5 Favorites: Fall Cardigans

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today I’m returning to my 5 Favorites series, and I’m talking about my 5 favorite cardigans.

5 Favorite Cardigans #fallfashion

Cardigans are definitely having a moment this fall, and I’ve added quite a few to my wardrobe already. I’m really enjoying the longer styles. These are my 5 favorites right now, plus a bonus 6th cardigan that I don’t have any longer but I thought was worth a mention.

I get a lot of questions about what coats to wear over longer cardigans. My answer is definitely something that is longer than the sweater. A long cardigan hanging out beneath your coat isn’t a good look. (LOL!) Check out my Fall/Winter Coat Guide for some recommendations.

Also, there are a lot of sales going on right now, including some of the cardigans I’m sharing here, so watch for sale alerts throughout the post.

5 Favorite Fall Cardigans

#1. Open Front Long-Line Sweater

I’m sure it will surprise no one that this open front cardigan from Old Navy tops my list. It’s nice quality, thick and soft, has a flattering fit, and priced under $35. Unfortunately it’s excluded from most promotions, but it’s still a great price.

This sweater comes in 6 pretty colors including some great neutrals and this pretty burnt orange. For size reference, I have the small. You can see more of this look in THIS POST.

#2. Rib Knit Wool Blend Cardigan

This sweater is a little bit pricier than the one above, but I really like the ribbed stitching through the torso and the long, slim silhouette. I also find a V-neck cardigan flattering and easy to wear. This yellow color is sold out, but this cardigan comes in a slew of other gorgeous colors. For size reference, I have this in a small. More of this look in THIS POST.

Also, check out the cardigan options at LOFT for a more affordable version of this sweater. It comes in black and grey.

#3. Draped Waffle Knit Thermal Hoodie

This one is old, but this cardigan comes in black, grey, and blue. More of this look in THIS POST.

I’ve talked about this sweater so much over the years, but for those of you just tuning in, I wear this cardigan all year-round. I actually have two — the black and the swan, thus breaking my no-duplicates rule. (LOL!) I like to throw it on over my pajamas in the morning, it’s cute over a tank top and shorts in the summer, and it works just as well over a t-shirt and jeans in the fall and winter. I always travel with it because it looks good with almost everything, and it’s easy to throw off and on. For size reference, I have the medium.

#4. Long Open Front Cardigan

Okay, this isn’t fair because this cardigan sold out, but I love it and figured it’s only right to include it. It’s so soft, and I love the slender flattering fit. I wish they’d bring it back. See more of this look in THIS POST.

If you’re looking for a long navy cardigan, here are some options.

#5. Three Quarter Sleeve Cashmere Cardigan

This open front cardigan is the spendiest of the lot, and probably the least practical because of the 3/4 length sleeves. Actually, it’s probably quite practical for those living in southern climates where it doesn’t get super cold. Up here, I will probably only be able to wear it for a few months. It’s too warm for the 70-degree temps we’ve been having, and it probably won’t be warm enough once it gets really cold after the holidays, but it’s so pretty and I just love a cashmere cardigan. It is sooo soft against the skin. More of this look in THIS POST.

If you have any of these cardigans, feel free to chime in and let us know how you like them.

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54 Responses

  1. Ugh!  I’m hot just looking at all of these sweaters … it’s about 200% humidity here in SC today and the high is 87 degrees.  I’m so ready for fall weather!!!  But, I do love all of those cardigan options!

  2. Nice post and I am also loving the old navy cardigan! I picked up the orange when I saw you pair it with a white tee and leopard flats and I also picked up the navy marked sweater (it says black online but to my eye it is navy!).  

    1. Also I thought of one more idea!! 5 ways to style grey denim for the fall?! I am stuck on what shoes/booties to wear with grey denim! 

  3. I love cardigans and did order the orange one from Old Navy.  I haven’t worn it yet, and can’t wait to. The bottom post in yellow, can you tell me the size you’re wearing?  I was thinking a small for me, but they’re out of the yellow so may go to a petite but size up in med?  (I’m 5’4 for reference).  Thanks!

    1. Hey Lori, I’m not sure about the Loft boyfriend sweater. I think it was a small, but I bought that one 4-5 years ago. If I ordered the current one, I would order a small. It seems that is usually the best size for me in Loft sweaters this season.

  4. I love cardigans, great post! I ordered the ON Orange one, expecting it this week. It’s driving me crazy that they have so much excluded from promotions. I can get better quality stuff elsewhere for the same or cheaper. But I had to have this orange one after you styled it! 

