Fall Men’s Fashion #NSale

Today’s post is a little bit different because my husband is making an appearance on the blog, and we’re talking about fall men’s fashion at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

Fall Men's Fashion #NSale

Paul is as much a fan of Nordstrom as I am — maybe more so. He never cared for shopping until he discovered Nordstrom. In fact, I used to do most of his shopping for him, but nowadays he will come over on his lunch break and meet me at the mall, or he does quite a bit of shopping online. He loves the customer service and the quality and how they make it easy to shop for a guy who feels more at home in his toolshed than a shopping mall.

The North Face 'Apex Bionic 2' Windproof & Water Resistant Soft Shell Jacket | Fall Men's Fashion #NSale

Paul is a typical guy. He likes to look nice but he doesn’t spend much time time thinking about fashion. His style is classic, and the dress code in his workplace is fairly casual so he wears a lot of jeans and chinos and button-down shirts. He is a sucker for a good pair of shoes.

We sat down together to peruse the men’s fashion selections from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and we picked out this outfit (among other things! We women aren’t the only ones who should be stocking up for fall during this sale!)

This is a typical outfit for my husband and one that I think is fairly versatile for a lot of situations. Paul would wear this to work, and for church he’d swap out the jeans for a pair of chinos. He’s a huge fan of these Nordstrom Men’s Shop Relaxed Fit Flat Front Cotton Pants (on sale for $38.)

fall mens fashion #nsale 6

For today’s post, he’s wearing the Victorinox Swiss Army ‘Ninety Six’ Trim Fit Plaid Sport Shirt in Smokey Blue. He likes a trim fit shirt, although this brand is new to us. It’s got a nice weight to it, and it fits him well.

During the fall and winter, he often layers a sweater over his button-down for warmth, so we ordered this ‘Knifesmith’ V-Neck Sweater also by Victorinox Swiss Army. We were more impressed with the sweater than the shirt. The shirt is nice, but this sweater is super soft and fits very well. Paul has a long torso, so sometimes sweaters are short on him, but one is just right. It comes in 4 colors and is on sale for $82. This sweater would make a great Christmas present for the men in your life!

For size reference, he ordered a Large in both the sweater and the shirt. He’s 6 feet tall and I have no idea what he weighs. Ha! He’s a pretty average build, as you can see, but definitely longer in the torso.

fall mens fashion #nsale 5

This ‘Apex Bionic 2’ Windproof & Water Resistant Soft Shell Jacket by The North Face is the type of thing he likes to throw on over his outfits when it starts to get chilly in the fall. He has a few similar ones, but this one is a little bit thicker than the ones he has — it’s more of a jacket than a sweatshirt.

fall mens fashion #nsale 7

This jacket comes in 6 colors, and we had a hard time deciding between them. Paul already has something similar in black, so we went with this grey. The best thing about this jacket is that it’s weather resistant, and it’s on sale for $109 down from $149.

fall mens fashion #nsale 3

I’m delighted to report that I recently converted him to premium denim. He’s always complained that jeans are uncomfortable, so a couple years ago I took the initiative and ordered him a few pairs of 7 for All Mankind. He can’t stop talking about them. He tells everyone who will listen, haha! For him, it’s all about the comfort, but I also appreciate how well they fit.

The 7 For All Mankind Austyn Relaxed Fit Jeans are what he’s wearing. There are several on the #NSale. Paul prefers the relaxed style to the more trendy slim straight style, but there are some slim styles on the sale as well. He also has a pair of Citizens of Humanity that he likes a lot.

fall mens fashion #nsale 4

These Manganni Cristian Sneakers were a splurge, but they are marked down over $100 so we grabbed them. I told you he likes a nice pair of shoes! These are essentially sneakers, but they’re a lot more stylish than your average Nikes and more appropriate for work. They will last for years.

He also ordered these Cole Haan Vartan Sports Oxford Sneakers in brown. They’re more affordable, and also very comfortable. They also come in grey, but only the brown is on the #NSale. Between these two pairs of shoes, he’s set for work for a few years.

FYI, the Manganni sneakers run a bit narrow, so he sized up to a 12 in those, but the Cole Haans are his usual 11 1/2.

Fall Men's Fashion | The North Face | 7 For All Mankind Austyn Relaxed Fit Jeans | Manganni Cristian Sneakers

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Victorinox Swiss Army ‘Ninety Six’ Trim Fit Plaid Sport Shirt and  ‘Knifesmith’ V-Neck Sweater // The North Face ‘Apex Bionic 2’ Windproof & Water Resistant Soft Shell Jacket // 7 For All Mankind Austyn Relaxed Fit Jeans // Manganni Cristian Sneakers

I hope you enjoyed this little departure from Women’s Fashion today! Kudos to my husband for being a good sport and taking a turn on the other side of the camera.

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  1. What a sport, what a guy!!
    My husband (Swiss) wears exactly that style, we’re fairly familiar with the Victorinox brand, and have found it’s good quality. He mainly wears For All Man Kind jeans too. He has had better luck than me with that brand. If only we still lived in a cooler climate… I am ogling your Fall fashion. I must have a look into the shoes though, they look great.

  2. I enjoyed this post! What a sport your sweet husband is! So great to get ideas for my hubby!


  3. Glad you are enjoying your break in Maine,a nice trip for the family. Your husband is quite the model. He looks great. Nice work behind the camera.. good for you!!

  4. Love to see men’s fashion using more tailored pieces! My husband is 6ft. and thin, so baggy clothing doesn’t look as nice on him.

  5. My husband would NEVER do a post like this – LOL. Cheers to you and your hubby! Thanks for always providing a thoughtful and informative post.

  6. Wow never comment but thank you so
    Just had ask my adult son … How I could
    Help with clothing budget. He
    Mentioned Nordstroms
    Now I have some great ideas!
    You and your husband make a great

  7. These are such great looks, wish my hubby would wear these kinds of things. Paul looked like a natural, and you did great behind the camera!

  8. Thank you Jolynne, I think my husband will like the Remington color 7 jeans – that one is similar. Hugs and happy new week! -S

  9. Great post. It’s always nice to see men put themselves out there. Get that man into selvedge denim! Once my husband was introduced that was all she wrote! To bad he doesn’t care for the slim straight because I think they are the most flattering. Especially with the selvedge cuff.

  10. Great post–would love to see more of these men’s fashion posts! My husband is also 6 feet tall, longish torso, and likes Nordstrom :).

  11. LOVE the men’s fashion posts. PLEASE do more of these. I’m trying to help my husband “update” his wardrobe and this is perfect. Purchased the shirt and he loved it. Now I’m ordering the jeans. ANY more direction/help you can give in future posts would be great!

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