Coffee Talk & State of the Blog Address

Coffee Talk

Good morning! It’s a bright and beautiful Sunday here, with the sunlight glinting off the snow. I’m looking forward to church this morning and then a lazy afternoon, although we still need to take down our 2nd Christmas tree! Yikes!!

So yesterday’s post was incredibly well-received. I’ll have to put that on my Google calendar so I remember to do one next year. (I do that when a post idea does extremely well!) I had fun putting it together, and I think it will help me make smarter purchases this year. It’s a good thing to reassess each year what things work and what don’t in ALL areas of life.

I love that this blog helps me keep a record of notable events and happenings — not just purchases, but even more important things like kids’ milestones, family vacations, accomplishments, and so much more. Often when I’m trying to remember when someone did something, I search my blog and find it. It comes in handy that way!

2016 in Numbers

Let’s recap!

1,897,971 new visitors.

Of those new visitors, 740,095 came from Google/Yahoo/Bing searches; 417,380 came directly to the site; 546,711 came from Pinterest; 58,478 came from Facebook; 32,445 came from Cyndi; and 19,178 came from Instagram. The rest are miscellaneous sites and blogs.

18,000 new Pinterest followers

1,200 new Instagram followers

800 new Facebook fans

394 blog posts

8 pounds lost (ha!)

7 states visited

2 blog conferences attended

1 new blog design

countless outfits documented

2016 was quite a year, I’d say!!!

I spent a while yesterday poofing the pillows and freshening things up around here.

Shop My Favorites

I updated my Shop Page. I’m never sure how to best describe and promote this, but I try to keep a page up to date with my best product recommendations. There is a link in the menu bar at the top of my blog (Shop My Picks) and a picture on the sidebar (Shop My Favorites) — I’m never sure what to call this page and what will cause people to want to click. I’m open to ideas!

shop my favorites

Updated Sidebar

I also did some updating on my sidebar yesterday. I took down my Holiday Gift Guide link and added a link to a new series I’m starting this week, and I also updated my Popular Posts. Do y’all every click on those? I’m just curious if people even notice them or not.

Coming Soon!

I’ve been asked for more posts on simple “mom uniforms” that can be adapted for various styles and price points, so Cyndi and I are teaming up for a 5-week series, where we will each post a new outfit every Wednesday and share the “formula” we used and how our outfits came together. That starts this week.

And we finally got around to filming the hair tutorial I’ve been promising for months! My husband can’t do video half-way. Any time I ask him to just set it up and let it roll, he ends up with microphones, lights, the whole shebang, so it’s always a bit of a production. We still need to edit it, but I hope to have the post up sometime this week.

New Email Provider

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve changed email providers, and I’m hoping those of you who have had trouble receiving my emails will find that issue resolves itself. If you still aren’t getting them, or if you’ve never signed up and want to get them, you can SUBSCRIBE HERE.

It feels good to have everything updated and freshened up. It’s sort of like spring cleaning the blog. Ha!

If you ever have feedback on design and usability, feel free to let me know. If something isn’t working or needs updating, it helps to hear that from you guys because sometimes I miss things. I also rarely use my site on mobile, so if you notice any mobile issues, definitely let me know.

With that, I’m off to get ready for church! I hope you have a blessed Sunday!