5 Favorites: White Shorts

Happy Monday, my friends! It’s been a while since I’ve done a 5 Favorites post, and I’ve had some requests for a white shorts roundup, so I thought I’d do my 5 Favorite White Shorts.

I’m wearing white shorts more than ever right now, due to Covid and most of our dining and entertaining being outside.

It’s usually too hot to wear my go-to white jeans, and sometimes dresses feel fussy. White shorts with a pretty top and sandals is my summer going-out uniform right now. For this reason, I’ve amassed quite a collection!

I love that all different lengths of shorts are trending right now. It lends more variety to my wardrobe, especially when I’m wearing shorts so much.

My 5 Favorite White Shorts {Summer 2020}

#1. J.Crew Denim short in white

These are the most affordable/well-stocked/versatile white shorts of the bunch.

I realize not everyone cares for the shorter lengths, but I like these because they’re just long enough to cover the widest part of my hips (and the worst of my cellulite, if I’m keeping it real…) and still short enough to look youthful.

Plus, these shorts just fit well. They flatter the rear, they aren’t super wide in the leg opening (which can look frumpy) and the rise is just high enough to be comfortable and on trend. They also have sewn cuffs, so they stay in place.

The raw edge definitely gives them a more playful, casual vibe, but I’ve still been known to dress them up a bit with a blouse and metallic sandals to entertain friends in our backyard.

These shorts run true to size; I’m wearing my usual 28.

They rarely go on sale, but this pair at J.Crew Factory is almost identical, if you’re looking for a similar style for less.

#2. AG Jeans Hailey Mid-Rise Slouchy Cuffed Denim Shorts

These are probably my longest running favorites. I found a picture of me wearing a pair of these back in 2015!

Easy Summer Outfit: Green Slouchy Linen Tee + White Boyfriend Shorts

I just replaced them this season with this pair without the distressing.

These are very similar in style and fit to the J.Crew pair. In fact, for that reason, I haven’t worn these as often as I typically would because the J.Crew pair is more affordable, and I try to link less expensive options when I can.

The fabric on AG pair is slightly thicker and more substantial, and the rear pockets are slightly smaller. I compared, and the shorts both have a 3.5″ inseam, so the length is about identical.

Both have the raw, cuffed hems that are sewn in place, but I noticed in comparing the two pairs that the AG pair stays in place better, especially in the back, whereas the hem on the J.Crew pair seems to drag a bit. I expect it’s due to the sturdier fabric on the AG pair.

The AG Hailey runs true to size, and you can find them at Nordstrom, Saks and Zappo’s.

If you like higher end denim, another similar pair that I’ve heard a lot of chatter about is the Paige Jimmy. I’m tempted to order them to try and compare, but I don’t need them so I’m trying to resist the temptation.

#3. Paige Jax Roll Cuff Denim Bermuda Shorts

I’ve surprised even myself by liking these Bermuda shorts so much. I’ve often said the Bermuda a style I can’t really wear, although I do recall loving this pair of Joe’s cuffed jean shorts so much that I bought them twice when they wore out.

This picture is also from 2015… I’m dying to give that long, boxy top a front-tuck. I guess it wasn’t a thing yet.

coral striped tank + denim Bermuda shorts

I did front-tuck this one, though, so the trend must have been gaining ground around that time.

tee with cuffed denim Bermuda shorts

Haha, here’s another… ugh, that shirt! 🤦🏻‍♀️

This shirt is too long. #nope

Also, hello, excessive skin smoothing! #yoiks

And let’s just not talk about my short hair.

Sorry, I digress. Sometimes I fall down the rabbit hole when looking at old pictures.

Anyway, if you like Bermudas, the Paige Jax has a narrower leg opening than most, which is what keeps them looking chic and sophisticated rather than frumpy-dumpy, although if I had my way, they would be even narrower.

The quality is evident in the fabric and the fit through the rear. They do have a lower rise than I prefer, at 9 1/2″, but it’s not a deal breaker.

These shorts run true to size; and you can find them at Saks, Nordstrom, and Zappo’s.

#4. Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution Cuffed White Shorts 7″

Okay, I’m really sorry, y’all. These are almost totally gone, and no one else carries Wit & Wisdom, that I know of, but I’ve been wearing these a lot lately.

They have the 5-pocket styling of typical denim shorts, but the material is lightweight and more like a chino. The un-cuffed length is 7″, but I like to cuff them so they’re more like 4.5 or 5″.

I wear these a lot with cute tops and sandals out to dinner because they’re a little more refined than the J.Crew and AG pairs.

