Fall Hues

Happy Monday, friends! It is FINALLY starting to feel like fall in Philly, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

I think of myself as a summer girl, but whenever fall rolls around, I realize that God knew what he was doing when he created seasons. They all have their enchanting qualities (except maybe spring — I’m still trying to like spring, ha!)

The colors in today’s outfit couldn’t be more appropriate for fall. This sweater is like being wrapped up in a pumpkin spice latte! It also comes in ivory and a really pretty “hthr latte” that I almost chose because it’s more in my typical color palette, but I like this for fall. It runs true to size for J.Crew. I’m wearing a small, for reference. If in doubt, size down.

This sweater has a loose oversized fit without being too voluminous, and I just love the color for fall. I wore it with my favorite blue jeans, cognac ankle boots, and a plaid scarf in an array of gorgeous fall hues.

I thought these cognac booties were a great color with this scarf and sweater combo. Ecco Shoes sent them to me to test out.

I often get requests for ankle boots with a lower heel, and these are amazingly comfortable. They even have arch support. Plus the leather is gorgeous. For this brand and their quality and timeless style, that’s an amazing price. They’re true to size.

I usually go for jewel tones over earth tones, so I really like how this scarf combines both. It’s a great way to wear fall colors when you have a cool skintone, and I also like how it repeats the blue from the jeans and brings all the colors of the outfit together.

I thought the moss green bag was a nice compliment to the color palette in the outfit. I’m not wearing green in any of my other pieces, but as Clinton and Stacy used to say: It doesn’t have to match; it has to go. It’s really pretty with the pumpkin colored sweater and cognac boots.

Because these boots have a higher shaft, I tucked my jeans inside, but my jeans aren’t quite skinny enough in the ankles so when I started walking around, they were sticking out a bit at the top.

This would be a good opportunity to wear socks over my jeans and allow them to peek out over the top of the booties, but I don’t have the right socks for that. Wearing them that way can chop up the leg, but it also adds interest, and if the shades of color are all in the same general level of color, it can work and look really cute.

Beyond that, I love this outfit. The fall hues are perfect for this time of year, and it’s super comfortable and easy to wear.

sweater // jeans // booties c/o Ecco Shoes // similar scarf // similar bags

photo credit: Alison Cornell

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63 Responses

  1. These colors are really pretty together and looks great on you. My youngest is in her last year of elementary too and I am having similar emotions. Friday night they cancelled their trunk or treat because of the weather and it was so sad to know that she will not have any more. She was disappointed too. I know new and fun adventures await, but it’s a bit bittersweet. I have a pair of ankle boots in a similar style that I’ve had a couple of years. I only wore them with my wider leg pants until this year I paired them with my ankle pants from Loft and have been wearing them to work that way. I really like them more than ever. It’s a nice change and has allowed me to keep wearing them a little longer.

  2. Oh my gosh! You look so amazing in these colors! You’re absolutely gorgeous… I mean you always are, but, wow…
    You’re better than a website/catalogue model at motivating a girl to buy stuff… ( except, in all honesty, sometimes I go to buy something and the Canadian exchange and taxes and such make me stop)
    Anyhow…great post as always!
    Have a fantastic week!

  3. Beautiful! You and the outfit. 🙂 I just love the colors. My oldest is graduating high school this year and is headed into Football playoffs on Wednesday. He usually plays defense, but they have been moving him around and he scored two touchdowns in the last game.! I feel you and know that it is so bittersweet that he will be done in two weeks (hopefully they make it to the finals!). My youngest will be graduating grade 9 – in Canada that is the end of Jr High School, so he will be starting high school next year. Year of “lasts” for me too. He just finished volleyball and has started wrestling, with indoor soccer thrown in as well. Gotta enjoy it all while you can.

  4. Beautiful outfit! I love the color combo and thanks for the tip of adding something with cooler tones around your face for those of us who don’t do well with a lot of warm colors!

  5. You look fabulous and the outfit is phenomenal!  We saw on the news last night how up the east coast was getting hammered with the rain and wind.  I hope it wasn’t as devastating as they said it could be.  As the song from Annie says, The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!  Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks, Ginger! Yes, lots of rain and wind. Our rain is gone now, but it’s very windy. I’ll take it, though, because the sun is shining, the sky is blue, and the trees are starting to turn. It’s a beautiful fall day.

  6. That color pallet looks stunning on you. Rather, you look stunning in those colors!! ???????? Im going to check out that sweater for sure, maybe in one of the other shades for me. Hang in there with all the “lasts.” I totally get the melancholy. Change is hard. But just as you noted in your blog post that God knows what He is doing by having the seasons change, He knows what He is doing by changing the seasons of our lives as well. As much as I would sometimes LIKE to have little kids to parent again, I probably don’t really have the energy for it. And it’s time to do other things now. For everything there is a season! Blessings sweet friend!! ????????????????

    1. Thank you, dear friend! I know you are right. 🙂 And yes, a good friend has a 2-year-old, and while he’s adorable, he is a lot of work. I guess that’s why we have kids when we’re young.