    I may try the boyfriend cardigan, haven’t worn anything like that before and I love how it’s styled with the scarf!

  5. You are my FAVORITE fashion guru! The cardigan from Old Navy was exactly what I was looking for to wear to a blog conference next weekend. I have a sleeveless shirt to go underneath, but I wanted something that would work if it was cool in the conference room.

  6. I have the ON cardi and love it!  ON is so hit and miss for me but you are right about the higher quality look of this sweater and the fit.  I’ve already worn it twice.  Thanks to crazy KC weather it can be 50 one day and 85 the next!  I also bought the Loft mustard boyfriend sweater several years ago after you styled it.  I still have it and will pull it out this fall.  That look is one of my all time favorite ones from you!

    1. I forgot to mention that WHBM has some very flattering and good quality cardis this season. I picked up two a few weeks ago (a light grey and plum – two different styles).  With the sales they’re running, the prices aren’t bad.

  7. I love the fifth sweater….figures… I would think I need the most expensive one on the list….lol…..I don’t know what’s going on with me lately……I used to want a lot of variety in my wardrobe, but now I just want a few special, quality items. I appreciate the fact that you showcase quality stuff, but you also encourage people to wait for a sale. I am learning so much from this blog…. Thank you!

    1. LOL, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with you. I think it’s called growing up. 😉

      I know I have a ton of clothes, but if I didn’t blog, I’d wear the same few things over and over. In fact, I still revert to a few of the same things over and over in my daily wear. I think when you truly love the pieces, they fit well, and are good quality, you don’t tire of them easily.

      1. Oh my goodness, NO, that did not seem condescending at all. Your comment made me feel understood, like I was chatting with a friend. You have a gift for that!

  8. I rarely wear cardigans. I feel dumpy and grandmotherly in them. Maybe because I am a grandmother now? LOL. However, I love the Splendid waffle cardigan. Headed to the U.K. next weekend and it’s the only item in my “to pack” bag, so far. I usually end up wearing it on the plane. I debated for months as to whether or not I should buy it due to the price, casual style, and my relationship with cardigans in general. Bought the black and I love it. I can see it being an item in my closet ten years from now. And now that there are new colors, I’m seriously thinking about buying another. The question is, which color? Leaning toward the olive. Thank you for this find, Jo-Lynne!

      1. Yes– auburn. Green and black are definitely my colors. I’m in a dark grey phase, so I like that one too, but the olive makes more sense,

  9. i LOVE cardigans, and will be looking at some of these.
    I had a bad experience with Splendid, and won’t be ordering from them again.
    I ordered the original gray, waffle knit thermal cardigan in September, it and the black were the only ones available at that time.
    Unfortunately, I had to return it, and it went out September 9. Although it was received back in the warehouse September 19, they still haven’t credited my account. I have talked to customer service twice about this now, and have received apologies, but no action so far.
    I love your blog, and look forward to it everyday!!!

  10. Cardigans without pockets would be good–I don’t need any more emphasis on the booty/hip area!  Also, Jo-Lynne, love ya, but could you do some outfits without jeans?  🙂  I spend most of my time in workwear…  How about the kick crop styled pants–do you avoid them as you are not quite as tall as some folks?  🙂  Just curious.

    1. Yeah, work wear just really isn’t my thing. LOL. Crop pants do nothing for me. I don’t know if it’s my body shape or that I’m not very tall, but they cut off my leg at an awkward place and make me look like frump-ville. The best I’ve found are the Gap ones that are ankle length, but even with those, I feel pretty frumpy-dump. I used to wear pants a lot to church — but I wore full length straight legged ones with heels: https://bit.ly/2y7t9jt

      Maybe I’ll order a pair of those and see what I can do with them.

    2. Oh, for a nice slimming sweater with no pockets, I love this. I had one in medium from the #NSale and returned it b/c it was too big and I needed a small, but they were sold out, and when they restocked, they were back to full price. Now I’m pretty set for cardigans. BUT you may really like it. It’s good quality: https://rstyle.me/n/cqbfa6gthw

  11. Maybe I should say it wasn’t the quality of the cardigan that was an issue, it was the color in my case. Nothing besides that. I understand why people like the Splendid cardigan.
    The point of my comment is that if you return something to them, you should be prepared to wait.

    1. That is strange, I don’t remember having that problem when I made a return once before. That’s definitely annoying, but glad it wasn’t the quality that was an issue.

