Layered Utility Jacket for Fall

Welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Outfits! Today is Day 20. We’re winding down!!

I’ve been dying for the weather to get cool enough to wear this layered utility jacket, and it’s finally here! This is another American Eagle Outfitters purchase. I love the cool, casual vibe of the combo sweatshirt/utility jacket — perfect for this stay-at-home mom.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots

I originally ordered the large because the reviews said it runs small, but I ended up returning the large and getting the medium, and it fits perfectly. I couldn’t wear a bulky sweater under it, but it’s perfect over a lightweight t-shirt.

Take a look at the back. SO cute. 

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots

The rest of the outfit, you’ve seen before. These jeans are my new go-to for casual wear, the striped shirt has fast become a fall wardrobe staple.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots

The mushroom ankle boots seemed like a good compliment to the outfit, but I’d even wear a pair of converse sneakers with this. That would be super cute for a fall festival or some other casual outdoor event.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots

The distressing in the jeans is in keeping with the casual jacket.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots

For jewelry, I went with some of my favorite gold accessories — hoop earrings, my Rebel Pendant, engraved disc necklace, Alex and Ani bangles, and my Maylee Ring.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots

Here’s another full-length shot. This is the kind of outfit that comes together effortlessly for me. I would wear a variation on this every day if I could.

26 Days of Fall Fashion: Layered Utility Jacket + Stripes + Distressed Jeans + Mushroom Ankle Boots
Outfit Details: Striped Vintage Tee | Layered Utility Jacket | Florence Skinny Jeans in Vortex c/o DL1961 | Stella & Dot gold hoops (similar) | S&D Rebel Pendant | S&D Engravable Disc NecklaceS&D Maylee Ring | Alex & Ani Wire Bangles | Umberto Raffini Kiki Ankle Boots in Mushroom Suede c/o The Walking Company | Sunnies

* * *

Now hop on over and visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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35 thoughts on “Layered Utility Jacket for Fall

  1. Gorgeous as always! I’m still waiting on my cooler weather, its going to be a high of 82 here today. If it keeps this up, my post will be featuring a bathing suit, and nobody wants to see that.

  2. I Love, love, love this jacket! I have been eying a similar one at Target, but it’s Juniors, so I will have to find one elsewhere. But gray denim (which I am starting to really like after much hesitation) is great with the striped tee and boots or Converse. You could pair any statement jacket or sweater over that combo. Such great styling inspiration, Jo-Lynne! (I am still waiting for jacket/sweater weather here in upstate NY!). Thanks for the ideas!



    1. And i just realized I talked about gray denim on the wrong post! Sorry! Apparently, 2 cups of coffee are NOT enough this morning! And typos everywhere!! Ugh.

  3. What a cute outfit, love the jacket! I have coffee in hand as well with pumpkin spice creamer. Happy Fall Y’all ????????????????

  4. Love that jacket. A layering question for you. If you intend to wear the jacket as a layering piece open, should it still be able to zip/button comfortably to fit properly? I bought a jean jacket and it looked much cuter open a size smaller, but when buttoned looked too small. Thanks!

    1. I think technically, it should button but you gotta go with your gut. Like you say, if you found that it looked better open a size smaller, and you know you won’t ever button, then no worries! Go with the smaller size. My utility vest from day 1 won’t zip, but I know it would look goofy if it were a size bigger.

      1. I went with the smaller size for a utility jacket I bought today. You’re right, the next size up was too big in the arms and looked dumpy. Thanks for the advice to go with your gut!

  5. I am happy to see that you are styling “straight leg” jeans with your boots. When I tried my straight leg with the boots I wasn’t sure if that was right because they aren’t “tight” in the boot so it is ok to have a little bunching on the bottom or at the knees when you wear boots? Hope you can put my mind at ease that the jeans don’t have to be perfectly straight and tight. Thanks Jo-Lynne.

    1. Yeah, these are technically skinny jeans, but they don’t have a super narrow ankle. It is okay to have some bunching, although I do prefer the cleaner look. But we can’t all have 155 pairs of jeans for every shoe, lol.

  6. LOVE this jacket! You and Cyndi have posted some cute fall outfits with military jackets so I tried one on yesterday that I saw at the mall but wasn’t in love with it so I didn’t purchase it – this one with the sweatshirt sleeeves I think I will love on me … gonna order it today! Keep the great ideas coming! 🙂

  7. I like your jacket but I already have a “regular” one AND the Nordstrom Rack vest you showed. How old is too old to wear the slashed jeans, do you think? (I’m probably at least a decade older than you.)

    1. Hey Bonnie, I think it’s more about attitude and personal style aesthetic than it is about age. Sometimes we have to take a bit of a risk, and push ourselves out of our comfort zone, but sometimes it’s best to follow our instincts and “when in doubt, go without.” It’s hard to say where to draw that line – between being daring and listening to our inner hesitation. At the end of the day, it’s just fashion. It can’t hurt to try new things! 🙂 If you look a little ridiculous, oh well. LOL!! It’s not like a haircut that will take a year to grow out.

      What I do when I’m not sure about a new trend, but I want to try it, is I get a cheap version so that if I don’t end up wearing it much, it wasn’t a big investment. Maybe find a cheap pair at Old Navy or something and give them a whirl. If you love them, invest in a pricier pair. 🙂

  8. I’m with you, Bonnie. How old is too old to wear worn-looking jeans? I’m 53 and struggling to find the right balance between not dressing like my mother and making sure I don’t look like my sons’ girlfriends and wives. Lol.

  9. Lookin’ good, gf! Great jacket, and you have me strongly considering stripes and the color mustard, so this series is awesome!

  10. Love your outfit, you look great!! But I think you & Cyndi would look amazing in a gunny sack 🙂 I have loved the 26 days of fall…dread it ending 🙁 Have a great day!!

  11. Great jacket! AE is typically not some place I would shop for clothes, but I would totally wear that jacket. It would be perfect for weekend wear. Still not quite cool enough in KY for jackets yet, but I’m sure it’s coming soon!

  12. I like this combo sweatshirt/utility jacket best of all the vests and jackets shown. It looks more like me since I’m retired and dress casually. Also glad to see you styling straight leg jeans tucked in your boots. I know the flares are popular and I have a couple of old pairs that I’ve kept. I’m short so guess I need to start wearing them more outside my boots. Just love the straight leg jeans so much. Your are right…most of us cannot have 155 pairs of jeans for all occasions. I’m usually a season behind on fashion and have just gotten really into the skinny jeans. Hate to see this fashion show end but I know it must be a lot of work for both of you and I am very appreciative for your hard work! I have thoroughly enjoyed all the styles both of you have shown.

  13. I ordered this jacket on Wednesday and it arrived today … LOVE it! So comfy … . just waiting for the LOFT tshirt to arrive so I can recreate this outfit! 🙂

  14. I fell in love with the jacket! Perfect combination of modern and cool. However, I went to read the reviews before I ordered it and they mentioned that the jacket was really short. I decided to pass, because I like a jacket that comes down lower on my backside. Then I was shopping at Tilly’s with my daughter and found a jacket very similar to the one posted. It is longer and was even about $20 cheaper. I love it!

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