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Good morning, friends! How’s your weekend going?

I hope those of you down in Mississippi and Louisiana are faring okay with the Hurricane/Tropical Storm Nate. Judging from the news footage, there’s some pretty bad flooding and a lot of power outages. We’re supposed to get the remnants of the storm tonight and tomorrow, which kind of stinks because the kids have the day off from school, and my younger daughter’s birthday is Tuesday. Oh, well. I can’t complain since we don’t expect it to cause any serious damage, and we really could use some rain around here.

It’s been a full weekend. We went out to dinner with friends on Friday night, and then yesterday our high school hosted our annual Cavalcade of Bands. It’s basically a big marching band competition/performance night, and we provide all the concessions and a hospitality suite that serves all of the various schools’ band directors and staff, bus drivers, etc.

My husband helped direct traffic, and I helped out in the hospitality suite. I was dreading it all week, but it turned out to be kind of fun. At least I met some of the other moms and got to speak to some of the marching band staff and committee people that I don’t see very often. For having a senior in the band, it’s kind of pathetic how few people I know. I really should do more volunteering.

My youngest is planning to join the marching band when she gets to middle school, so I’ll probably get to do this all over again in a few years. Maybe I’ll actually put myself out there a bit more the second time around.

I don’t know what it is about volunteering that makes the introvert in me rise to the surface. I’ve done my fair share over the years, mostly at elementary school parties and field trips, and I usually find it really awkward. I’m not the type of person who instinctively knows what to do to make myself useful. I’m the type who needs to be told what to do, so I kind of stand awkwardly on the sidelines waiting for someone to give me a task. I usually find it all really boring or really awkward or both.

Last night, I had a task assigned to me and someone interesting to talk to, and I’m relieved to say it was actually kind of fun. It definitely made me more likely to volunteer in the future. (And that’s probably way more than you wanted to know about my insecurities.) Ha!

So after walking those 6 miles on Friday and standing for 3 hours last night serving food, my legs and feet are beat. I wanted to run this morning, but I think I’m going to use the impending rain as an excuse to rest. We’re actually expecting thunderstorms this morning. So weird. I don’t usually let a little rain keep me from running, but I don’t want to be caught 2 miles from home in a thunderstorm so I think I’ll stay put and make myself a 2nd cup of coffee.

After church today, we’re driving down to visit the in-laws. (We never made it last week, for those paying attention.) It works out well because this week some other family members are visiting as well that we don’t get to see very often, and I get to meet my new grand-nephew. It’s a bit of a drive so it makes for a long day, but it will be nice to see everyone. I’ll definitely be ready for a lazy day at home tomorrow after this busy weekend!

I haven’t written anything for the blog this week, and I’ll be gone all day today so I need to get crackin’. I have some outfit pictures to share, and I’m also thinking of bringing back 5 Favorites (any requests for topics?) and Fight the Frump. Oh, and a fall jacket guide has been suggested (similar to the Fall/Winter Coat Guide I posted last week) so I’ll work on that too.

So that’s enough rambling for one morning, I guess! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and those of you on the east coast, stay dry!

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45 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. Hi Jo-Lynne,
    Quick question. With all this rain heading our way, just wanted to know if I can wear a pink raincoat at this time of the year?  I have the Calvin Klein that I believe you own.  Thanks, Nancy

  2. I am a lot like you. I can help out for sure, but someone needs to direct me and then I will be fine. I can’t just jump in, especially around people I don’t know well!

    Enjoy your day with the in-laws! 

  3. 5 Favorite lighter weight sweaters. I need to pick up a few before I go back to work at the end of Summer. I need some ideas for lighter weight sweaters to get me through the crazy holiday season.

      1. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I will give them a look as I’m off to the mall today since school is closed- yay!

  4. I can relate about the volunteering! I am nervous around people I don’t know & am always amazed by the people who seem to make friends instantly & chat away. I also like to be given a task & then stay busy with that. Standing around awkwardly–no thanks. 

