest and admit that this is a bad outfit on you or for that matter on anyone else. Sorry. The individual pieces are okay, but just do not go together well. Good for you though for trying to make it work, just don’t do it again (ha ha)!!

  26. Jo-Lynne, I don’t think it’s bad at all. You look better than most, even when you feel an outfit isn’t ‘great’.
    I think I’d agree with another reader that the green top with the ties is too fussy. A simpler tip would work better. I’d also try to mix up textures more. Add something a bit tougher, like how about coated black jeans? As to the shoes, I really don’t like mules. I think booties would make the outfit work better. And in a neutral, say taupe.
    Interestingly, I have a similar coatigan/cardi/whatever you call it, and haven’t been able to make it work! 

    1. Yep, all good feedback and I agree. It was actually the sale associate at Loft that suggested this top with the coatigan, but I’m not sure she actually saw it on someone altogether. It is interesting b/c in theory it should work – the sleeveless coat allows the sleeves to show – but they just don’t compliment each other.

  27. This type of post is so interesting. At first I didn’t like the look, but I think most of it is that my eye is not yet “tuned in” to coatigans or shiny mules. How to maybe improve it….. 1. I’ve decided I love the shoes. But… being bright silver, although they are a cool neutral, they are also a very strong look–less neutral than maybe you were going for because they make such a statement. I think they fight with the earthier tones of the tops, which would go better with the taupe boots. I’d love to see you style the mules again with maybe a black top and jeans, or maybe a pure white top, or cool red, or blue. 2. I don’t think you look too wide, but since you do, I noticed that with the ruched sleeve top, the eye is drawn to the sleeves–out wide. Then, with the cap sleeve on top–out wide. So, the eye is drawn wide of your center two different ways. 3. I mostly think the 3/4 sleeves are fighting the lines of the coatigan. It says “long”. The top says “short”. Maybe try a long sleeve top in a less contrasting tone for a longer sleeker overall look? But keep in mind, you are really on trend and look far and away better than 99% of the people I see every day! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to let us see all three of these great pieces (top, coatigan, shoes) reappear in future posts in different ways–I think that’d be fun and really helpful 😉

    1. This is all great feedback, and I think you’re spot on. I definitely want to style these pieces again – even if I just do some mirror selfies one afternoon to show various options.

  28. I think the biggest problem with this outfit is the metallic mules. A pair boots with a heel would add height to make the outfit more proportional. I’d also wear a lighter tee to soften the shoulders of the coatigan. It’s good to see an outfit styled a bit off now and then so we can train ourselves to recognize what works and what doesn’t! That said, you still look beautiful and classy! Be Blessed!

  29. I have to laugh at you in this post probably because it reminds me of myself when I am indecisive. Ha. I like the jeans and the shirt, but dislike the coatigan and the color of the shoes with the outfit. Mules wouldn’t be my thing, but they are popular. I have some trouble keeping them on my feet so for me they are awkward. I am not into the longer vests. Having said that, I agree with you….it’s not a horrible outfit, but not the best.

  30. I’m glad you went ahead and shared the pictures with us, even though you don’t love the outfit.  I do think the coatigan would look better on us if the arm openings were up on the shoulders instead of like a cap sleeve.  Each piece is very nice.  I like seeing the silver metallic shoes because I have ordered a pair of silver shoes since I could not find a pair of animal print shoes with arch support.  The silver chain on the purse really ties it in with the shoes.

  31. While I agree with your outfit assessment, I do like the pieces as individuals ( except the shoes- sorry!).
    What I love about this post is the honest evaluation and fashion education. Sometimes I just can’t figure out why an outfit or piece isn’t working for me and a post like this is so helpful. Thank you Jo Lynne!  

  32. I agree with you Jo-Lynne, I think it would look better with lighter pants and top. I do like the coatigan though, it would also be cute in early spring.

  33. When I purges my closet I donated a cardi that had the same lines as yours and color. I couldn’t ever find anything that looked quite right with it. I have a similar build to yours and I like how it looks on you. Maybe it’s one of those items that we are too judgmental of ourselves. I kind of wish I had it back now. Oh well. 

  34. The best thing about this post is reading your analysis–it helps us understand ourselves when we, too, stand in the mirror thinking “why isn’t this working?” or “what’s one thing I can do to pull this together?”  Probably the most educational post you’ve done!  Reminds me of the old “Glamour do’s and don’ts”  Always learned more from the “don’ts!”

  35. I don’t know what it is about a shawl neckline that I don’t like on me. I can’t put my finger on it. Every time I try one on, it goes back on the hanger. I’ve seen them on others and they look good. I am built very similar to you so maybe it’s the neckline that’s bugging you? I love all the pieces on you tho. And I actually like the silver shoes! Not a fan of mules with my big flat feet!

  36. I really like the top and the jeans on you! I’m not in love with the coatigan or the mules. I think the top and jeans would look great with the taupe booties you have. The top would also look cute with one of your puffer vests or a utility vest. Thanks for sharing!

  37. You asked so I will say that all of these pieces are great alone but don’t flow together. My main problem is the cool tone shoes and bag with the cream vest. I also think the sleeves on the top conflict with the vest and the severe contrast in colors too. Put on a cream long sleeve top and your taupe booties and you would have a winner. However, you are lovely and look good in everything!

  38. You asked – so I will be honest.  The mules throw the whole outfit off.   Like others said all the other pieces of the outfit are warm colors and the metallic is not.  Change the shoes and you have a winning outfit ????

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