      1. I order from Boden, Nordstrom, and Amazon. Haven’t had a problem with returning things. During the recent Tory Burch sale, I ordered 2 purses, kept one, and returned the other. Had no problem with them. Maybe this is a one time issue with Splendid, but it was enough of one that I am hesitant now to order again.
        It was sent back the day after it arrived in perfect condition, so it wasn’t that, and they told me it was received September 19th. When I spoke with them this morning, it had not been credited back.
        Anyway, hope you have a nice day, and Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!!!

  12. LOVE this one from Talbots https://www.talbots.com/online/sweaters/cardigans-and-jackets/ribbed-duster-cardigan-prdi43201/N-10501?selectedConcept=

    It’s on sale through today. I got the teal one and went back and bought a navy one.

    I also have this one from Glamour Farms that is less expensive that I really like https://glamourfarms.com/collections/tops/products/the-brooke-sweater-cardigan-teal-green

    I wear long cardigans all winter while working at home.

  13. I finally gave in and got the Orange Old Navy Cardigan! I can’t wait for it to get here! Thanks for all the sweater and outfit ideas, JoLynne!

  14. Hi JoLynn, Great post, thx!! I was a little surprised that you didn’t mention Barefoot Dreams sweaters. At your recommendation I checked them out at the NAS in July and bought two. I have been absolutely LOVING them and have gotten many complements!! Kudos for your detailed and helpful blog!! Could you cover more flats like mules, ballets, etc that are quality under $100. Also, nice quality t-shirts? Thank you mucho!!

    1. Would you believe, I have never had one of those? I’m not even sure I’ve even seen/felt one. But everyone raves about them so I really should see what all the fuss is about.

      1. I bought four BD cardigans at the NAS. Returned one immediately because the color was not flattering, with the thought I’d keep only two after I figured out which colors I preferred. However, I still have the three cardigans hanging in my closet and will likely end up keeping them all. I’ve worn the navy one several times, and it’s perfect for my casual lifestyle.  Additionally, it’s flattering and is super soft. I hope someday BD will expand its color offerings. 

    2. Katrina, just a comment about Barefoot Dreams! Check out QVC, they carry them and sometimes as a special value item. Always nice to save some $$ when buying them!

  15. I’m obsessed with long cardigans this year and have quite a few in different colors and styles. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the A New Day line at Target.  I’ve gotten several there- it just needs to cool off enough to wear them! I also have the orange ON sweater as well as the same style in black and beige. I may have a problem- Lol! I love your Five Favorite posts- more please! 

  16. The red sweater  looks great on you. You should mention about choosing the length of the garment, don’t choose one that lands on a wide spot (hips)!!!

  17. Thank you for posting that the waffle knit hoodie from Splendid was still available AND on sale!!  And the new colors?!?!  Now I’m glad I couldn’t find it when I looked to purchase a second one before!!  I have the Swan already, and once I realized how much I’d wear it I wished I’d gotten a black one and couldn’t find it on the website.  I’m glad I didn’t because I love the plum and olive ones better (got the olive for my daughter!).  I’m so excited!!!  Thanks again!

  18. I love this post Jo-Lynne! I can say with total confidence that the waffle knit thermal hoodie cardigan from Splendid is by far my most worn and most favorite item in my closet. I bought both the swan and the black during a 30% off sale but those cardigans are definitely worth full price. I probably got my money’s worth in the first month I owned them! I wear one of them at some point almost everyday. I even wore the swan colored one this summer as a swimsuit cover-up! I was very hot but I didn’t even care because I love it so much!!! As long as they keep making them, I think you should keep featuring them…everyone should have at least one!!! 🙂

  19. Just received my orange open front cardigan from Old Navy. I love it! It’s very soft and well made. This is an Old Navy success story. I’m 5′ 1” and the xs petite fits perfectly. Thanks for the recommendation.

  20. You have a great collection of cardis, Jo-Lynne. I love both of the mustard colored ones, but all of them are cute! Just a quick question for you, do you ever have problems with pilling on your sweaters? I wondered if it is sweaters of lower quality that do that more, or is it the type of yarn they are made out of. I always think, I am not going to buy another pilly sweater, but when it is in the store it is hard to tell. Just wondering what you thought. Thanks. – Amy

    1. It’s annoying, isn’t it? I have sweaters that cost $250 and sweaters that cost $30 and they all pill to some extent. I think everything is just made more cheaply these days.

  21. Hi, when I click the link for the Old Navy cardigan, I’m getting an error…is it just me? It goes to ON but says can’t display the product…wonder if it sold out? Thanks!

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