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Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2022

Greetings and salutations on this first Monday of 2022!  ✨ I love Mondays. I love the fresh start, clean slate feeling… so the first Monday of a whole New Year has me positively giddy.

Today I’ve updated my Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2022! These are what I consider the basic building blocks to a stylish and workable winter wardrobe.

I've updated my Winter Wardrobe Essentials for 2022! These are what I consider the basic building blocks to a stylish and workable winter wardrobe.

Of course, you’ll want to take your lifestyle and personal needs into consideration when making purchasing decisions to build your wardrobe. I spend most days at home, so my personal winter wardrobe essentials are heavier on casual wear and lighter on dressier styles, but I still try to make sure I have clothes for any occasion that might crop up so I’m not scrambling when I get a last minute invite.

2022 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Everyone’s winter wardrobe essentials vary a bit based on climate, but this post is geared to those of us who live in colder climates. If you’re in a warmer climate, my Fall Wardrobe Essentials might be more relevant for you. Also, be sure to consider cost per wear when deciding how much to allocate to each wardrobe item, so you can make the most of your budget.

1. Classic Wool Coat

wool reefer coat (4) // similar scarf // black sweater (S) // skinny jeans (28) // leather sneakers (39)

I’m starting my list this year with a classic wool coat, even though I wear my puffer coats a lot more. That’s because a classic wool coat will take you just about anywhere — from the office to dinner, from the grocery store to the shopping mall, and anywhere in between. It’s the perfect piece of outerwear to top off a work wear look or a sweater dress for church, or you can throw it on over jeans and a casual sweater and look instantly chic. You can even wear it over your activewear for that enviable off-duty vibe.

A classic color like grey, camel, or black is always a safe bet, but don’t rule out fun colors like red, pink, blue, or even plaid! Choose a classic style, and it will last you many years.

2. Winter Boots

Blondo Dagger boots (size up half; similar option)

Weather-proof boots that can handle snow and rain are essential to living in a cold climate. I love Sorel for practicality, and Blondo and Aquatalia both do really good weather-resistant fashion boots that are both practical and stylish. Color-wise, I like to have a variety of neutrals — black, grey, taupe, and cognac are all good options.

3. Scarves

scarf // coat (6) // sweater (S) // jeans (28) // boots (8)

One question I get a lot this time of year is, Are scarves in style this year? Scarves as an accessory category never go out of style, but scarf styles do go in and out of vogue. A winter scarf as a cold weather accessory is always appropriate, and it’s also a great way to add interest to your winter outfits. You can find beautiful scarves at just about any price point, but wool and cashmere are usually going to be the warmest fabric. If you’re allergic, I also included a few with no wool content.

4. Puffer Coat

The North Face parka (similar) // similar turtleneck // Gucci sunnies

Whereas you can wear a wool coat with both dressy and casual looks, a puffer coat is pretty much always a casual wardrobe piece. If you live in a cold climate, you probably need at least one full-length, heavy-duty puffer for the coldest days and a shorter option for milder winter weather. I actually wear my shorter one a lot more than my long puffer because our winters aren’t super duper cold here in Philly.

Burberry Short Finsbridge Quilted Coat (similar) // Naadam sweater // rag & bone sunnies

Just make sure your puffer coat is waterproof, so it will hold up to all kinds of inclement weather. I also like to buy puffer coats with hoods, so I don’t need to remember an umbrella. They can also come in handy for blocking out wind and cold.

5. Tech Gloves


My fingers freeze in the wintertime, but I also want to be able to access my smartphone when I’m out and about, so tech-friendly gloves are a must. Other good options are fingerless gloves or convertible mittens.

6. Sweaters

Vince sweater (S) // AGOLDE Toni jeans (28) // AllSaints belt (M)

A good quality sweater can work for so many occasions. Wear it to work with trousers or a skirt, wear it on the weekend with jeans and sneakers, wear it on a date night with jeans and heels… you get the idea!

Sweaters and jeans are my daily uniform in the fall and winter, and I have a LOT of sweaters! I like to have variety of necklines, and I’m a huge fan of cashmere. No other sweater fabric is as soft and warm. Of course, some people are allergic, so I rounded up an assortment with some good non-wool options too.

7. Jeans (No Rips, Brrrr…)

jeans (28) // boots (8) // turtleneck (S) // similar vest

Jeans are a 4-season wardrobe staple for me, but in the wintertime, I steer away from rips and holes. It’s usually too cold for that, and they look rather incongruous worn with sweaters and boots. If you wear jeans regularly, you’ll want a variety of styles and washes. I would definitely recommend adding a pair of grey or washed black jeans to your wardrobe, if you don’t have any. They’re highly versatile — more so than blue jeans, if you ask me — and very on trend at the moment.

8. Elevated Sweatshirts

sweatshirt (S) // jeans (28) // sneakers (39)

This is a new category I added to this post this year because I find myself gravitating to sweatshirts more and more lately. If you work outside the home, this may not be an important part of your wardrobe; but for those of us who find ourselves at home most of the time, an elevated sweatshirt is a nice alternative to a sweater. Whereas sweaters often need to be dry-cleaned or at least special care in the laundry room, most sweatshirts can be thrown in the washer and dryer.

