5 Favorites: Jewelry Edition

Hello Saturday! I’ve got another 5 Favorites post today, and this is the jewelry edition.

Not only am I sharing my 5 favorite pieces of jewelry, but I’m also going to talk about my 5 favorite fall 2017 jewelry trends AND my 5 favorite places to shop for jewelry. I’m also going to touch on jewelry organization.

Yes, I realize this could be at least 3 separate blog posts, but today I’m going to subscribe to the motto, Go big or go home!

I’ve had a lot of requests for more information on jewelry, how to style it, how to layer it, what to wear it with, etc. so I hope this is helpful.

5 Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

#1. layering bangles 

Bangles are nice because you can wear one or two for a more casual look or pile them on when you want more bling. You can certainly layer stretch bracelets and link bracelets and other styles, but bangles are the easiest (in my opinion.) They’re also easy to find at any price point.

I almost always wear a bracelet or a stack of bangles, but when I’m styling an outfit, I rarely choose my bracelets first. I usually decide which earrings/necklace combination is going to work best with the neckline of my top and the rest of my outfit, taking into consideration the color of the hardware on my shoes and/or handbag, and then I select my bracelets last.

Even though I have quite a few bracelets to choose from, I usually end up wearing the same two or three over and over. Isn’t that always the way!?!

When I’m wearing gold earrings/necklace, nine times out of ten, I’ll grab a stack of gold Alex and Ani charm bangles and go. I like the casual vibe and they seem to go with everything. When I’m wearing silver, I almost always wear my David Yurman link bracelet. It was a gift from my husband over 10 years ago and I still wear it several times a week. (It’s not a bangle, but I mention it because it’s definitely a favorite.)

I get a lot of requests to share my jewelry organization. I like to keep my jewelry out where I can see it so I have two bracelet stands on my dresser. Here are some similar options.


#2. long pendant necklaces

Long pendants are great for wearing over a plain shirt or top when you want to break up the solid color and draw the eye in towards the waist. You can wear a long pendant alone or layer it with one or two (or more) other shorter necklaces for more interest.

You’ll often see me wearing my gold Moon & Lola Dalton initial pendant or a silver initial charm pendant (which has unfortunately sold out.) Both are casual enough for everyday and substantial enough to be seen without being overwhelming.

Sometimes I like a pendant that is larger and makes more of a statement, usually when I’m wearing a plainer top and/or going for a dressier look. One of my current favorites is this Stella & Dot Dalilah pendant.

I keep my shorter pendants on a stand on my dresser, and I hang my long pendants on the wall with a piece I found on Amazon a few years ago. Here are some suggestions for necklace storage.


#3. large earring studs

While statement earrings are a huge trend right now, my favorites are still a simple pair of studs or mid-size drop earrings (see #4.)

I love these oversized pearl studs that I’ve featured often over the past year or so since I discovered them. They’re kind of weird because they’re two-sided, and I have to wear them backwards so the larger pearl is visible in front. I also have diamond studs that I wear a lot.

I think the reason I like studs so much is that they’re easy to pair with necklaces. I don’t like my jewelry to be too matchy-matchy so deciding which earrings and necklace to wear together is always a bit of a challenge. This is definitely the area I struggle with the most when putting outfits together.

Typically I choose my necklace first, based on my outfit and the type of top and neckline I’m wearing. Then I choose my earrings to support the necklace. My general rule of thumb goes like this: The bigger and bolder the necklace(s), the smaller and more subtle the earrings I pair with it. Studs and hoops are also good for wearing with bolder necklaces because they’re plain and work with a lot of styles of necklaces.

I keep my studs in a jewelry chest on my dresser. I also have a little trinket tray that sits in front of it where I often drop my most commonly worn earring studs and other small earrings and rings when I take them off for the night.

#4. drop earrings

I have quite a few pairs of drop earrings of various sizes and levels of formality. I would say they’re the type of earrings I wear the most. Again, depending on my necklace, I will choose drop earrings that are larger and bolder or smaller and more subtle, so I like to have a variety.

