5 Favorites: Jewelry Edition

Hello and happy 🐫 day! I’ve got another 5 Favorites post today, and this is the jewelry edition. I get a lot of requests for more information on jewelry, how to style it, how to layer it, what to wear it with, etc. so I hope this is helpful. I’m sharing my 5 favorite pieces (or types) of jewelry, and I’m also touching on jewelry organization.

5 Favorite Pieces of Jewelry

#1. Silver Link Bracelet 

This is probably the piece of jewelry I wear most often. I’ve had it for at least 10 years, and it’s still my favorite. It has enough visual weight to stand alone, but it can also be layered with other pieces. It can be dressy or casual, and it goes with just about anything. Yes, it’s spendy, but on a cost per wear basis, it has more than paid for itself over the years.

There have been some debates in my comment section about the size I have, but I’m fairly certain it’s the oval large link. That’s the price we paid for it, and I’ve always linked to this one, but I’ll try to remember to verify the size the next time I go in and get it cleaned — I stop into the David Yurman store about once a year and get all my pieces cleaned. That keeps them in tip-top condition. My husband learned a long time ago that a piece of DY jewelry is a guaranteed hit when he needs a present for me, so he’s given me a few pieces over the years.

I also love my Alex and Ani charm bangles, and that’s what I usually wear with other gold jewelry. I have some other bracelets that I cycle in sometimes as well, but when I’m wearing silver, I almost always wear my DY link bracelet. If you like the look but not the price tag, this silver link bracelet is similar. It’s not quite as thick as mine, but it’s still a great versatile piece for a fraction of the price.

I get a lot of requests to share my jewelry organization. I like to keep my jewelry out where I can see it, so I have two bracelet stands on my dresser similar to these, and that’s where I keep all my bracelets except my sterling silver. I keep my sterling in the felt bags they came in so they don’t tarnish.

#2. Layering Necklaces

I couldn’t choose a favorite necklace because I rotate them around so much, so I’m linking to my newest — this J.Crew layered coin necklace. The trend right now is moving away from statement necklaces and to layer more delicate necklaces. I’ve never been a big fan of statement necklaces, personally, so I’m embracing the delicates.

I love the ones that come already put together, but I’m also trying to collect a few separate pieces that I can wear together for more of a mix and match look. I love Gorjana for delicate jewelry that layers well, so I’m hoping to add a couple of new pieces to my collection soon.

I have a necklace stand similar to this on my dresser where I keep shorter necklaces, and I just ordered this wall mounted jewelry organizer for my long necklaces because the one I was using in my old house didn’t make it here in one piece. I still need to get Paul to hang that, but it will go beside my dresser.

More of My Favorite Layering Necklaces:

#3. Oversized Pearl Earring Studs

While statement earrings are a huge trend right now, my favorites are still a simple pair of studs. I purchased this pair of faux pearl earrings a few years ago, and I wore them so much I decided I could justify a real pair. I stalked them until they went 60% off last Christmas, and I absolutely love wearing them. The 11mm size is perfectly oversized without being hugely tacky (in my humble opinion, anyway!)

I think the reason I like these studs so much is that they’re easy to pair with necklaces. I don’t like my jewelry to be too matchy-matchy so deciding which earrings and necklace to wear together can be a bit of a challenge.

Typically I choose my necklace first, based on my outfit and the type of top and neckline I’m wearing, and then I choose my earrings to support the necklace. My general rule of thumb goes like this: The bigger and bolder the necklace(s), the smaller and more subtle the earrings I pair with it. Simple hoops are also good for wearing with bolder necklaces because they’re plain and work with a lot of styles of necklaces.

I keep my studs in a trinket tray on my dresser. (I also drop my rings in there at night.)

#4. Drop Earrings

This is another category I have trouble picking a favorite, but right now I probably wear this pair of double hoop earrings most often (these are similar.) I have quite a few pairs of drop earrings of various sizes and levels of formality. I would say they’re the type of earrings I wear the most. Again, depending on my necklace, I will choose drop earrings that are larger and bolder or smaller and more subtle, so I like to have a variety.

If I want to wear a pair of big statement earrings, I usually forego a necklace altogether or I wear something delicate that doesn’t compete.

I store my hoops and chandelier earrings in this acrylic jewelry storage box on top of my dresser.

More of My Favorite Drop Earrings

#5. Mixed Metal Ring

In addition to my wedding rings, I almost always wear a fashion ring on my right hand. Wearing several rings on one hand or even on one finger is popular these days, but I generally stick with one per hand. #plainjane

These days I usually wear this gold and silver link ring because it goes with everything. I have others, and I really should rotate them more, but I usually revert back to this one because it’s a nice size and it has both gold and silver in it so it goes with any other jewelry I’m wearing.

Of course you don’t have to spend that much. Again, the designer pieces I have were gifts. Stella & Dot has a lot of pretty fashion rings under $100, as does Nordstrom and many other retailers. This crossover ring is a popular style that looks good with everything.

I’m definitely a less-is-more kind of girl when it comes to jewelry. If I feel like I may possibly be overdoing it, I remove something. This isn’t necessarily the conventional wisdom of our day. Right now, there’s a lot of layering and mixing and matching going on, but I’d rather downplay my accessories so they don’t overpower me or my outfit.

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