    1. Oh, I can chat! LOL. But sometimes the people all know each other and aren’t interested in chatting, and that’s super awkward too. There were a few moms new to the school working with me the other night, and it was nice b/c we were all trying to get to know each other. I definitely didn’t feel excluded like I have in some classroom volunteer situations in the past. That’s the other thing about volunteering I dislike. Every situation is different and you don’t know how it will be till you get there. #introvertsunite 🙂

  5. My son was on the Drum Line in his High School Marching Band and I worked Hospitality all four years. I’m a little introverted as well, but I had a blast. The more you go, the better you’re able to find the jobs you enjoy and make them your own. I made some great friends, mostly the parents of my son’s group of friends, so that’s another plus. 

  6. Thanks for sharing with us!  That’s what girlfriends do.  We are getting rain, occasional gusts of wind, and the possibility of tornadoes from the storm.  I know it is causing severe issues, but I’m so glad it lost some of its strength.  We too, need the rain!  We got our food plots planted yesterday, so the timing of the rain is perfect.
    Enjoy the time with extended family today!
    Be blessed!

    1. I hope you don’t have any wind damage and kept your power on! We’re supposed to get a ton of rain today. It’s so warm and humid here right now – so weird for October.

  7. Jolynne, you are my favorite blogger. You are so real. Gorgeous& stylish, but real. I’ve learned so much from you.

  8. I’d love to see a post with how to wear flats with different outfits. For example a ballet flat with jeans, a skirt, a dress, colored denim, with tights, etc… I used to wear heels a lot, but now at work I’m soooo much more comfortable in flats as I’m on my feet all day moving around. (4th grade teacher). 
    So funny – I volunteered at my son’s high school homecoming dance last night. I didn’t volunteer at all when my older son was in HS so I’m trying to make up for it with the younger one. (Plus he’s the more introverted and shy one so I feel like I need to be a little closer to him.) I did bag/coat check-in and like you, I love having a specific task to do. Give me specific directions and I’m good! It was also eye opening to see what those teen girls are wearing! I cannot imagine if those dresses were any shorter- yikes!! ???? 

    1. I have stayed away from the dances, lol. It helps that my kids rarely attend. I am also shocked when I see some of the dresses… yikes. I can definitely work on different ways to wear flats. I pretty much live in flats too, being at home.

  9. Jolynne, Like Mary W said, you are my favorite blogger because you are so real! And I also spent all day yesterday working a band competition. I would love to see a 5 favorite lipsticks. I spend way too much time buying all different kinds and still haven’t found one I love.

  10. Reading about your experience with volunteering made me laugh. I’m the same way. Let me sign up to make or buy something, but don’t make me work at another classroom party! So awkward. I’m volunteering by giving spelling tests to the kids in my 2nd grader’s class this year, which is better because I have a specific task, like you said. As for five favorites, I’d love to see five different shoes to wear with bootcut or flare jeans, maybe options with both higher and lower heels. 

    1. Yes, I used to volunteer in the classroom and I LOVED that. I was a teacher before I had kids, so that was right up my alley. Unfortunately, my school now doesn’t utilize parent volunteers in that way… at least not that I’m aware of. Oh, well. I’m busier now too with the blog being practically a full-time job. I like volunteering for the bookfair. That is the one thing I do over and over. I like to work the cash register and see all the kids come thru and talk to them. I know a lot from our neighborhood. And it’s a good way to make some facetime with the teachers too. I’m kind of sad that this is the last year I’ll have a child in elementary school. End of an era!

      Okay, enough about me. I like the bootcut jeans idea… I always pair them with heels but I know some like to wear them with other shoes.

  11. Five Favorite “It’s Absoutley Freezing Outside But I Still Want To Look Stylish” Outfits! That’s my vote! It gets so cold in WI that even booties can be a challenge due to the sock situation! As always, I totally get your introvert tendencies!????I realized I was nodding when I read that part. Lol! Your Coffee Talks are one thing I enjoy about Sunday’s! Enjoy yours! 

    1. Haha! I can work on that. It is funny, though. My southern readers are always asking for lighter looks… I guess it’s good that I live sort of in between. I can go both ways here in PA.