Current favorites are these filligree drop earrings and these pearl and gold chandeliers for everyday outfits, these gold lace chandeliers for dressier looks, and these two-tone beaded drop earrings for more casual days.

If I want to wear a pair of big statement earrings, I usually forego a necklace altogether or I wear something delicate that doesn’t compete.

I’m definitely a less-is-more kind of gal when it comes to jewelry. If I feel like I may possibly be overdoing it, I remove something. This isn’t necessarily the conventional wisdom of our day. Right now, there’s a lot of layering and mixing and matching going on, but I’d rather downplay my accessories so they don’t take over.

I store my drop earrings on a rotating earring holder on my dresser top. Here are some other options.


#5. fashion rings

In addition to my wedding rings, I always wear a fashion ring on my right hand. These days I usually wear the gold and silver link ring my husband gave me for Christmas last year because it goes with everything. I have others, and I really should rotate them more, but I usually revert back to this one because it’s a nice size and it has both gold and silver in it so it goes with everything.

Of course you don’t have to spend that much. Stella & Dot has a lot of pretty fashion rings under $100, as does Nordstrom and many other retailers. This crossover ring is a popular style that looks good with everything, and single stone rings are fun too. Wearing several rings on one hand or even on one finger is popular these days, but I generally stick with one. #plainJane

I store my rings in that wooden jewelry box on my dresser. It has a drawer with the padded ring holders.

Okay, so let’s move on to jewelry trends that are hot right now!

2017 Jewelry Trends

#1. statement earrings

While I tend to go for more subtle earring styles, statement earrings are definitely trending right now, so definitely partake if you like them. I think they look better on women with thicker, bigger hair than mine. I’m more likely to wear bolder earrings when I have my hair curled.

#2. tassels & pom poms

Speaking of statement earrings, tassels and pom poms are huge trends in earrings as well as necklaces and even bracelets.

#3. layering

As I mentioned above, layering is huge right now. Instead of a statement necklace, try layering several delicate necklaces of different lengths. You can also layer rings, bracelets, and even earrings.

If layering intimidates you, buy pieces that are already layered, like this Treasure & Bond bracelet set at Nordstrom or this Lucky Brand layer necklace (pictured above.) As an added bonus, many layer necklaces allow you to remove some of the pieces to give you several looks in one and more bang for your buck!

#4. mixing metals

No longer do you have to wear only gold or only silver. You can mix it all up if you want, but I usually only mix my metals when I’m wearing at least one piece of jewelry that has both colors in it. I am a huge fan of a mixed metal watch, and I also have some other pieces of jewelry that mix gold and silver and sometimes even rose gold. And that’s the perfect segue…

#5. rose gold

Rose gold is more popular than ever this year, especially mixed with yellow gold and silver. I prefer to buy pieces that incorporate the rose gold with other metal colors so I don’t have to worry about wearing rose gold in the other jewelry I’m wearing with it. Yesterday I picked up this necklace at the Lucky Brand store. It’s a good example of mixing all 3 colors of metal in a subtle way.

And finally…

5 Favorite Places to Shop Jewelry

#1. Stella & Dot // I’m still a Stella & Dot stylist although I haven’t been buying as much of their jewelry lately. They’re priced a little high for fashion jewelry, but they make a great product and stay on top of current trends.

#2. Nordstrom // Tons of options at all price points, great return policy, need I say more??

#3. Lucky Brand // I’m a huge fan of Lucky Brand jewelry, both for the style and price point. They have a lot to choose from, and it always holds up well for me. The aesthetic is laid back and fun, casual but still somewhat classic.

#4. J.Crew // I’ve started paying more attention to the jewelry at J.Crew lately. It’s a little more preppy/dressy than Lucky Brand, and they have a lot of nice statement pieces when you’re looking for something like that. J.Crew Factory is always worth a look as well.

#5. LOFT // LOFT does a good job with on trend jewelry at a modest price point, especially when you get it on sale.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on jewelry. I am by no means an expert, but this is just what I like and what I see trending right now.

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