Mustard + Leopard

UPDATED: 2/2/19

I’m excited to share this fall outfit with you! Mustard yellow is such a great color for fall, and pairing it with leopard takes it up a serious notch or two.

Fashion for Women Over 40: How to Wear Bootcut Jeans

I wore a mustard boyfriend sweater and a white tee with a leopard scarf. I love the mix of warm tones.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Mustard Cardi + Leopard Scarf

Bootcut jeans are not as popular as skinnies, but they’re fun for a change. My current favorite bootcut jeans are the 7 For All Mankind Kimmie bootcut, and I also like the Express barely boot jeans for a more budget-friendly option.

How to Wear Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut jeans demand boots, and the higher the heel, the better. Just make sure your jeans are the right length for your boots. They should almost graze the ground, but not quite.

The boots are Nine West. I swear, these might be 10 years old. The stacked heel is back in style this year, so once again, I’m so glad that I never got rid of these! Here’s a similar pair that would also look great with bootcut jeans. I also love these for bootcut jeans, and these for a more budget-friendly option.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Bootcut Jeans for 2015

The brown belt is perfect for pulling the scarf and the boots together.

Fashion for Women Over 40: Mustard Cardi + Leopard Scarf

I chose gold jewelry in keeping with the warm tones of the outfit, but silver would work fine too.

Fashion for Women Over 40: How to Wear Bootcut Jeans for Fall 2015

I carried a small brown clutch. I like the various shades of brown in this outfit.

Fashion for Women Over 40: How to Wear Bootcut Jeans for Fall 2015

And here’s a closeup of the jeans. I just love the wash on these. They have faded slightly over time, but that only makes them better. This is why I invest in premium denim. They just get better with age.

How to Wear Bootcut Jeans

So that’s my modern take on the bootcut jeans. This outfit would be just as cute with skinny jeans and ankle boots or riding boots. I’ve worn it that way in the past, but this is fun for a change.

Fashion for Women Over 40: How to Wear Bootcut Jeans

boyfriend sweater // white tee // leopard scarf // bootcut jeans (budget option) // boot options herehere, and here

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  1. I bought some Vigoss boot cuts very similar to the Chelsea at Goodwill for $7.50 this weekend! I am not used to the low rise anymore, but I do think they are flattering. I love that mustard and leopard combo and may have to try to find some similar pieces!

    1. Yeah, and the newer bootcut styles do not have the low rise, which is nice. But these do, and I’m okay with that! 🙂 I actually prefer the look of a lower rise. I know, I’m the oddball on that one. I think it’s because I am short waisted and have the boobage to contend with, so a low rise helps lengthen my torso a bit.

      1. I think this outfit is the most flattering of all the ones I’ve seen you post. You look terrific…slim and beautiful.

  2. For my shape and height, or lack of height I should say, I have always felt like boot cut jeans were the most flattering and they have been my go to jeans forever. It’s good to know they are coming back into style, which will make it easier to find a pair or two that fit to replace the ones that are wearing out. I do have some straight legs and some skinnies, but one of the really nice thing about a bootcut is that you can probably wear any top in your closet and have it look good.

  3. This is one of my faves from your fall looks so far! You look so pulled together and the colours work beautifully on you. I am a new reader and can I say I love the way you always wear a belt? To me an outfit just looks unfinished without one – I love the way you think!

    1. LOL, funny thing, I am not so much a belt person. BUT if the belt loops show, I do wear one. I agree that it completes the look. I really prefer skinny jean with a fitted top untucked over it so I don’t have to mess with belts, though. I find them uncomfortable. 🙂

      1. I have to wear a belt because my pants tend to gape a wee bit at the waist if they fit my hips so I’m in the habit now. Looks weird if I don’t have one on. But I’m with you on the skinnies……..I never tuck a shirt in when I’m wearing them. I need the focus to be on the skinniness of the legs not the hippiness above – lol.

  4. I never stopped wearing boot cut jeans either. I find them very flattering on my most body shapes. I love the mustard cardigan with the leopard scarf! I just acquired a similar sweater at Target and I am loving the mustard color for Fall! I recently styled it with a navy tee and gray boyfriend jeans which was pretty cute in the end! Finally Fall is coming to the East Coast! Happy styling!



  5. I love everything about this outfit, I think it is my favorite so far. Since I’m tall and curvy boot it jeans are my favorite fit, and I love the mustard yellow with the white tee and scarf. I’m going to try and replicate this outfit!

  6. You look fabulous in this outfit! It is my favorite so far. I love boot cut and flare jeans (not too wide of a flare); they are so much more flattering than skinnies. To me, everyone looks top-heavy in skinnies – ha! Especially me, since I have a pear shape. Hail to the bootcut! Also, wanted to say that you are the most photogenic person I have ever seen – I have never seen a bad picture of you. You look gorgeous every single time – how do you do that??