  7. Gorgeous outfit. Fall is my favorite season for clothes and weather.
    On the subject of the stages we move through as a parent, I can say, as the mother of 4 children ages 25-35, it’s not always easy, but it’s an amazing journey. I now have 6 grandchildren and the joy of seeing my children being parents is beyond what I expected. I also never expected to feel the same love for my grandchildren that I felt for my children. Life is good

  8. First of all I have to say that you are a stunning model!  Those colors look perfect on you!  The whole outfit is a perfect 10 for fall.  Sounds like lots of changes going on in your household.  I was somewhat sad about each phase, but it never lasted long for me, as another one was always around the corner!  Maybe you’ll find that was well. The biggie will be your son’s graduation!  But if he’s going off to college, those visits will be another adventure!  Isn’t life, after all, one big adventure?  Enjoy the day, the rain has already let up here, just not the wind. 

  9. This outfit is awesome, and it is the style I love to wear! I also have the same problem of my skinny jeans bunching up, especially when wearing tall boots. I found a remedy for this and it is pant stirrups/ clips, or boot blousers. I purchased both from amazon! 😉

  10. What a beautiful color palette and you look gorgeous in it!  The scarf really does pull it all together,  and you look amazing!!
    I do understand that melancholy feeling we feel as the kids grow up. But like the seasons, each stage of life and growing has its own unique beauty (and set of challenges) to it. Enjoy every moment and be well.

  11. Hi Jo-Lynne,

    I love the whole outfit, especially the beautiful color of the sweater and have the sweater in my J-Crew basket ready to go.  Several reviews mention that the sweater is itchy.  Did you find that?  Thanks!!

    1. No, not at all, but I also wouldn’t call it super soft like some other sweaters I have. It’s fine, though. And because it is kind of boxy, I wore a cami underneath that I tucked into my jeans for warmth, so that also creates a barrier for part of it.

  12. You don’t like spring?! Just think of the sun shining, the snow melting, the air warming up daily, the buds popping on the trees, daffodils & tulips nodding their heads “Hello!”, peeling off layers and the promise of summer. I love spring and fall! My two favourite seasons. Have I convinced you to love spring, yet? Ha!

    The hardest part for me was as they left for university/military life. I missed my kids in my everyday life. The house seemed so quiet. It’s like a bit of you is gone. But, as all things in life you adjust. 

    You look fantastic in those fall colors. Scarfs are such a great accessory. They can add color or bring several colours together, as in this outfit.

    1. You will never convince me to like spring — at least not in Pennsylvania. It is cold and wet and dreary and windy, and it gets nice for a few days and you start to think you might like spring, and then it gets cold and windy again. It’s a big giant tease, and I hate it. LOL!!! I never loved it up here, but I would hunker down and keep my expectations low and get through it. But now that I do fashion blogging, I am trying to do photo shoots of spring clothes when it is cold and windy, and it is so depressing. It doesn’t get warm here till May.

      1. I live in Vancouver, Canada. Our temperatures are quite temperate on this coast. We rarely get snow and our temps are above freezing, except for the occasional night. We do get a lot of rain in the winter though. But, I prefer rain to snow because you don’t have to shovel it or slip/slide down the roads. 

      2. You’re right in that thinking but the southern part of the west coast is warmer than the rest of Canada. Our weather is similar to Seattle – wet ???? Waterproof is more important than warmth in our boots and jackets. 

  13. This is a great look! The sweater and jeans are wonderful basics, but the accessories really take it from nice to absolutely delightful. Love that little outside seam on those boots. They look like you could dress them up or down. Wish I needed some boots because that is a good deal and those look just about perfect.

    1. Awww, shucks, ma’am! LOL. Thank you! Funny, I was going to return the sweater until I saw it sitting next to this scarf and realized what a smashing combination it was. That is often how my outfits come together — purely by accident. Ha!

  14. You look beautiful in this outfit – just perfect.  Have you had your ” color me beautiful” colors done?  I would have guess you a winter color girl – but wow, having second thoughs after seeing how nice you look in these autumn colors.

    1. Oh yes, I did, AGES ago! LOL!!! I’m a winter for sure. I have cool undertones. I learned in Adore Your Wardrobe that it’s more about being cool or warm than the seasons and that all colors have cool or warm shades. I know the Color Me Beautiful did base their system on warm and cool, but they said that all browns and all oranges were warm — right? (I could be wrong… it was literally 30 years ago when I did that.) Kelly says that all colors have warm or cool tones and so I think with this scarf — the browns are actually cool. I think the sweater is probably warm, but wearing the scarf near my face is what makes it work. That said, I do sometimes wear orange, and I’m not sure if they’re warm or cool but I just like it and wear it anyway. LOL! But typically I gravitate to cool colors, grey, black, white, navy, and jewel tones.

  15. Love the outfit and your eye shadow is so pretty wish mine would look like that when I do it have to be doing something wrong with my eye shadow.

    1. It takes practice. Eye shadow is all about precision and blending. I watch YouTube vidoes, and I also like to go into department stores and have them do my eye shadow and get their advice on application.

  16. Great color combo….especially the scarf and your makeup looks phenomenal. Also, gorgeous complexion I may add. *Lisa*

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