They’re true to size, and they’re only available at Nordstrom.

#5. Wit & Wisdom Ab-Solution White Denim Shorts 9″

These are very similar to the ones above, just longer, and they HAVE been restocked recently!

The good news is, if you prefer the length of the pair above, you could buy these and hem them, or cut them off and cuff them to the length you like.

I wear these a lot for going out to eat and that sort of thing. They’re a little shorter than the Paige Jax, and a little longer than the other Wit & Wisdom pair.

They have a 9″ un-cuffed inseam, and because they’re not sewn into place, you can cuff them however you like.

If I’m being picky, these are a little wider in the leg opening than I prefer, but it’s not a deal breaker, especially at this price.

These are true to size, and you can find them at Nordstrom.

Would you like to see more of these posts? I’m thinking of updating my 5 Favorite Summer  Sandals next!

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19 Responses

  1. I love  seeing the  old and  new  pics  of  you.  I think  your hair long or  short is very Flattering.  I like  that  you added  longer  shorts  my  thighs are much to big for  a  shorter inseam.  have  a great  day ! 

  2. I’d love to see a post with your favorite denim shorts.  I know you were happy with a pair from Gap but those are sold out 🙁

  3. I bought the Wit & Wisdom white shorts (the longer ones) when you posted them a few weeks ago. I love them and have worn them a ton! Thanks!

  4. Thanks for all the white shorts choices. They all look great on you. And let me say, your photo sessions must be very quick to do as you never take a bad picture! And I am a recent follower so I never saw you in shorter hair. Love the length now. I am trying to decide what to do with mine as it has grown out considerably since Covid and even before that I needed some length for my oldest’s wedding. My hair color is the same as yours so it is nice to see how the 2 different lengths can look on a person.

  5. Hi Jo-Lynne! Love your white shorts ideas! Glad you included some “longer” lengths. But, your photos reminded me of a white denim skirt I bought at Talbots about 2-3 years ago. I dug it out of the closet and am wearing it right now! LOVE it, (just forgot about it!!) And I also love your hair both ways….shorter and longer! I plan to be in your area Wednesday and want to stop in at the Philadelphia Premium Outlets. Haven’t been there since the holidays, can’t wait!!

  6. Love my white shorts this summer. Mine are an 8 inch inseam and I cuff them according to my top to balance it. Any hints on cuffing? I have notice my cuffs tend to get saggy in the back when wearing them all day.

    1. Do you iron them? That helps! Also, if you have an exact cuff you like and wear them the same every time, consider sewing them shut on each side. It could probably be done by hand at home, or your local dry cleaner could do it for cheap.

  7. Love the Bermuda shorts. I can’t find any longer shorts that fit close to the leg like you insist on. And I really like your short hair. It hit at the perfect spot in the front to be very flattering. But it looks good longer, too.

    1. They’re hard to find, and even these could fit closer for my preference. I suppose I could have them tailored. Might be worth it – at least for the Paige pair.

  8. Love theses posts so yes more please!  Love seeing how the styles have changed too:)  You can’t go wrong with  a good pair of white shorts that everything pretty much matches!  Have a good one.

  9. Hi! I enjoyed this post, especially because you took the time to explain all the details about the fit of each pair.  Not all shorts, or jeans are created equal and it takes trial and error to find what works for each person. I really enjoyed seeing pics of you from years past. Don’t be too hard on yourself without a front tuck or the super-curved hemline… we all dressed the same way! Hope it cools off a little for you. Summer in PA is brutal with the heat and humidity. 

  10. I finally got to read this post.  Well, I really like your 2015 shorter hair.  I think it is very flattering-sorry.  I ordered and have returned the W&W Bermuda shorts because I found Talbots girlfriend white shorts to be a lot more comfortable.  The fabric is plenty thick enough for no see thru, the pockets are just right, and the fabric has a perfect amount of stretch.  And I’m a big W&W wearer.  I hope you had a great Monday!

    1. LOL, no need to be sorry! I liked that haircut too, but I’ve just always been more comfortable with longer hair. That’s when my hair got so thin, I had to hack it off because it looked so bad. If/when it thins out again (I’m assuming it’s something cyclical and hormonal related), I would go back to a similar cut.

      I’m glad you found whit shorts that work for you. I’ll check out the Talbots ones!

  11. What an excellent post as it is so helpful to hear about how you create an outfit with the different lengths of shorts. Here where I live we are having a really hot, humid summer with temps near 100 because of the humidity. Not my favourite weather for sure.

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