  7. Those colors on you, though!!!!

    I agree that bc jeans are the most universally flattering, and even though I can wear skinnies, they’re probably the most flattering on me, too. I feel like they give better proportion to my broad shoulders & larger bust-line.

    My issue is with length. Sigh, I think I’m going to have to just bite the bullet, grab a tall inseam, & have them tailored. Since my waist is right under my boobs, I do have a longer inseam, but not quite a tall. Yet when I buy regular bc jeans, I have to be careful that they don’t get highwater on me, so I’ve been wearing flatter shoes.

    Oh, the challenges we face. ????

    Happy Monday, gf. Thanks again for all your hard work on this series.

  8. I also agree, this outfit is by far the best one!! You look great! : ) The colors look so good on you! My favorite fall outfit by far and I also need to copy this outfit. Thank you for all you do, I’m a daily reader of your blog and this is my first time commenting.

  9. I’ve already commented elsewhere about your outfit (it’s adorable!!) but apparently I’m on a commenting spree.

    Did you see where it says overalls are also making a comeback? I can’t wait til you show us how to style those. 😛

    Also, it’s great to see you wearing a scarf! I like them on you.

    1. I hate scarves. BLEH! This one works b/c it’s not too voluminous. 🙂 But I really do not like them on me. Short neck, big boobs, it’s a problem. LOL!!!

      The day I wear overalls is the day you can take my fashion blogger card away. No thank you. 😉

      1. That must be why I like them – I’m all body, no legs, so a scarf helps me break up the zone.

        AHAHAHAHAH! You can put some mousse in your hair (also on the comeback) and overalls and a big trucker hat for your fashion retirement party.

  10. Such a great look! I never thought to pair leopard with yellow and it looks fabulous Jo-Lynne =) Once its cool enough here I’m pairing this up stat. Love this series btw =)

  11. This outfit is stupendous on you! From the bootcut jeans to the slim silhouette of the cardigan, elevated by the great scarf (I also own that scarf from Francesca’s), you look taller, slimmer and oh so stylish! Love it.

  12. Love this look! It’s very hard for some of us to wear skinny jeans….tried many brands and they just don’t work. Go bootcuts! Just started following and have to say this is my favorite outfit so far! You look amazing! Happy Monday!

  13. I bought a mustard cardigan for this season and I love it already. I’ve had my eye out for a leopard scarf as well so your outfit this morning spoke to me! Could you clarify for me the main difference between a boot cut jean and a flare? I’m guessing the flare stay more narrow until the very bottom, but I’m really not certain. Thanks!

  14. I love the whole outfit! It’s right up my alley, except I need a larger handbag. I just can’t do clutches. I have boot cut jeans in my closet and have been wearing them, along with my skinny leg jeans. I prefer then to be a little closer to my waistline so that I don’t have the muffin top. But I’m 5’7″ so that has something to do with it as well. Have a blessed day!

  15. Well you look like a million bucks! I held on to a pair of my bootcut denim from several years ago as well and plan to break them out this fall. I love the mustard cardigan with the leopard print. Perfect fall outfit.

  16. I know why you feel like a million bucks when you wear these jeans, because you look like a million bucks! Can I just say that your skin is just gorgeous ~ Seriously, it looks so healthy.
    Thanks for sharing, Melesa

  17. Good thing I kept my boot cut jeans! They are my favourite fit. I haven’t changed pant sizes in years so I will be wearing them this fall. Love the mustard sweater!

  18. You nailed it on this one……I agree with all the others that this is my favorite by far. The mustard colored sweater with the leopard scarf paired with the slimming jeans make you look phenomenal. There is not one thing I do not like about the entire look. Have a great Monday.

    1. Yes, they carry different merchandise, and Ann Taylor is generally higher priced and (assumably) better quality. They also tend to carry more professional and formal clothing, although there is some overlap. Hope that helps!

  19. I have never wore Musturd before, but think I will give it a shot, especiaaly with the leopard print scarf! Of course, where I am in California, it is 100 * degrees today. Am so looking forward to fall temps.

  20. Jo-Lynne, I too, love this outfit. I happened to be wearing boot cut dark wash jeans and a white t-shirt while I was reading this blog today. I got up and found my mustard colored sweater (from the Loft), put it on with my leopard print scarf. Then I added my Born stacked heel shoes and VOILA! I duplicated the outfit. I love it! Thanks for styling it today.

  21. Oh this is my favorite outfit so far!!!
    Love, love, love the mustard cardi…and really love that you wear gold jewelry alot. I like silver, but getting tired of it and gold has always been my fav. Maybe cuz I’m a blonde. lol
    Don’t understand the partial tuck thing. Just don’t get it. But it looks great on you! hahaha
    One thing I’m struggling with….I love the scarf look and I went out and bought 8 of them, but when I tried them on at home I didn’t think any of them looked good on me. I think I have to much “boobage” (haha..stole that one!) going on. LOL
    Any suggestions? I just really love the look, but not sure it will work or what I can substitute and get that extra color/print.