There are a lot of good choices right now for sweatshirts that are comfy and cozy, but also flattering and stylish. Look for styles that have fun details, not just a plain pullover or hoodie. You can certainly wear a nicer sweatshirt with leggings or sweatpants, but it looks more polished to wear them with jeans and fashion sneakers or booties.

9. Sweater Dress

sweater dress (M) // boots (8 1/2; also at Zappos)

I love a sweater dress in the wintertime. Pair it with tights and boots or booties for a look that’s chic and effortless. Wear it to the office, to church, on a dinner date, or for lunch with the girls. I recommend wearing a slip under your sweater dresses. It helps them skim the body and not cling to any lumps and bumps, and it also prevents them from sticking to your tights.

10. Leather Sneakers

Veja Esplar (39)

This is another new addition to this year’s list. I usually only include these in my fall list, but I do wear my leather sneakers all through the winter, and I feel like they’re necessary for my most casual outfits. Leather will hold up better to the elements than canvas, and they’re also warmer and look more seasonal. I love my Vejas, and I also wear my P448 Johns throughout the winter months. Of course, there are less expensive options available, but as often as I wear mine, my cost per wear is merely pennies at this point.

In order to cap this list at 10 wardrobe categories, I left out knee-high and OTK boots, but I like to wear tall boots in the wintertime with my sweater dresses and sometimes over my skinny jeans. They’re warmer than booties, and they tend to look dressier as well. I also like to wear my leather and suede moto jackets in the winter, weather permitting.

I also didn’t touch on leggings or loungewear because they’re not super important to me, but I know a lot of women like to have those as well. And of course, if you work outside the home, you may need to add some non-denim pants and blouses to this list.

All that said, I hope this is helpful! It’s not an exhaustive list, but it should be a good place to start.

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photos: Alison Cornell

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27 thoughts on “Winter Wardrobe Essentials 2022

  1. I enjoyed the post today. This definitely helps for women that stay at home and women that don’t wear dresses. Love the sweatshirts.

  2. Happy NY to you and your lovely family. I am indebted to you Jo-Lynne for advocating lovely coats. For ages and practical reasons I have worn sensible puffer jackets and coats. However this season have bought 3 lovely wool coats – red, camel and a luxurious fake fur and feel a million dollars in them all! Who knew? You are so right – it feels great to look stylish on the outside! Can’t believe it’s taken me so long to realise this! Thank you for your invaluable insights – Jane

  3. I got the blondo dagger booties for Christmas, and picked up a pair of washed black jeans at the thrift store on Thursday. I might look for a couple of new sweaters but I think I’m set!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this post! I’ve worked from home full-time since 2015 and my wardrobe has changed significantly. I have (loosely) adopted the capsule wardrobe mentality, but with more shirts…because I still love having a variety of clothing options. These days, I only have to shop for something to wear for special events – if I can’t find something in my closet that people haven’t already seen me in. ha ha I can’t begin to tell you how much money I have saved by not buying lots of random articles of clothing. I buy higher quality clothes than I did in the past and they last much longer. Have a great Monday! 🙂

  5. Thank you for this post! Very helpful!! And, this is right up my alley. I’m at home a lot. Sweaters. Tees and Jeans are my go to wear. I’m in and outfit with my Great Grand Son. It’s just a perfect and easy way to dress.. We have snow this morning! Blizzard like conditions. I’m in North Carolina. We had Temps in the 70’s the last few weeks. Gotta love that NC weather. Hope you have a great day!! ..L..

  6. Love all the suggestions for at home wear. We are at 30 degrees with a beautiful snow! Rain before snow started so trees and landscape covered……picture perfect! Supposed to be close to 50 degrees tomorrow…… gotta love Tennessee weather❄️🌞

  7. I enjoyed reading this post! I want to thank you for sharing why you like Monday’s because your viewpoint has positively influenced my outlook for them! I’m glad that you mentioned that leather sneakers are warmer than others; I will start wearing mine more. I hope that you are going to keep your Fashion for Women Over 40 FB group since it’s where I feel more at home and free to share more than just fashion with the ladies. Enjoy the rest of your day!

  8. Can you tell me what sunglasses you’re wearing in #5 with the tech gloves? I like the variation in the color, have been looking for some new polarized ones that are not so overly big, I have a smaller face. By the way, it’s snowing beautifully here in N.C. this afternoon, temps have been around 70 over the past few days. Glad to see the weather more seasonal. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  9. I love Mondays too! And I love the addition of sweatshirts to your essentials winter list. Because I work at home, I opt for comfy and durable and that’s where sweatshirts come in. I wear them all the time.

  10. Great post, Jo-Lynne! Do you find the Vejas run true to size? I am a half size so wondering whether to go up or down? Love the J Crew coat in the heather grey! Thank you for all the great tips! Blessings in the new year!

  11. What do you think of the Blondo dagger boots in brown nubuck? I love the black but I have a pair of Chelsea boots in black with a similar heel so don’t really need them.

  12. Just wanted to share that my Naadam boatneck black sweater arrived today and it’s perfect! I love it so much! It pairs so well with a new midi skirt I bought. I like that it’s thin and lightweight (so I can tuck it in if I want), but feels warm and so so soft. You really know your sweaters. Thank you JoLynne! 🖤

  13. The boots are great, but one of the zippers broke already 😞. Hopefully I’ll be able to exchange them.

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