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Hello and first day of November! I’m a sucker for a sassy graphic tee so when I saw this Fashionably Latte tee online at White House Black Market, it immediately went into my virtual shopping cart.

Graphic Tee with Camel Cardigan and Leopard Flats | Fall Outfit | Fall Fashion #fallfashion

I’ve worn it alone with blue jeans on warmer days, but it’s also really cute layered under a cardigan or jean jacket. A leather jacket would be fun with it too.

In this case, I wore it with black jeans and this camel ribbed long cardigan. I like how the camel compliments the gold lettering on the shirt, and then I popped the look with leopard hair calf flats. This cardigan is sold out but you can find other great options here, here, and here.

FYI, these Hudson jeans have an amazing fit, and they’re currently running a BOGO 60% off sale. I also have a pair of their bootcut jeans that I like a lot — I’m planning to style them for a post soon!

Graphic Tee with Camel Cardigan and Leopard Flats | Fall Outfit | Fall Fashion #fallfashion

These are the Sam Edelman Felicia flats that I’ve had for a few years. These shoes feel like you’re putting on slippers, they’re that comfortable, but they’re also so pretty. I love the print and the color combination. They go soooo well with camel and black; I’m always drawn to them when I wear those colors, but they also act as a neutral and compliment jewel tones and other saturated colors.

Graphic Tee with Camel Cardigan and Leopard Flats | Fall Outfit | Fall Fashion #fallfashion

I like how this tee has a bit of a scoop neck, and it’s made of a nice polyester/rayon blend that is a little dressier than your typical t-shirt. The price tag is a bit hefty, but I picked it up during a sitewide sale.

Graphic Tee with Camel Cardigan and Leopard Flats | Fall Outfit | Fall Fashion #fallfashion

Because there’s a lot going on with the graphic tee and cardigan, I skipped a necklace and wore big tri-tone earrings instead. I love how lightweight these are, and they have silver, yellow, and rose gold metals, so they go with everything.

Graphic Tee with Camel Cardigan and Leopard Flats | Fall Outfit | Fall Fashion #fallfashion

I’d wear this outfit just about anywhere — running errands, working at home, volunteering at my kids’ school, meeting girlfriends for coffee, you get the idea. It’s as comfortable as it is cute. The longer cardigan keeps it modern, and the leopard flats add color and texture while keeping you comfortable all day long.

Graphic Tee with Camel Cardigan and Leopard Flats | Fall Outfit | Fall Fashion #fallfashion

tee // jeans c/o (option) // shoes (option) // similar cardigan // bag // earrings

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29 Responses

  1. Love this outfit. One of my favorite wardrobe items is statement t’s, they are so much fun. Your everyday style is always so great and trendy <3

  2. Super Cute! I like the graphic tee dressed up with the long cardigan. Would not have thought to do that.

    And…I like Twizzlers and Dots 🙂

  3. What a fabulous casual outfit!  I also love graphic tees.  I would not know what to do with so many children on Halloween.  What fun!
    Have a great day!

  4. I love the colors of  this outfit!

    Questions about flats: Do your prefer pointed or rounded toe? And Do you like a complete flat or one that has a bit of a lift in the heel? I always struggle with flats and which version looks best with what style pants. 

    P.S. BabyRuth are my kryptonite! 

    1. I love a rounded toe ballet flat for casual comfort, and I think they’re really cute. I like a pointed toe flat for a more sophisticated look, and they tend to be more flattering because they elongate the leg. That said, a ballet flat has a low vamp so that elongates the leg too. If the pointed toe flats are loafers that have a higher vamp (covering more of the top of the foot) then that takes away from the lengthening of the leg somewhat. Basically, I like both, depending on what I’m wearing and the overall vibe I’m going for. 🙂

      I do like the look a flat flat, but then I love a good pair of heels as well. A low wedge pump with a rounded toe can be a nice option for those who need a little lift but like the look of a ballet flat. 🙂

  5. Such a cute outfit – great for my lifestyle!  I also love Snickers and Reese’s.  We don’t even do anything for Halloween anymore. My youngest still at home had wrestling practice last night. I didn’t even give out candy.  I guess I am a Halloween Scrooge!


  6. Love the t-shirt! I really like the colors in the outfit too. Man my Christmas list is getting longer and longer! LOL! We had about 40-50 kids last night. Not many little ones as it was pretty cold and rained a bit at the start. I always try to buy candy I don’t like so I am not tempted to eat it – any chocolate with caramel and/or nuts is my weakness. I do love Halloween though and the best part is that I dress up for work and keep my costume on to answer the door. I love the look on the kids faces when they see I am dressed up too!

    1. I love that. I always think I’ll dress up and then I never do. I was volunteering at the elementary school yesterday and one of the other moms came in costume. I thought that was fun. I felt like an old fuddy duddy in my orange sweater. 😉

  7. So cute on you-geez your so photogenic!!  I’m not-I look hideous in pics????takes a lot of good lighting and great camera angles for me to get a decent pic!!  Oh well, at least I’m super cute in person!! Haha-

    me too, love the Reece’s cups I bought a whole bag and managed to eat my way thru most of it-funny though, I only like them this time a year because they are nice and fresh…

  8. CUTE! I want that shirt lol! 

    Future post idea: “How to wear rose gold jewelry”. Rose gold seems to be gaining popularity and I have a beautiful necklace my daughter gave me for my birthday but I’m not sure what earrings, bracelet, etc to wear with it since I don’t have other rose gold pieces. I think silver or white gold would be the best choice but I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to a wear rose gold piece and mix it with other metals. <3

    1. Yeah, I struggle with rose gold too, which is why I usually buy it when it’s combined with another metal already. I agree, I like it better with white gold/silver, but I think you can combine it with anything these days.

  9. Love the graphic tee and the camel cardi is the perfect compliment. I saw a tee that says, “Sorry I’m late, but I didn’t want to come” on it. I wish I could get up the nerve to wear it. I think it’s hilarious. Those SE flats are my FAVORITE. Best transition shoe ever. Hope “Miranda” had a great time last night. What a hoot!

  10. I love getting your email every day! Thanks to you, I’ve tried looks I normally would’ve passed by. ???? I’ve also snagged some great Lucky Brand jewelry! I just ordered the hoops you’re wearing, & they’re on sale for $10!! Just thought your peeps would like to know.

      1. I bought the matching necklace when you featured it awhile back.  Just love it, but they are out of it now.  I had gone back to try and order for a friend this week.  Good sales on Lucky Brand things.  My daughter and I were in the store and she got good deals on clothes Wed.  

  11. Mine is snickers , I love this outfit , cute and easy to recreate. I hope your dry socket has healed and all that is behind you now . I have got to get me those leopard flats .
    Have a great evening !!

  12. Snickers is my favorite! Cute outfit. I love WHBM. I’m 57, petite. They always have a modern look that I can pull off without being too trendy. Pieces I will wear more than one season. 

  13. Love this layering idea to give the cardigan a little edge. And definitely love it with the leopard. That’s actually the main reason I tried and kept it! They go together perfectly .

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