    1. Thanks, Patti! And re: scarves. Honestly, I hate them. I finally decided that it’s partly the boobage and partly b/c I have a short neck, but I rarely find a scarf I like on me. Perhaps I just need some new ways to style them. This one works because it’s an infinity scarf ( takes a lot of guess work out of styling b/c there are only a few options – one loop, two loops or three, lol) and it’s not too much fabric so it lays kind of flat. I took a few minutes trying different lengths until I found what worked – the longer loop needs to come below the “boobage” so it isn’t adding to the bulk. But the shorter loop needs to be long enough to show my neck and some chest area, to elongate the neck. I honestly worked on it for about 15 minutes. So all that to say, Scarves. Are. Hard. 🙂

      1. Ah hah! Now I get it! I am on the short side also (5’3″), so not a lot of neck room either.
        All of the scarves I bought were infinity, but maybe those just won’t be long enough to clear the boobage. haha
        I have a couple of regular long scarves that you would use with a coat, and the thin ones I have worn with just a solid tee before to add some color. I guess I’ll have to search for more of those and learn to loop them myself.
        Thanks so much, this is a real outfit saver!! 🙂

  22. You look stunning.
    I love that yellow on you!! I can’t wear yellow at all!!
    Those jeans – AMAZING! They really look great on you!!!
    LOVE it!!!

  23. I “hopped over” from Cyndi’s site at the start of the Fall Fashion and I have to say, you look stunning in today’s outfit. Absolutely radiant! Great job!!

  24. I have to say, this is my favorite fall outfit on you. I can understand why you feel like a million bucks in those jeans. They are very flattering. And that mustard yellow cardigan works so well with your hair color!

  25. I think this is an out of the park home run! I like this outfit better than anything I’ve seen you in. I don’t know if it is the mustard color, the perfect fit of the jeans, or just the fact that you seem to be beaming in these shots. When you wear something that you really like, it shines through.

  26. You always look nice! You always look pretty. But today….you are gorgeous!! What did you do???? You face is alive, sparkly, friendly, perfect looking….LOVE the outfit.

    I live in jeans in cool weather. Since I live along the gulf coast in Alabama, I am still in shorts.
    Love boot cut. Thanks for helping all of us out.

  27. I’m so glad boot cut jeans are back! I never stopped wearing my favorite pair, althougn I did wear skinny jeans more last year. I just think the bootcut is more flattering on everyone. You look great!

  28. Probably the best outfit EVER I’ve seen on you!!! The colors, the fit, everything is just perfect for you!! I’m more than slightly jealous because if I wear mustard yellow I look like someone should give me a dramamine!! haha

  29. I’ll be copying this look and look forward to wearing it with the cooler temps approaching. So easy to put together and I love the fall colors. You look absolutely fantastic!!

  30. i never stopped wearing boot cut jeans ! I do wear skinny jeans with my boots but for a girl with a pear shape we don’t always look good in skinny jeans! Also, they can be uncomfortable ???? love the look you are wearing !

  31. This outfit just proves why boot cut jeans should NEVER go out of style! They are soooo much more flattering on almost everyone than skinny jeans. The mustard looks great on you and looks to be big this fall; alas, it is not a good color for me. Love love love this outfit. And don’t give up on scarves; this one looks great on you.

  32. This outfit is absolutely adorable!! The only piece I don’t have is the cardigan, but I have been shopping around for an affordable one. I’m in college and a lot of these outfits are things I would wear; I love your style! 🙂

  33. I think what I love most is the way you have used older pieces from your wardrobe. If you invest in a good pair of jeans and boots then a new top or cardigan to dress it up makes it modern again! Love this outfit not sure the mustard cardigan would look good ion me (I’m really blonde). But maybe a blue or green would work!! I really like boot it so I’m happy they will be back in style. Not that it matters I never stopped wearing mine!!

  34. So relieved bootcut jeans are back in. I never really felt confident in skinnies with boots, although having read your article about it, I’m feeling a bit braver – thanks!

  35. I’ve never stopped wearing them, because I’m just too bottom heavy to do otherwise. No skinny jeans for me, they just don’t flatter my curves. I try to be true to what I like for myself without worrying too much about what fashion says.

  36. I fell in love with bootcut jeans from the moment I tried on a nice pair for the first time and remain fully dedicated to the style. However, i tried fairly hard to make skinny/tapered leg jeans work to no avail. My body shape is more of a thin, hourglass shape and skinny jeans never flattered my figure. They just made me look short and heavy. The nice thing about boot cut styles is that you can elongate the appearance of your legs by hiding wedges or heels beneath the gentle flair. This does not work with skinny leg styles as your shoes stick out and break up the illusion. Bootcut forevermore. Also bootcut seems to balance out my hips.

    1. I agree, bootcut jeans are universally flattering, and generally more flattering than skinnies, although I love the versatility of skinnies, and I wear flats a lot. 🙂 But I’m with you… long live the bootcut. I want to always have that option in my closet.

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