  12. I agree – 5 favorite lipsticks/ glosses!  5 favorite ways to style leopard flats? And how about jo-lynne’s 5 favorite ways to recharge your battery!?? 

  13. Love your transparency, Jo-Lynne, as I can relate to what you are sharing! I would love to see a post on jackets, as well. You really know how to pull an outfit together and the visual is what helps me know what to do with my own closet! Thanks so much for all you do! Blessings!

  14. I love your blog!! I have three children as well and I am the same way when it comes to volunteering. I would love to see a 5 favorite makeup or hair product post. Thanks 

  15. I like Heather’s idea on 5 ways to wear flats or near flats in a dressier way. Even comfortable heals like Clarks leave my feet hurting and cramping after a day in them. Also, I like the slide/mule look in a black loafer style like the ones they carry at Target, but I’m wondering, is this a wearable shoe when it gets colder out? It stays on my foot without socks on, but can socks with mules work in a stylish way at all?

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure about socks with mules. My first instinct is to say no, but then who knows… when it gets colder, maybe I’ll see people wearing socks with them. I know socks with sandals is suddenly a trendy thing, but I definitely don’t think I can pull it off.

  16. I think it’s interesting that as a blogger you have your fair share of frustrations, like email issues and keeping up with deadlines etc. just like we all do at some point in our jobs. You do such as good job keeping all the behind the scenes craziness pretty well hidden, but I love your transparency. It keeps you real and reminds us that a lot goes into what you do on a daily bases. This is one of the reasons that I love following your blog and of course the great fashion tips and all the good info you share with us.   So,  Thank you ???? 

    1. Omygosh, there is so much behind the scenes technical stuff that goes on. It can also get expensive at times. I am fortunate that my husband can do a lot of it, but I also have a tech company on retainer that helps with a lot of things. It’s all part of the fun, tho! LOL.

  17. I agree with everybody about a 5 favorites on how to style flats.  What I’d like to see though is a 5 favorites on transitional shoes in general (including flats!).  I have tons of flip flops and sandals in summer and tons of boots in winter, but not much for this transitional weather in fall.  You know the weather… when it’s still too warm for boots (especially for those of us down south), but maybe we really should put the sandals up for the season now that it’s October?  I do like wearing flats but would like some ideas for other options too.  Also, for fight the frump what about an athleisure post (that’s not tshirts and sweats) and one on laid back casual wear?  Also I know you’re not a beauty blogger but a hair version of fight the frump might be fun!  Think we’ve all got dry shampoo down, but I personally could use some ponytail alternatives for bad hair days!  Can’t wait to see what all you come up with!  Fight the frump is always one of my favorite posts, and I always enjoy 5 favorites as well!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend! 

  18. You’re also my favorite blogger because you’re so real, and I love your practical style.  I’d like to see a 5 favorite hair and/or makeup products or, as someone else suggested, one on how you recharge your batteries or ways to not let them run down in the first place.  You do a great job!  Enjoy the day off with the kids!

  19. I can relate so much to your concession stand volunteering dilemma! I have the same struggles and this year, by default, my husband and I are running the snack bar for the football games. It has been challenging in dealing with different personalities (mainly my own awkwardness) but SO good for me to put myself out there. So fun to read your comments today as we just had our big home-coming game Friday night. Thanks for sharing and I love your blog!

    1. Bless your heart for RUNNING the whole thing. I would never. LOL! But it is definitely interesting seeing the different volunteer personalities. Some are full of ideas and could be running it, and others (like me) are just standing around, waiting to be told what to do. I’m sure it gets easier if you do the same job a few times and get to know what to do so you don’t have to be instructed so much.

  20. Totally unrelated question. Do you think  winter hats with fur Pom Pom will stillbe on trend this year?  Thank you!!

  21. I’m a total introvert and have to really commit to volunteering. My daughter is a senior, and I know so few of the parents outside of her circle of friends, it’s crazy. My husband is a total extrovert, so I probably over-rely on him to get conversations started. 

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