How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall

Today I’ve got an easy outfit that is perfect for weekend wear or a casual weekday at home. I picked up this sweater at American Eagle Outfitters last week.

How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall 2015

Generally I think of AEO as a store for the younger set, but I occasionally find something that works for me, and the second I saw this sweater, I went right for it. The sales associate who had been helping me said that it just came in the day before, and that all the girls that work there snatched it up on the spot. One girl was even wearing hers, and she came over to show me what it looks like on. I knew right then that this sweater was coming home with me.  

How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall 2015

It’s just easy and comfortable. If I put a long tank underneath, I can wear it with leggings and UGGs this winter, and it will go great with blue jeans and ankle boots. It comes in Dark Graphite grey and Oatmeal as well as this Berry Jam. I almost bought the cream, but since I have 2 cream ponchos, I decided to go for this bold burgundy.

Here’s a look at the back.

How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall 2015

Grey jeans have been on my radar for a while, so when I was shopping at White House Black Market last week and I saw these Saint Honore Grey Skinny Jeans, I immediately grabbed them to try on. I’ve never had jeans from WHBM. I usually buy premium denim, and I’ve never found the jeans at WHBM to give me quite the fit and feel I’m looking for. However, these I love. They fit perfectly, and I like the silky feel to them. I wore them all day on Saturday, and they didn’t stretch out much, so I’m pleased. For size reference, I’m wearing an 8.

How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall 2015

The sweater is a small, by the way. I tried on both medium and small, and the medium swallowed me up. I hope this doesn’t shrink too much, but I think it’s the right size.

I carried my black moto satchel and accessorized with silver. I wanted a necklace that filled the neckline somewhat, and this Silpada Duomo Necklace seemed like the perfect thing. Then I just added silver stud earrings and my chain link bracelet and two-tone watch. 

How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall 2015

For shoes, I grabbed these black suede moccasins because I liked the casual laid-back style with this outfit. They are super duper old. I don’t even remember where I got them, but this Michael Kors Molly Loafer would make a good substitute, or the Minnetonka Kilty Moccasin works too.

How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall 2015

Outfit Details: AEO Textured Jegging Hoodie in Berry Jam| Saint Honore Grey Skinny Jeans | Swarovski Cindy Earrings | Silpada Duomo Necklace | Oval Link Bracelet (budget option| R Minkoff Moto Hobo | black suede moccasins (similar here and here)

* * *

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25 thoughts on “How to Style Grey Jeans for Fall

  1. I love this outfit – very cute, and it’s how I actually dress. A simple outfit can be striking and look polished, as yours does.

    Berry is my favorite fall color, and that hoodie is a great find!

  2. your outfit yesterday was very cute! I love this color combo today and the casualness of it, but the fact that it still looks nice. Thanks for sharing. I need ideas of how to style gray jeans.

  3. You nailed it again! I love the outfit, and especially the sweater! I’m curious what the care instructions are. Have a blessed day!

  4. Twice lately I have seen you mention “premium denim”. I would assume this is denim that cost more than regular jeans. But, where do you shop for premium denim? I would have thought…lol…WHBM would have that. What is the difference? Where can I buy? How can I tell the difference?

    1. Good question. I often start to write “designer jeans” because back in the day, that’s what we called expensive jeans by famous designers. (I still remember buying my first pair of Guess jeans my senior year of high school. I guess I’ve always had a thing for denim. LOL!!) But premium denim is the industry term for luxury priced jeans. They are manufactured primarily in the U.S. (partly the reason for the high price tag) and are higher quality than jeans that retail for less. Most major department stores carry premium denim brands such as DL1961, Seven for All Mankind, Joe’s Jeans, Paige, etc. Of course, there’s a status to wearing the name brand, but I couldn’t care less about that. I just love the fit and how they wear, and I believe they’re worth the higher price tag. That said, I watch for sales and never pay full price. This article sums it up: http://www.ehow.com/info_8717014_meaning-premium-denim.html

  5. Am I imagining it, or do the jeans get even lighter down at the ankle? I tried looking at WHBM’s website and still couldn’t tell, LOL.

  6. Jo-Lynn, where did you get that striped shirt you posted on Instagram? The one you said you bought as a layering piece. So cute on its own.

  7. Great casual outfit that I’d wear to work with booties or ballet flats. I’ve been wanting to buy grey jeans, so you’ve inspired me!

  8. Love the series of outfits. Several of the items you have worn have been new, like the grey jeans and the hooded top. I love to get new clothes as well, but I have a hard time keeping my closet and dresser from overflowing. How do you hold onto the classic pieces and sill add new items without adding an extra bedroom for storing clothes?

    1. Hey Elise, I do move things out pretty ruthlessly. Things that aren’t classics don’t stay around for more than a season or two. I also put all out of season clothes in the attic, and again, I move them out pretty regularly. I also am blessed to have a large walk-in closet. 🙂

  9. I ended up at White House Black Market tonight trying on gray jeans. Their Saint Honore Skimmer Jeans in gray were perfect. I’m 5’4″ and they’re an ankle jean on me. They have cute zippers at the ankles. My first jeans from WHBM – love them!

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