How I Get My Curls

I’ve been promising this tutorial on How to Curl Shoulder Length Hair with a Curling Wand for ages, and we finally got around to filming and editing and uploading this video to YouTube.

How to Curl Shoulder Length Hair with a Curling Wand

I wanted to learn how to curl my hair like this for ages and didn’t really know how, so one day I asked my hairdresser to teach me. It took some practice, but I finally got the hang of it, and now it only takes about 10 minutes to curl it after it’s dry.

I like having the option of wearing my hair straight or curly, especially since it’s so thin. The curls give it so much more volume.

The Products I Use:

T3 Whirl Interchangeable Styling Wand // This is pricey, but it does an amazing job, and my hair holds a curl for 2 or 3 days. I tried a few drugstore versions first, but the curl wouldn’t hold for long. I also like that you can adjust the heat setting on the T3. My hair is super thin and rather fragile, so I set it on the 3rd setting (the 5th is the hottest) and it works fine. If your hair is thick or coarse and you want to curl bigger sections, you may need it hotter.

Rusk W8less Strong Hold Shaping and Control Hairspray // I bought this at my hairdresser’s recommendation. I spray it on each section of hair before I curl it, and then I spray the section again after it’s curled and before I go on to the next one. I give it another good spray at the end to hold it. This hair spray has a strong hold while still allowing your hair to move, and it doesn’t make it stiff or crunchy.

Monat Blow Out Cream // I use this every time I wash my hair, whether I dry my hair straight or curl it.

The Process:

I just blow-dry my hair as normal, and I like to brush my hair towards my face, especially the top layers. This helps it lay right when it’s curled.

Once it’s dry, I start the curling process.

  1. Always curl away from your face. This is the conventional wisdom of the day when creating loose curls like are popular right now. However, I just this morning watched a YouTube video where she alternates going towards and away from the face on the under layers. She does curl all of the top layer away from the face, and she always curls the pieces in front away from the face, but she says alternating the curls underneath help add volume and prevent all the hair from forming one big curl. It makes sense, but I’ve tried it and I still prefer to curl all of my hair away from my face.
  2. I use a curling wand with a 1″ barrel. You can use a curling iron or even a flat iron with a rounded edge, but I’ve tried all three, and I think the curling wand is easiest to use.
  3. If you want smaller, tighter curls, curl smaller sections of hair; and if you want looser, wavy curls, curl larger sections of hair.
  4. Leave the ends of the hair are straight, for a look that’s more modern, and slightly undone.
  5. Spray each section with hairspray to help your hair hold the curl.
  6. You don’t have to curl the very bottom layer of your hair. If it’s super short and hard to get round the barrel of the curling wand, just let it go. It actually looks more natural if you let it stay straight. Sometimes I often go in at the end and slip the curling wand underneath that very bottom layer and hold the hair lightly over the barrel so it curls under and doesn’t sit in my neck. I’ve also seen people on YouTube use a flat iron to straighten that bottom portion.
  7. Allow your hair to cool completely before touching it. Then finger-comb it lightly and piece it out to get it the way you want it. You can back comb portions around the crown if you want more body. (I don’t bother with that.)

And that’s it! Here it is in action. I hope it’s helpful.

How to Curl Shoulder Length Hair with a Curling Wand

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