Coffee Talk 07.12.20

Good morning! It is sunny and beautiful here today, and we’ll be headed out to church in a bit. It *almost* feels like normal times, except I know when I get to church, we will all be wearing masks and sitting in family groupings spaced 6 feet apart.

Oh, well. At least we’re able to meet and worship together.

We got together with friends last night outdoors on their patio, and it was nice to get a change of scenery… and to not be the ones hosting and cleaning up afterwards, let’s be honest!

Someone asked in the comments of my Q&A yesterday how my friends feel about me mentioning them on the blog. I haven’t asked, so I don’t really know! I never mention names, though, so I don’t think they care. And my closest friends aren’t regular blog readers, that I’m aware of.

I do have family members and people from church who read along (hi! 👋🏻) but again, I try not to be specific about who I’m with when I mention what’s going on in my life.

It is a little weird, though, I will admit. When I’m out and about, I’m never sure who has read what I wrote or not; and when I’m talking to them what’s going on in my life, sometimes they’ve already read it here or in my daily email.

Then there are the times when I ask first if they read it, so I’m not repeating myself, and they apologize because they haven’t read my blog.

My standard line has always been, “Not a requirement for friendship!” I mean, I certainly don’t expect my friends to follow my blog, lol!


We got word this week that my son’s college is going to continue remote learning through the fall 2020 semester. UGH.

I think it’s probably the right and necessary decision, but it’s one more semester that he’s losing from his college experience, which already feels so short. I cannot believe he’s going to be a junior this year!

We are paying for his apartment whether he lives there or not, so he may end up spending some time there even though classes will all be remote. At least he can hang out with his friends and have some semblance of independence.

He has his own bedroom in the apartment, and he’s only 30 minutes from home, so he won’t be coming in contact with tons of kids, and I can get to him if I need to.

It’s funny, when he chose a college so close to home, I wasn’t pleased. I wanted him to spread his wings a bit, but now that Covid is becoming a defining factor in his college experience, I’m so glad to have him close to home where I can get to him if need be.

I guess it just goes to show, our plans are not always the best plans.

Our public school district still hasn’t made any definite decisions about how to handle the fall semester, but as of right now, sports and marching band practices are starting up on schedule, with lots of extra safety measures in place.

They’re talking about doing a hybrid approach of some sort, so they can reduce the amount of kids and teachers in the building at any one time, but the kids can still get some face time with teachers and classmates. And I believe there will be an option for full-time remote learning for those who don’t feel comfortable sending their kids back to school just yet.

My younger daughter, who is an upcoming freshman this year, wants to go to school if it’s open, so we’re going to let her.

She’s the one who’s in the marching band, and she’s been so looking forward to that. They’ve made all kinds of modifications and put safety measures in place, so I’m hoping it works out and they can get a full season in, but only time will tell.

My older daughter, for anyone keeping track, will be a high school senior this year. She’s been using a cyber charter school since 8th grade, so she’s already accustomed to remote learning and perfectly happy to continue with that.

Once again, I’m grateful for how the Covid timing has all worked out for our family. Caroline already doesn’t have the typical high school experience, so she doesn’t care if her senior year is all out of whack. And David is missing a chunk of his college experience, but at least it’s in the middle of it. Hopefully he will get to have a “normal” senior year.

Becca has definitely missed out on the most, with her 8th grade year getting cut short, and all the exciting events and trips canceled. Hopefully she will get a fairly normal high school experience, once we get Covid under control.

So anyway! That’s where we are.

I know there are others who are experiencing a much different Covid world than I am, and I don’t take my blessings for granted.

Please be kind to one another in the comments. I’m happy to hear how things are going where you are, and how you are handling it all; but when talking to one another, please remember that we’re all coming at this from different perspectives, with different experiences, and be gracious to one another. Thank you!